A Biased BBC reader contacted me with regard to what he sees is the BBC’s biased attitude to the dog owning community. 

The BBC’s programme, Death Row Dogs, 24th January has raised several hackles, including complaints from Dr Roger Mugford, an eminent expert on canine behaviour who says:

“The BBC should not have screened this programme because it did not inform, entertain or meet any of the other accepted objectives for public broadcast television. Rather, it mislead the viewer into believing that bull breeds and owners of bull breeds were in some sense inferior to the rest of society. Some of the cases they showed had welfare implications and were not your “average” bull breed owner. They chose not to depict any of the ordinary or more affluent Midlanders who take pride in their Staffordshire Bull Terriers and its numerous cross-bred combinations. Significantly, no dangerous dogs (i.e. Section 3) featured in this BBC film, and this was a massively biased defence of the ill-conceived Section 1 breed specific legislation.”

Now, I don’t have a dog in this fight myself, but I am always happy to provide a platform to those concerned about BBC bias.
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3 Responses to A LOAD OF BULL…?

  1. cjhartnett says:

    So the BBC prefer to highlight selected dogs to promote their own agenda, as well as for effect….like Crufts.
    Was losing Barbara Woodhouse the equivalent of losing Robin Day?
    In any event, for the BBC to be so Pavlovian in furtherance of their twisted agenda in the canine world is pretty reealing isn`t it?
    It`s not as if wel`ll be voting for their choice of hound , so it only goes to show how steeped in “Mitt or Barak” confrontational binary thinking that goes from top to bottom at the BBC.
    BBC-been sniffing the Guardian/Labour Partys bottoms, lamposts and leavings since 1979…what a troika!


  2. Geyza says:

    Whilst I am not a fan of the Kennel club, due to their obnoxious, cruel and sick policy of supporting the breeding in of lethal genetic abnormalities to certain breeds, and I support the BBC in their refusal to show crufts, I will be the first to defend certain healthy breeds.

    I have friends who have staffies and the real shame is the reputation that this breed has got due to chavs and dickheads.

    Staffies are great, friendly wonderful dogs. Not the vicious breed that some dress them up as.


  3. ian says:

    Nice bit of beeb propaganda against the white native working class. I expect the effete,  pampered poodles of the corporation sees us all as vicious mongrel lowlifes who should all be put down, and replaced by exotic foreign breeds.