Race relations

We’re now well into day 5 of the BBC’s intensive coverage of the racist Chelsea fans story.

In the past week a number of other race-related stories have emerged, none of which you’ll find reported on the BBC website.

On Tuesday police released video of a black man dragging a white guy from a bus and beating him with a belt in an unprovoked attack.

You won’t find that story on the BBC website.

On Thursday the Coventry Telegraph reported that a young white mother had anti-white graffiti and faeces daubed on the front door of her new flat in Willenhall. A note pushed through her letterbox said that the area was for “black sisters and brothers” and “Willenhall is black so fuck off”.

You won’t find that story on the BBC website.

Today’s Evening Standard reports that police are “hunting a man after a female staff member at a bookmakers was threatened and subjected to racist abuse.” The man they’re looking for is black.

You won’t find that story on the BBC website.

Why is that? Is there a reluctance at the BBC to report stuff that could, in its view, agitate the despised white underclass in the run-up to the election? Or maybe it’s just a case of the old left-wing “only white people can be racist” ideology, therefore the BBC doesn’t deem stories newsworthy when white people are victims. Whatever the reason, it’s inconceivable that none of the above stories would’ve been reported by the BBC if the perps had been white and the victims non-white.

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36 Responses to Race relations

  1. Mrs Kitty says:

    Well of course only White People are Racist, didn’t the Great Saint Diane Abbott say that ?????? Tongue Firmly in Cheek.


    • DownBoy says:

      I think it was actually Jo Brand, the comedienne who ‘weighed’ in with that comment. Abbott and Brand do seem to have a lot in common though, besides the obvious frequency of visits to the pie shop.


  2. Truthdoctor says:

    While the media frenzy over the Crime of the Century (ie a couple of dickheads who don’t let a black guy onto a packed metro) continues, and horrific fresh reports flood in of footie fans chanting a racist song as they wander through St Pancras, this latest Islamic terror attack, which kills 10, including the Deputy Mayor of Mogadishu, doesn’t seem to merit a mention, even on the BBC world news website.
    Details here http://nzh.tw/11405823
    Nothing to see here folks, move along please….


  3. stuart says:

    yawn yawn yawn,they are on about imaginary racist chelsea fans again on the bbc,but i ask this question,the police,the bbc who are always accused of racism,the goverment,biased left wing groups just dont give a toss about white victims of racist attacks and violence,just like the rotherham big cover up atrocity where over 1900 white schoochildren were subjected to racially motivated rape and torture by pakistan muslim men, the same covering up and turning a blind eye by the police to white victms of racist abuse and violence who suffer in silence daily up and down the country where we are white minoritys in black and asian areas,the message must go out to the authoritys that white lifes matter,yes white lifes matter.ps,try and get a freedom of information act released about the figures for racist abuse and racist attacks against white people by minority groups and the police will refuse to give any,what are they trying to hide i say.


  4. Video Sentry says:

    BBC Mentality:

    1. Racism is only committed by white people.
    2. Racism is a product of white slavery.
    3. Racism allegations are used to control white people.

    Consequences of above:

    1. Racism by other ethnic groups is ignored.
    2. Slavery committed by other ethnic groups is ignored (past and present).
    3. Behaviour of the white segments of the population is controlled to the extent that free speech and discussion on the subject is curbed.



  5. Richard Pinder says:

    The BBC is doing another documentary on the views of UKIP supporters, no doubt the BBC goons will spend most of their time talking to supporters about Race and Immigration, and then “Edit In” any they regard as Politically incorrect views, and then “Edit Out” everything else, including UKIP’s remit and prime policy, the corrupt and undemocratic EU.

    Its on BBC 2 tomorrow at 10pm.


    • Dave666 says:

      You would have thought they would have learned their lesson from Channel 4 I’m still waiting for a reply from ofcom by the way.


      • pah says:

        You would have thought they would have learned their lesson from Channel 4

        They have learned the lesson. They know they can say what they like and no-one but those eviiiiil wayciiiists at UKIP will complain. The rest of the MSN will back them up.

        Expect more of it in the future.

        This is a good test for UKIP. If they can withstand this level of hostility then they will show themselves to be a mature party rather than a rag bag collection of racists, odd balls and protest votes. How UKIP behave in the face of this onslaught is the key and not the lies told about them.


      • I’m waiting for mine as well.
        The new BBC one is called “Meet the UKIPPERS.” Still waiting for “Meet the Greens” or “Meet the Fauxcialists.”


    • dave s says:

      I have a feeling that the existing political establishment and that includes the BBc have seen the figures for voting intentions- the real figures and are in a funk.
      Let us hope so. From conversations round the South I am certain that minds have been made up and UKIP voters are not going to change. If so it is the end for the not the Tory party and no labour government will have any real legitimacy if it takes power with the aid of the Scots. .
      About time we dealt with the liberal elite once and for all.


  6. George R says:





  7. George R says:

    “Caucasophobia — the Accepted Racism”




  8. Truthdoctor says:

    Here’s another story the BBC doesn’t consider as newsworthy as the “Crime of the Century”. Two Muslim men accused of raping vulnerable girls and grooming girls as young as 12 in Cambridgeshire.
    You won’t find it on BBC national news.
    I guess it’s not as serious as a few dickheads singing a stupid song at st Pancras.



    • DB says:

      This was at least reported on the local BBC news. But as you say, it didn’t hit BBC national status and is clearly a far more serious crime than the actions of those moronic Chelsea fans.


      • Truthdoctor says:

        Yes, they seem to have got it the wrong way round. The “Crime of the Century” (footie fans behaving like arseholes) is the sort of thing you’d expect to get a quick mention on the local news…. The other one could easily merit coverage on national news.

        It’s almost as if the BBC’s working to its own politically correct, liberal agenda and trying to manipulate what we think.

        No surely that’s not possible, they wouldn’t would they?


  9. Video Sentry says:

    To the BBC/Left:-

    There is nothing more serious than racism, whatever form it takes.
    It’s also an opportunity for ‘meeja’ types to flaunt their indignation
    and bind together as a tribe.



    • GCooper says:

      ‘There is nothing more serious than racism, whatever form it takes.”

      Pious hyperbole. A worldwide pandemic would be more serious than racism. So would an asteroid strike.


  10. gazstoned says:

    Being forced by other half to watch Ant and Dec. Too hideously white to be shown on Al Beeb


    • Arthur Penney says:

      Ant & Dec are personae non gratia on the BBC at the moment – they criticised Ed Miliband.


    • Betty Swollocks says:

      Yes gazstoned, I was shocked that school they visited had no ethnics !!! Only the BBC pick Ethnic Majority schools..ALWAYS


  11. Llareggub says:

    This little boy is standing up to racism.



  12. Scottie says:

    Owen Jones is wearing his first pair of long trousers.


  13. jez says:

    everybody seems to have forgot about those racist black premier footballers from lverpool and west bromwich albion this year who got fined for making anti semetic remarks,


    • Essex Man says:

      Bonnie Greer , on Sky News , press preview , playing ,”As I am black , I can say what I like ” card ,possible return of Fatty Prescott , a good move by The Millipeed . Boris & Farage , Evil, n bonkers .


      • GCooper says:

        It’s a measure of how closely (and pathetically) Sky follows the BBC that a complete nonentity like Ms Greer is given the time if day on its channel.

        Just what does either company think she has either achieved or has to say that merits her constant appearances?


  14. Vector Curl says:

    Has smug Owen even finished his A-levels yet?

    But let me guess: he’s standing up to racism except when it comes to the overt anti-Semitism of the leftist Anti-Israel mob and their cultural-supremacist, fascist, allies in political Islam. As Lenin said, “They are an infantile disorder”.


  15. Non Licence Fee Payer says:

    I don’t see the French police rushing to arrest the muslims that abused the Jewish man that recently taped his walk through the more Medieval parts of the French capital.


  16. daves shoe says:

    The biggest and most vocal “Anti Racists” are white…. “Owen Jones’s”..and they despise us mare than any ethnic or religious ideology ever could, and by us I mean anyone who does not support thier POV.
    I suspect that most people, like me who had a “racist remark” directed at them would make one back or rise above it!!! And move on……
    Now it is a powerful weapon, so powerful it destroys careers, leads to social exclusion, imprisonment, probably even suicide!
    The white middle class left have been very clever in its use to stifle all opposition…..and of course these people, much like the boy Jones are impossible to deal/debate with.
    I saw a brilliant analogy…… they the Jones’s of this world, diversity disciples are much the same as witch-doctors….when a witch-doctor wants to bring rain, or make crops grow…he danced….jumped up and down in a field, and chanted to the moon…..witch doctors are of course always wrong!! Nothing they do makes any difference…..
    …But a witch-doctor would never ever admit to being wrong…when his dance fails… and no crops grow….he is quick to pass the blame onto non-believers, it is the “Doubters” fault..who…very quickly find themselves ostracized, or even worse, mutilated, and then they, the witch-doctors get more and more people to support the dance and revile the doubters…..
    ..in every area people have turned away from the witch-doctor favouring scientific or logical methods….which always prove to be right…….
    …save of course for one thing….. “multiculturalism and diversity”…..when it comes to this…..the Liberals…..the BBC….are still dancing in the fields, chanting at the moon!!!