Always good for the BBC to start the day with some good old fashioned NHS shroud waving, Check out the link on the Midwife shortages caused by the fearsome Osborne cuts  that are now “risking lives”in England. One of the reasons for this, according to BBC Today, is the increasing birth-rate in parts of England. Curious how there is a certain coyness about where those areas might be and which communities may be creating this unprecedented pressure on Midwifery. I do seem to recall that indigenous UK birth rate is at an all-time low but the BBC chooses to park the issue there. Do you think that under this story is another story which the BBC has no intention of discussing. If so, isn’t that rather disingenuous of the State Broadcaster?


Interesting interview here this morning on the issue of the booming British population. Is it me or does Mr Humphyrs entirely miss the central issue – namely that the predominant reason for a booming UK population is due to “foreign born” mothers (Mostly Muslims) having way above replacement level birth rates whist the indigenous population birth-rate falls below replacement level. I found this a curious interview in the fine BBC tradition of ignoring the Islamic elephant in the room. Across the European Nations, the birth-rates of the indigenous people is below population replacement level, with Spain being perhaps the lowest in the world. (Perhaps the real tragedy of Andalusia awaits?)This devastating demographic is sidelined in BBC coverage of this topic and instead Humphyrs witters on about us having 2.5 children as if we were back in the 1960’s. I would like to see the BBC tackle the more substantive aspects to this topic but suggest they would run a mile from doing so lest it offend certain multiculti sensitivities.