A little update to yesterday’s post. Here’s BBC Newcastle reporter Sarah Walton’s reply to BBC London News producer Jane Bradley on Saturday:

The love of lefty protest is no great shock, but I am a little surprised to discover that BBC journalists still hold Assange in such high regard. I guess it’s all part of displaying one’s radical cred.

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  1. sue says:

    Who is she? Oh, she’s part of the BBC’s Politics Show (N.E. version)
    That’ reassuring. At least she’s interested in politics. :*


  2. London Calling says:

    What suprises me is the sheer number of young leftie women in these minor news reporting non- jobs at the Beeb. These tweeting harpies are beginning to get on my man-boobs. Politics as a fashion accessory: dissing Tories =  left wing fashion parade..


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      ROBERT BROWN; She was probably pursued and f****d by some tiresome ‘Howard Kirk’ figure,[The History Man, 1970’s tv drama] and led to think how cool and right-on the left are while at Uni, silly, vacuous bint.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Assange is indeed a hero to these useless dollies and saps…but funnily enough not quite what Womans Hour would consider to be their dupe of choice to promote the “wimmins agenda” as laid out by Hattie and Tessa.
    Assange made his error by choosing Sweden, where they`re quite relaxed about most things-so if their feministas are squauking, it can`t be good.
    Still better that a hotel suite in New York with DSK anyway!


    • Grant says:

      Yes, it is funny how many leftie women find excuses for leftie men whose attitude to women is somewhat unfeminist.  DSK anyone ??????  


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Walton is a common name up in Geordie land!
    She`d not be related to Luke would she?
    Pleased to hear Ben Wright interviewing Will Straw about a Miliband or two…lots of nice names there to be drawing the nepotism tree!
    Guess this lot are the sap sucking knotweed around the culture then!


  5. Jeremy Clarke says:

    She sounds like a starstruck teeny-bopper.

    Hmmm…I wonder what they think of Julian Assange’s Holocaust-denying, David Duke-approved sidekick, Israel Shamir? I presume they know who he is.

    Assange, who so bravely decided that it was right to name and shame anti-Taliban Afghans: “So if they get killed, they’ve got it coming to them. They deserve it.” Lovely man.

    Incidentally, Assange is still on conditional bail on sexual assault charges, isn’t he? Obviously, this does not concern our Ros.

    And Yaqoob and pro-Assad Galloway, Tehran-sponsored Ridley and Booth, slippery Islamist and hardy Afghan explorer Moazzam Begg – no agendas or dodgy associations there, then.

    Indeed, many, if not most, ‘lefties’ (as Bradley self-deprecatingly describes herself and her friends) wouldn’t be seen dead at a rally like Saturday’s. It was a political freakshow.

    And to think these two eejits hold down senior roles at the BBC.


    • hippiepooter says:

      “I wonder what they think of Julian Assange’s Holocaust-denying, David Duke-approved sidekick, Israel Shamir? I presume they know who he is.”

      They probably use him as a stringer.


  6. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Well, twitter could be seen as a useful tool to assist in the wittling process for the 2k chop. 

    And on the ‘last-in, first-out’ basis, these box-of-rocks comparable moppets really will be no loss.

    But why does one suspect that whoevfer does go, the commisars will err more on the side of ideology before ability?


  7. Beeboidal says:

    I had a trawl though the list of people Jane Bradley is following on Twitter. Leaving aside (mostly) the BBC/Guardian/C4 types, these caught my eye.

    Lefty activism

    GuyAitchison GuyAitchison
    Political agitator, blogger and UCL political theorist.

    LambethSOS SaveOurServices
    Fight the Cuts; Save our Services in Lambeth. Democratic campaign open to all wanting to fight the cuts.

    Supporting the third sector through spending cuts

    copwatcher Kevin Blowe
    Activist with Newham Monitoring Project in east London, trustee of INQUEST, active in the Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign and the Network for Police Monitoring

    MarinaPepper Marina Pepper
    revolutionary raising armies

    The last named is currently part of the army of ‘helpers’ at Dale Farm.

    Daily Mail Hatred

    DMReporter The DM Reporter
    I am not a journalist. I do not write for the Daily Mail.

    uponnothing Kevin Arscott
    I blog about bad journalism, in particular the terrible things that the Daily Mail writes

    EDL Hatred

    everythingedl Everything EDL
    Me and @msandrewpreview follow the EDL around the internet so that you don’t have to!

    BantheEDL BantheEDL
    Anti racist. Anti EDL.

    Jane is not following the UAF. A step too far, maybe.

    Sundry lefties

    wdjstraw Will Straw
    Campaigner, Associate Director at @ippr, and Founder of

    northernheckler nilsinela boray
    Labour Blogger, Special School Headteacher, Northerner living down South

    dts1970 Danny Strickland
    Cricket fan, music fan, screaming leftie

    sunny_hundal sunny hundal
    Left-wing writer / activist, editor of Liberal Conspiracy blog, regular contributor to Guardian, environmentalist, feminist.

    Lefty icons

    TonyBenn Tony Benn

    NaomiAKlein Naomi Klein

    paulmasonnews Paul Mason

    johannhari101 Johann Hari

    I hope Comrade Mason is pleased that I have raised him to the status of lefty icon. I do so because he has a large following among the activist crowd.  With Johann’s stock down, Paul, the only way is up for you.


    10oClockLive 10 O’Clock Live
    Hosted by David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker and Lauren Laverne.

    chris_coltrane Chris Coltrane
    Standup comedian, socialist, feminist, atheist, skeptic, activist & funtime maker.

    No surprise that Jane is a follower of the leftyfest that was 10 O’Clock Live, but who is Chris Coltrane? Apparently, he is a mate of Jonnie Marbles and here you can see Chris and Jonnie doing a stunt at Conservative Party HQ. It’s incredibly funny, and they are very, very pleased with themselves. Actually, only one part of the last sentence is true.

    What’s going on here?

    londonhackspace London Hackspace
    A London home for hackers, tinkerers, fiddlers, and geeks to socialise, make, learn, and teach.

    Here at  B-BBC, I recently read about a Beeboid who had software to access private photographs on Flickr or somewhere. Now I find this Beeboid following hackers. Somewhat creepy I’d say, and for an organisation that got such a bee in it’s bonnet about the NOTW’s hacking, it is classic leftwing grand hypocrisy.


    • London Calling says:

      OMG she is soooo Left I’m suprised the is able to walk upright unaided.
      This Twitter trawl is like phone hacking without the law-breaking. You know people by the company they keep and this one’s an activist-groupie.
      Specially like the Daily Mail hatred. The DM is a bit of a parody of itself (every day somthing cures or causes cancer tosh) but it out sells the Guardian ten copies to one, and they can not bear that.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Surely you’ve missed out the list of right-wingers she follows? 😉


      • Jeremy Clarke says:

        “Surely you’ve missed out the list of right-wingers she follows?”  
        If she is a serious journalist and uses Twitter for research purposes, she should be following right-wingers. I hope she is – I haven’t checked, nor will I bother.  
        Unlike Jane and her BBC News chums, I am not blessed with the Sacred Gene of Impartiality but even I read newspapers, magazine and blogs covering the full range of the political spectrum – many of them are excellent, regardless of their political hue.  
        I also regularly visit more, shall we say, marginal websites, such as presstv and BNP, to keep abreast of what they’re up to.  
        No bad thing, imho.


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          DB showed the other day that Jane did recently realize she’s stuck in a self-affimirming groupthink circle, and asked her fellow travellers if they knew of any good journalists on the other side.  It’s evidence that she’s a very poor journalist if she can’t figure out what to do for herself and has to announce it and ask.

          I’m sure she passed the BBC’s Journalism College modules with flying colors, and can produce a segment according to formula with the best of them. But she has been discredited as news producer in my view.  The constant stream of evidence of far-Left ideologues at the BBC speaks volumes about the Corporation’s culture and hiring practices.

          I didn’t notice a torrent of suggestions from her comrades…..

          Defenders of the indefensible will remain silent.


          • hippiepooter says:

            Hey, I’m beginning to think that the BBC only advertises in the Guardian.  But that would be silly, that would make their bias *too obvious.


    • dave s says:

      She is not a socialist. Her politics is a fashion statement and she can safely be ignored. Give her 10 years and she will be reading the Daily Mail and worrying about which schools can be entrusted with her children. If she did not exist we would have had to invent her.


    • Alfie Pacino says:

      I follow lots of left wing luvvies on Twitter, and that’s purely so I can keep my eye on what’s going on on their planet.
      I wouldn’t want to be judged on the company I keep my eye on, though.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Has to go up as a main post, surely?


  8. Louis Robinson says:

    Beeboidal, Jane Bradley’s chum Chris Coltraine says this:

    “I love the lengths people go to in the name of denying the Daily Mail profit. Since Istyosty has closed, my favourite strategy for sharing their articles comes from the people who just stitch together screenshots of the page, blur out the adverts, and upload it as a jpeg. These people would rather take time out of their lives to de-monetise the article in Photoshop, than give the Mail those precious few pence of ad revenue they so dearly crave. That’s dedication to the cause. When the revolution comes, these are exactly the sort of people we need on side…

    Perhaps Jane B will ask her hero to inform people how to avoid paying the BBC licence fee? Or more usefully, how we can fake tickets to his shows so he is deprived of income? 

    It is sad to see that this is the level of juvenile person a BBC producer follows.


  9. George R says:

    Will political ‘left’ oppose Islamic Republic of Iran regime on this? :- 
    Life imitates art: Iranian actress gets jail and 90 lashes for film about oppression in Iran  
    Oh no; Iran regime, like INBBC, opposes Israel.


  10. D B says:



    • hippiepooter says:

      I wonder if Jane would be excited by an ‘Occupy the BBC’ to protest about the moral bankruptcy of its political bias.  We promise not to crap on your iphones Jane, but we will confiscate any stash we may find and hand it in to the Police.


      • hippiepooter says:

        DB, Have you ever thought of setting up an ‘addendum’ blogspot to B-BBC, maybe ‘BBC-BLT’ (biased leftie tweeting), a compendium by name of all the BBC biased leftie tweeters you feature on here?

        It could have a heading of Helen Boaden’s ‘strictures’ (chortle – or snicker even) on use of social media by BBC employees, and could also link to sites on BBC biased right wing tweeting and ITN and Sky BLTing, all of which will feature no entries pending anything anyone has spotted that you have missed.

        The information could then be sent to Helen Boaden and David Jordan for comment, and then to the rest of the media if you dont receive any.

        It’ll mean no birthday cake from Scott, but we all have to make sacrifices I guess.


        • My Site (click to edit) says:

          The information could then be sent to Helen Boaden and David Jordan for comment, and then to the rest of the media if you dont receive any.’


          Those two seem to preside over the whoel concept of not commenting, be it to direct emails on online posts.

          Hence hardly suprising, if no excuse, that their subordinates don’t pay a blind bit of notice to their ‘strictures’ either.

          Begging the question as to what their vast market rate salaries are for.


        • D B says:

          Nice idea if I had more time, Hippiepooter. A while ago I contemplated setting up a blog with examples of media luvvies expressing fashionable opinion on Twitter, but then I realised something like that existed already. Twitter.


    • Grant says:

      I love Jane’s comment  “Hangovers allowing, of course “.  It is all just partytime for wealthy Lefties like her. So long as they don’t suffer , it doesn’t matter. Selfish, superficial bitch.


  11. Beeboidal says:

    “Surely you’ve missed out the list of right-wingers she follows?”

    Yes, sorry, I’ve had an eye test, done another trawl and come up with these:

    letdalefarmlive Dale Farm Solidarity
    Helping Gypsy and Traveller families in Essex to avoid eviction and combat systemic discrimination

    LondonAnarchist London Anarchists
    News from anarchist and autonomous groups in London UK

    HeardinLondon HeardinLondon
    Secret Urban Joy. Follow & I shall jam your timeline with leftie politics & photos of grafitti

    ibrahim_Dogus ibrahim dogus
    enfield resident, community activist, small businesses

    GoldOccupation GoldsmithsOccupation
    We are the Goldsmiths College students and staff; acting in solidarity with all the revolutionaries of UK, Europe, Near East and the other side of the Atlantic.

    northerntuc Northern TUC
    The voice for working people in the North East and Cumbria

    But these two might  actually be *shudder* rightwingers.

    cliveatkinson Clive D Atkinson
    Ex Infantry Officer 1PWO (1YORKS) Yorkshireman dabbling in art, photography, poetry, bad jokes, cooking and keeping the capital criminal free

    A Law Enforcer (Military), Sarcastic & direct. All of the views herein are my own and contain no actual opinion of anyone. Ex insp civpol


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Here’s another reason for the Beeboids to praise St. Julian Assange:

    Baghdad priest: City’s Jews must leave after names in WikiLeaks

    After this, Iraq will be Judenfrei.  Success!  The BBC will blame the existence of Israel.


  13. hippiepooter says:

    These people’s egos are just too big to leave their politics at home.  Just imagine if civil servants, police and army officers were so openly partisan (I didn’t mention judges for good reason).

    It’s fascinating that Tweeter doesn’t appear to reveal rampant leftism (or any ‘ism’) among ITN or Sky reporters.  And they’re not publically funded.