Barriers, bollards and brainfade….inside the mind of Diane Abbott


The Lord Harris review commends London’s emergency services for their improved major incident readiness, with responses now substantially faster and more effective than five years ago. The quality and effectiveness of the work done by the intelligence agencies and the counter-terrorist police here is, he says, amongst the best in the world.   London Mayor’s Office

Labour is saying the terror attack in London was due to insufficient resources and thus police and security failures are the result.  Funny how they ignore a report, commissioned by Sadiq Khan, Labour Mayor of London, that said

It is now nearly five years since I was last heavily immersed
in the policy and practice involved in protecting us all from
terrorism. The headline conclusion of this review is that the
response by the emergency services would now be substantially
faster and more effective than it could have been then.
However, it is important to be clear. The quality and
effectiveness of the work done by the intelligence agencies and
the counter-terrorist police is amongst the best in the world.

Funny how the BBC ignores that.

Funny how the BBC ignores this car crash interview with Abbott, our potential Home Secretary in charge of police and security….


Abbott is quizzed by Sky’s Murnaghan on the above Harris report…he asks her about its contents….she doesn’t know…he asks her specifically about one recommendation, the first one in the report…about barriers being put up…

Lord Harris goes on to make 127 recommendations for the Mayor, the Government and other agencies to consider, including:

  • The Metropolitan Police to further explore the use of temporary barriers to protect against a Nice style attack in London.

That of course might well be the Mayor of London’s remit to check if such measures were being taken.  Barriers are now being put up on bridges in London…..why not before?  Maybe the BBC will be doorstepping Khan instead of just hyping his claims that the Tories are going to slash Met. Police numbers.

The BBC ignores that interview…despite Abbott now pulling out of an interview on the BBC’s own Woman’s Hour.

This is the person, as said, who will be in charge of our security and the anti-terror programme…not only does history prove she is ideologically unsuited to the job but intellectually incapable of doing it….what’s scary is not that she hasn’t read the report…but that she has read it and doesn’t understand it.

How come the BBC is not headlining with such a news report?  This is going to be one of the most powerful and important polticians in Britain and yet she is completely unfit and unsuited to the role.

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19 Responses to Barriers, bollards and brainfade….inside the mind of Diane Abbott

  1. nofanofpoliticians says:

    The Murnaghan interview has been saved as a “brainfade” (which is ok, it has to be saved as something) but this was no brainfade. She hadn’t read the report.

    So what we have is a Labour London mayor who hasn’t either actioned the recommendations or come up with alternatives in 7 months, and a Labour shadow home secretary who can’t be arsed to read it.

    This is heinous stuff, and yet they continue to get BBC airtime to transmit their narrative on police cuts, which they agreed to also. Disgraceful of the media to accept this without challenge but I don’t think they’re going to get away with it.


    • Wild says:

      The Guardian readers at the BBC are only interested in Sadiq Khan as the object of a hostile tweet from Donald Trump.

      Their hatred of Donald Trump is what gives meaning to their lives. They are no more interested in saving lives than they were in the Thirties when Stalin was starving his population to death, or to use a current example, they are no more interested in what is actually happening than they are interested in what is happening in Venezuela right now.

      They are not asking the London mayor why he has not put into place the recommendations of the Lord Harris report because that might be constructed as an attack upon a Muslim Labour Party politician. The same applies to police cuts. The BBC are not the slightest bit interested in any reality (especially economic) other than their Party allegiances; in this case the Labour Party assumption that more public spending and higher taxation is always desirable.

      A BBC journalist is somebody who would watch somebody being stabbed multiple times in front of them by somebody shouting “This is from Allah” and then turn around to the camera and say, is this being caused by Tory cuts.


  2. JimS says:

    As usual, making ‘political capital’ out of a tragedy is OK as long as it’s the right people coining it.

    Where will Ms. Abbott’s extra police come from, the Champs de Calais?


    • Guest Who says:

      At least she is giving Mrs. May a fighting chance of not totally screwing the pooch, but if the latter or her MP in my constituency (idiotically making all election material about his chief leaderidiot) make any victory out to be a mandate other than to get on with Brexit I may have to start getting more vexed still.

      The calibre of logic and argument by all sides ricochets between risible and deranged. I am pretty sure the three postal votes sent in by the latest set of NTDI peacemakers have already been counted in Ealing.

      And all these ineptly ‘defended’ claims and mind farts/changes/fades on cuts causing everything.

      How does an extra copper stop an 80yo benefits islamic loon from mowing down folk in their mobility scooters when let off by extra coppers under the guidance of a political and legislative system in thrall of NGOs created by Blair and Brown and a media staffed by ex labour ministers overseen by ex BBC staffers?

      Especially if handed a gun by a collection of superiors with an eye to the press pack who will shaft them before the first brass case hits the floor?

      Who decry walls and barriers, whilst rushing to build as many around themselves for protection to keep on saying it?

      How is it not discussed that vast new sums are needed to meekly trot behind and and keep eye out on the 3,000… 23,000… six and a half that Di Laughing girl and her colleagues under Tony opened the doors to? And opened the vaults to avaricious rights lawyers to name their fees?

      Or why schools under pressure are under pressure by vast new influxes of pupils with special needs, because they either don’t speak English or are the result of siblings marrying?

      Or why hospital maternity wards are likewise tasked for the same reasons, and then council social care budgets, with very few ‘workers’ in such families fronting up the taxes to cover it all?

      Or a state media system where they all seem related in some way to the representative employee roster?


  3. Kaiser says:

    She would actually go down much better if she just fessed up to having not read it or claimed she couldn’t remember

    It is always obvious when the muppet hasnt a clue , which is always


  4. Pounce says:

    This woman could be the home sec on Friday.
    And her rise to this position has been down to playing the race card and shagging the party leader.
    Not merit, not working in the real world and certinly not on using common sense.


    • Oldspeaker says:

      She is as much a victim of affirmative action as the rest of us Pounce. I wonder if the proponents of positive discrimination would apply the same criteria should they ever, heaven forbid, require major heart surgery? Would it be the fast tracked box ticker or a more traditional tried and tested surgeon?


  5. Guest Who says:

    Can’t wait for Friday’s HIGNFY, where they will likely again focus on UKIP and Trump.



  6. Pounce says:



  7. NCBBC says:

    Diane Abbott is 63 years old. Creeping Dementia perhaps?


  8. Swelter says:

    Diana Abbot one of the giant intellects of the Marxist hard Left. Wonder if the BBC would think about compiling a DVD of her interviews ? It would be a best seller for sure.


  9. Guest Who says:

    Looking inside that mind for anything may require more time and resources than one is prepared to commit, to borrow a CECUTT blow off.


  10. Guest Who says:

    Paul Mason (News) has gone full NUJ-job. Never go full NUJ-Job.


    • Grant says:

      I wonder if that prat Mason would have been so outraged if the target had been a Tory ?


  11. Fedup says:

    Diane Watch

    Seriously – irrespective of whatever political party, gender, race , waist size – any politician who has given the kind of performances ms Abbot has ~ should be under pretty serious scrutiny from the Main Stream Media. Instead they go for safe targets like president Trump .

    A little while ago there was, apparently, a disclosure that she earns £700 to show up for BBC political programmes . She’s worth that at the moment for pop corn sales. Maybe she lol do that al Beeb dancing programme.

    I apologise for being flippant about a shadow Home Secretary but got fedup listening to labour MPs suddenly falling over each other to get more coppers- which are normally the subject of allegations by labour MPs for some reason or other.


  12. Fedup says:

    Sorry to rattle on but Guido is reporting that Diane got caught out be a spoof email exchange this lunchtime from someone pretending to be corbyns press advisor discussing limiting her damaging interviews ….


  13. pertelote says:

    come on she is as thick as mince!..end of