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  1. The Beebinator says:

    more Ramadan celebrations youre not going to hear anything from via al beeb.

    “As President Obama offered greetings from the White House to Muslims celebrating the feast that ends the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, the Catholic school he attended in Jakarta was hit with a terrorist attack.”

    “Obama was registered at the Catholic school in 1968 as an Indonesian citizen under the name Barry Soetoro. His religion was listed as Islam”



  2. John Anderson says:

    I have seen on several sites a photo of the terrible acid burns on one of the girls in Zanzibar. Just on her chest – her face is not shown but it is probably just as terrible.

    Why is the BBC not showing this photo ? Has it been shown on TV ? Or are they trying as usual to hide how terrible the Religion of Peace can be ?

    And the BBC is as usual avoiding the word Terrorism – which obviously should be applied to this case.

    As should the word Racist.

    I would love to see an audit trail of exactly who writes these stories, who edits them. Draft by draft, word by word. I have said before – it is as if inside the BBC there are Islamist-favouring censors who always hide the real truth from us.


  3. ember2013 says:

    Did anyone else catch the childish activities at the start of “Your Money” (10:30 am) on BBC News?

    The name of the presenter appeared on the screen and was followed by a second caption saying:

    “Better looking than Mark Carney!”

    I kid you not.

    Juveniles with billions of pounds of our money to squander.


  4. Colonel Blimp says:

    BBC fave Andy “Mid-Staffs? Sorry, never heard of it” Burnham has broken ranks and attacked Ed Miliband in the BBC’s house journal, the Guardian. Is this categorised as “an attack” or “a revolt” or “a rebellion” by the Beeb? Don’t be silly, of course it’s not. It’s referred to as an echoing of concern or a warning. It’s only the evil Tories who turn on their leaders and descend into internecine bickering, don’t you understand?


  5. will says:

    “Field of Blood” a drama shown over the past 2 nights must have been easy for its author to sell to the BBC. Thatcher (“the bubonic blonde”) & her government’s use of GCHQ to fabricate smears against the striking miners, a thinly disguised evil News International & a thinly disguised noble Mick Mc Gahey. Splendid propaganda, Oh and even if you buy the programmes overall premise the detailed plot was preposterous.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Ah, that would be the miners who met Gaddaffi to ask for funding, then? Didn’t get a mention? What, no balance, just bias? I’m amazed.

      ‘Even so I was still shocked when the National Union of Miners’ leader, Arthur Scargill, notoriously approached Colonel Gaddafi for money during the miners’ strike of 1984 – that same Gaddafi whose fellow countrymen had just shot a young policewoman in London.

      Read more: http://www.theweek.co.uk/politics/24345/thank-scargill-helping-thatcher-break-miners#ixzz2baPnHVJb


    • Dave s says:

      It should be used as a teaching aid in how not to write a play.
      It was preposterous and just very very poor. Characters wooden and lacking depth. Very short and disconnected scenes. An agenda so obvious it made me laugh .What is it with Scotland? This hatred of Mrs Thatcher is plain silly.
      Singled out for special mention should be the English new owner of the paper and the mother of the heroine. Every cliche you can think of and then some.
      The ending made little sense. I had to watch it as it was so bad it was in danger of being entertaining for all the wrong reasons.
      Give up drama BBC and leave it to ITV and the Americans. You know it makes sense.


  6. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Child abuse charges against a councillor
    If he had been part of the Conservative group, rest assured the word Conservative would be in the headline.
    But he’s part of the independent group, so no need for albeeba to mention that.


    • #88 says:

      And of course the bonus for the BBC is that people might think he’s a Conservative.


  7. OldBloke says:

    Following the link provided by Old Goat (just above this post), I had a good chuckle at the cartoon but also read down the replies. This one caught my eye and gave me an even bigger chuckle:
    “And bats. Did you know that it is an offence to “set and use articles capable of catching, injuring or killing a bat, or knowingly cause or permit such an action”? (Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981)

    I should think that would cover windmills.”

    Well, I never knew that! I wonder if the BBC does?
    Best tell them then me thinks. 😎


  8. OldBloke says:

    I think I will join the Bats Defence League.


  9. J says:


    Red Star Newport – As football becomes increasingly dominated by record transfer fees and oligarch owners, Red Star Newport imagines what it would mean to set up the first co-operative football club. Initially fuelled by solidarity and a new sense of team spirit, Newport go from strength to strength. But before long the dream sours as it’s decided that some players are more equal than others…


  10. CCE says:

    Highlighted story on the UK news page (NOT UK Politics)


    Linked to the Guardian story with exactly the same headline as the BBC story. How is this news? By what magical editorial alchemy (by-the-way did you know alchemy was invented by Muslim scholars in the middle ages…….) was this speech by a Labour politician transformed into one of the most important stories on planet Earth by the BBC?

    “Labour must “put its cards on the table” and produce attention-grabbing policies by next spring or risk losing the next election, shadow health secretary Andy Burnham has warned.”

    HAS WARNED? – doesn’t that contain the explicit assumption that the failure of the Labour party in an election would be a bad thing? Is this the BBC’s famous ‘impartiality’ at work? Why not… ‘Andy Burnham has warned the Labour Party’…..or ‘warned the Labour party leadership’….


  11. OldBloke says:

    Well, I’m the wrong side of a bottle of wine, and already deleted my posting TWICE by leaning on my keyboard, I’m now determined more than ever to get this posted! Here it goes, again!!!

    I do not have a TV licence, but tonight whilst browsing through my *Saturday supplement*, I looked up tomorrows offering from BBC 2 in the vain hope that I might be intellectually stimulated and view the offerings through the BBC iplayer. I was not to be disappointed. It follows as thus:
    06.15: Film (1946) 1946!!! Did they make films then?? Must have seen it..Repeat!
    08.00: Repeat
    09.00: Repeat
    09.30: Not a repeat
    10.00: Not a repeat
    11.30: Repeat
    12.00: Repeat
    12.10: Repeat
    14.05: Film (1952) Must have seen this! Repeat
    15.55: New (Not a repeat)
    16.55: Film (1995) Seen it before (Repeat)
    19.00: Repeat
    20.00: New (Dragons Den) Good this!
    21.00: New (Hairy Bikers) Good value!
    22.00: Repeat
    22.30: New Simon Amstell. Comedien stand up (Must be a Lefty if on the BBC)
    23.30: Film (2007) New enough not to be a repeat
    01.10: Repeat
    02.05: Repeat

    Well there you have it. More repeats than a plate full of fried onion rings or a pot full of mushy peas.
    Why does anyone even bother???


    • Buggy says:

      To be fair, the films that come on early on a weekend are often super rarities not even available on DVD. Of course, there’s frequently a good reason for this omission (both of the offerings this A.M. were pretty dire, even though they starred Randolph Scott and James Stewart respectively plus Anthony Quinn as some kind of Chinese mountain bandit fighting the Japs :)), but sometimes you can chance upon something pretty decent, e.g. Cary Grant and Laraine Day in “Mr Lucky” a little while back. and “The Private Affairs Of Bel Ami” with George Sanders as an unscrupulous cad last week. Best thing is to record the things by your favoured method and then exercise quality control.

      Tomorrows offering, “Angel On My Shoulder”, features Claude Rains as Satan, which is surely worth a gander in anyone’s book. 🙂


      • David Brims says:

        The good thing about films of the 1940s, 50s and 60s, no diversity.


        • Racist Duck says:

          *quack* We get it. You’re frightened of black people. Change the record. Better still take a long hard look at yourself *quack*


          • David Brims says:

            Daffy Duck



          • Kyoto says:

            Quilsing Quack. ‘If I had a son he would look like Trayvon’
            Blalck people don’t like to be nursed by blue-eyed women.
            In 100 years I hope all white men are extinct.

            The last two are from memory. But you agree they all represent a fear of white people. So why does the Quisling Broadcasting Corporation treat one as a demi-god, and the other 2 still make regular appearances.

            Also why do you approve of the racist Windrush segment in the London Olympics, since – unless you have evidence to the contrary – the descendants of the Polish women passengers were ignored. Excluded because of lack of sufficient skin pigmentation, or in Quisling Quack speak ‘a fear of white people’.

            Quack, quack Quisling quack.


  12. Teddy Bear says:

    I believe John Redwood MP, is referring to a recent BBC programme ‘Make Me a German’, in his article showing what a crock it really is
    BBC’s propagandistic obsession with German economy, ignores Anglo-American prowess

    To better understand what Mr. Redwood is referring to it’s worthwhile first reading the fawning BBC webpage about the programme. Clearly their pro EU bias relies on them pushing ‘Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles’.

    It’s really an understatement when I say ‘fawning’. They couldn’t be further up their arse if they tried.


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      Also that programme ‘Das Auto’ on the German car industry. Well, it feature the British car industry rather more and was 100% negative towards Britain, yet failed once to mention that the British car industry during the ‘crap years’ was wholly nationalised, unlike the German car industry.


  13. brett says:

    mrs has casualty on, poor iranian illegal etc, same thing on doctors couple of weeks ago, my wife says its just entertainment and not to take it too seriously but to me its just the drip drip of the brainwashing that gets my goat. my mrs isnt stupid either but it looks like shes been GOT!


    • Banquosghost says:

      When the Mem starts watching drivel I ask her why an intelligent woman with character and analytical ability, one who has the capacity and the acumen to hold debate on a variety of subjects, why she would watch the Real housewives of wherever. She always says she likes the gossip, makes me think its just hardwired from birth or something.

      There’s a thought, maybe the BBC could do the Real Housewives of Tower Hamlets or The Real Housewives of Oldham, now that would shove multi culti down our throats.


  14. OldBloke says:

    Buggy, to be fair, do you ask of the BBC for a partial refund of your Colour TV licence fee when they deliberately put Black and White films on their network?


  15. George R says:

    For INBBC to report?:- Al Qaeda gets Aid from UK taxpayers.

    “Britain’s foreign aid has fallen into hands of al-Qaeda,
    DfiD admits.
    “Almost half a million pounds of British taxpayer-funded aid and equipment has fallen into the hands of al-Qaeda, the Department for International Development has admitted.”

    By Andrew Gilligan.



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      James Naughtie says they use the money to cure polio, though.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      BBC News 24’s two newspaper reviewers last night managed to be in complete agreement that this aid to AQ report was ‘Aid Bashing’.

      That’s a new one on me. But what a happy outcome that the BBC found such unanimity of thought in their reviewers.

      And what amazing mental gymnastics as they trip lightly from ‘foodbanks’ in the Uk to shovelling out the foreign aid like there’s no tomorrow. These liberal hopefulls have mastered economic theory it seems because they assure me ‘the aid all comes back in contracts with British firms and jobs for British aid workers’. Really? Oh well I suppose if AQ do some damage to us we can always ‘invest’ in rebuilding the bomb sites?

      Wait a minute, when this total agreement between the guests happens isn’t the BBC presenter supposed to suggest a contary view? It didn’t happen.

      BBC says aid is good.

      What a nice civilized progessive gentlemen’s agreement we have here. This is a BBC/David Cameron you scratch my aid, we’ll support your gay marriage, I’ll backtrack on the EU referendum.


  16. The Beebinator says:

    by the look of the killer, if al beeb get round to reporting this, they’ll portray him as a white right wing extremist.

    Sacramento Man on “Mission from Allah” Stabs Hardware Store Employee 17 Times

    The killer used the store’s spray paint to paint his face in Oakland Raiders’ silver and black because the football team is “in favor with Allah,”



  17. jpt says:


    Pretty biased I’d say – ever hear of a Muslim mob?


  18. OldBloke says:

    To Buggy, no offence intended at all, but a serious question to be asked in that, why are people paying for a Colour TV licence when the provider of the service, who have been paid to supply goods or services of *colour* do not do that? I know the question does not have a *bias* theme, but has the Goods and Services Act been breached when a Black and White film (not colour) has been programmed?
    And I do agree with you that some of the old black and white films are classics and very watchable.


    • Andy S. says:

      To be honest, a lot of black and white films are infinitely better and more entertaining than the crap produced in the last ten years.

      I have to declare an interest here, as I’m a big fan of Film Noir.


  19. John says:

    What the BBC tells you:-

    56 officers hurt in Belfast riots
    Police chief condemns riot ‘anarchy’ Watch
    Reaction to Belfast riots
    Police in Northern Ireland have appealed for calm ahead of a controversial republican parade later in Castlederg, County Tyrone.

    Loyalist protests against a republican parade in Belfast on Friday left 56 police officers injured.

    What the BBC doesn’t tell you:-

    The Tyrone Volunteers Day event on August 11 will mark the deaths of Castlederg IRA men Seamus Harvey, 23, and Gerard McGlynn, 20, who died in 1973 when a car bomb they were understood to be transporting to the town detonated early. The explosion happened Irish customs post across the border in Co Donegal.


    • uncle bup says:

      Always gives me a warm glow when I read about bombs ‘detonating early’. Usually good news for us. For the bombers : not so much.


  20. Thoughtful says:

    NO NO the BBC wouldn’t fake shows and tell lies would it?

    A shocking story of how the BBC defrauded two games winners out of their £22,000 prize



  21. Geoff says:

    BBC Test Match Special has now gone all feminist with regular updates of the Women’s Ashes match, seriously who gives a &#%£ ? My other half certainly doesn’t.

    More agenda pushing from the BBC…


    • Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

      It was even worse this morning: the updates scorecard on the website, supposedly showing both the proper game and the women’s as well, often showed the women’s scores twice instead!


      • Geoff says:

        Just to push the agenda we’re constantly reminded how many kids the players have and what heroes they are playing cricket and having kids…


  22. noggin says:

    al bbc reports, the deadliest celebrations for years for the end of the Damn! … a bomb!, I mean Bombathon … oops
    I mean Ramadon ….
    thank goodness, its the religion of paeds …
    I mean … peace?*!?!*? (PEACE? did i say that) eh!

    still bbc reports the white house – state department said: “The terrorists who committed these acts are enemies of Islam”

    as laughably, President Obama offered greetings from the White House to Muslims celebrating the feast that ends the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, as the Catholic school he attended in Jakarta was hit with a terrorist attack.


    and … UK aid seized by Somali militants http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23653789

    what happens after deep reflection and
    peaceful religious piety?
    so, Al BBC are busy fervently scouring everywhere
    to find some remnant of a cover or victim story
    to keep the narrative going.

    Buddhist mob attacks S Lanka mosque

    oh can Lyse Douchet come up with anything?
    “Housing minister #Israel announces marketing 1000+ housing units east Jerusalem & West Bank, spokesperson tells BBC via @MichaelShuval”


  23. Phil Ford says:

    This caught my eye this morning on the BBC online news site:

    UK aid supplies lost to Somali militants

    Humanitarian aid supplies worth £480,000 – funded by UK taxpayers – were seized by al-Qaeda-linked militants in Somalia, it has emerged.

    Supplies were in warehouses captured in a raid by al-Shabab in November 2011, the Department for International Development’s (DfID) accounts reveal.

    Odd, I thought, that at no point in the report does the BBC attempt to explain who al-Shabab are. Once again, Wikipedia is my friend:

    Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (HSM)… is the Somalia-based cell of the militant Islamist group al-Qaeda, formally recognized in 2012. …Al-Shabaab describes itself as waging jihad against “enemies of Islam”…Al-Shabaab has been designated a terrorist organization by several Western governments and security services. …The outfit has also been suspected of having links with Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb and Boko Haram. …Formerly a predominantly nationalist organization, Al Shabaab has repositioned itself as a militant Islamist group that also attracts a large cadre of Western devotees…”

    The BBC: half the facts, all of the time.


  24. Daphne Anson says:

    Incidentally, did you all know that Jon Donnison, who’s now the BBC’s Australia correspondent (and still making snide anti-Israel propaganda), won a Sony Silver Award for reportage last year on Gaza?!


  25. Framer says:

    Pure piece of propaganda for the Labour Party – today’s lead story on the BBC UK News website. Yes the lead story.
    11 August 2013 Last updated at 13:35
    “UK wages decline among worst in Europe”
    And what is the story based on?
    A new survey?
    No; a carefully undated House of Commons Library research paper beefed up with quotes from a Labour shadow cabinet minister.
    If this isn’t a chum job then I’m a Dutch Somali.


  26. Pounce says:

    Anybody heard the news about young Erika Kacicova. It appears that Police are looking at Bradford as an area of concern and that a 22 year old man has come forward.

    How many 22 year old men from Bradford do you think have a penchent for 13 year old girls and what country do you think he and his mates would insert in front of their British citizenship in which to describe themselves.

    Put it this way if a non relgious person was to use a contraction of that country he would be classed as a ….racist.


  27. Watsonsxbox says:

    bbc news webpage leading an awful lot these days with ‘squeezed living standards’ type stories. Top story this afternoon.

    Odd that Labour have recently realised they have lost the macro economic argument and so are focussing their 2015 campaign on living standards. The old Reagan ‘are you better off than…’ message.

    Off course, had Labour been in these past few years all prices would have been way lower and all our wages would have risen.


  28. Guest Who says:

    Bit of minor fun to end the weekend for me.
    Seems the only way the BBC market rates seem able to gain any honour is to be given it by an academic chum for mostly doing sweet FA or their worst, but here’s the latest:
    And in fine tradition for the world’s most trusted source of information… and education… she appears to be shy on facts and high on self-esteem.
    Sorely missed. But always unique.


  29. George R says:

    U.S. supports mythical Islam re-Iraq mass murders.

    Two conflicting views:-

    1.) ‘Jihadwatch’:-

    “Al-Azhar on the Potomac: Jihad bombers murder 61 people in Baghdad; U.S. condemns bombers as ‘enemies of Islam'”

    [Opening excerpt]:-

    “Apparently now the Obama Administration is an Islamic entity, making pronouncements on what is an authentic expression of Islam and what isn’t. Jihad bombers murdered at least 61 people in Baghdad yesterday in the name of Islam, and the U.S. State Department is now telling the world that they didn’t really do it in the name of Islam at all. Remember, this is the same Administration that tells us that the Fort Hood jihad is ‘workplace violence.'”


    2.) INBBC:-

    “Iraq unrest: US condemns Eid attacks”



  30. John Wood says:

    Nice to see a BBC executive being confronted with an inconvenient truth


  31. AsISeeIt says:

    Always more painful for the BBC when it isn’t just the Mail sticking the boot in…. this from their fellow Labourites at the Mirror


    They said the programme was “a fix” after they were called to ­re-record the ending two days after filming because the rules changed

    Furious contestants on game show Break The Safe said they felt “used” by the BBC, claiming they had been made to help bosses con viewers.


    Time for another one those ‘who still trusts the BBC’ surveys?


  32. thoughtful says:

    Harry Bosco hard at work at the BBC again !

    UK wages decline among worst in Europe

    Not the fall being the highest, of fastest which could have been used, the author used the most emotive word with the most negative connotation possible. This of course is an example of bias.



    • Guest Who says:

      It was Sunday and did garner a large number (rather suggesting on-going public interest), but given an apparent early afternoon start it seems odd to have closed the same evening.
      I sense possibly less than apolitical ‘analysis’ such as this was provoking passionate input?:
      ‘These figures, requested by the Labour Party and collated by the apolitical House of Commons library, merely put into firm numbers what we’ve all sensed for three years or more.
      As this reporter has introduced the notion of impressions, one might wonder if the impartiality of the HoC library would be stressed if data they provided was not as suitable for the Labour/BBC narrative.


  33. Reed says:

    “A report due to be published next month by the Centre for Policy Studies think-tank asserts that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has an inherent bias against right-wing or libertarian-leaning organisations, frequently caveating their views with what the author calls “health warnings”.”




    • Stewart says:

      How any is this now?
      What difference have made?
      The BBC will carry on regardless ,like all religious fundamentalists, they are convinced that they are the sole possessors of the truth, and that all who criticise them are witches and heretics.
      I have come to the conclusion, since finding this site, that it is beyond reformation and that the only answer to its corrupting influence is to starve it into extinction


  34. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC 10 o’clock News

    Attack attack attack!

    Labour Party initiated story on fall in incomes

    Ulster – Republican (IRA) march passes off ‘peacefully’

    Israelis building settlements on land captured in 1967

    BBC : Does anyone in Government ever watch the BBC?


  35. hippiepooter says:

    299 is not a proper number to end a thread on … 300 .. ahh! That’s better!


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