Biased BBC contributor Graeme writes;

“Richard Bacon produced a very good programme on internet trolls broadcast on BBC 3 a couple of days ago, The Anti-Social Network.

Firstly, I’d like to say, on the basis of what was broadcast about the internet troll stalking him and his family, who updated his anti-Bacon Twitter id with duplicate photos of Bacon after he’d got beaten up and fantasised about killing him, I’m glad he took expert advise to make a complaint to the Police and I wish them every success in finding the evil creep.

He interviewed a supposedly repentant troll who lied to him about not posting offensive messages on an RIP tribute site. He admitted this later to Richard Bacon in writing, claiming to regret what he did but saying he found some of the responses “hilarious”.

Quite rightly, Richard Bacon questioned how sorry this person is when he still finds reactions to his trolling on RIP sites ‘hilarious’.

The same question might be asked over how sincere Richard Bacon’s ‘apology’ was over referring listeners to youtube of Doug Stanhope mocking Sarah Palin’s Down’s Syndrome boy, Trig. Does a lie accompany a sincere apology? Surely his ‘apology’ should have been to Sarah Palin and Trig? According to 5Live Richard Bacon was not endorsing the Stanhope clip he referred his listener’s too. Here’s what Bacon said during his interview:-

00:57:12 [To Stanhope] “I’m genuinely a really big fan of what you do”.

00:59:43 “If you want a flavour of what he’s like go to youtube now and type doug stanhope sarah palin [snigger]”

01:04:50 “A remarkable standup comic, one of my favourte (uninteligible)”

01:18:25 “I can’t recommend it enough, you go and see Doug Stanhope at Leicester Square Theatre”.

Clearly Richard Bacon directed his listeners to this clip because he loves hearing conservative Christians being subjected to sick vitriol and wanted his listeners to share his twisted pleasure.
The question arises, is Richard Bacon’s mentality that far removed from the trolls he exposed this week?

Bacon did not carry the moral authority needed to present this BBC3 programme, but nevertheless, what I’ll end with Regard to the assault he suffered a couple of years ago is to note that a number of commenters here revelled in that and I did wonder if his stalker could be someone who posted here. If that is the case, well, I end as I started ..
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