An annoyed B-BBC reader writes..

“In case anyone missed it, the Victoria Drbyshireshow on 10/01/12 had a typical discussion about the recent report stating that immigration had a negative effect on jobs (only for youths aparently).I did listen to as much as I could stand at the time,immigrants work harder, speak, read and write better than Brits,etc. (Not including journalists and their like obviously). This is to be expected of course and I am in no way remotely offended by such talk! I’m not allowed to be!

What really jumped out towards the end was a figure called Jonathan Portes from NIESR (yawn). After completely rubbishing Migrationwatch claiming that “they don’t understand statistics” he scoffs at Sir Andrew Green comparing Manchester with Windsor and the unemployment levels in each only to admit that of course there are far more people in Manchester seemingly unaware that he is AGREEING with Migrationwatch that more people in an area will inevitably mean less jobs! Well said that man! Still available on beeb site/ VD show and timed at about 1h13m in to programme”

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  1. Martin says:

    NIESR is a left wing organisation, but not outed as one by the BBC (natch). Portes is also a lefty he used to be a speechwriter for Gordon Brown.


    • ian says:

      About NIESR – dodgy words are in bold 

      The institute is part of the EUROFRAME network, an initiative for improved forecasting and macroeconomic analysis in the European Union……. 

      …..Chairman of Council – Professor Timothy Besley, Professor of Economics and Political Science, London School of Economics; director of STICERD; Member, Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee, appointed November 2008


    • ian says:

      Looks as if Portes caused Black Wednesday

      Speechwriter and Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the 
      Exchequer, 1991-1992
      • Drafted the Chancellor’s speeches, including the annual Budget Speech 
      to Parliament and those for other Parliamentary occasions.  Advised the Chancellor on issues including European economic and monetary union


  2. JohnofEnfield says:

    Remind me – do I still pay for this c**p through my TV license fee?

    I find myself wishing my life away until I get to 75.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      ROBERT BROWN; John, just stop paying the fee, do it. If you must watch stuff, watch it on the i-players post broadcast, like me. The tv is now for dvd’s. Wise up.


  3. Billy-no-mates says:

    I have never understand the opposing reasoning on this matter. If there are 10 unemployed immigrants and 10 unemployed British and a firm has 10 jobs. If the firm gives all the jobs go to the immigrants then the British people remain unemployed. SIMPLES .. as they say. How can it not have an effect – you would have to be incredibly stupid or a socialist not to understand.


    • Llew says:

      Plus the taxpayer then pays untold benefits to the 10 out of work.


      • Wayne Xenocrates says:

        Plus the tax credits paid to the poor immigrants on low (or illegal) wages.  This is a loose, loose situation for the country but will be hailed as a win, win situation for the befuddled BBC economics editors. 


        So all together folks; All hail the Great Utopian Never Never Land in the Sky inhabited by the La La land creatures of the BBC to whom I am obliged by law to pay for.  Or should I just say bollards to the lot of them!


  4. My Site (click to edit) says:

    I wonder what their response would be if there was a survey conducted which highlighted the disproportionate effect that “hideously white” immigration from E.Europe had on “the most disadvantaged in society”(blacks, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis). I’m sure the Polish sit far lower down the Marxist’s ‘progressive stack’ than these groups.

    I’m strongly opposed to mass-immigration, and, as we know, it was a deliberate Labour policy, but it’s also a symptom of Socialism and the irresponsibility that it’s education/social/benefits policies create.

    The success of Cameron’s policies will be judged on the levels of immigration come election time. 


    • dave s says:

      I expect the Poles are far from popular with the liberal elite. Never forget it was the Poles who really smashed the Communist hold over Europe and whose obvious patriotism is anathema to any progressive idiot. Why Poland has any truck with the EU is a mystery to me.


  5. noggin says:

    VD show, immigration

    “On immigration vs employment, re those same reports?  
    that were on r4 and 5live yesterday? … and she loads the upcoming segment, straight off the bat, by introducing the report that says surprise surprise, you guessed it, little or no effect.  

    Also the writers of that report
    were given over 10 mins of cosy VD chitty chat, at the start of the segment,”
    I know … theres balance for you 😀  , it is not rocket science, there was one caller from kent, stating the facts about setting up of caravan/shacks by farmers, or the well known from 8 up to 12 in a flat scenario, in towns/cities
    (like mine), that enable this low pay/unemployment disaster.

    Don t expect any help, from “thatchers boy” on that front, eh, all going to plan dave. That aside, the media driven denial is even more gaulling, it the most simple of equations, the low/middle skill sector is literally flooded
    with foreign workers, all the excusery harder working/speak/write/ better crap, is just that, it comes down to keep pay low … period, thats the enabling factor.


  6. Wayne Xenocrates says:

    Just a reminder…….


    This all started when we ran out of bus drivers after the war, so they were imported from the Caribbean.  To most Brits at that introverted time they were then strange folk who were treated with suspicion, especially by landladies who put up signs in their windows saying ‘no blacks or Irish’.  Such signs were obviously outrageous to the chattering classes (and the BBC) so said signs were outlawed. 


    What followed over the years has become a full on witch hunt against the indigenous people of this land.  Do not think this can be reversed just be grateful we were who we were.  Like the original peoples of the Americas we will be remembered as quaint but out of touch with the world of multicultural progress.


    Have a nice day.


    • Barry says:

      Did anyone ever see a “No Chinese” sign? I suspect not.


    • Umbongo says:


      As a youngster in London in the early 50s I travelled all over the place by tube and bus.  There were very few (if any) no-go areas then and apparently my parents didn’t worry about my safety.  I’m sure that at the time many landlords/landladies refused to rent to blacks or Irish.  However, anecdotal I know (and, what’s more I wasn’t searching for evidence), but I can’t recall seeing (literally) one such notice.  Even in Notting Hill – which was a pretty rough mainly white working class area then – I can’t recall such signs although I do remember the fairly common “Rooms Available” notices in (grimy) front windows.

      As for the “shortage of labour” crapola: there was no shortage of labour – although there might have been a “shortage of labour” at the prices offered.  Much of the nation’s reservoir of indigenous labour was “stored” elsewhere in the economy: in the nationalised industries (at uneconomic rates of pay) or in the then notoriously inefficient private secor industries (like car manufacture) or conscripted into the armed forces.

      In the neo-socialist economy of the 40s and 50s (and 60s and 70s BTW) the solution to the unemployment of the 30s was to get anybody into employment even if such employment was economically worthless (which should remind you of the post-1997 economic policies).  At that time, of course, even Labour wasn’t as cynical as it later became and such “created” employment was, on the face of it, used largely in manufacture.  Post 1997 the labour “surplus” was recruited direct into the economic sink of public sector non-jobs.  However, the effect is much the same: the wealth created in the productive private sector is and was hijacked to pay for the drones and parasites elsewhere (not least in the BBC).

      At the same time, the opening of the immigration gates in the 40s heralded a completely avoidable tragedy – exacerbated post-1997 – from which this country cannot now recover.  It signalled the end of “my” country and certainly of “my” London.  I wouldn’t care (well, I do care) but no-one ever asked me (or my parents for that matter) what I or they wanted.


    • London Calling says:

      “we ran out of bus drivers after the war, so they were imported from the Caribbean.”

      At the last count there are 900,000 Jamaicans or people of Jamaican descent alone living in the UK, mostly South London. That is equivalent to a quarter of the population of Jamaica. That is an awful lot of bus drivers. Where could they possibly be driving them? Alternatively that is the usual white left-wing narrative to cover up for mass immigration from the West Indies. It is claimed “We asked for it. We only have ourselves to blame.” I notice people repeat itas received wisdom without question. Well sorry the numbers don’t stack up. They never do with left wing multiculti narratives.


  7. dave s says:

    The liberal elite has never liked the English working class. Too rough and too naturally conservative. Never forgiven them for failing to fall for the “progressive” ideals of the left.
    You can guarantee that there will be every effort made to deny the reality that mass immigration is adding to unemployment and keeps down wages never mind the socially divisive results. Since the 1960s this elite has done nothing to ensure the prosperity and happiness of our country. It has indulged itself in social engineering at our expense and paid itself well for such treachery, It is so scared of the EDL and any grass roots movement like it because it knows that it is due a reckoning.
    I have said it before it is the very worst generation in our history and deserves contempt and our anger.


    • Barry says:

      And the same attitude is behind the Stephen Lawrence circus. It’s about the background of the alleged and convicted murderers. Stephen Lawrence himself is just cannon fodder.
      I won’t say any more about that – enough already.


  8. John Anderson says:

    As well as the undeniable (except by the BBC) effect of excessive immigration on employment of our own young people,  the BBC seldom looks at the huge damage to the education system.  

    Oh no – multi-culti overcrowded badly-behaved schools are just wonderful.  Just what we need for an advanced economy.   Look at Tower Hamlets – walking distance from the City and all its employment – TH has massive unemployment,  social poverty,  squalor – and threats on the streets.

    And let the Devil take the hindmost.


    • Umbongo says:


      I don’t think you can lay the ills of the state education system purely at the feet of post-war immigration.  However, the parasites in the media and our universities (and those living well on taxpayers’ money everywhere) who constantly tell us how wonderful is our multi-culti society are the same crowd who also tell us how wonderful (and constantly improving) is the state education system.  That same class of parasites also, for instance, tells us how marvellous is the EU (and the euro!) and how we’d be ruined if we left it – or even resisted its move towards a United States of Europe.

      Simply, the major mouth piece of that class is the BBC which consequently denies (or, more usually ignores) any deleterious effects of the policies that class espouses.


  9. hippiepooter says:

    I caught this, and I too was a bit annoyed by the way the subject seemed to be ‘weighted’, but if I remember correctly it did include a report that HMG’s statistics do support the conclusion migrationwatch has drawn.


  10. grangebank says:

    Remember that the immigration from the Commonwealth countries was done at the behest of the BRITISH government , unlike what is being foisted on us now , and it was CONTROLLED by the British government , unlike the facade of controls now .
    Also those Commonwealth countries fought voluntarily with us in the World wars , unlike the peoples who flock in here now .


  11. George R says:

    “Does Immigration cause Unemployment? And other matters”

    by Peter Hitchens.