19 Responses to Compare and contrast

  1. Betty Swollocks says:

    The BBC are traitors, and will do anything to defend criminal ethnics….It seems to me.


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    • DB says:

      Thank you, Moving And Storage United National.

      It does seem a bit weird that I read your mind on this subject – who knew there was such interest within the national removal and storage industry over a woefully inadequate BBC report into the death at the brutal hands of a black thug of a white middle-aged Asperger’s sufferer?

      You flatter me with the e-book suggestion – the original post was little more than three links, after all – but perhaps I’ll look into it.

      The stuff about “percent to pressure” confuses me a little, Moving And Storage (if I may call you that for short), but I appreciate the kind words about the blog and look forward to your return.


  3. chrisH says:

    That Dorset police spokesman on the BBC site is the very epitome of liberal groupthink…truly sinister.
    As for this not being as national scandal…the elite will surely one day martyr a Lee Rigby or and Andrew Young, and this nation might yet remove the scum that entertain and live well from the likes of this evil thug and all those who are weighting his gloves in his corner for him at our expense.
    4 years for this?…and no account taken of the lack of lights on his bike, which in liberal land is normally worth a few years too.
    Sick-what a country! Can we get Putin before his contract expires…we`re going to need him.


    • Dave s says:

      It is the police comment that is really worrying as you say. No concept of what the man’s mother must be feeling and no understanding of how we view such assaults. The sentence is absurd.
      As for the BBC. Just about what you would expect. Every day they are losing us and digging the hole that much deeper.


  4. Pounce says:

    What else do you expect from the bBC about a murderous black man. All i see transpiring in what the bBC calls Racist white Britain are non white people carrying out rapes,murders, robbery’s and then playing the fucking race card when caught.
    And I’m a brown skinned person saying this.
    How about one law for all.
    The bBC, the fucking traitors within our midst


  5. stuart says:

    where is doreen lawrence condemming this racist attack on that white man,where are you mrs lawrence and all your so called left wing organisations coming out in support for this man and his family who are suffering now at the loss of there son,you make me sick doreen lawrence and you so called anti racists,your all hypocrites with disgusting double standards,andrew young was murdered by this black racist thug for one reason and one reason only,the colour of his white skin,how many more white victims does there have to be before the police and the goverment come out and take action against these black and asian racists who are racially attacking and murdering innocent white people with impunity every year and no mention of race when it comes to white victims like andrew young,i am sick of this,just sick to my teeth.


  6. Betty Swollocks says:

    Here here Pounce. So true.


  7. Willie says:

    Is the difference that the two newspapers feature the video so that readers can enjoy wtaching such a video?

    Please DB do tell?


  8. DICK R says:

    Open season on Whites ! innit


  9. Alan Larocka says:

    Albaman? Albaman?


  10. Joshaw says:

    Judge Cutler again:

    “The judge who sentenced Lewis Gill was at the centre of the Mark Duggan inquest that ended in January.
    At the start of the hearing, Keith Cutler made the controversial decision to hold a 20-second silence to acknowledge the ‘regrettable loss of a young life’.”

    I suppose it was an example of what Americans call a “sucker punch”. Seems to be a popular form of protest in certain circles.


  11. George R says:

    Catch up by Beeboids, Wednesday 26 Feb, 12:12 pm.:-

    “Lewis Gill: Attorney General may review Bournemouth punch death sentence”



    • Dave s says:

      They had better review it. I have seldom heard us shire people so outraged before. The BBC/liberal junta just do not get it.


  12. George R says:

    ‘Daily Mail’:-

    “Legal bid to overturn ‘joke’ four-year sentence handed to thug who killed vulnerable man with just one punch”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2568257/Legal-bid-overturn-joke-four-year-sentence-handed-thug-killed-vulnerable-man-just-one-punch.html#ixzz2uR40GVc4