Always good for the BBC to start the day with some good old fashioned NHS shroud waving, Check out the link on the Midwife shortages caused by the fearsome Osborne cuts  that are now “risking lives”in England. One of the reasons for this, according to BBC Today, is the increasing birth-rate in parts of England. Curious how there is a certain coyness about where those areas might be and which communities may be creating this unprecedented pressure on Midwifery. I do seem to recall that indigenous UK birth rate is at an all-time low but the BBC chooses to park the issue there. Do you think that under this story is another story which the BBC has no intention of discussing. If so, isn’t that rather disingenuous of the State Broadcaster?

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  1. London Calling says:

    BBC tiptoeing around the real reason for the “apparent” midwife shortage

    “Over the last year 174,000 children have been born in the UK to non-British mothers. Official figures indicate that the average cost of a birth to the NHS is £1,600, therefore the bare cost of births for these 174,000 children is £278,000,000. Over the last seven years 1,000,000 births to non-British mothers have cost the NHS and British tax payers £1.6 billion.

    ……. the vast majority are from non-EU countries, especially India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Africa.”

    Woops, BBC must stick to the “NHS needs more resouces!!” story-line – begging bowl propaganda from The Royal College of Midwives Trade Union, and not lift the lid on what is actually happening. That’s what nasty people do, not us the BBC.


  2. As I See It says:

    I see this and I believe the British public are quietly aware that the frequent BBC shock horror stories on subjects such as ‘British’ ‘poverty’, NHS funding, primary school provision, unemployment etc etc – are all more than a little – shall we say – disingenuous.


  3. Billy-no-mates says:

    Apologies if I got this wrong. I heard the interview and was sure that the interviewer mentioned that 5000 more midwives were in training. I assumed that this meant the problem was addressed. However, it seemed that the women was allowed to ignore this inconcenient fact and continue to prattle on complaining of cuts and broken promises.


  4. cjhartnett says:

    I myself think that the BBC could not have been more clear of course.
    Through the coughing fit I`m sure that they mentioned the…”er, East Midlands”…
    Maybe we`ll get East London named if we wait until Labour return to save us.


  5. cjhartnett says:

    Womans Hour is always a good bet to find out what the BBC will be showing sometime soon.
    So it is that Jenni sends one of her lads over to Egypt to tell  us of  two gay Pharoahs or what have you. Looks like they`re kissing and maybe holding hands and stuff!
    The fey curator of North Nile Poly certainly seemed onside with this…but sadly some emeritus prof from Oxford poured peppermint oil on the notion.
    Still what would he know-`cos here`s a mature student from Halifax Uni who`s doing something in sexological studies there…and she says there was a mill girl who was clearly a lesbian “oop north” long before Jenni discovered it all…so up yours Prof!
    I`ve made a pot pourri of the items here of course in true WH style…so much more attractive than the fact that the blokes were probably twins…for that would not promote the gay lifestyle Jenni and Co so love to sidle up to!
    Oh…and even before the Tory cuts…there were no lesbians going to get their validation from the sexologits back then(eh?)-because the bllody blokes weren`t paying them enough to afford the therapy!
    Bloody Bonar Law eh?…


  6. Barry says:

    There’s a whole bloody herd of elephants in the room at the BBC these days but at least Baroness Flather isn’t afraid of this particular one.  

    She said that some Asian families are having too many children in order to claim extra welfare payments. She accused the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities of failing to adopt the values of British society and said they should have their benefits slashed. Wow!
    Being asian helps of course. I guess we won’t be seeing her on Question Time any time soon.  


    • dave s says:

      No doubt the BBC will declare her a non person and never mention her again.
      The organisation really does not like outspoken women unless they have approved thoughts.


  7. Millie Tant says:

    I don’t suppose that the Beeboid Corporation will be informing us about the reasons for the high rate of birth to foreigners:  free healthcare tourism and  would-be immigrants who come here for the purpose of giving birth in order to establish a claim and subsequently obtain residency or citizenship on the grounds of having children born here.


  8. cjhartnett says:

    Still…Johnny Marbles has just spoken to the nation c/o Jeremy Vines student hour of a show.
    Despicable…seems more people were worried about whether Murdoch might be allergic to the foam Marbles used(had he checked the tin?…no, but he wears glasses…end of discussion there!).
    Some caller said that Marbles was a hero for attacking a man who was “lying through his teeth”…let`s hope that Rupert will “do a Maxwell” and sue the show for that slur.
    Vine put it out…HE is responsible in a court of law surely!
    Absolute disgrace of a show…as if Ross and Brand have given these third raters permission to “ave a larf innit!”.
    If Murdoch wants a fighting fund…I`ll help!


    • Alfie Pacino says:

      Perfectly summed up cj. Giving airtime to an unfunny so-called comedian who describes himself ‘as an anarchist’ is interesting – there was a time when anarchists had to storm the building to get airtime. Now they get lunch and as much noinsense going unchecked as the BBC want to give them.
      Why give him any publicity, never mind the 30 minutes or so he’s had today. What a tosser!


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Giving airtime to an unfunny so-called comedian

        The BBC – it’s what we do.


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          More likely they have to get going with his rehabilitation as he’s already under contract with them as a freelance contributor and need to get him back on air soonest.


          • My Site (click to edit) says:

            Suspect that US place UK media send their stray ‘correspsondents’ to cool off and be ‘retrained’ is doing good business.


    • Buggy says:

      So very surprised to find that oafish little twat having an extended life courtesy of Auntie. No doubt Jody McIntyre will soon be back with us, too.

      Did anyone ask him how it felt to be pwned by the divine Ms Deng ?


  9. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ ‘Today’ censorship:

     UK’s MIDWIVES shortage –

    no mention of MASS IMMIGRATION.

    Apparently, BBC-NUJ is unable to link to relevant report on another part of its online political empire-

    “Immigrants have children for benefits, says Asian peer”


    • George R says:

      Of course, it was a Peer (Tory) Baroness Flather, of ‘Asian’ origin , a humanist, who made this remark:  
      “she suggested people in the British Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities had a large number of children in order to be able to claim more benefits.

      (‘Wikipedia’, her bio).

      Of course, if a white, non-Asian, British person had made that (justifiable) remark, INBBC would have been among the first to use the epithet, ‘racist’ against such a person.



      • Gerald says:

        Please note Baroness Flather is a cross bencher and said that that made it easier for her to make the comment.

        It was reporeted in that evening’s Today in Parliament and did get a mention on the news summary the next moening, but for some reason I do not believe Today decided to make an item of it!


  10. Jeremy Clarke says:

    Ask just about anyone in the NHS or take a cursory look at Google and you will no doubt discover that there has been a shortage of madwives in the NHS for years.

    Still, no opportunity to blame The Cuts™ should be missed, especially if babies’ lives are at stake.


  11. Llew says:

    I think I also heard them say a large rise in “complicated” births has also contributed to the shortage of mid-wifes.

    Any sensible news organisation would have been intrigued by what that meant and would have investigated further in the interest of discovering the full story. Not the BBC though because they know exactly where such investigations would lead. No the only stories they will cover in depth are those that have a path to harming the Tories.

    It’s about time the public were shown how usless and recklessly incompetent the news departments of the BBC are – surely the time is right to clamour for at least 50% of BBC news to be shut down as totally inefficient. Many of course would prefer 100% shut down and I would be happy with that too.


  12. Gerald says:

    A government allows virtually uncontrolled immigration. Claims are always made that there is some offsetting emigration. If the immigration consists of those of child bearing age, while many of the emigrants are wrinklies or semi wrinklies heading for France and Spain the fact that a dispropotionate number of new mothers are those born outside this country is not surprising.

    The BBC informed the nation a few weeks ago that last year’s population increase was, for the first time in many years, due to an increased birth rate rather than immigration.

    A senior person in the NHS in Suffolk maternity recently informed the local newspaper that immigrants have pushed up the birth rate. Presumably in Suffolk it may well be East Europeans as much as those from the Indian sub-continent and Africa.

    One solution is to announce that from nine months and one days time all state cash handouts for more than a second child will cease if the third, or more child has a birth date after June 17th 2012.

    It should also result in fewer children being “born into poverty” and save money on NHS maternity services! Win, win in my book.


    • jarwill101 says:

      Spot on, Gerald. A government led by ‘conviction’ politicians that wanted seriously to cut spending would have done this from day one of their term. It’s an ugly word, but ‘disincentivise’ the creation of large immigrant families & you set the baby-machine mothers free. Surely the left can get with that?


  13. London Calling says:

    Lazy BBC cut and paste journalism from Union press releases. A little dig under the surface says more:

    NHS Midwifery Planning Documents

    Page 5
    “In recent years birth projections have underestimated actual birth trends across the UK, with the current UK

    birthrate at its’ highest since 1972 with consecutive year on year increases since 2001 (Telegraph). This has inevitably resulted is significant challenges for midwives and services in responding to the increased demand”

    Midwifery 2020 Workforce and Workload Final Report

    So there you have it. Nothing to do with “cuts”

    If you dig into the ethnicity data it’s BME. The data for London Maternity Units is truly scary.

    Across large swathes of the Capital 30-40% of all births in hospital are to BME mothers. In Newham, its now over 50% 

    The BBC is frozen in the headlights – they simply don’t dare write anything that the hideously white BBC management heirarchy might not like to see on “their” television screen.


  14. Gerald says:

    When querying a CPAG comment on a BBC item they wrote back to me pointing out where to find government statistics on average family size by origin, which will confirm the beliefs of many on here as well as Baroness Flather’s point, although she did not add in the african ones, presumably because she could not speak from her own experience of thosr .


  15. cjhartnett says:

    I wonder if the “complications” are in any way due to the female circumcisions carried out back home then?
    Do you think Womans Hour will be doing a piece on it?…no, neither do I!


  16. Buggy says:

    Sort of off-topic, but are there any such things as male midwives ? If not, why not ?

    Not a job I’d want, mark you. Groooo. 🙁


    • Scott says:

      Yes, Buggy – if memory serves, about 10% of NHS midwives were male in the early 2000s. I moved into arts coverage about eight years ago & so have lost touch with the statistics, but my gut feeling is that the proportion is unlikely to have varied too much from that point.

      Like you, I have great admiration for all people in the nursing professions – I have relatives who work in that field and can appreciate both the skills required and my lack of them 🙂


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Got to say that if I were a woman, I don’t think I’d want a male midwife!

      Ooops! Does that make me an old-fashioned sexist?


      • London Calling says:

        Roland – as an aside, I know a female urologist – spends most of her day looking at men’s willies. Now some people pay to do that

        Scot – Out of 36,000 practising registerd Midwives, 87 were men (UKCC 1995) Not wishing to be uncharitable, but people covering the arts never seem to have a feel for numbers. By order of magnitude, it’s 0.24% not 10%

        The point being that midwives look after uncomplicated pregnancies. The ones with complications go under the Consultant Obstetrician, who like most of their profession, are men.


  17. Scott says:

    London calling – you’re quite right: I dug out some notes from the time, and the 10% was for the total NMC register membership, not just the midwives. My apologies.