The fall of Camilla Batmanghelidjh has distressed the BBC and I see they ran the following “news” story earlier today …

“Much of the focus of the collapse of charity Kids Company has been on its finances and its(cough) flamboyant founder Camilla Batmanghelidjh – what has increasingly been overlooked is the fate of the people who relied on it.


Part of the problem concerning those “helped’ by the Kids Company is precisely what they were helped to get.

“A teenager has boasted that she and pals used cash handouts from Kids Company to buy drugs. The youngster said they would queue up to collect an oyster card and £30 which they could spend how they wished. She claimed: “It was weed heaven on a Friday, you could smell it coming down from the landings.”

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25 Responses to WHAT ABOUT DA KIDS….?

  1. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    The “people who relied on it” seem mostly to have been the hundreds of overpaid staff, cashing in on tearjerking stories about da kids.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Ah, but all those ‘vulnerable’ kids now having to be taken under the wing of their local councils.

      One interviewed sympathetically on the Today programme yesterday waxed lyrical about how Kids Company had fought for her to get British citizenship, as if what we really needed in this country right now was a publicly-funded agency helping immigrants to establish themselves here.

      But as usual the BBC – home of the world’s finest investigative journalism – will never get to the root cause of the problem, which in many cases is family breakdown and the absence of a strong father figure. And we all know the reason they won’t is because of the left/liberal agenda to undermine the traditional ‘nuclear’ family – we had years of listening to Blairite women on the BBC lecturing us with their ‘all families are equal’ shite. We are now paying the price for that policy and at the same time having to listen to the Left telling us it’s all because of ‘inequality’ and these people who they have encouraged to treat family life so casually are now deserving of more and more of our money. No doubt there are also some very genuine cases of hardship and other problems, but there are so many screwed up kids in our country now – from all kinds of backgrounds – many with serious mental health issues, it’s a bloody national tragedy.


      • Geyza says:

        Hundreds of millions of years of biological evolution and hundreds of thousands of years of human social evolution depended upon the most successful form of rearing children to adulthood.

        This natural evolution shaped the most successful form of childrearing to be the nuclear family. A mother and Father within a close family unit within a close community. This always has created the most successful outcomes in child-rearing.

        It is insane that this mind-numbingly obvious “model” has been allowed to be overturned by a tiny minority of people who have found themselves taking over the levers of power and influence in this country to assert that any other form of child-rearing should be considered as equal in worth and capability as the natural nuclear family.

        We would not consider an ordinary family car to be as good or capable of transporting us, if one of it’s wheels fell off, or if we put all the wheels on only one side of the car, so why are single parents and same gender parents ever afforded that false equivalance which delusional left wing cultural Marxists promote? It is OK for a very few idiots who are not in power to believe in such fantasies, but not for the whole of society. We are indeed reaping the whirlwind of being too “kind” or scared to tell those marxist idiots to simply Eff off!


        • BBC delenda est says:

          Almost everywhere and everywhen during that period you describe, there were occasions when these children needed to be disciplined, for their own good and for the good of their society.

          The most successful disciplinary method was found, by experience, to be a short, sharp physical admonition.

          But we know better, said some UK teachers, we will disregard the experience of the ignorant, backward past. We shall ban corporal punishment in UK schools, for the good of the children, the teachers and society as a whole. Supported by all the infallible “progressives” this policy was introduced.

          And it came to pass that this policy did not work, that the experience of the past was correct, that the opinions of the “progressives” were so much ****.

          We now have the greatest indiscipline, the greatest truancy rates, the most bullying and violence since schools were made compulsory. Together with increased attacks on teachers by both pupils and parents. Coevally we had the greatest reduction in educational standards.

          Well done lefties, here is your end of term report.
          Thinking 0%.
          Wishing 100%.


  2. Thoughtful says:

    In the interests of balance, it was the BBC whose investigative reporters interviewed the kids who made the statement about ‘weed heaven’.

    Not to forget the savaging the batman got on the Today progam, plus her evasive answers.

    She really did fall from grace.

    But for all the charities idiocy there probably were a few kids who they did help, and what happens to them should be a matter of concern.

    I’m sure no one would want to allow suffering of children if it could be prevented?


    • Guest Who says:

      There are varying grades of suffering alleviation.

      As there are levels of ROI between funds injected and what gets to point of valid need.

      On both counts Alan Yentob seems to have served as a poor trust chair.

      The BBC and trusts… No lessons learned.


  3. Grant says:

    The NHS will have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Has Cameron apologised for wasting our money on this fraud ?


  4. Alex says:

    I would allege that it is only because the woman is from an ethnic minority background herself and has worked with huge numbers of ethnic minorities that she has got away with such arrogant profligacy. What I find particularly appalling (apart from her dress sense) is the fact that this repulsive woman continues to blame all and sundry for her loathsome swindles and subsidised escapades.


    • Aerfen says:

      Of course Alex.
      Batman is an eccentric posh female immigrant , from the BBC point of view what’s not to love?


    • Chilli says:

      Not sure she could be described as from an ethnic minority: her mum was a white Belgian and dad an Iranian schooled in Edinburgh – with a good deal of English blood from the looks of him. But she certainly gave the impression of having been plucked straight from a colourful marketplace in Africa – with a large bowl of fruit balanced on her head and a pair of babies suckling at each tit.


  5. BBC delenda est says:

    We need to recognise the potential value of this enormous organism.
    If a NEO endangers the Earth she can launched to create an artificial gravity.
    Thus preventing a collision.


  6. David Brims says:

    Carmen Miranda wannabe’s house. ”Camila’s own private swimming pool… in luxury mansion paid for by Kids Company: Children who used £5,000-a-month home were banned from the pool. Kids Company spent £200,000 on renting home known as The White House.” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3199528/Camila-s-private-swimming-pool-luxury-mansions-paid-Kids-Company-Children-used-5-000-month-home-banned-using-facility.html


  7. Guest Who says:

    Ian crosses the line? Apparently.



  8. David Brims says:

    She has put on weight.


  9. David Brims says:


    • Joanna Southcott-Box says:

      She appears to have made a more recent appearance in the “Two Ronnies” Sultan’s Harem sketch substituting at the last moment for Ronnie Barker when he found the costume was several sizes too large for him to slip into comfortably.
      Judging by some of her recent activity she ought to have been doing “Porridge” as well.


  10. johnnythefish says:

    Last time I bought Private Eye ‘Street of Shame’ almost exclusively picked on the Daily Mail which to me was reflective of Hislop’s more recently acquired BBC ‘liberal conscience’ (which coincidentally comes with a lot of grace, favour and moolah).

    Not bought it since.


    • Geyza says:

      Indeed. Private Eye was once a great satirical source of intellectual comedy. It would ruthlessly take aim at the establishment. IF it had any of that DNA left, then the BBC should be right near the top of their current target list… Instead, the people at Private Eye are completely integrated into the cosy, politically correct establishment within the BBC.


  11. Deborah says:

    Just switched on breakfast TV (which is not something I do very often) and there was a woman being interviewed by Bill Turnbull and Louise Minchen complaining that the government in England is not funding counsellors in school and that children like to be heard even if they don’t want an adult to do anything about their problems. Well in an Utopian world where money grows on trees and every child can read, write and do their maths then perhaps counsellors become the next necessity. Unless of course they are talking about the children been abused in large numbers by a certain section of society where I really don’t think that just listening to them without action is what is really needed.


  12. David Brims says:

    You know someone by the friends they keep, so why’s David Camoron hanging around with this preposterous figure, who is clearly quite bonkers ??


    • BBC delenda est says:

      He thinks there are votes in it.
      In fact the ethnics use every one of their seven votes for Corbyn and Co, they know on which side their bread is buttered.


  13. Gunner says:

    The Beeboids are rather coy about their own leading role in the Decline & Fall of KC when they and their pals at Buzzfeed passed allegations of criminal activity to the Met. The following is an extract from Buzzfeed news on 30 July:
    “A youth work charity that has received millions of pounds in central government funding is under investigation by police after whistleblowers alleged that potentially criminal offences occurred in two of its centres and were not reported to the proper authorities.
    “The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has today commenced an investigation into a number of allegations of crime involving a children’s charity,” the force said in a statement.
    “The investigation is being led by officers from the Complex Case Team of the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command.”
    The investigation into Kids Company, a charity based in south London, was triggered by interviews BuzzFeed News and BBC Newsnight conducted with two former full-
    time workers. Their allegations were passed on immediately to the relevant authorities – with the whistleblowers’ consent – after an independent expert advised that the claims raised active child protection concerns.
    The workers said they were not questioned by police or social services about the alleged incidents until BuzzFeed News and Newsnight referred them to authorities. BuzzFeed News has not received a response from social services or police about whether either agency previously received related complaints.”


  14. Edward says:

    Of course, those on the Left get their ’causes’ and ‘effects’ all muddled up (darn those causes and effects, DAMMIT!). They blame drug addiction (amongst other social problems) on poverty.

    As we, in the real world, know full well – it’s addictions that lead to poverty!


  15. DICK R says:

    It seems that the 25 year old “kids” will have to buy their own Nike shoes and smart phones .


  16. Sluff says:

    I’d expect some investigative journalism into what the board of Trustees had been doing at Kids Company for the last few years, apart of course from being asleep on the job.
    Why don’t they interview the Chair?
    What’s that? The chair is called Alan Yentob?
    Ah, that would explain it.