No Go Mo


You may have noticed recently that the BBC frequently refers to the Daily Mail apology to the Mahmood family for a Katie Hopkins’ article that suggested the reason they were prevented from travelling to the US was not an outrageous case of Islamophobia but perhaps there were sufficient grounds for doing so.  Not sure why the Mail surrendered so easily and not only apologised but coughed up a large amount of money as well….Hopkins was only reporting the facts as she understood them, if in a rather strident manner.  If she is wrong then so is CBS, LBC and of course the US Homeland Security…

One of the brothers was stopped from entering Israel and was detained for 8 days along with a group of other Muslim youths, and Homeland Security found that there was a Facebook page apparently originating from the Mahmood’s home address that linked to Islamist extremists.

Not proof of anything but enough to raise suspicions and all Hopkins was doing was countering the wave of media reporting that failed to report the whole truth…

My opponents can carry on with their lazy labels. Call me racist (Islam is not a race). Report me for my tweets. (You can’t prosecute the truth) and threaten my life. (Nothing new from the peace-loving liberal left.)

But it will not stop me from giving balance to the total mis-telling of a story about this lovely British family off to Disneyland to make dreams come true. 

Who was it though that stirred the pot and encouraged a claim against the Mail?  Our old friend from the Muslim Council of Britain [That extreme group] Miqdaad Versi whom the BBC is currently eulogising…

The man correcting stories about Muslims

Miqdaad Versi sits in front of a rather geeky-looking spreadsheet at the offices of the Muslim Council of Britain in east London.

He is the organisation’s assistant secretary general, but the task in front of him is a personal project.

The spreadsheet has on it every story published concerning Muslims and Islam that day in the British media – and he is going through them looking for inaccuracies.

Trouble is Versi has a rather narrow targeting range…seemingly consisting only of ‘right-wing’ media.

His complaints are trivial, mendacious and intended to silence the media if only by making their lives very difficult by forcing them into court whether they are right or wrong…such as in the Hopkins’ case where you might think the Mail had a good defence.

We’ve had a look at one of his previous efforts…and once again it seems that he is using Muslim lawfare to muzzle the Press with the BBC backing him all the way.




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5 Responses to No Go Mo

  1. Tothepoint says:

    Love the part from Katie Hopkins, where she states “you cannot prosecute the truth”…because they can’t. They attack the contentious and unprovable details.

    Lets look at some uncontentious facts about everyones favourite death cult..

    Mad mo raped young girls = fact

    Mad mo slaughtered innocent men, women and children = fact

    Mad mo raped on mass, women he saw as infidel to him = fact

    Mad mo has sanctioned and authorised all Muslim men to take, rape or butcher infidel women and children, as to how they see fit = fact

    Mad mo has authorised the most brutal of acts and horrific acts of violence, even death, to anyone who opposes islam = fact

    Mad mo has written down in unchangeable detail, how he wishes all Muslims to live, and for this place, the caliphate, is where all Muslims must live and help to create….and, the only place on earth currently like this is the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria = fact

    These facts have been there for 1400 years Al Shabeeb, and your traitory and hatred towards your own people can never hide it


    • NCBBC says:


      Sometimes I think, that President Trump is too good for these women. They don’t realize that if Clinton had won the election, Islam would take over the West, in the not too distant future.

      So let Islam take over for the interim, and these women will be brought to heel in short order. They would be slapped around, locked up in the harem, and raped till they got the point. And slapped around a bit more. That’s what Mo did.

      Only then will they appreciate the strong arms of Western man, that has protected them from the ugly reality of Muslim misogyny.


    • Thoughtful says:

      “you cannot prosecute the truth”

      Oh yes you can, and you can bend reality into what ever you want it to be in the topsy turvy world of the liberal Left.

      I am now hearing reports from the US that the Social Justice Warriors are warping the truth into Race hate crime incidents which are completely bogus.

      Talk of the wall to be built on the Mexican border – race hate crime

      Saying that Multiculturalism has failed – race hate crime.


  2. TruthSeeker says:

    Muzzy arithmetic for today.
    Assume #1 The average Hindu is 5’6″ tall.
    Assume #2 Eight Hundred million Hindus have been murdered by Muslims, to date.
    All Hindus conforming to assumptions 1 & 2 are laid (d)head to foot. How long
    will the line of dead Hindus be?
    Will it be :-
    a) Who cares they are only Hindus and Allah orders us to kill them all. Hindus
    are lucky we have not killed more of them. As we intend to.
    b) The question is phrased in a sexist, racist, Islamophobic, Eurocentric manner.
    As such Allah commands that we immediately kill all Europeans and their allies
    or followers. Allah demands this now.
    Then we can go backing to killing the Hindus.
    c) 833,333 miles. More than three times the distance from the earth to the moon.

    Assumptions 1# & #2 above, still apply.
    Assume #3 365 days in all years.
    Assume #4 That The Prophet, Peace be upon Him, first heard the commands of Allah,
    Blessed be His Name, at midnight on 31st December 635 in the
    Christian calendar, cursed are all the unbelievers and merciless
    and pitiless shall the retribution of Allah, Blessed be His Name, as
    recited by the Prophet, Peace be upon him, until all the unbelievers
    have sobbed the bitter tears caused by the almighty Allah, BBHN.
    At what rate will the true believers have to carry out the immutable will of
    Allah, BBHN, as instructed by his, BBHN, Prophet, PBUH, to ensure that this
    task of conforming to the will of Allah, BBHN, by midnight 31st December 2017,
    in the calendar of the Infidel dogs of Christians, Allah, BBHN, has lost
    patience with the dogs,?
    Give your answer correct to two, infidel, decimal places.
    Will it be :-
    a) It is necessary that all believers shall accomplish the task of Allah, BBHN,
    as soon as possible, Allah, BBHN, will determine when this will be.
    b) The question is phrased in a sexist, racist, Islamophobic, Eurocentric,
    Christianophile, manner. As such Allah commands that we immediately kill all
    Europeans and their allies or followers. Allah demands this now.
    Then we can go backing to killing the Hindus.
    c) 25.37 Justified, neccessary and compulsory, deaths per second. Inshallah, BBHN.

    Correct Answers No Peeping
    #1 c)
    #2 c)


  3. NCBBC says:

    Must Watch