The Prodigal Son Returns…To Jail



The BBC’s adopted son, Moazzam Begg, has been arrested by anti-terrorist police:

Ex-Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg arrested by terror police


Can we expect the BBC to bring out Jimmy Savile’s old caravan and park it in the car park again as they must have done the last time Begg was incarcerated and his father became a constant fixture on the airwaves demanding his innocent son’s release.


Of course being arrested doesn’t mean you are guilty…let’s face it Begg admitted he attended a terrorist training camp before his stay at Guantanamo..and yet the BBC campaigned for his release loudly and often.

Whilst in the training camp in Afghanistan Begg said he “… met men who seemed to me exemplary in their faith and self-sacrifice, and seen a world that awed and inspired me.”

Guantánamo files leaked in 2011 reveal that the Department of Defense had secretly concluded that Begg was a “confirmed member of al-Qaida,” and that he had been an instructor at the Derunta training camp, as well as having attended the al-Badr and Harakat aI-Ansar training camps



Good old BBC…always ready to promote those who would do us harm…..

A letter from Guantanamo: In full

Lawyers for the British Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg say they have received the first uncensored letter from him in two-and-a-half years.

Mr Begg, 36, is being detained at the US military base without trial. Three other Britons also remain there.

The letter, seen by BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, claimed he had been tortured, threatened with death and kept in solitary confinement.




The BBC, ever ready to attack the intelligence services whilst ignoring terror:





The case of Binyam Mohamed is the clearest example yet of the dark and dangerous moral terrain that British intelligence walked after 9/11, not least in its relationship to its closest ally.

British intelligence was never involved in directly torturing Mr Mohamed nor were they in the room when he was, but they were involved in a wider process that has led to serious allegations being levelled.


Moazzem Begg and friends owe MI6 and MI5 an apology






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32 Responses to The Prodigal Son Returns…To Jail

  1. Miv Tucker says:

    This is the most interesting news story I’ve read since the then recently released-as-innocent George Davis
    was rearrested for armed robbery, thereby making total fools of all those who’d initially campaigned for his release, or cast doubts on his guilt.


    • RAB says:

      I remember the George Davis case. I was in London a lot at the time… The slogans painted on walls all over the Capital were ubiquitous… George Davis is Innocent!

      When eventually freed by public pressure, and then re-arrested for yet another armed robbery, some wag was painting up the slogan… George Davis is Innocent this time as well…


      • pah says:

        Around our way in the ’70’s there were many signs on walls telling of the council’s determination to prosecute Bill Stickers.

        I never found out if they got him though …


    • DP111 says:

      March 1, 2014

      British former Guantanamo inmate remanded in custody after pleading not guilty to funding terrorism in Syria

      A former Guantanamo Bay prisoner was today remanded in custody after being charged with funding terrorists fighting in Syria.

      Moazzam Begg denied the charges during an appearance at Westminster Magistrates’ Court this morning.

      He is due to appear at the Old Bailey on March 14.

      Begg, 45, of Birmingham, is accused of providing terrorist training and funding terrorism overseas

      What else is he to do except apply Taqiyya and wage war on the Infidel, and all his institutions and soldiers. Its his religion, and we have no right to deny his human rights, or we are guilty Islamophobes.


  2. ROBERT BROWN says:

    The lesson to be learned by this, but will never be, is that you do not take muslims prisoner in a war-zone, if they try to surrender, shoot them down, kill their wounded. Cruel maybe, but in the long term, it deprives HR lawyers and leftists of income and kudos, and go towards ensuring the safety of us in the West someway, and of course, a shedload of tax pounds.


    • Rob says:

      It’s what the bloody useless Met Police firearms plonk should have done at Woolwich. If there was ever a righteous kill it was then, and she muffed it. Now we have to clothe and feed those two murdering no marks for the rest of their crappy lives.


  3. stuart says:

    birmingham used to be a city of a 1000 trades,now it has become a city of a 1000 terrorists.whether mr begg is innocent or not is for a court to decide,all i can say about this man is this,just check on the internet about his islamist past,i have and i can understand why the security services are taking a keen interest in this mans activitys.we will leave that at that,but of course now the usual lefists and islamics are popping up in the media left right and centre to defend this islamist with a dodgy pasty as a nice quiet family man that butter would not melt in his mouth.i think his involvment in the war in bosnia and afghanistan shines a light on his real islamist if not allegedly jihadist agenda.


    • lojolondon says:

      Very doubtful he is innocent, can you imagine how sure the police were before arresting, as the whole Biased-BBC will be looking into this if there are any questions….


    • Rob says:

      Now it is the city of a 1000 languages.


  4. Number 7 says:

    Can we taxpayers have our compensation back please?

    Silly question – I’ll get my coat.


  5. chrisH says:

    Oh God-ANOTHER Cons Blog for the Guardian coming up!
    Huhne, Pryce and now this boomerang scumbag yet again…
    At least Wilde wrote a decent poem when in there.
    And at least we all know where Shiner, Blair/Booth, Peirce, Robertson and Mansfield are going to be the next few weeks…neatly in line, touting for custom under his custody suites lowest window.


  6. Bangernofski says:

    BBC won’t be having this as the lead story will they? I applied to join one of their regional panels today and I just couldn’t lie that I was a social worker to get on it. A real BBC would be on my side not undermining my country. Traitors. I’ll let you know if I can undermine them from within…


  7. George R says:

    In effect , INBBC, as in the case of Moazzam BEGG, has used, and continues to use, even today, our licence fees to politically propagandise for a self-confessed Islamic jihadist.

    It is blatant. It is part of INBBC’s political project of Islamising Britain.

    Well researched and exposed by Alan.


  8. George R says:

    The following is a report on Moazzam BEGG which INBBC, ‘Guardian’, ‘Liberty’ do not weant to believe, so they will go into deep denial on this, and censor out material which could harm the ‘Left-Islam’ political project.

    “The Real Moazzam Begg”


    [ 2-page article ] –


  9. bob says:…@stuart .well said mate


  10. George R says:

    “TV News on Moazzam Begg, Cageprisoners and terrorism”


    “The topic of Cageprisoners’ working relationship with Amnesty was itself the subject of a BBC Newshour programme.

    “Other parts of the mainstream media now follow Amnesty’s lead.”


  11. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ treads lightly on the following, refusing to see the consequent threat of violence to people in Britain being linked to both mass immigration from Islamic countries, and to tenets of Islam.

    ‘Daily Mail’-

    “Terror linked to Syrian war is biggest threat to Britain since 9/11, security chief warns”

    Read more:


    • DP111 says:

      Obviously the BBC have never heard of Taqqiya. Islam allows, in fact encourages Muslims to lie to Infidels, to further Islam.


  12. stuart says:

    very interesting article you posted there bob.maybe you should post that to the bbc for them to put up on there website( not a chance) ,right then just hang on while i look in my warbrode,ok, i cant find no bulletproof vest,i cant find no night vision goggles or no islamic literature,so what is going on here you might ask.well,he could of being going to a muslim fancy dress party.or and a big or its sounds like a man preparing for war,sounds like a very nice chap to me.


  13. George R says:

    The political supplicants of BEGG at ‘Guardian’ too, excel themselves with this laughably biased sentence (which reflects firmly held ‘Guardianista political feelings)-

    “Among British Muslims there was scepticism bordering on outright suspicion about the arrest.”

    Could one ever imagine ‘Guardian’ writing the following sentence, reflecting an opposite viewpoint of non-Muslims?:-

    -‘Among British non-Muslims there was optimism bordering on outright euphoria about the arrest.’

    (only kidding.)

    No, the non-Muslim, vast majority of British people are mere invisible bystanders to Guardianistas, as they are to Beeboids.
    Above is from ‘Guardian’ article with deliberately ambiguous positioning of word ‘terror’ in headline, thus-
    “Ex-Guantánamo detainee Moazzam Begg held in Birmingham terror raids”


    • Dave s says:

      We are the little people of old England and we do not matter. We are ignorant . We have never amounted to much .We just do not understand how wonderful the world being created for us by the liberals who rule is going to be.
      The BBC and the Guardian and the rest of them- they know and they will guide.
      It is time for us little people to close our ears and harden our hearts.


      • DP111 says:

        Britain is under threat, the likes of which it has never been under. If Napoleon or even Hitler had conquered Britain, most of our British/Western culture – music, literature, art etc would be unscathed.

        Islam on the other hand will wipe out everything. In the fullness of time, the very presence of Christianity- cathedrals, minsters, abbeys, will be demolished and razed to the ground (re: Bhumiyan Buddhas) i.e. the foundational basis of Western science and thought, would be erased. Parliamentary democracy i9s incompatible with sharia.

        War is being waged on us from within, and it seesm with the acquiescence of the authorities and our main MSM. Muslims who are ostensibly loyal citizens of the UK are abusing soldiers returning from active duty in Iraq. There is civil unrest and even civil war in the air.

        Why did we have to import millions of people who are not just economically inactive, but have an visceral hatred of every aspect of our culture and civilization?


  14. Ian Rushlow says:

    Following the arrest of “one of their own”, the BBC strikes back today with a hard-core propaganda piece called “Returning Home: The country where Guantanamo prisoners get a hero’s welcome” (see No, it’s not about Britain (or rather the BBC’s version of it), it’s about Afghanistan. We learn about the hundreds of ex-detainees – all old men, all innocent of course – who have returned home to a hero’s welcome. Let’s draw the dots, shall we? At least some detainees from Guantanamo are innocent. Moazzam Begg was in Guantanamo. Ergo, he is innocent. And by the same logic, all detainees are innocent and indeed all Islamists are innocent. The article is part of the BBC’s “Freedom 2014” project (see Obviously Freedom in 2014 does not extend to being able to watch television without a license and the risk of imprisonment for non-compliance, though.


  15. DJ says:

    Say, is the evidence that Begg was ever actually tortured more or less convincing than the evidence that Harperson knew about the NCCL’s links with paedophiles? So how come one allegation is a ‘smear’ and the other is a certified BBC fact?


  16. George R says:

    INBBC, like ‘Guardian’ and ‘Liberty,’ via Moazzam Begg (now arrested), keep up political propaganda against Guantanamo.

    Here’s the latest pathetic propaganda effort from INBBC on:-

    ‘how bad is Guantanamo?’

    -churned out by its Mr Azami, who offers some anecdotal evidence based only on the words of some Afghan Muslims who have been inmates there (for no reason specified by INBBC).

    Note: where ex-inmates are quoted by Azami as using the word ‘God’, it is most likely they were using the word ‘Allah,’ not ‘God’.

    Islam Not BBC: loving Moazzam Begg; hating Guantanamo.

    ‘Jihadwatch’: some articles on Guantanamo-


  17. sirus says:

    !!! breaking news !!! moazamm begg has just been charged with terrorism offences.!!! breaking news !!!