Shami’s shamefully shameless sham


LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 12: Jeremy Corbyn is announced as the new leader of the Labour Party at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre on September 12, 2015 in London, England. Mr Corbyn was announced as the new Labour leader today following three months of campaigning against fellow candidates ministers Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham and shadow minister Liz Kendall. The leadership contest comes after Ed Miliband's resignation following the general election defeat in May. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)


So Shami Chakrabarti has had her anti-Semitism inquiry and held a press conference to astound the world with its findings…apparently, and I paraphrase the BBC, there isn’t much to worry about.  Labour is an anti-Semite free zone.  Pretty much.  Apparently.

The Labour Party is not overrun by anti-Semitism or other forms of racism but there is an “occasionally toxic atmosphere”, an inquiry has found.



Curiously the BBC makes no mention of the attack on a Jewish Labour MP by one of Corbyn’s Momentum Blackshirts only referring to a media scrum at the end of the suggestion as to why there was a media scrum such as Corbyn not defending a Jewish MP at his own inquiry into anti-Semitism…couldn’t make it up could you?  The BBC doesn’t bother, it just ignores it here in its ‘analysis’ [LOL]….

There was a melee as the Labour leader was pursued out of the room by reporters and photographers.

And some of those attending were left bemused by Mr Corbyn’s comments appearing to liken the actions of the Israeli government with those of so-called Islamic State.

The comparison was no doubt unintended but it was a reminder of the huge challenge facing the party if it’s to encourage debate yet avoid causing unnecessary offence.

So Corbyn didn’t intend to make such a comparison of Israel with the Islamic State…yeah right…Corbyn has form on this….remember his ‘friends’ comments about the Islamist terror groups… the video and Corbyn’s excuses for what he said ring hollow as he says Hamas is a peace-maker dedicated to the good of the Palestinian people and is not a terror group….



Corbyn definitely did compare Israel to the Islamic State and other terrorist organisations (not Hamas obviously!) and Shami Chakrabarti herself in her attempt to explain away Corbyn’s remarks made exactly the same comparison as she said that what was being compared was Jews being asked to justify Israeli actions and Muslims being asked to justify the actions of Muslim terrorists….in other words she compared Israel to Islamic terrorists just as Corbyn did.

Why can the BBC not produce an analysis that suggests the inquiry was a total whitewash...the Telegraph can….

Anti-Semistism a report a ‘whitewash’

Jonathan Sacerdoti, director of communications at the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, has said Labour’s report was a whitewash and attacked Mr Corbyn.

He said: “It did not examine the disgraceful cases of anti-Semitism in the party, or their even more disgraceful mishandling by the party leadership, including Jeremy Corbyn, who presides over a regime of the lightest slaps on wrists for even the most offensive and deliberate anti-Semites.

“Inexcusably, the inquiry proposes making it harder to suspend anti-Semites and keeping suspensions secret so as not to affect elections.

“Additionally the inquiry dismisses any claims of anti-Semitism arising from sharing a stage with anti-Semites, and suggests that any anti-Semitic incident coming to light after more than two years should not be considered – a limitation period so short it has no parallel in any other disciplinary regime that we are aware of.

“Apart from imploring Labour activists to stop calling Jews ‘Zios’ or accusing them of supporting Nazi policies, this inquiry is a vague, meaningless whitewash that will do nothing to rid Labour of anti-Semitism or address the total absence of leadership it has shown on this issue.

“For Jeremy Corbyn to compare Israel to Isis during his event dedicated to anti-Semitism only goes to show just how little grasp he has of this pressing problem for his party.”


Justin Webb tackled Chakrabarti on Corbyn’s comments on the Today programme but he made no comment about her own remarks as she in effect also labelled Israel a terrorist sate…and no mention by Webb of this revealing bit of film from the end of the inquiry press conference that shows Corbyn on very friendly terms with the same man who attacked Labour MP Ruth Smeeth, he knows him so well that he has his phone number…..



Turns out Chakrabarti is quite the loyal little lapdog as she unquestioningly defends her new found master…just as she praised and defended the Islamists of Cage.







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20 Responses to Shami’s shamefully shameless sham

  1. Rob in Cheshire says:

    I must thank Shami Chakrabati. When she was running Liberty, we could only deduce by her actions that she had to be a left wing Labour stooge. It was nice of her finally to confirm that we were right all along.


  2. Demon says:

    I thought there would be a whitewash with only minimal disciplinary actions taken against a few nomarks. The reality is that the whitewash went beyond even my expectations and is so complete they are not even doing that. This is compounded by the leader and chief investigator who are adding to the anti-semitism of the Labour Party and proving all its critics right.

    Next there will be an investigation by a BNP member into allegations of racism in the BNP. The conclusions will be that there is no racism in the BNP and that Nick Griffin does not have a racist bone in his body.


    • John Bull says:

      Nick Griffin may well be a racist, but he was the first to expose grooming of young white girls by Asian men as far back as 2002. The establishment accused him of being racist then, took him to court and near bankrupted his party and he was shouted down by the political elite/liberal left and totally ignored by the police. However he was right, Asian men were grooming young white girls as far back as 2002 as we are all now aware and there have been several court prosecutions over the past two years. I don’t remember him receiving an apology for being correct by the media or from his many opponents, or the police for that matter.


      • obc says:

        I certainly remember Nick Griffin on Newsnight, it must be at least seven or eight years ago (maybe even a decade), talking about grooming gangs. As he started to talk about it the camera pulled away, Paxman put his fingers in his ears going lalala-lalala and the BBC went in to full “nothing to see here mode.”


  3. G.W.F. says:

    Shami had to walk a narrow path. Could not risk offending the Labour supporting academics in the yoonies who are boycotting Israel, could not risk offending the new gneration of moslem councillors and Labour Party supporters. So it had to be a whitewash.

    With acknowledgements to Mel Brooks.



  4. Wild Bill says:

    As soon as she got the job of doing the inquiry I knew it would be a scam, she is a shameless hard left loony and has joined the Labour party, she isn’t a muslim by birth but might as well be, who appointed her to do the inquiry?


  5. Grant says:

    How about an inquiry into anti-semitism at the BBC ? That could be her next job !


    • Guest Who says:

      She could ask Balen for advice on making sure the press conference goes well, at least in terms of BBC coverage and transparency.


  6. deegee says:

    I have to wonder if the decision to label the report the Shami Chakrabarti Inquiry instead of something descriptive as ‘Investigation into Allegations of Antisemitism in the Labour Party’ was her ego trip or the party’s PR advisors?


    • Demon says:

      There should be a Shami Chakrabati Enquiry. It needs to investigate her suitability to produce an unbiased report into the blatant anti-semitism of the Labour Party and its leaders when she shows the same anti-semitic signs and is a member of the organisation she is investigating.


  7. EUKitemark says:

    Meanwhile Jeremy demonstrates his cool calm….not yet reported on the BBC for some reason:


  8. chrisH says:

    ON a previous blog, somebody asked what got the Labour MP so upset at that “Anti-Semitism” Launch of theirs.
    This black activist for Momentum..there`s a group he leads,…is called Marc Wadsworth.
    He uses his question to Shami Corbyn to accuse Ruth Meetch of passing ammo to the Telegraph , and Corbyn lets her leave in distress..and texts him later or such.
    A nasty incident-and the Standard give us the clear picture of what Wadsworth said.


  9. chrisH says:

    The BBC managed to make a saint out of Nick Griffin as did Channel 4 too I`d have thought.
    So how EVIL then is the BBC if twats like Griffin come out as angels by comparison?
    And-again in Gods kingdom-you`d think that Theresa May was judging, hounding and bullying Tommy Robinson wouldn`t you?
    But the worm has turned…and , as things stand ; Savile will be much higher up in the queue than the lowest BBC grifter who`s daring to defy the will of the people at the moment.
    The question could not have been clearer and easier?…so why the hell is Osborne still hanging around as if we care for his economics or his address book…he has to go Andrea!


  10. TrueToo says:

    It’s taking Corbyn and company a helluvah long time to decide what to do about anti-Semites Nazi Shah and Ken Livingstone. I suppose they’ll delay and delay and then quietly readmit them to the party.


  11. deegee says:

    We can’t expect the BBC to acknowledge it but the Daesh-Israel equivalence is so commonplace in Left-Muslim circles that Corbyn probably didn’t even realise how offensive it is. Israel is constantly, obsessively and it should be unnecessary to say completely falsely demonised in the United Nations, European Union and the pages of much of the media. So much so that the sheer volume of calumnies would lead to the conclusion that both groups were equally evil.

    If one reads the Guardian or the Independent; watch the BBC or hang out in left wing circles, all three of which Corbyn and Chakrabarti probably do the idea that Israel is not just evil but the greatest evil on the planet has become common wisdom. Israel can do no right. Many of Corbyn’s friends, in and out of the Labour party, certainly think so. It is no surprise that the Labour leader has internalised it.

    Unfortunately the ‘explanation’ that one shouldn’t judge all Jews as supporters of (bad) Israel or all Muslims as supporters of radical Islam falls flat. It is true that many Muslims oppose Daesh for a wide range of reasons. Possibly even most Muslims.

    However Muslim support or lack of support for Daesh is nothing as blanket as Jewish support for Israel. Overwhelmingly Jews throughout the world and certainly in the United Kingdom identify with Israel. According to a 2015 survey 90 percent of British Jews support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, 84 percent feel a “deep sense of pride” in its achievements in art, science and technology and 93 percent say Israel plays a part in their Jewish identity (73 percent say an “important” or “central” part). Jewish opponents of Israel receive publicity far beyond their actual numbers or influence.

    The Corbyn rationale seems to suggest that good Jews are those who stand against Israel which in practical terms demonises most of Britain’s Jews. In what way is this an improvement on his original statement?

    The argument is explored in more detail in Laboured analogy on Five Minutes for Israel.


    • Dave S says:

      British academia is now so infected with anti Semitism that it cannot be overcome. It seems to be a descent into irrationality that probably presages the decline of civilised values in the West.
      There are a few who stand against it but it is spreading and with that particular viciousness that characterises neo left behaviour ( re Corbyn and hos followers ) it is as self righteous as it is irrational.
      Israel needs to be on guard against the Western liberal elites. They cannot be trusted and should be countered at all times .
      Personally I would expel the BBC from Israel and consider whether diplomatic relations with many Western nations are really worth investing time and effort in.


  12. Mike Hunt says:

    So now, as we all know thanks to Chakrabarti’s “report”, no one in the Labour Party hates Jews any more than is absolutely necessary. Well that’s alright then.