B-BBC contributor Alan observes…

“The caring broadcaster that is Victoria Derbyshire who gives a voice to the disaffected of Britain, whether Muslim extremists, student protesters or rioting, house burning, thieving chavs, is so dedicated to getting those voices heard that she commutes from her London home to Salford, Manchester (most days).

How does she do that? By flying. The woman who castigates bankers and irresponsible capitalism ‘jets’ to work most days like any highly paid executive. Not paid for by the BBC….well yes the ticket is paid for by her, but from her BBC salary, paid from our license money….or as she might put it ‘the public’s money’.

‘….raised eyebrows at her flying to Manchester each day to do the show, although this is not paid for by the BBC.’
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2083432/BBCs-Victoria-Derbyshire-finds-grim-North-just-60-cent-shows-broadcast-Salford.html#ixzz1imWa45V4

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36 Responses to FLIGHT OF FANCY…

  1. Jeremy Clarke says:

    A bit harsh, David?

    She’s been on Five Live for yonks and is one of their main presenters, and evidently she has struck up a compromise with her employers. Yes, I know the licence-fee-payer funds her salary but her travel and childcare issues are not really our business. Besides, I doubt she earns anything like some of the BBC’s more high-profile ‘talent’.

    Just my 2p.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      If she does have an agreement with her employers about this, I don’t want to hear another damn word out of her or anyone else at the BBC about anyone else’s carbon footprint or curbing energy use to save the planet from AGW. It must not be that much of a crisis if they allow this.

      Proof that the nomenklatura get to live the high life while telling everyone else to live a poorer life.


    • Martin says:

      Perhaps the BBC should be concerned with climate change? Is it really good for a presenter to fly up and down from Manchester?

      She’s not the only one, a couple of the news readers fly up and down to do the TV news from Manchester as well.


    • Geyza says:

      Does the climate alarmist spokesperson Richard Black know about his own beloved BBC allowing one of their own lower level reporters jetting between London and Manchester twice a day?

      O/T just watching the 10 o clock news and in an article about Scottish independence their own BBC reporter referred to the English as Sasnachs. Lefty Anti English sentiment? Racism? … It is in their blood!


    • joseph sanderson says:


      She may indeed have struck a compromise with her superiors, and she may well be paying her airfare, yet the point is many thousands of BBC employees who do not receive the same salary as this woman cannot afford to commute each day, they instead are forced to relocate en masse to Manchester.

      For Victoria Derbyshire to ignore the ruling that everyone must live in the Manchester region during the week, is in my opinion rank hypocrisy, which when taken with her elitist stance with her travel arrangements shows that even at the BBC some people are more equal than others.


  2. David Vance says:


    Not my post. It is Alan’s.


  3. hippiepooter says:

    In terms of BBC bias I think Alan has come up with a complete non-story.  In terms of impartiality I think Victoria Derbyshire is an exemplary broadcaster on the whole.


    • Martin says:

      You are joking? She’s one of the most left wing presenters on Radio 5, only Bacon and Dame Nikki outdo her for the most part.

      I’m betting that once the ‘A’ team are back tomorrow the top story from Dame Nikki and VD will be….. Cameron and Tourettes. 


  4. Merlin says:

    These top salery  BBC presenters are the scum of the earth!


  5. cjhartnett says:

    Never heard her.
    Yet if she dare pipe up about the rest of us screwing with the polar bears as we try and get out annual trip to Ibiza or Krakow, then she should keep her big mouth shut.
    But of course she won`t , if the script requires the Beebmeme of the day being peddled…and that is what sticks in the craw.
    The climate change peddlars are nigh-on Abbottesque in their bare-faced hypocrisy…and VD is one of these I`m sure.
    Not that I`ve heard her-but she`s a Beebie isn`t she? 


  6. Martin says:

    LOL bloke on Pienaar’s politics just attacked old pinhead for his “BBC view of Thatcher”

    Pinhead being his usual left wing self.


  7. George R says:

    Of course, Ms Derbyshire is part of the ‘Guardian’ social and political set.

    Here is an extract from friendly interview with her in the ‘Observer’ (July, 2011):

    “…no matter who she’s talking to: she was fearless when she interviewed Van Klaveren on her show last year, putting her boss through the wringer about 5 Live moving to Salford: ‘Why aren’t you properly moving to Manchester?’ ‘In order to get the job you would have had to commit to move to Manchester. If you’d made it clear that you weren’t properly moving then you wouldn’t have got the job.’ ‘Will you be using licence payers’ money to rent a flat up there?’ She was so hard on him it was almost funny.”


    “‘I’m not super-intellectual. I just work hard at my job'”



    • George R says:

      “BBC Radio 5 presenter Victoria Derbyshire lets the plane take the strain to Salford.Victoria Derbyshire, the Radio 5 Live presenter, commutes from London to the BBC’s new studios in Salford by aeroplane.”



      • noggin says:

        “‘I’m not super-intellectual”,( oh … so glad you were quick to dismiss that, because … of course we were πŸ˜€ starting to wonder?  :-D.
        ahhh another el beeb ” legend in their own mind”) …

        “I just work hard at my job”  ha ha ha ha, no please stop!, ha ha ha


        • noggin says:

          John Humphrys says Victoria Derbyshire is ‘stupid’ – Telegraph
          give anyone an inch, take a mile πŸ˜€  territory, whats the next headline?
          “to call Derbyshire stupid is an insult to stupid people” πŸ˜€

          laughing aside … the ego of these self important lefty shills, is simply gaulling, they do not need flights london/manchester on us, to stoke it up

          they are overpaid, patronising, superficial, obsessed with their own
          self image, and standing … eh! remember this corker

          “This love triangle brings back memories of another at Five Live when Fi Glover’s two-year marriage to BBC editor Mark Sandell ended when he left her for rival presenter Victoria Derbyshire. The affair had developed as the pair chatted about football during breaks between programmes”
          daily mail.

          love triangles! … how do they find the time?
          after working SOOO hard at their jobs πŸ˜€


          • My Site (click to edit) says:

            John Humphrys tells Mandrake that Miss Derbyshire, right, is “grotesquely irresponsible and stupid” for claiming on her radio show that she was offered a “crib sheet” to help her ‘

            So the stupidity is not for needing a crib sheet (excuse me, ‘research notes’… they do like to spin a phrase), the great and good of BBC market rate luvviedom simply are miffed she spills the beans?

            One presumes she knew what happened and could articulate it properly, even as a slightly less than super ‘intellectual’? So either she was lying or there is yet another BBC mop up job to savour.


      • George R says:

        Will ‘greenie’ BBC-NUJ support ‘High Speed Rail’ for its first class Beeboid London-Manchester commuters?  
        “High Speed Rail: broken Britain’s latest new suicidal gesture”

        (by James Delingpole)  


        • dave s says:

          When governments run out of serious ideas on how to govern sensibly they go in for vanity projects and spend our money. I suppose it keeps them off the streets.
          The Manchester move by the BBC is one such. The new railway should complement it nicely.


  8. james1070 says:

    I know it is hypocritical. However who an earth would want to live in the land of ‘Psycho Stapleton’. So I don’t blame VD but the PC idiotic plans of the BBC.


  9. As I See It says:

    Rachel Burden is another reluctant Salfordite and 5 Live Beeboid lefty sister.

    I have heard her in full flight BBC pious solidarity ‘we’re all in this together’ mode pointing out ‘we must remember not everyone benefits from house price rises’. Right on, I thought.

    And then I read this….


    ‘We won’t sell our house,’ says Rachel, 35, referring to her four-bedroom Edwardian home in Ealing, valued at £650,000.

    ‘London prices are likely to rise faster than other parts of the country so we want to hold on to it and let it out.’

    Hypocrisy, it’s what they do.


    • hippiepooter says:

      I’m glad you can make out what her politics are.  I’ve got an inkling, but it’s not on the same page as yours.


      • Martin says:

        Yep her politics are easy to spot. She’s ahard core lefty just like most of them at 5 lite.


  10. Martin says:

    What a shock, as soon as I turn on Radio 5 fatty Nolan informs me that they will have a pre-recorded interview with a Tourettes sufferer this evening.


    Who gives a toss?

    Cameron would have just been better off calling Ed Balls a ‘bellend’ and be done with it.


    • George R says:

      “…the targets of these insults were clearly Ed Balls and Gordon Brown — and no one else. Yet it was sufferers from Tourette’s or autism who were held, instead, to have been grievously traduced.   
      “This row reminds me of the time I once used the term ‘schizophrenic’ in the way it is often colloquially used to denote someone who veers between one opinion and another — only to be bawled out by the father of a child suffering from schizophrenia.”  
      (Melanie Phillips)  
      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2083994/How-David-Cameron-fell-victim-sensitivity-police.html#ixzz1iyEGLZsv


      • Millie Tant says:

        Of course, he was targeting Balls and not people with Tourette’s. I wonder if he’d said that Balls is like a man with a tic, would it have caused the same sort of reaction? Or a man with the shakes? Or the DTs? Or would any such reference to a physical or neurological condition be deemed demeaning to the sufferers?


  11. Martin says:

    As predicted the dame is back on Radio 5 this morning and one of his first interviews? Yep a Tourettes sufferer telling us how terrible Cameron is.

    The BBC just can’t help themselves can they? A 48 hour old story they just want ot keep going, but the dame doesn’t mrntion fatty Abbott nor does the dame mention the fact that yet another opinion poll shows Red Ed less popular than dry dog shit.

    Radio 5 back to its normal self.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Surely it would be better if we could compare Balls behaviour against the list of criteria used to “diagnose” Tourettes “sufferers”…instead of rejecting outright that description.
      I had him down for OCD-given his dogged refusal to let go of the economic policy shambles that has brough us all so low.
      Maybe he was overlooked when the nit nurse was in at his private school(would that be a BUPA nit nurse then?).
      In any case-should he not CELEBRATE being a member of the much-sought after blue badge community? Is it not a badge of pride-or is Balls himself stigmatising a key demographic of the segmented “disablist” constituency?
      Alistair Campbell rejoiced in his mental health…and he seems happy enough!…
      Maybe Balls could get that glaucoma looked at-maybe a good pair of bottletop specs at taxpayers expense might soften his image as Gordon Browns codpiece!


      • cjhartnett says:

        Didn`t he have delusions about being in the Waffen SS?…or was it Prinz Harrys Afrika Korps he dressed as?
        Therefore , add personality disorders and delusional episodes to his file , nurse!
        Maybe he could bunk up with that weird little French chap who sits on Merckels knee whilst thinking he is Napoleon!
        The lunatics have indeed taken over the asylum that is the top of political life..


    • wild says:

      I am guessing (just a wild guess) that no mention was made of a group of Labour MP’s mocking a Conservative MP (Paul Maynard) with cerebral palsy last year (by waving their arms and pulling faces) as he made a speech in the house.

      How much more serious, and worthy of hours of debate (and top billing on BBC news reports) was David Cameron making a joke (as Ed Balls made his usual flatline gesture) that his arm waving was like a Tourette’s sufferer.

      I appreciate that the BBC are spin merchants for the Labour Party, but did they even bother reporting the Paul Maynard incident last year, never mind run days of outrage about it on what passes for news broadcasting on the BBC?

      We are years away from an election, and the Party political bias is blatant. They make no effort to disguise the fact that they parrot whatever is this week’s line from the Labour Party Press Office.

      It would be funny (in a radio Moscow sort of way) if it were not so Stalinist.


  12. deegee says:

    How do we know that the BBC doesn’t pay her fare? How much is a return ticket London to Salford, anyway?


  13. Louis Robinson says:

    Oh, shucks, we shouldn’t be too hard on Miss Derbyshire. She is only following the example of her betters. Remember Guy Bradshaw who commuted from his home in Kentucky to Salford in order to fulfil his duties as “Migration Manager” for BBC North.


  14. Julian Mortimer says:

    Completely OT, but IMO she looks spookily like a younger Harriet Harman. Anyone know if they are related?