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Ah the power of this blog…no sooner had I posted this last night…’Women march against Trump and the BBC looks on with tears in its eyes but this is the same BBC that deliberately hid what it knew was going on in Rochdale and Rotherham as 1,400 white girls were raped and abused by mostly Pakistani heritage men, the same BBC that told us that what happened in Cologne was a right-wing conspiracy, the same BBC that ignores what is happening across Europe which makes Norway the rape capital of Europe with Sweden not far behind.  Guess the BBC is only interested in women’s rights if they are black or vote Democrat.’….and this morning Nicky Campbell is talking about women’s rights….one of the guest speakers suggesting it is odd that we[not me] march against Trump when the real danger to women is happening on our own doorstep, specifically within certain communities.

One stand-out comment from Campbell made me laugh…he told us that his daughter loves a book by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, you know, the anti-Muslim extremism battler who was driven out of Europe by the liberal defenders of the indefensible which includes institutionally imposed misogyny.  [Hirsi Ali thinks Sharia law might be bad for women, gays, Jews, Christians etc etc].  Shame Campbell doesn’t follow in his daughter’s footsteps…he prefers to get his Islamic education from the likes of Mo Ansar….which explains an awful lot.

Odd that the BBC should downplay the role that the Koran plays in fostering hatred of women, its GCSE Bitesize site told us that Christianity didn’t much respect women but Islam did.  Islam we were told, believed men and women were equal but that they had different roles and this explains the different way women are treated in Islam…different but equally respected the BBC assured us.

The Bible gets a completely different treatment from the BBC’s Jo Fidgin….

‘The Bible teaches our children to hate women before they can think’

A few months ago, a friend told me that she’d been reading fairy tales to her two year old, and had been appalled to realise what messages they send. The girls in them are rewarded for being passive, long suffering and, most of all, for being beautiful. Her rather gorgeous daughter had started to fret that she didn’t have the requisite blue eyes and talked about wanting to scratch them out.

That conversation prompted the Misogyny Book Club, going out on Radio 4 this week. I started to wonder what other books that are widely read and loved say about women, and whether they may have helped make hatred or contempt of women part of our culture; part of ‘the air that we breathe’, as one contributor to the series puts it.

We started with the Bible, and the figure of Eve. Whether or not you believe she was the first woman, there’s no getting away from her. Her name has become shorthand for duplicitous, malleable, irresponsible Woman.

In Genesis, chapter 3, Eve is beguiled by the serpent into taking fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Many have said that Eve’s real sin was to be curious. Curious to know things she shouldn’t. Curious to experience good and evil. Curious about sex.

Can you ever imagine a time when the BBC would tell us that the Koran teaches Muslim men to hate women?  The same BBC that actively sought to supppress the truth about Muslim demographics in Europe but was keen to tell us that Christians were using the womb ‘as a weapon’.

Jo Fidgin of course the seeker of truth and facts who listed all the faults of the Leave campaign, denounced Trump, blamed the Iraq War and climate change ‘denial’ on fake news  but neglected somehow to do the same for the Remain one or left wing causes.

This series by Fidgin, The Misogyny Bookclub, shines an educational light upon BBC’s world view, its commissioning process and editorial standards.

Here’s a women, Fidgin, who suddenly had an idea, that books are teaching men to hate women, and she trots along to the BBC and instantly gets the green light.  So one person with her own prejudices and a singular idea is given a platform to hawk those prejudices worldwide on the BBC as ‘fact’….and they are presented as ‘fact’  This from a woman who is so interested in true truths and true facts, apparently.

What Fidgin fails to understand or admit is that the Bible is an ancient text written to take account of the political and social conditions of the time and which today, the average person, the Establishment, and even the Church, do not take literally.  They may take it seriously as a symbolic representation of values [like Royalty] but the values have changed and the ‘bad’ values have been quietly and gradually forgotten and put aside, Hellfire and Brimstone replaced with tea and scones with the vicar.  This is not the case with Islam and the Koran which is still taken as the literal word of God and its every utterance taken as the true path to be followed to the letter.

Does anyone today come away from reading the Bible with the thought that they must hate women?



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  1. StewGreen says:

    The cultural principle of “Do as you would be done by”
    is the driver of “EQUALITY FOR ALL irrespective of genes, earn your privilege”

    ..as an agnostic I acknowledge it’s roots are in the Bible
    ..but contradicted by the Koran and Islamic practice (+ by some Christian/other cults)


  2. StewGreen says:

    Surprisingly today 5 Live had a balanced call in on the Feminist marches
    Maybe due to @WomAgainstFem reps being in the studio
    Saying that demonstrators are WRONG that they have got things out of proportion.
    And that Feminism movement is not accepting DIVERSITY of views but demanding CONFORMITY.
    Facebook discussion

    Many callers said things like
    – “Is in not a bit of an indulgence for women to march against Trump ?”
    – “the energy spent by 1 individual protesting AGAINST TRUMP would be better channeled to help against; FGM, honour killings, forced marriages, family planning, mental/physical support during ante-post natal phase.”
    – Trump does not have any policies that are hateful/against equal rights. Seems only issue is right to abortion.
    – The real problem are the leaders women are afraid to march against (including Saudi Pakistan etc.)


  3. DJ says:

    Judging by the Islam entry it looks like the BBC has found a Strange New Respect for the principle of ‘Separate But Equal’. Doubtless, this will now inform their coverage of the pre-civil rights southern US.

    Meanwhile, as ever, there’s no one around in BBC Land to ask Ms Feminazi why, if kids are faced with so much Muh-Soggy-Knees, we aren’t talking about why girls do so much worse than boys in school. Then again, if girls lagged boys the way boys lag girls, the BBC wouldn’t need to run stupid shows about discriminatory fairy tales…


  4. EnglandExpects says:

    I’d love to know what the BBC commissioning process really is. As a public corporation, the BBC should be able to show a sensible trail of fully documented decisions, showing who was involved and what the pros and cons of an idea are, compliance with Royal Charter obligations and so forth . Any conflict of interest should be banned. We the public ought to be able to access this decision making process, in extremis via FOI requests. I’d imagine that there is no hope of this and so no transparency.
    Last time I checked on Fidgin, she is a long-time career inhabitant of the BBC bubble. Whether she originates and puts a concept through programme commissioning , or is just a front person, I have no idea. But, if she is given free rein, as an established leftie progressive her ideas should be strongly challenged by commissioning editors who are clearly impartial and independent of Fidgin. Any hope of this? I doubt it!


  5. Cranmer says:

    I had a look at my Bible to refresh my memory about this. In the book of Genesis we are told it was the serpent (ie, Satan, or the personification of moral evil) which beguiled Eve to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, it wasn’t that Eve herself was evil.

    There’s also nothing in the Bible about Eve compelling, luring or forcing Adam to eat the fruit. It simply says (v 8, Authorised Version) ‘she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.’

    When God gets mightily annoyed at this, both of them get cursed. It’s not a case of ‘well Adam it was all Eve’s fault so I’m going to punish her but let you off with a slap in the wrist.’

    This just seems to me another example of how, whilst the Victorians saw sex everywhere where it wasn’t, the feminists see sexism everywhere it isn’t.


  6. StewGreen says:

    Dutch PM just said ” It can not be that a driver says: I refuse women to shake hands, because it does not suit my faith?
    That’s exactly why I speak out and lots of people revolt. Because the standard here is that you shake each other’s hands. ”

    The bus company Qbuzz recently rejected a job seeker because he refused to shake women’s hands for religious reasons.
    “The Human Rights council said it’s a human right not shake women’s hands
    I think that’s a bizarre statement!”.


    Mail : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/ap/article-4147684/Fight-right-Dutch-PM-says-integrate-leave.html


  7. Roland Deschain says:

    Her rather gorgeous daughter had started to fret that she didn’t have the requisite blue eyes and talked about wanting to scratch them out

    Now where would a two year old pick up that bizarre idea?


    • Guest Who says:

      I believe Walt Disney was and old, white male.

      Until he died.

      My sons still seem blissfully unconcerned at how they are growing up into, in accent if naught else, the baddies in every single Hollywood movie of any era and any location, including Death Stars.

      I blame Idris Elba missing out on Bond. But at least he snagged Pacific Rim (down, Tomi).


    • Dogger Bank says:

      I’ve just had an unscientific look through three fairy tales; Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Rumpelstiltskin; nowhere in the text is the colour of the heroine’s eyes mentioned. DO you think Fidgin could identify the tales to which she refers so that we can independently verify her friends accusations?


  8. Number 88 says:

    I’m glad that I only caught the end of that programme…the final caller who had ’40 seconds’ summed up the problem.

    Referring to the apparent calls about FGM, this particular feminist, claimed that to tell women that they are fighting the wrong battles is in itself sexist.

    So there you have it, the Feminazis and got all their angles covered. That they are hypocrites and only interested in the rights of certain women; only interested in issues that suit their wider anti democratic, left wing political cause, is an illegitimate criticism…and don’t you dare point it out, especially if you had the misfortune to have been born with a penis.


  9. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Let the so-called feminists have their beloved MohamMAD. He taught that hell was mostly inhabited by women. So perhaps they should consider their position. There is no salvation in the Islam plan other than what you may earn by dying in the cause of Jihad.

    The Bible teaches that hell was not made for mankind at all but for devils. (Jesus teaches this)

    As for Eve, she was punished as well as Adam for breaking the first law. The God of the book of Genesis then goes on to announce (to the devil) that the fall of mankind was not irrevocable and that redemption would come through the the Woman (curious thing for a “feminist” to take offence at) The Hebrew God was the first women’s liberator if you follow the bible narrative.


  10. NCBBC says:

    This is the level of womens understanding of the world.


    Do these women qualify to vote.

    What we have in this march are the useful female idiots of Lenin.

    Sometimes I think, that President Trump’s crusade to rid the world of “radical” Islam, is not a good idea at the moment. Let Islam take over for the interim, and these women will be brought to heel in short order. Only then will they appreciate the strong arms of Western man, that has protected them from the ugly reality of Muslim misogyny.

    The sheer idiocy of these women is hard to credit.What we have in this march are the useful female idiots of Lenin.

    The sheer idiocy of these women is hard to credit.

    See below


  11. NCBBC says:



  12. NCBBC says:



      • johnnythefish says:

        That neatly sums it up, TB.

        Shows how thick these lefties are that they are totally blind to the striking contradictions in their so-called thinking.


        • Teddy Bear says:

          You’re absolutely right – I wish I knew what could be done about it.

          What’s hard for us to understand about them is because we have no problem correcting our thinking if reality shows we are wrong, so we assume they will respond the same way. But experience shows they seem to be locked into a particular way of thought, probably a result of their brainwashing, and they feel stronger if they can resist any fact that shows them to be wrong.

          I can only assume that the cause for this is a deep rooted inferiority complex – which is why they seek power – to feel superior.

          Except for the ‘faith’ they follow, psychologically I see very little difference between the left-wing mindset and the jihadist.


    • Spacemonkey says:

      Scant seconds before an islamic truck of peace mows into the crowd in a symbolic act of solidarity.


  13. TruthSeeker says:

    I expect everyone is familiar with my contributions by now.
    I expect everyone is tired of me ordering them about.
    Well if you are tired it is your own fault.
    Just do what you are told.
    #1 Make a belated New Year resolution, now, and conform to it.

    #2 NY resolution part #1, stop referring to the various treasonous twats currently alive and permitted to come into contact with oxygen, as “elite”. They are not now elite, they were not elite in the past, the oxygen deprivation process should prevent them becoming elite in the future. Find an accurate description.

    #3 Stop describing people who merely have a genealogy as having a “heritage”.
    Heritage is something possessed by peoples who have a history of achievement.
    This includes philosophical curiosity and creativity, abstract intellectual achievement, aesthetic subtlety and refinement, literary creativity and insight.
    These activities may be summarised in one one word, civilisation.

    This particularly applies to people who had a non-existent “Golden Age” invented for them recently by Marxist pseudo-historians.


    • RJ says:

      “stop referring to the various treasonous twats currently alive and permitted to come into contact with oxygen, as “elite”.”

      Depending on the context I use “oligarchs” or “self-entitled”.


  14. Spacemonkey says:

    This whole debate is a fallacy of moral equivalence. It is simply irrelevant to say to those who criticize islam that there are plenty of bad things written in the Bible. So there may well be, but what difference does that make?

    Say, for example I was to censure you for decrying Hitler by stating that Stalin was worse. It may well be true that Stalin killed more people than Hitler, but it doesn’t make Hitler any less bad or immune to criticism.


  15. johnnythefish says:

    A few months ago, a friend told me that she’d been reading fairy tales to her two year old, and had been appalled to realise what messages they send. The girls in them are rewarded for being passive, long suffering and, most of all, for being beautiful. Her rather gorgeous daughter had started to fret that she didn’t have the requisite blue eyes and talked about wanting to scratch them out.

    I think that little girl either needs counselling or taking away as far as possible from the malign obsessive influence of her mother, or more likely both.

    A ritual burning of the books that have entranced generations of small children cannot be far away, simply because they fail a despotic misogyny test dreamt up by the Provisional Wing of The Sisterhood.

    Orwell, poor chap – still drilling his way into the Earth’s crust.