Rotherham Rozzers didn’t bother


So the police get all the blame for Rotherham?

Yesterday, unfortunately can’t remember when, a BBC reporter admitted that he repeatedly heard tales that the Hussain family were involved in serious crimes but the police were ignoring them. So the police ignored these crimes….what exactly did the intrepid BBC reporter do to expose both the crimes and the police’s inaction?  Nothing obviously.

This wasn’t just a matter of the police ignoring things, the media and local government were also involved and turned a blind eye due to the ‘race factor’.

Why do we not hear the BBC admitting the media were also at fault?

Curiously the report about the convictions has vanished off the BBC’s front, UK and England page despite this being a major story from yesterday….you have to go all the way deep into the website to the regional area of Sheffield and South Yorkshire to find the story now and even there it isn’t prominent.  Almost as if the BBC doesn’t want you to see the conviction of Muslim men for mass rape and abuse….the cover up continues.




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19 Responses to Rotherham Rozzers didn’t bother

  1. rockefella says:

    Tony Blackburn is a much bigger story – obviously.

    Not confected at all ……..


  2. Destroy-Deny-Degrade-Disrupt says:

    Kriss Donald’s murder got similar short shrift by the BBC. I’ll never forget that, nor forgive it.


    • wronged says:

      DDDD quite right, I too was disgusted by the lack of bBBC coverage. They just didn’t seem bothered in reporting the murder mainly because he was a an innocent teenage white 15 year old, kidnapped without reason and brutally murdered by a group of Pakistani thugs. He must have been scared out of his wits, he could have been anbody, he just happened to be in wrong place at thewrong time.

      This is one of many,many reasons why I dislike the immoral, contemptable, unaccountable, corrupt, child abusing, brainwashing biased BBC. Completely revolting.


  3. NCBBC says:

    The gang rapes of thousands of White non-Muslim girls by Pakistani Muslims, is akin to a war crime, except that it was not done by a conquering army, as is “normal”, but allowed to happen by the authorities on their own kith and kin, in peacetime. For this, there is no precedent in history. It is so bizarre, that it is not surprising that the gross crime is being brushed under the carpet. The scale could be much bigger then the thousands.


  4. dontblamemeivotedukip says:

    Found this in comments at Brietbart ( the only news organisation fully reporting the Rotherham atrocity)
    For those less familiar with Jahangir Akhtar, He was already convicted before being made Labours Deputy Council leader in Rotherham.

    He also has at least one conviction for selling cigarettes to underaged children, and may have other convictions.

    His taxi licence was suspended, no reasons were given to the public, and he was also suspended & investigated by the Labour party, but they never made their outcome known.
    I wont hold my breath fo the so called BBC to be reporting any of this


  5. wronged says:

    Sadly Taffman, I have to agree.

    Farage maybe, there is no one else IMO.


  6. Mice Height says:

    Fear not, the police are now stepping up patrols in Rotherham . . . . . . . . . . for fear of Islamo-faux-bic incidents.

    (Sorry for dirtying your browser with The Guardian)


    • DJ says:

      Reminds me of the classic headline: ‘Islamic groups warn of backlash in wake of next week’s train bombing’


      • chrisH says:

        Good one DJ!
        Believe it`s 1977, 1988 that Tony Blackburn was about to do for Pick of the Pops this Saturday…so if you avoid the string vest and the space blanket, it could be YOU doing the show on Saturday 1pm.
        Blag a limo, take the drugs as you find them…and turn right by the car park full of kiddie trikes and “old Choppers”(oo er!) at the top of Regents St.
        £300 K alright my sweeite?…bless!


  7. chrisH says:

    Near that Yorkshire town where we stitched up Nick Griffin fore trying to tell the world that paedo gangs were operating all over Yorkshire and the Pennines?
    Yet well done us-for the blabbermouth and whistleblower crashed and burned…and like Powell was nobbled for a generation.
    Also the place where police and BBC constructed the “paedo gangs are safe-but Griffin sure as hell won`t be” bell tent for their own jollies…and Labour MPs, Childrens Services could only dream of shafting Child Protection as St Sharon of Shoesmith-Haringay did later.
    Oh-and Rotherham?…the place where UKIP foster parents were weeded out and not allowed to register…but any greased up musclemen in (s)paedos could plug a dyke and procure a few white kuffar kids for the Hennaed Monster in the local chain of Bringfellows we may have thought were mosques or houses of prayer?
    THAT Rotherham?
    Labour PC Policing, Corrupt Socialist Council that`s been in power since Tom Driberg and trhe Krays…and the BBC and its handjobbers at the Guardian and Daily Mirror?….no, see no problems with THAT Yorkshire Brew…do you?