So, when was the best time to be alive? One might suggest before BBC. (Very common era). I had a chuckle to myself at an item Today ran this morning at 8.20am. Two historians gave their views on when they would have liked to be alive.  Kate Williams chose the era of Ancient Egypt because back then, women were treated as equals. Montague inquired as to whether this was the same time that women were buried alive with their husbands and Williams agreed yes, this was the case, but they had choice! Both historians went on to speculate that although things seem better today, due to all the global warming, who knows that our future will be as good as our past! Quality comedy for a gloomy Monday morning! It’s not exactly bias but it’s amazing to hear BOTH guests on an item entirely unrelated to climate both pipe up that climate change may yet be the death of us.

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  1. Natsman says:

    Of course any global warming/climate change which was occurring at the time of their respective era choices was just not happening, was it?  I mean, no SUVs, nasty coal-fired power stations, and everything in the garden was lovely.  Plenty of polar ice, north and south, balmy climate everywhere, no hurricanes, storms, droughts or sea level changes in THOSE days, eh?  I wonder if plagues of locusts, and other pestilence was ever linked to global warming, or merely the wrath of God?  Sad, sad, brainwashed and misinformed wimmin.


  2. Robin Rose says:

    I agree. Both of them could not resist the obligatory global warming whine. Personally I am dreading the coming winter, and the inflated fuel bills caused by the “renewables” levy secratly added to our fuel bills. God rot the lot of these tossers!


  3. Derek Buxton says:

    But both those nice men, Cameron and Huhne are both going to have a word with the energy companies (not).  Both of the lying hypocrites omit to say that their stupid green policies put up the bills and encouraged the companies to hike their prices.


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Best time to be alive?
    The BBC only ever have the 60s or the punk rock eras as alternatives.
    In either case they`ll get someone in their twenties to hold forth on the space hopper they could never have owned, but hey…
    Whether the 60s or the punk rock era wins out depends on whether its the BBC editor class -or the rising thrusting reporter class- that are last to leave the editing suite.
    Good case in point was Start the Week this morning…the mighty Jonathan Sacks must have thought he`d would up in a spiritual Lilliput with assorted atheist scientists snapping at anything he said.
    Marr was useless and not as infomed as he needed to be, but hey…
    In short the BBC waste all our times with their meandering controversies…but if it pleased AC Grayling or Jonathan Miller,  then it`ll be all they`re concerned with!


    • james1070 says:

      I always laugh when the BBC claims the 60s were a great time. All the people I know who lived through the 60s said they were rubbish. It was cold and the food sucked. and The whole myth of the 60s was based on four hippys on the Kings Road who got their photographs taken.


  5. John Horne Tooke says:

    I wonder if they would ask Alexander Fleming his opinion on early mediaval pottery?