How the President’s Fecklessness and the Green Lobby Damage the Country and the World

A few months before the historic 2008 election, Senator Obamessiah declared His dream of transforming the US into a green energy economy. He promised to use His power to foster the development of green energy companies, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and create five million green jobs. We all know how well that’s turned out, don’t we?

He poured $4.7 billion down the Green toilet, creating precious few jobs, many of which have since been killed due to bankruptcy.  Worse still, we’re more dependent on foreign oil because of His misguided moratorium on drilling in the Gulf, and His refusal to allow not only the Keystone pipeline from Canada. Plus He delayed a deal to allow oil and gas drilling in an Ohio national park. Without lifting a finger, He’s killed nearly a quarter million jobs right there, plus ensured that the US will remain a net importer of oil for the foreseeable future.

He punted on Keystone as a sop to the environmental voters He needs in 2012. By delaying the decision until after the election, He can not only please them, but also doesn’t have to deal with attacks from the non-Left about killing jobs or preventing us from having more domestic production. The Ohio deal is more or less the same thing. But it’s not just a political ploy, as He’s obviously a Watermelon, and always has been. It fits right in with the rest of His extreme-Left mindset.

I can also go on all day about how the ideologically-driven EPA needlessly harms the economy by trying to shut down coal plants, excessively regulating power suppliers which drives up consumer costs causing further pain in difficult times (same thing is happening in Britain), and preventing regions from creating hundreds of thousands of much-needed jobs. Then there’s the fact that subsidizing biofuels (e.g. “dirty corn”) causes feed corn prices to go up, which in turn causes food prices to skyrocket. All of this has gone on under The Obamessiah’s watch, much of it at His direction, and done by people He appointed due to ideology.

We can see, then, how the President’s ideological delusions and His political fecklessness cause serious harm to the US. So how does this apply to the rest of the world? Well, let’s consider the current situation with Iran.

As we all know, there has been an endless series of international talks about dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions. With the recent assault on the English British Embassy in Tehran, there has been an increasingly loud call for hardcore sanctions. Specifically, the latest noise is a call for a total embargo on Iranian oil in Europe. Which we also know isn’t likely to happen any time soon. The problem is, countries like Italy and Spain are dragging their feet because they rely a bit too heavily on Iranian oil. People are mumbling about somehow finding other sources for them so they can join the embargo, but who sees that happening any time soon? Where are they going to get it? Venezuela? As if that will make the world a safer place.

Switching sources at the drop of a hat is much easier said than done. And even if Italy, Spain, and Greece somehow manage to find alternative sources within the next few weeks, surely it will be at great cost, which is the absolutely last thing these countries need when they’re already on the brink. They’re already about to bring the Eurozone crashing down like Humpty Dumpty as it is. In short, the lacuna of energy sources has dire consequences.And don’t get me started on how some countries might now be turning away from nuclear energy, which will only add to the problem.

If The Obamessiah wasn’t such a Watermelon, hadn’t appointed Warmists and Green ideologues to key government positions, and wasn’t sucking up to the environmentals for the votes He needs in 2012, it’s entirely possible that the US could have been a viable source. Despite His best efforts, we’ve become a net exporter of fuel.  Unfortunately, by fuel I do not mean oil.  I do mean petroleum-based products for a variety of uses. The US is still the world’s largest net importer of oil, but we’ve managed to do enough things with it that we can now export more refined products than we bring in. That’s an innovation success story, and I hope it won’t be jeopardized by the Watermelons in Washington.

But what if the US could also become a net exporter of crude? If not for pressure from the Green Lobby over the last couple of decades, and the serious setbacks handed to us by the President, we’d probably be there already. In which case we could be a viable alternative source for Italy, Spain, and Greece, thus enabling a real, crippling embargo on Iran. Sadly, we’re not there, and won’t be any time soon, so international security is seriously damaged because of Watermelon ideology and political fecklessness by the President.

In the end, Warmist ideology harms the country and the world in more ways than we can imagine.  You won’t be hearing this viewpoint on the BBC.

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18 Responses to How the President’s Fecklessness and the Green Lobby Damage the Country and the World

  1. Louis Robinson says:

    David, thanks for keeping this subject in the forefront. BBC’s total capitulation to the global warming lobby is unforgivable. For those who come to the story late, or for those of us who need a concise history of the topic as suggested reading for friends, I recommend an article I found in The American Thinker. “Scientists in Revolt against Global Warming” by Karin McQuillan will serve as a useful primer. A short extract:

    “Media coverage on global warming has been criminally one-sided.  The public doesn’t know where the global warming theory came from in the first place. Answer: the U.N. – not a scientific body.  The threat of catastrophic warming was launched by the U.N. to promote international climate treaties that would transfer wealth from rich countries to developing countries.  It was political from the beginning with the conclusion assumed: the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (U.N. IPCC) was funded to report on how man was changing climate.  Its scientific reports have been repeatedly corrected for misrepresentation and outright fraud.”

    The role of how Britain’s broadcaster has been folded into this scam is well documented at Biased BBC. I offer this link for more background:

    The BBC will coo at the current conference in South Africa and attacks on industry can be expected from the BBC environmental religionists who put “the planet” before people.
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  2. Span Ows says:

    hey but…But…

    US unemployment rate falls sharply to 8.6%

    One of the reasons for the sharp drop in the unemployment rate in November was the large number of people who gave up looking for work”



  3. London Calling says:

    Oh, not falsely transfered onto disability benefits instead, as Tony and Gordon fiddled it. Missed that one Barry.


  4. jarwill101 says:

     Many thanks DP, & Louis. As we know, AGW, all smoke & mirrors. As big a lie as ‘multiculturalism is good for us’. The UN/EU plough on with their deranged policy of ‘raising’ up the Third World by destroying the First. And who better to have at the helm of the USA than a man whose feelings towards the majority of his own country are ambivalent, at best. The EU/UN, the quangocracy, the NGOs, & so many overseas aid charities are part of a monumental political scam to socially & fiscally engineer the West into oblivion. Combined, they also provide a huge jobcentre for, in the main, cultural Marxist tools who, in the cold wind of reality, would be utterly superfluous. I give you, amongst thousands, Baroness Ashton as a ghastly example of political patronage. These bastards can’t give away our money, or our countries, quick enough.


  5. Louis Robinson says:

    jarwill101, speaking about giving away money – it appears Britain is helping the Indian space program.

    Hey, David, are you following Richard Black at the climate summit on Twitter? He just tweeted “poor countries drop their bombshell at climate summit” only to have his wrists slapped by one response: “we prefer to be called ‘developing nations’, thank you.” Guess there’s PC and then there’s PC, huh?!/BBCRBlack 


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Black is on a nice jaunt to Durban right now to relay the Gospel back to you, at your expense.  I did notice that the two US pieces he alerts his audience to are both hard Left: the Daily Beast and – what a shock – the HuffPo.


    • John Anderson says:

      As far as I know Black has NEVER EVER linked to a sceptic website.

      I don’t think Harrabin has either.


  6. Phil says:

    After President Obama was elected I was amazed and appalled to see a glossy poster of his inauguaral address pinned to a state school wall in Lancashire soon after. 

    I’ve never seen anything so overtly political in a UK school in all my experience of them.

    It wasn’t just the BBC which was gripped by an irrational admiration of the man. It was something which affected many ‘liberal’ types, thanks in no small part to the BBC’s coverage of him. 


  7. Natsman says:

    My God, we live in a seedy, corrupt socialist driven world.
    How do they get away with it so easily, completely, and for so long?


    • Phil Ford says:

      Mainly by attempting to shut down all dissent to the ‘dominant narrative’ – of which AGW is one very good example. All effective autocrats soon realise the best way to close down the argument is to humiliate and belittle your critics – and so climate sceptics become ‘deniers’ and ‘heretics’ in the eyes of the militant Green tendency (who, sadly, seem perfectly capable of missing the ugly irony of their actions).

      The BBC is caught in the vice-like grip of a ‘green’ political dogma on climate change. Dissent on a strictly pro-AGW agenda is just not permitted, nor shall it ever be entertained, unless, of course, it’s critics are to be ridiculed and bullied in public. It’s a sorry state of affairs, one of many, really, that ‘ordinary’ licence payers have been left to feel powerless to challenge.

      One can only hope that sooner or later the good ship AGW and it’s wrong-headed BBC crew meets it’s inevitable date with a (polar bear free) iceberg. Can’t be long now – I’ve heard the ice up there is in perfectly good shape, despite the continued lies of the IPCC.


  8. Deborah says:

    Thanks David for keeping us informed.  I can hear the anger in your voice as you write – and I feel angy about it as I read not only at Obama and his cronies for their stupidity but also for the BBC that they cannot even try to report objectively about another country.


  9. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    I’ve never seen anything so overtly political in a UK school in all my experience of them.  


    One of my local schools has paintings on the wall of ‘great people’. Along with the Winstons and the Nelsons one (or more) halfwit teachers have ensured that pictures appear of Lenin and Che.  Down near the floor there is even a picture of Roger Harrabin (or possibly the headmaster’s dog cocked its leg there). 


  10. Concerned Citizen says:


    As the Head if you can append this quote by Che to the picture

    “The great lesson of the guerrillas’ invincibility is taking hold among the masses of the dispossessed. The galvanization of the national spirit; the preparation for more difficult tasks, for resistance to more violent repression. Hate as a factor in the struggle, intransigent hatred for the enemy that takes one beyond the natural limitations of a human being and converts one into an effective, violent, selective, cold killing machine. Our soldiers must be like that; a people without hate cannot triumph over a brutal enemy”

    Note that Che was a terrorist, in that he was unconcerned about killing innocent citizens. And if this is in the UK, complain to OFSTED, and really put the boot in by informing the Daily Mail!


  11. pounce_uk says:

    Any chance of a new board?


  12. George R says:

    What will supplicant Mardell write about?:  
    “Obama Plans 17-Day Christmas Vacation in Hawaii”