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Occasionally we have something off topic to amuse or amaze…hopefully.

Here is something, that despite being narrated by the Guardian’s resident Green guru, George Monbiot, is worth a looksee……


How wolves have the power to move rivers

The story of how a few wolves in Yellowstone Park transformed the ecosystem and even changed the course of rivers shows the impact that even small changes to an environment can have






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9 Responses to Huff’N Puff

  1. Isn't nature just peachy says:

    Oooo! I’m so excited.


  2. john in cheshire says:

    Maybe this is the solution to the Somerset Levels flooding; introduce some wolves and all will be well.


  3. Demon says:

    Underlying message:

    If wolves can effect the environment just by being there, just think how much effect we cause it by modern living; therefore man-made global warming must be true.!


  4. Frank Words says:

    “Wolves have the power to move rivers”.

    Well nothings new is it. Older readers might remember Frank Sinatra singing a song (Oscar winner too, there’s topical) about a ram punching a hole in a dam.

    It was called “High Hopes”. From a film called “A Hole in the Head”. Sort of sums up progressive debates.


  5. chrisH says:

    Do wolves do dredging?
    Or is it another load of East Europeans coming here to do work that British wolves are unwilling to do?


  6. pah says:

    It’s no wonder Wolves are doing so badly in the league the last couple of years if they are spending all their time pissing around with the environment. Concentrate of the fitba you silly golden suited itinerants.


  7. DownBoy says:

    Thanks Alan. A fine piece on the reintroduction of the wolf and, yes, well done to George Monbiot on this occasion.


  8. stuart says:

    i cannot stand that self superior leftist marxist up his own backside george monbiot,this guardianista sap gets to much airtime on the bbc and radio 5 live talking about all his eco crap and bull.


  9. ROBERT BROWN says:

    Not bad for Monbiot, actually interesting and somewhat credible for a change. Cannot help thinking though, perhaps he perceives that the deer are the equivalent of us humans, and he dreams of some vanquishing agent like the wolves to purge millions of humans to save the planet. Well, i agree in a way, over-population is the biggest threat to our planet in my opinion, his is global warming caused by man. Never seen or heard him go down the population route as yet though…..he never has a go at the Chinese or asians or africans, it always us baddies in the affluent West…..which is why he has no credibility, in my book anyway. Try swimming,walking,kayaking to your eco-nazi bluster fests in future George, or you are just hot air.