Excellent post here showing how the BBC manipulates situations to ensure they conform to the narrative and of course the narrative means the Jews are always baaaaad. Do you think Palestinians sign off the BBC script?

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  1. john in cheshire says:

    You’d think that once in a while they’d tire of being such ar**holes, wouldn’t you?


  2. David vance says:

    I think it gets worse at this time of the year. It’s as if they have decided nobody is watching so they can say what they really think.


  3. ian says:

    The BBC’s stance on Syria reflects the fact that this country was once under the French mandate and is still within France’s sphere of influence.

    France dictates EU foreign policy, which in turn becomes BBC foreign policy through grants and loans. The Syrian government having French support, the BBC therefore champions Assad’s regime against the insurgents.

    With no French influence over North African administrations, the BBC was free to egg on the insurgents instead. Besides, Total might gain valuable concessions through French military support for Libyan insurgents.

    Think of the Iraq invasion, opposed by the EU and so of course the BBC too. France had the lion’s share of foreign contracts with the Saddam regime, these becoming null and void when he was ousted.


  4. Biodegradable says:

    If this had been the IAF?

    Turkey air strike kills 23 near Kurdish village

    Note also the “Related Stories”.

    Turkish forces ‘kill 49 rebels’ 22 OCTOBER 2011, EUROPE Rebels kill 26 Turkish soldiers 19 OCTOBER 2011, EUROPE


  5. Span Ows says:

    Good article by Robin Shepherd (very apt!) in the Commentator:

    That is why the polls – always deliberately censored from the discussion by the BBC, the Guardian et al – consistently show that the large majority of Palestinians only accept a two-state solution as a stepping stone to the destruction of Israel…

    …And that is why the people in the BBC and the Guardian who refuse to report and discuss such matters are not just the enemies of truth, they are also the enemies of peace.



  6. edward bowman says:

    Do you think Palestinians sign off the BBC scrip? I wonder at the composition of the BBC newsrooms. Their pathological obsession with israel and their readiness to publish anything  hostile even if it comes straight from Gaza suggests a more than normal involvement