A Biased BBC readers advises;

On Tuesday’s 6o’clock news on R4 there was a report about a religious school in Pakistanwhich had been brutalising its young pupils. Orla Guerin solemnlyintoned a list of atrocities that had been uncovered at this ‘religious’school, but neglected to go into more detail as to the particular religioninvolved. “What could it be?” I wondered. It wasn’t until very nearthe end that a mention of “Jihad” gave me the answer I was after.One has to question whether the BBC would have identified the brand of religionat the start of the item if, for example, it had been a Catholic school?

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  1. George R says:

    Another question on the same lines for INBBC, relating to Islamic Bangladesh:

    Is a particular religion involved here?

    “Bangladesh man ‘admits’ cutting off wife’s fingers”


  2. RGH says:

    Compare and contrast!

    Despite the Deetman report being more wideranging than Catholic abuse (bad as it is), the problem of abuse in children’s homes and institutions in the Netherlands was under investigation.

    The article itself states (way, way down):

    The report also estimates that one in 10 Dutch children have suffered some form of abuse, rising to one in five among those who had attended an institution – regardless of whether it was Catholic.
    “Sexual abuse of minors is widespread in Dutch society,” the commission reportedly said.

    So what do the BBC do?


    To rub it in they show an image of what purports to be a rosary (taken from AFP).

    It is, however, not a catholic rosary but a eastern worry beads.

    Never mind, BBC.

    You got the dig in.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    By my reckoning , the BBC have turned theological issues into a no-go area…beyond their pay grades(imagine that!) and their competencies.
    Rather like they have done to science in fact, so in this one way they can say that they are “balanced”…in that they know f***all about either these days.
    I therefore look to Peter Mullen, Sacks and their like as being worth a read or a listen…if anyone still wishes to go on the BBC to feed them worms, then they`ve got to be damaged goods these days.
    Like Plimers,Lovelocks and their science equivalents in fact…any serious scientist or religious type surely won`t let Russell Brands idiot issue loose at their editing suites or conferences much longer now surely!
    Abandon ship! 


  4. noggin says:

    Pakistan police free chained students in Karachi 

    Chained boys rescued from school 

    go through both reports, inadvertently at the end … note – jail er  “madrassa” 😀   and the obligatory “jihad”  reference.well possibly buddhists then … or maybe the everblameworthy jews 


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Okay, but who expects anything other than a Mohammedan school in Pakistan? Although, did she report it as an isolated incident, or did she say this was widespread among Mohammedan schools?


    • noggin says:

      essentially all madrassas intellectually, are “jail” schools.
      The meaning of islam is submission anyway, whether here or pakistan,(and it doesn t mean submit to advance intelligence, or emotional wellbeing).
      ” who expects anything other than a Mohammedan school in Pakistan? ”
      what sad words they are, sad but true in equal measure.


  6. kayjays says:

    At one stage the BBC were describing the Pakistani madrassa in question as a “seminary”. Maybe I do not get out much, but this is the first time I have ever heard this term used in respect of Islamic institutions. There was no qualification in the report, so one was left guessing as to which particular religion this “seminary” followed. I have to say, I had little difficulty.