BBC Opens With Dishonesty About ObamaCare

ObamaCare, that most controversial law forced on the US by the former Democrat super-majority in Congress, and which was a main impetus for the meteoric rise of the Tea Party movement, is being challenged in front of the Supreme Court next week, and the BBC needs to tell you what to think about the domestic policy of a foreign country.

They open with a bit of dishonesty:

At stake is one of the most far-reaching US laws of the past several decades: President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare reform law, aimed at providing health insurance to the tens of millions of people who currently lack it and at curbing runaway growth in healthcare costs.

The bit in bold is false, as even the BBC’s own explanation tells you afterwards:

The keystone of the law is a requirement that Americans who lack health insurance from their employers or the government purchase it on the private market.

So it doesn’t actually provide anything, does it? Yet the BBC opened this with a bit of White House propaganda, claiming that providing health insurance is its intent. Why? Instead, it requires citizens by law to purchase a product, and fine them if they don’t. Come to think of it, that should sound familiar to you….

Don’t bother reading the rest of it, because there’s nothing about the law itself, but rather an explanation of the hearing process: how long will the arguments take, when does the Court decide, etc. Oh, and of course the President says He can force people to purchase a product if He sees fit because the Commerce Clause can, according to accepted interpretation, give the government broad powers to regulate commerce across state lines and tax people for the pleasure. Which is about regulating commerce, not forcing people to buy a specific product That’s all going to come out next week, and Justice Scalia will be the key to all of it, as the White House is cleverly gearing their defense along the lines of one of his past rulings on another issue. Don’t expect to get honest reporting on this from the BBC, though.

The BBC has form on misleading and cheerleading on this issue. You can read more about the BBC’s failed coverage of ObamaCare here, here, here, and here. (NB: Due to current Blogger/Google evil issues, comments on linked posts won’t appear for most people until the new site is up. Will amend at that time.)

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