Perhaps Robert Pigott should stay off Twitter a while longer

In his first tweet in over a year BBC religious affairs correspondent Robert Pigott seems to think that a parody article about Sarah Palin at the Daily Currant is real:

He’s in good moronic company – Piers Morgan fell for it too (and then pretended he knew all along it was fake).

It’s not the first time a BBC journalist has been duped by a bit of lame satire that fits newsroom groupthink prejudice about US conservatives. BBC Brazil had to apologise when its lefty US correspondent Lucas Mendes wrote an article about a Texan GOP senator without realising the original information was a parody.

And in the all-too-likely event Pigott claims he knew the Palin article was a parody, why choose this as the topic of his first tweet since September 2012?

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31 Responses to Perhaps Robert Pigott should stay off Twitter a while longer

  1. DB says:

    I see Piers Morgan is using the “sarcasm” defence:

    I’ve had that one used on me this week:


  2. Llareggub says:

    One can point out that Piggott was taken in by a parody, but having been made public in this way the message will stick. As it did with the fabricated piece about seeing Russia from her house. All the more to bash Palin with should she stick her head out during the elections. I wonder whether Piggott was really mistaken or serving his BBC masters.


  3. chrisH says:

    The beauty of these Godless gadarenes presuming to get onto the faith field when they`ve spent their lives is Dawkins dungeon and dreaming of Saviles sweat pants is that when they dare to pipe up, they`re inevitably shown up for the fools they are.
    I bet Piggott does think that the Jesus enjoyed an Easter egg…and he`s their religious affairs correspondent FFS.
    As for Piers…humourless talentless scud who set up the British forces in Iraq…a phoney fakir like Blair and Campbell


    • Tiger says:

      ChrisH, you have serious issues. If you are dreaming about Jimmy Saville’s track suit bottoms, one wonders at which point does your imagination. Oh not there surely Ugh


  4. DB says:

    Pigott’s getting some responses on Twitter.


    • Chop says:

      “Perhaps Mr Pigott should resume his place behind Piers in the Human Democrat Centipede.”



  5. DB Cooper says:

    Maybe he tweeted it because its funny? Making fun of Palin has nothing to do with groupthink, its because she’s an idiot.


    • richard D says:

      Nope – it’s clear he posted it because he was gullible enough and stupid enough to believe it was real. What’s really funny though, is the level of this guy’s gullibility and stupidity.

      And anyone who tries to post any variant on ‘…but anything is believable where Sarah Palin is concerned….” will simply display they are up there in the gullibility and stupidity stakes with this guy.


    • DB says:

      Mystery solved – your parachute failed to open and you landed on your head.


      • GCooper says:

        The Marxist Media (which seems to be most of it) did a wonderful job on Sarah Palin.

        Terrified of an attractive, smart woman, they concocted the lie that she is an idiot and managed to brainwash even some on the Right that she was unfit to hold high office.

        It was one of the better examples of the Left’s absolute hegemony over the media in the past decade or two.


        • Tiger says:

          No contest for Fuckwit of the Day. According to this dipstick most of the media is Marxist. Let me see:

          Telegraph Group Barclay Twins. Right wing
          Mail Group Rothermere Far Right
          News International Murdoch Even further Right
          Guardian Scott Trust New Labour
          Express Desmond Right up your arse porn king
          Independent Russian Oligarch with millions to burn

          Not many Marxists there. In fact apart from the Guardian they are mostly far right fruitcakes.

          So arise Sir Fuckwit. Although I suspect you’ll have trouble reading this as your perception of the world is so at odds with reality.


          • Justin Casey says:

            Easy Tiger .. Never go full retard NEVER!!!


          • NotaSheep says:

            You missed out the BBC and Channel 4, any reason why?


          • GCooper says:

            You seem to be having some trouble understanding what a Marxist is – let alone what constitutes ‘Far’ Right and Left.

            We’ll leave till another time consideration of your quaint nationalism, which seems to believe the word ‘media’ refers only to the ownership of a handful of British newspapers.
            Go on, back to your sociology lectures at Luton University.


    • London Calling says:

      SP an “idiot”? Now I wonder where you got that idea from. She’s far from it, but hey, smearing US Conservatives is “funny”. It must be. I heard it on tThe One Show.


  6. John Anderson says:

    Hatred of Palin at the BBC is pathological. It does not improve with time – they are obsessed about her. The flip=side of their Obama-worship.

    She is twice the man they will ever be.


    • flexdream says:

      BBC political obsessions – Thatcher, Bush 2

      Who can forget the description of a paedophile politician as a ‘Thatcher era politician’.


    • richard D says:

      One might even label it ‘institutional’.

      Hadn’t juxtaposed the Obama-obeisance with this before, but I guess that’s pretty institutional as well.


  7. John Anderson says:

    By the way, I am just loving all the analyses and reporting on the BBC about the disastrous rollout – or failure to rollout – of ObamaCare !!! Very good of the BBC to report that even Journolista founder Ezra Klein is saying the whole affair is hopeless, plus their reporting that various IT experts have declared that there problems with the website portal are insoluble, plus reports that matters are getting worse as insurance companies cancel existing policies – “You can keep your policy” WonderBoypromised, but some 16 million cancellations are now expected – plus senior Democrat politicians are calling for at least a one-year delay.

    The whole thing is seen as a joke by lefties like Jon Stewart, and the WonderBoy’s press secretary can hardly stand the heat he is getting at the daily briefings with normally-compliant media.

    After all the weeks of brouhaha in the US, the BBC have finally got round to a little bit of reporting on it on the website. But I have not heard a dickybird on the BBC airwaves.


    • richard D says:

      Saw an excerpt from some US broadcast recently, and I heard that the New York Times was reporting that some 5 million lines of code – give or take a few – will have to be re-written before even the on-line access to the Obamacare website is working properly.

      And that’s not the real software needed behind Obamacare – that’s just the gateway website !
      Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary (the guy who regularly stands up in front of the usually compliant mainstream media conferences) has sought to dismiss this as ‘minor glitches’, or ‘teething problems’ quite commonly found on IT projects….. 5 million lines of code needing re-written for the website alone – a ‘minor glitch’ ?

      I guess this is up there with Nancy Pelosi’s introduction to the Bill in the US legislature ….”You’ll have to vote for this legislation before you can find out what’s in it”….. I guess people will have to sign up for this fiasco before they know what’s in it.

      True to form, the BBC’s headline of 3 hours ago is…. “Democrats lament Obamacare rollout glitches”

      Ah, these 5-million-lines-of-code ‘glitches’, they really are itrritating.


      • Guest Who says:

        “True to form, the BBC’s headline of 3 hours ago is…. “Democrats lament Obamacare rollout glitches”
        If their unfailingly loyal picture editors are stumped for a complementary image of nuance and subtlety to reflect this assessment…


      • John Anderson says:

        There are estimates of up to 500 million lines of code for the ObamaCare site. Which was essentially untested before it went live. Cost over $500 billion. Total shambles still, and it could be unfixable.

        But maybe they don’w want it fixed too soon. Problems of simply accessing the website are bad enough. But when people finally do get through – the healthcare insurance options they see are often incorrect. And even if they get past that problem – the options are WAY more expensive than people were expecting.

        Nearly 20 million Americans (or American families) buy their own insurance – they do not go through company or other employer schemes. They were all told by Obama “If you like your policy, your doctors, you can keep them.” But insurance companies are already cancelling 60% up to 80% of existing policies. It is estimated that up to 16 million previously-insured will find themselves without cover for next year – unless they pay much higher rates. Not 5 or 10% higher – often 30, 40, 50% higher.

        ObamaCare is a timebomb on which the fuse is stil;l burning. Large numbers of people covered by employer plans are having their hours reduced or are losing the employer cover. Small businesses say O-Care costs prevent them taking on new staff. The people now being hit are the independently-insured.

        Plus – the Act requires young people to take out insurance, many of them had never bothered. These “Millenials” are now facing big insurance costs, far higher than previously estimated.

        And to help everything along, a lot of doctors are refusing to take ObamaCare patients, they don’t know what their payments from the insurance companies will be.

        All of this horrendous picture, which accounts for up to half of this week’s major US press stories, is of course fully on display on BBC channels. As part of their “mission to inform”.



        • Guest Who says:

          “ObamaCare is a timebomb on which the fuse is stil;l burning. ”
          Hence, clearly, the BBC’s latest slightly selective commitment to ‘watertight oversight’… They wouldn’t want to engage in any unwarranted speculation as news analysis, now would they?
          Anyway, good news is the geezer from BBC’s DMI triumph has checked his schedule and he’s happy to scoot over Friday next for a few hours to sort it all out. Done and done.
          Best part… it will all be covered by the BBC’s very own World Health Reporter Tulip and her mates, who so far have a history of fingering political leadership in their stories wherever possible. Albeit leaders elsewhere nothing to do with the story in question but who need a shafting to be patted on the back by the editorial supervisors.
          It will be… Glorious!


        • Stewart says:

          I noticed ,in recommendations, while watching something else on YouTube.
          ‘Jon Stewart slams Obamacare rollout ‘
          I thought it might be interesting to hear what the mouth of Sauron had to say about it. Interestingly all traces of his heresy seem to have been deleted ,can anyone supply an uncensored link?


  8. Guest Who says:

    What IS funny when some who don’t usually exhibit a great sense of humour suddenly acquire one at the most inopportune of times.


  9. DB says:

    Update from Pigott:

    Can’t tell if that means he knew it was a parody site. Either way, biased doofus.


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  11. Jack says:

    To be fair Morgan has previous with passing off fakes as real