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David Dimbleby presents this week’s show from Preston. On the panel are Ukip MP Douglas Carswell, Times columnist Melanie Philips, Conservative Sam Gyimah MP, Anti – English bigot Emily Thornbelly and comedian Russel Kane.
Kick off tonight at 22.50

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43 Responses to Question Time Live Chat

  1. The Highland Rebel says:

    Russell Kane ‘comedian’???
    Despite it’s vast resources al-Beeb only seem to be able to wheel out one comedian – the ‘Bishop’ on the Nolan show.


  2. Tothepoint says:

    One thing we can guarantee is the English bigot doing that weird twitchy thing with her eyes when she is pulled up on her relentless use of her speculative, biased and deplorable opinion as fact. Emily is a liar, she hates British people and most importantly she is a complete moron who is unable to answer any questions in any accurate details…. Of course continually bailed out/let of the hook by Dimpleton


  3. chrisH says:

    Ought to be a good panel…but Russell Kane is not a comedian..file under Russell Brand and Russell Howard.
    Will listen to Mels bits first, sound down until I`m happy that they`re sound…life`s too short to listen to the doomsayers again.
    Here`s why.
    Holland, France and Germany have elections next year-and might that not impact on their electorates view of the Euro and our seismic revolution of last Thursday.
    And who knows how many other countries will turn their leaders out next year or soon after?
    So the much vaunted “certainties” of staying in the EU are crap…unworkable, and the Greeks and the Italians are all ready to blow this summer.
    The Euro will go within a few years…and then we`ll be glad we`re out!
    Until then…let`s hear something NOT about Camerons empty chair and sad faces this week?
    Let`s hear about what the 27 sad countries have been discussing.
    We WERE meant to have been in the room to be told what we`d be doing….
    a) Smoothing Turkeys further entry into the EU
    b) Creating Junckers new European Army
    c) Further fixing Germany , France and the rest into further integrated economies and polity…so any prospect of escape from the burning building is made ever-more impossible without MAD (an old acronym for the youngsters here-it`s back)
    d) Allocation of bail-outs for Greece coming in August
    e) Allocation of migrants-again due in July/August much as happened last summer too.

    Thank GOD, it`s none of our business now….so no Remainiacs ought to be let NEAR any position to influence discussions re leaving. They`re all too keen to usher us back into the burning building-their pensions depend on it.


  4. wronged says:

    Dumbledore still bringing up the Farage poster. I think Labour (BBC) are worried about UKIP taking the working class votes.

    Dumbledore openly attacking Farage.

    Watch out for increased anti UKIP from BBC.



    • ID says:

      It’s telling that the absent Farage is openly attacked as a racist by Dimblebore. The usual plants briging up the poster. Carswell is a piece of shit. “There might be a party with the right values who could replace Labour in the North” No mention of UKIP. Why he is allowed to remain in the party is beyond me. A feeble attempt to spike UKIP’s guns in the North.

      ZDF, the German equivalent of the BBC, had exultations of the “Willkommenskultur” thoughout its programming for months and months, yet last week Frontal 21, a citadel of bienpensant leftists that makes Newsshite seem Faragist, had an extensive item showing how easily Syrian “refugees” could acquire EU papers in Greece. Not forgeries but blank official identity cards and passports for any EU country you wanted.
      So the poster was relevant to the Brexit campaign as the EU is incapable of controlling its “external border”.
      As usual, the EU burocrats are complaing that the Schengen area failed because it was not European enough.
      The EU powers that be should have created a European Border Force. The answer to EU failure is always more Europe.


    • Mice Height says:

      They’re starting to treat UKIP as they did the BNP, by making personal attacks without said person present to have any chance to defend themselves.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if they do a Panorama on Farage/UKIP soon.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      I thought al beeb had learned that giving any kind of publicity to UKIP had proved counterproductive in’t past, and only served to increase UKIP’s fan base.
      Bring it on beeb…..UKIP are storming ahead…..and 2020 aint that far off…


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Just as an aside…..this image is still burned into my memory, and will endure for many a long year:
      The face on Dimblebore on that night as the results began to emerge on the referendum. As Kuensberg first revealed her intelligence that the Newcastle vote would be marginal ( and so it was) and then the clincher, that Sunderland was about to go 62:38 for leave.
      That bastards face dropped to the floor.
      Absolutely wonderful.


      • Jack Hughes says:

        Ditto….though my moment was a bit later….switching on the tv at 6.05 and watching Dimblebum having to eat a King-sized shit sandwich for breakfast…a real moment to savour as I sat and enjoyed a glass of Chablis….are Dimblebum’s worst bits collated anywhere?


  5. Al Shubtill says:

    Melanie Phillips is the only one whose opinions are worth listening to out of the whole panel.


  6. Kaiser says:

    any real questions gonna be asked here?

    any real points here?

    and the wettest of wet of ukip

    and it would appear labour is united, its just everyone else in turmoil


  7. wronged says:

    Russell Kane said,’Corbyn should have supported Brexit’.

    Russell, he had to follow LabourParty policy which was pro EU. He has always been a Brexiteer. He had little choice in the matter.

    A ridiculous situation for him.


  8. Al Shubtill says:

    Carswell will bale out of UKIP.


  9. wronged says:

    I used to moan about Robin Day, Dimbleby is much,much worse.

    I want to start a petition to get Robin back.

    I don’t care if he’s dead. He’d still be better than Dimbleby.


    • Dazed and Confused says:

      Corbyn would be better than Dimblebore….At least we could laugh at him, where-as Dimblebore is just cringe worthy.


      • Edward says:

        Do not underestimate Corbyn! The establishment are out to get rid and that will make the Labour party even MORE unelectable!

        If Corbyn goes, get ready for riots!


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          I agree, Corbyn is supported by the sort of scum who would riot if their beloved commissar were to be replaced by decadent western democracy.


  10. Beltane says:

    Carswell’s utterly duplicitous and specious performance was the highlight. He made Gove look like a loyal, reliable and trusted companion.


  11. Mr.Golightly says:

    I’m sorry, but as much as I have tried to give Douglas Carswell the benefit of the doubt, I’m now of the mind that he is a false flag operator whose purpose in UKIP appears to be to undermine Farage and the party itself. Tonight he twice consented to Dimbleby’s depiction of Farage as a racist who spread hate via posters depicting Syrian refugees (really?) as EU migrants. Carswell himself describing the poster as “despicable”.

    And the cream on the cognitively dissonant cake was when Carswell said that if there was “a credible party in the north of England challenging the Labour party then it would win”. Excuse me? I thought that was your party Douglas. You know. UKIP. The credible party in the north of England who are challenging Labour?

    Today in PMQs Carswell was booed, hissed and jeered at. I felt sympathy for him. Not any more. The man’s an opportunist hitching himself to the UKIP bandwagon that to his horror is now being villified by all “decent” people.

    Meanwhile, Nigel Farage is painted as a paid up member of the Nazi party and Carswell does not disagree. Shameful stuff by our one elected UKIP MP.


    • Aerfen says:

      UKIp should expel him.
      I hate to criticise him for a disability but in his case his crooked mouth seems to reflect his crooked mind.


  12. wronged says:

    The BBC are using Carswell to put across an anti Farage image.
    Carswell is always on the BBC.

    Farage’s name is always included in a question to him. He reliably fires the bullets they provide.


  13. Pounce says:

    Can anybody please explain to me how the bBC treated Thornbury as some sort of elder statesman, not only that , but when she was trying to answer the question about referring to anybody who voted out as a racist, she wasn’t questioned once on her ‘White van tweet?”


    • Sluff says:

      Master S was not aware of Thornberry’s famous astonishment that working class van owners support their country by flying its flag.
      It was not hard to find on google, amazingly on a Grauniad page. That put him right but made me think. That info puts everything that woman says in a totally different context. By deliberately not mentioning it, the biased BBC is changing the narrative. Proof positive that they are not reporters of news or fact but only their left wing biased interpretation of it.


  14. Dave S says:

    Carswell is useless. More problematical is Dimbleby. The poster accurately depicted the loss of control on the borders of the EU. That is what really needed to be discussed. Was the poster true or not. ? Dimbleby and the others wanted to signal their virtue and doing that means that truth goes out of the window. He was keen to make sure Farage was smeared as a racist . Biased? Of course he is and always will be. A BBC hack to his fingertips and bought and paid for by the liberal elite long ago.
    It would have been instructive to raise the huge migrant influx this week across the Med to Italy but no. That is never mentioned.
    The whole tone was disgraceful and I hope the people are not misled. This is the BBC at it’s worst. Damning the Brexit vote any way it can.
    We do have a media problem and the rotten core of it is the BBC and it’s wannabee imitator C4.


    • Al Shubtill says:

      DS – It was one of the very worst QTs that I think I have ever seen; it was almost a parody of itself.

      I sometimes wonder if Dimblebub’s, increasingly, overt hostility to Farage originated from that debate in the general election; when he was called out by Farage over the “VERY carefully selected BBC audience”‘?


      • says:

        Was up there in the top three. Al, but it’ll need to go some way before beating the Nick Griffin bear baiting episode!

        That would have happened last night had Farage been on the programme, as it was dimbledumb tried his best to put the UKIP=racist heat on Carswell but Carswell did well to avoid a lynching by basically agreeing with everything dimbledumb and the ‘carefully selected leftard audience’ threw at him, Carswell was bricking it. The good thing is that his true colours as far as UKIP go and Farage was on LBC today to more or less say the rat would be expelled pretty soon.

        The bbc have now got carte blanche to do what they want and say what they want as they have zero regulation from anywhere in the media or the establishment. The tories made sure of that after they bottled the white paper review shortly after the lefty media put a hit on Whittingdale and his tawdry sex was akin to the mafia sending a bullet through the post to a target,here’s what we can do to you.

        It worked, as did the fact that the camoron needed the bbc onside to do his EUsers remainiac bidding, just a shameful establishment stitch up in my eyes. Before the white paper the beeb’s leading lights were treading on egg shells, even on QT. Now, after LEAVE, the bbc is on full frothing lefty mode and they won’t stop.


    • johnnythefish says:

      The poster accurately depicted the loss of control on the borders of the EU.

      Dave – It’s amazing that the Left are still able frame the debate on this as a ‘refugee crisis’ when Germany has admitted that 60% are economic migrants from countries other than Syria. The poster was yet another example of what we’ve been seeing over the last couple of years – these are not bedraggled, desperate refugees of all ages, male and female, but fit and healthy young men, many of whom are well-groomed and who will have paid thousands to traffickers to get across borders. If bringing this to the attention of the electorate is’racist’, then our democracy is in a very sick state indeed.

      We live in surreal times.


      • Cranmer says:

        Johnnythefish – this is my view also – the poster was entirely legitimate and had nothing to do with ‘racism’ – it was referring to the inability of the EU to cope with the migrant crisis as a collective entity, and the breakdown of any semblance of a policy in this regard – hence the slogan ‘breaking point’. It’s not as if the headline was ‘send them back’ or ‘let the buggers drown’ or something. The problem is entirely because the British media see the whole EU debate in polarised terms of ‘Remain – love and peace’ and ‘Leave – racist’.


  15. Kaiser says:

    this week:

    scots need to secure another tit to suckle on before they ditch the one they have been sucking dry

    how come every ethnic actually in scotland appears to be in the snp


    • Mice Height says:

      I thought Londoners had agreed to pay for the lazy, whinging, socialist parasite’s Special Brew and Heroin. #Scotlond


    • Edward says:

      We all need tits to suckle on – but I think you will find the Scots are looking for an alternative to the British teat.


  16. chrisH says:

    I hardly listened in.
    Melanie has done her level best-she looked tired…and, apart from the anti-Semitic short section at the end, need not say anything again. But she WAS pleased that her NHS caveat actually was applauded-nearly smiled…THAT`S how reduced our heroine has been made by years of QT lashings-and maybe that was all she needed , poor soul
    TBF, Dimbly DID refer to her to expand her views on Labours “report”-but the cameraman made it clear that we`d want to see Thornberrys mug as she gurned and sneered at all Mel said.
    That`ll be that “balance”-make sure the images are seen to contradict the “Jewish lobbyist” .
    Kane has Essex roots-but is paid to call them out for his new bosses in the Arts-and if I were his family, I`d deal with him…no point teasing us with your cousins white van if you`ll only ride in it with Harman.
    The black Tory was crap.
    Carswell is a cuckoo.
    Re Farage-there will now have to be a count check on how often
    a) Nigel is mentioned…surname or Christian, degree of curled lips shown on faces etc.
    b)THAT poster
    c) THAT number on the bus.

    Because both (b) and (c) are displacement activities to shaft the oiks by proxy…these things matter to the dead elites, and will stay for ever and a day unless we act…that they still get cited(and that -% for the NHS suckups to factor in for next years holiday fund) only tells us that we`ve not arrested them , just let them develop their narrative to demonise US through the images of Nigel, the number of Boris.
    Means fuckall else to them…but we ought to be measuring how much these come up-especially when Nigel or Bodge are “not here to defend themselves”-which is the free pas given to the left at all times by the media.

    .As for Nigel-let`s be kind…that these scum continue to trash him even after he`s long left their arenas is a good thing.
    I see it as a curtain call and an encore wanted-in a reverse way, like craving your Jackie pallo to stick your hatpins into…but he`ll be no liberal pin cushion for long, just the voodoo doll that feels nothing from them .
    The more they obsess on Nigels victory, the greater the panic.
    Be of good cheer friends….his farewell performance brought Juncker out of his minibar and not only unstoppered his tongue…but gave it the gift of glossolalia too-he spoke English, soon to disappear at the EU apparently!
    Great times…the saints are coming.
    We`re just waiting for Nigel to arrive in the Voodoo Lounge-and there`ll be no departures until he does.


  17. John Bull says:

    Farage is UKIP. He’s probably the only genuine Patriotic political leader this country has seen for decades. He is hounded and persecuted on a regular basis by the political elite and the liberal/left media, especially the BBC who try to wrong foot him at every opportunity. Carswell is an opportunist and a Trojan horse.


  18. TruthSeeker says:

    I have a standard keyboard.
    On my standard keyboard l is not near r.
    So describing Emily Thornberry as Emily Thornbelly cannot be a mistake.
    But it is a mistake, however tempting.
    She is fat, conceded.
    She is fatuous, conceded.
    She is racist, conceded.
    She is a traitor, conceded.
    She is a disgrace, conceded.
    She is just one of millions of examples of treason from the left, conceded.

    We must do two things.
    #1 Prepare to act, and I do mean act, against these traitors.
    #2 Try to avoid this direct action by winning the arguments.

    A long time ago I was told that the truth will stand any inspection, and it will, assuming of course, that one is looking for, and cares about, the truth. But few currently are looking for the truth.

    The lefty liars have been attempting to, further, divide and emasculate the UK by suggesting that the elderly should be silenced, if not exterminated.

    It has been suggested, on BBBC, since the Brexit referendum, that our youth are gullible airheads, whereas they are only inexperienced people who have had the “benefit” of a NUT “education”.

    The Euro is in decline. I hope terminal decline. Its parent, the EU is also in decline, hopefully also terminal.

    We must counter any suggestion that we have ruined the lives of millions of UK youngsters by simply comparing the UK youth unemployment rate with that of Greece and Spain.

    By showing that this was deliberately engineered by the EU “leaders” to support their misguided Euro, itself a product of their intention to unify Europe by destroying the nation states.

    By showing their published plans for the dissolution of the UK.

    By countering their lies with our truths.

    Finally let us show the absolute absence of any morality on the left by repeating incessantly the words on the late,
    unlamented, Anuerin Bevan. That Mr Bevan, who supported a political movement which killed 100,000,000+ people, and told those who did not support the movement that they were “Lower than vermin”.

    Those are the “ethics” of the left, the left which has long included the treasonous Ken Clarke and other “Conservatives”.

    I suggest that BBBC heads every thread with a photograph of the Menin Gate or similar monument with a comment which demonstrates, to even non-believers, the sacrifices made in the past. Which also strengthen our resolve to make sacrifices ourselves, which may be needed in the very near future.

    Bless you all.


  19. KafirHarbi says:

    The first line of Shami Chakrabarti’s Inquiry into anti-Semitism in the labour party:
    “The Labour Party is not overrun by antisemitism, Islamophobia or other forms of racism”

    What a multitude of contortions and sleights of hand lie in that one sentence.

    The inquiry wasn’t about Islamophobia (“a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.”). To my knowledge no-one has ever accused the labour party of institutional Islamophobia. ‘Islamophobia’ is just thrown in there to make it look like the same thing as anti-Semitism. Shami puts that in there to remind us that the right have an equivalent prejudice. We shouldn’t let her get away with it.

    “- other forms of racism”? Antisemitism isn’t a ‘form of racism’, it is racism. Islamophobia isn’t. They aren’t both ‘forms of racism’ One is, the other isn’t. Note how the left and the BBBC distort these things in a way that defies logic but has a brainwashing effect.

    The Oxford English dictionary definition of antisemitism is: ‘Hostility to or prejudice against Jews’ – a race. I would be mortified to be called an anti-Semite. On the other hand, I am extremely fearful of Islam, and therefore very Islamophobic as the left would have it (although I would deny that my fear is irrational – and therefore challenge the very term). As is an evil ideology that threatens the civilised world in a remarkably similar way that Hitler’s national socialism did, there are indeed many who are justifiably fearful of Islam.


  20. Rob in Cheshire says:

    For a leftist comedian, Russell Kane spoke a bit more sense that you usually get from the breed. He was mild compared to Eddie Izzard, but then anyone would be, and his views on Brexit seem tempered by the fact that he actually knows some ordinary people. Eddie Izzard has never met any, the only people he meets think it is quite fine for a middle aged bloke to ponce around in public dressed like a barmaid.

    I don’t know who the black Tory MP was, but he seemed like a child. A pathetic waste of space and exercise in box ticking by the Cameron junta, it seemed to me.

    Carswell really was a nasty piece of work. He gives Ukip nothing by being in Parliament, I really think they should disown him.

    As to Dimbleby, this was his finest hour. He managed to condemn Nigel Farage as a racist on the basis of a poster which depicted a true event. It was a verifiable piece of slander, and I honestly think Ukip need to sue the bastard, this sort of lying and vilification is unacceptable. Dimbleby needs to be sacked, even though he will be replaced by someone even more poisonous, such as Eddie Mair.

    Anyway, given the absolutely seismic, shattering week we have had in British politics, this edition of QT must go down as one of the most pathetic and irrelevant there has ever been. The programme is long past its sell by date.


    • chrisH says:

      Any Questions tonight might be better.
      A Corbyn union bloke up against Caroline Flint…these union blokes are normally pretty good, and have the measure of that rentier class of parasite above them.
      The other two-Nutall and A.N Other Tory….matters not now. Two weeks ago Nutall would have been the freak and oddball-now 17.4 million people have got his partys message.
      Be interesting to see if UKIP are learning how to govern, how to mediate expectations…Woolf played a blinder last week, and Nuttall will have to try and match it.
      So Wales on mute, the BBC in freefall and howling in pain and petulance.
      A decent beer and a curry-and enjoy the carnage that is the BBC in contact with Labour and the Tory toadies.
      Thought Daniel Kawcynski and Bernard Jenkins were impressive as they swatted off yet another BBC munchkin who was loitering around St Stephens Green earlier on telly.
      There`s a new swagger about the Outers now…THEY(and not the BBC now) speak for Britain…and the guard is changing before our eyes….


      • chrisH says:

        No-I`ve baled out.
        Can`t believe that Fleetwood could be so biased.
        Thought I knew the place-all sounds like its been taped in London, don`t doubt that all the Lefty clots of the N.Lancs conurbations coagulated together to fit up the Brexit types in one of their ambushes.
        Maybe we should put the renewal of their fishing industry on hold until they learn some manners, and nobble their lefties.
        Sometimes the likes of Brady are too genteel, the likes of Nuttall think it`s a bit of a laugh…and he seems to expect very little.
        Sorry UKIP…you won this Referendum…and only those who like you and took you seriously ought to be backed by you.
        “The truth lies not with the middle-only at both extremes of right and left”.
        Those labels won`t be around much longer, but we`ll live with them for now.


    • chrisH says:

      Russell Kane (41) hauled up before the BBC Trust for making insulting comments about the Queen and her sex life.
      This was April 20th at 6,30 apparently with the hilarious David Baddiel hosting…think it`s called “Try Not To Laugh” or something.
      Baddiel says “sorry royalists” on his Twattersplatter and says that it had been scheduled for the week after, but wires got crossed.
      Russell Kane is 41-and the pride of BBC output is all about the Queens sex life…her 90th birthday…
      It`s in the Mail and Telegraph…why give the link?…but these bastards are LOW…
      Not Kanes fault that he`s not funny in the “funny ha ha” sense…but resent him earning lots of our money for being “funny peculiar”. Misfit, drugs, pottymouth and tattoes does not make you a “comedian”just 41, and unfulfilled.


  21. John Bull says:

    I stopped watched Question Time some years ago. Dimbleby is so biased he makes one of Putins political flunkies look reasonable.
    They have been found out about pulling in left-wing supporters into the programme to shout down anybody with centre right views or views that differ from their own, but nobody has been sacked or disciplined, it was just swept under the carpet and they can get away with it and continue to do so. They gang up on the likes of Farage and try to make him out as some sort of bogeyman. Have I got News for You is the same, they treat the likes of Jo Brand and Russell Brand like hero’s and lay into Farage at every opportunity. Who is the greater asset to this country a pair misguided overpaid foul mouthed comedians or a true Patriot like Mr Farage?


  22. evad666 says:

    Is that the same Russel Kane as this one:-