German girls could learn a lot about standing up for themselves…maybe some in Rotherham too


On Saturday the BBC was expressing great concern about sexual harassment at Music festivals….were the organisers doing enough to stop it?…maybe there should be women only areas…let’s have some zero tolerance.

Contrast that with the BBC’s extensive efforts to playdown the mass, organised attacks in Cologne and the rising proliferation of sexual assaults across Europe and to hide who the culprits were…just as they failed to report what was going on in places like Rotherham despite knowing what was going on…a BBC reporter admitted that he knew there were problems and he wondered why the police weren’t doing anything…well, perhaps because the Media didn’t report those problems and hold police and politicians to account as they so often claim is their job, allowing them to bury the problems and not have to deal with them and the ‘controversial’ issues around them…such as race and religion.  Of course it’s the same with mental health issues…the BBC’s default position is to report any attack by a Muslim as the result of mental health problems, and indeed the BBC fills the airwaves with programmes about mental health….however when it came to Thomas Mair, the killer of Jo Cox, the BBC is suddenly very quiet about his state of mind and his confirmed mental health problems.  If the BBC uses that excuse for Muslims to hide the truth they should use it for everyone.





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  1. Richard Pinder says:

    Also the BBC censors what is happening in South Africa were a woman is raped ever 23 seconds, which is about 465,000 since the 1st January 2017.
    Over 99 percent of the rapists seem to be Black, while slightly less of the victims are also Black, and with around a third of the Black female victims already HIV positive from previous encounters.

    Also censored is the death rate from murder in South Africa which is at a rate of over 50 murders per day, which is over 6,500 since the 1st January 2017. The death rate in the “South African Civil War” is only exceeded by the “Syrian Civil War” at 7,681 since 1st January 2017. The “Iraqi Civil War” has a death rate of 6,076 since 1st January, and then the “Mexican Drug War” has a death rate of 5,775 since 1st January 2017.


    • All Lives Matter says:

      The BBC isn’t interested in women. They see women only as a means to an end to undermine western societies.


    • TigerOC says:

      Richard there is a very good reason for ignoring any Black on Black violent crime; they do not want to stigmatize any one of colour. Non whites have been victimised enough in their eyes and reporting these events will only worsen this.

      Whites have to be whiter than white because they are the cause of the situation; in their eyes.

      Anyone who has lived in African/African origin dominant societies will tell you that routine violence is horrendous and the sheer depravity of most of it is beyond comprehension.


  2. Oaknash says:

    I am afraid at the end of the day the BBC HATE what used to be their own people. Particularly if they are white and caucasian.

    Why – because the BBC now do not in an way, shape, form or attitude reflect Judeo Christian Society instead having been populated by and seduced by the combined attraction of fashion, sexual promiscuity and deviation, intellectual snobbery, arrogance, money, power and a desire to be seen as citizens of the world rather than being British.

    Bastards .


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      One time last week I thought my tv was on the blink.
      I saw a white man reading the news.


  3. Mice Height says:


  4. Amounderness Lad says:

    “A BBC reporter admitted that he knew there were problems and he wondered why the police weren’t doing anything.” So why, precisely, didn’t the so-called bBBC reporter not bother to enquire of the police, or any of the other of the official bodies whose duty it is to protect such victims, what they knew of what was happening and why they were blatantly burying their heads in the sand.

    Strange how the bBBC are willing to totally ignore such blatant abuse when it does not support their blatant propaganda output and are willing to actively bury it as deep as they can when involves themselves.

    Compare that with their disgusting behaviour over the raid on Cliff Richard’s home and the massive amount of publicity they gave to present him as guilty until he was somehow proved innocent. Not that I would suspect for one moment Cliff Richard’s open and well publicised Christianity could have anything to do with the bBBC’s behaviour, no, never, surely not.


  5. Pounce says: