Following in from yesterday’s post about those Pakistani Muslims convicted on grotesque sex crimes against young white girls, I tuned in to Today this morning to see how the BBC would develop this story. It was exactly as feared. They wheeled on the Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz who explained that the grooming of young girls for sex is a crime going on in every community, not just the Asian community. (7.09am) She was permitted to parrot the official line that this organised grooming of young white girls happens in all faith groups and all ethnicities and it is totally wrong to think this is just an “Asian” or, heaven forbid, Muslim male problem, Phew – that’s alright then. I’m just wondering why the BBC as our State broadcaster seems to spend little time reporting on gangs of marauding Methodists of packs of rampant Presbyterians committing similar vile crimes. The BBC has a dog on this fight – it is out to PROVE that Muslim men do not have a problem here and do no constitute a threat to our society. They will do this despite the evidence that points otherwise.

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  1. George R says:

    ‘Times’ (£), David Aaronovitch has several key points in article (p19), entitled:

    “Let’s be honest. There’s a clear link with Islam.

    Sex grooming is committed by misogynists who want to control women’s modesty. It is a cousin of honour killing.”

    And Aaronovitch makes a critique of ‘feminism’ in this context:
    “It ought to be as mad as hell.”

    And he concludes:

    “It is an inferior culture that threats women and girls as men’s possessions and that regulates them according to their supposed effect on men.”


  2. George R says:

    “UK: Muslims target school, harass schoolgirls”