Well it looks to me that the BBC is dismayed that Greek PM George Papandreou is still in office. For the last week or so they have been claiming that he would resign/lose the vote of confidence/walk away/be pushed. Naturally, they got that wrong and yet even after his victory in the Confidence vote last night, they are still pushing the idea he will yet fall and that their designated favourite, the Finance Minister Venizelos, will replace him a “Government of National Unity” – despite the fact the Nation is not allowed to speak to determine what the politicians should unite around! All the BBC glitterati were flown out o Athens for the vote …. from John Humphyrs to Stephen Nolan. It’s funny how the BBC choose not to pursue the validity of a Government ignoring the will of the people, yet I suppose when the aim of the BBC is to propagandise for the EU, maybe we should not be that surprised at this?

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  1. Frederick Bloggs says:

    A waste of money sending Humphries there. 


  2. cjhartnett says:

    Wonder if the Today team would like to come over to Gorky with me in a minibus in order to check whether Litvenenkos central heating boiler is still safe and not breaching EU/Huhne Directive 666/666 as I suspect it just might be?
    Then…with the Gang of Four or more that DO give us the news here on this blog…we could have a bloodless coup and start the long haul to giving the news fearlessly and independently each and every morning.
    Whether or not I get the truth should not have to depend on Justin Webbs bloodline…nor on Evan Davis white line of the night before!


  3. Jane Tracy says:

    I do not understand the problem. It was only in May that the BBC’s Economics editor Stephanie Flanders told us how well the Greek bail out was going!

    So move on everybody as Ms. Flanders thinks that there is no problem at all….


  4. Natsman says:

    Ah, she of Stephanonicks (or was it Stephabonkers?), or something…


  5. Martin says:

    Yes the BBC narrative is he should go, hence the Paul Mason comment to Sarkozy that you’re trying to change the Government of Greece and Italy.

    The BBC would be happy if they changed the UK Government as well.

    Regarding two beds and two Ed’s Flanders, the BBC have continually peddled the line that the Euro is saved, just as Gordon Brown saved the world….sorry banks, if Gordon Brown saved us all why are we in a bigger mess now than we were in 2008?

    The Euro is a failure, Greece will still default, it has to, how can it pay back any money when its economy is stalled? Because it uses the Euro it’s competing with Spain, Italy, Portugal and France as holiday destinations for Brits, yanks and so on, why would I want to visit Greece unless it’s cheaper than Spain?

    Greece needs it’s own currency back, devalue and make it dirt cheap to visit for holidays, only then will it start to get back on track.

    We all know this but two beds Steph doesn’t.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Greece really also needs to end its state pensions for hairdressers and truck drivers.  The state simply cannot afford to support half the population for decades at a time, especially if the other half are tax dodgers.  But you won’t hear the BBC put it that way. No, to them its all public sector pensions which must be protected at all costs.

      BBC dreams of a US of Europe defeating ugly white nationalism slowly evaporating…..


  6. Umbongo says:

    Humphrys “interviewed” a couple of the demonstrators.  After getting the usual “kill all the bankers” line, Humphrys failed to ask the obvious (well, obvious to anyone except a generously rewarded professional journalist) question “after you’ve killed all the bankers, then what?” or even “why does the world – or, more specifically, Germany – owe you a living?”.

    God forbid that the BBC should ask awkward questions of those effectively doing its dirty work (both in Athens and outside St Pauls).  But there again, neither Humphrys nor the any other BBC employee is in Athens (or outside St Pauls) simply to gather as wide a range of information as possible and relay it (impartially) to the mugs at home: they’re there to propagandise and relay the correct political BBC line at, as it happens, the mugs’ expense.


  7. My Site (click to edit) says:

    God forbid that the BBC should ask awkward questions of those effectively doing its dirty work.’

    Got to give Ed ‘Man o’ Poople’ Miliiband credit, as he has again shown awesome timing, waiting ’til dire human (waste) aspects of #occupylsx to break to jump wrong way, further into the area he talks.

    The BBC will be in a full PR mode.