The Problem

That the strangle-hold which the middle-class liberal elite have over our culture and society — without having anything close to hegemony — will be tightened still further, and their [right-wingers] views marginalised or even criminalised. And the excuse given will be they are trying to stop us being blown up, or stabbed to death on London Bridge. That’s my worry too — that in order to placate the sensitivities of the adherents of a recently imported culture, the beliefs of indigenous people will be proscribed. When there is not the remotest comparison between them.

Rod Liddle today in the Spectator


The problem with the BBC is that many people who should know better think there is no problem with the BBC…and then there are those, like Tory MPs, who don’t have the courage to put it to the sword even as it does everything it can to destroy them and their party.

Here’s an almost completely delusional take on the BBC from Stephen Daisley in the Spectator as he recognises failing grandeur but can’t bring himself to send the BBC to the vet thinking the old guard dog is still the faithful and fit watchdog rather than the corpulent, bloated, greedy, self-interested and slightly rabid mutt that it has become:

In defence of the BBC: a force for unity in a divided Britain

The BBC is our other national religion and like the NHS it inspires a devotional intensity that can be a little creepy.

By any sensible assessment, the Beeb invites a lukewarm response. What it does well, it does better than any broadcaster in the world. Its news and current affairs output is eclectic, comprehensive and informative.

Its news and current affairs programmes are untrustworthy, partisan and shaped to promote the liberal intelligentsia’s world view not facts or news.

At moments of national triumph or catastrophe, it is the reassuring voice of British resolve and self-deprecating celebration.

A voice of national resolve?  The BBC that would sell us out to the EU rather see an independent and energised Britain breaking free of its EU shackles, the BBC that when bombs go off promotes the bomber’s message, the BBC that always talks Britain down.

And yes, it annoys. In BBCland, immigration is Congolese restaurants and cheap nannies, not bulging classrooms and community tensions. The LGBT debate is no debate at all; anyone who dissents is a bigot and a Jesus freak. Refugees are all genuine and everyone who lives outside London is probably racist. Islam is a religion of peace and Brexiteers incipient domestic terrorists. Its voice may no longer toll in crisp RP tones but it is still predominantly middle class, graduate, and southern. It is the voice of a monolith that demands money with menaces from the poor and non-conforming. It is gratingly aloof, unresponsive to its coerced customers, and hostile to all criticism except the theatrical and self-justifying auto-flagellation in which it occasionally engages.

All very serious charges that anyone with a degree of common sense and some backbone would realise made the BBC more ‘an enemy of the people’ than their friend and protector.

But when you consider the merit of maintaining a public service broadcaster in 2017 you appreciate that not only is the BBC still worthwhile, it is more necessary than ever. Crucially, it’s a force for unity in a Britain divided by identity and fractured by devolution. A national news broadcast confirms our shared concerns and priorities….It is a silent rejoinder to the Prime Minister’s philosophy, a platform where we can be citizens of the world and citizens of somewhere at the same time.

A crucial force for unity?  LOL.  The BBC that sets the rich against the poor, the BBC that sets young against old, the BBC that works to smash the United Kingdom due to  the Left’s hate of ‘Britain’ and what they see as its dangerous power and influence in the world and of course by dividing Britain it leaves it open for the EU to move in and to rule over us, the BBC that works hard to foster the hate and division between Remainers and Leavers, a BBC that encourages open borders and mass immigration having no concern for the destruction of society that would entail and the ‘tribal’ ghettos of the different communities that arise and end in violent conflict.  Yep, working for unity…that’s the BBC alright.

The rise of fake news and the ascendancy of Trump and Corbyn make the BBC all the more needed. Liberal societies can endure many trials but not the absence of universal facts. Without a commonly-agreed set of facts and a referee to uphold them Trump winning the popular vote and Corbyn advancing peace in Ulster become alternative truths — plausible, perhaps preferable.

The BBC is fake news.  This site can ony possibly list a minute proportion of the highly political and partisan material that comes out of the BBC….there is a vast torrent of ‘fake news’ flowing forth from the BBC everyday all day.  And for the BBC to appoint itself as the ‘referee’ of what can be termed ‘fake news’ or not is beyond parody….like the Catholic Church in charge of child abuse investigations.

Daisley ends with this:

In the end, the BBC is neither straightforwardly Left nor Right. It is a taxpayer-funded national educator staffed by the London intelligentsia — a social democrat’s reverie. It is also a conservative institution, entrenching tradition, maintaining continuity and lending reverential pomp to the monarchy, the church, and Parliament. Our times are afflicted at once by popular cynicism and idealism run amok. The BBC, itself an alloy of the two, is a bulwark against both.

Hmmm…the BBC a conservative institution?…..the BBC that is anti-Royalty, anti-Christianity and anti-democracy [in that it wants a one party state…run by Labour]…and anti ‘popular cynicism’?  Would that ‘popular cynicism’ be a vote against the EU?  Not cynicism but an informed, reasoned and appropriate response to being railroaded by the liberal intelligentsia into remaining under the tyranny of the undemocratic EU…and as for a bulwark against ‘idealism’…this is the BBC that supports Corbyn and his violent Marxist running mates as they seek to impose their crazed economic, social and political dogmas upon us…their lies, hypocrisy and violence going unchecked by the BBC.

The BBC is a force for disunity, for violent inter-communal conflict, for political chicanery unchecked, for destruction of nation states and national identity, for what will be the end of an organised and stable State…the end of the NHS, the end of free schooling, the end of peace and trust as communities divide, the end of the welfare state system as the whole world tries to ‘sign on’ when the BBC continues to invite them to our increasingly overcrowded shores.

The BBC is in denial about the consequences of its policies [the consequences that are playing out before us as we watch as Merkel’s ‘humane and compassionate’ policy on migration destroys Germany and with it the whole of Europe]

Shame some commentators on the BBC also seem in denial even as they admit the huge problems.  Daisley thinks that because the SNP’s Tartan Brownshirts, the Muslim Jihadists and the Corbyn street thugs, all attack the BBC the BBC must be ‘impartial’ and be reporting accurately on these groups…this shows a complete lack of undertsanding, one of the fact that the BBC actually supports these groups but that these groups don’t care…their intent is to make absolutely sure you are too afraid to say anything negative or critical of them and they will use any means to enforce that.  Hitler, who better to ask, tells us the truth about these ‘mad-dog exercises’ of intimidation and bullying…

Before two years had passed, the theory as well as the technical methods of Social Democracy were clear to me.
I understood the infamous spiritual terror which this movement exerts, particularly on the bourgeoisie, which is neither morally nor mentally equal to such attacks; at a given sign it unleashes a veritable barrage of lies and slanders against whatever adversary seems most dangerous, until the nerves of the attacked persons break down and, just to have peace again, they sacrifice the hated individual.
However, the fools obtain no peace.
The game begins again and is repeated over and over until fear of the mad dog results in suggestive paralysis.


And as Douglas Murray says in the Spectator:

‘European values’ won’t last long without national borders

In an email to Bloomberg, Soros says that his foundation is trying to ‘uphold European values’ while Orban is trying to ‘undermine those values’.  Making it clearer, Soros writes of Orban:

‘His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle.  Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.’ 

Putting aside Soros’s depiction of the hundreds of thousands of people coming into Europe as ‘refugees’ rather than – more accurately in most cases – ‘economic migrants’, perhaps in the next round the Hungarian Prime Minister can point out to Mr Soros that without national borders those ‘European values’ he seems so keen on will be blown away like so much sand.






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50 Responses to The Problem

  1. Fedup says:

    There will be further repression of non liberal/left views such as expansion of so called ‘ hate crime’ to people expressing their views in places like this.
    I don’t think the answer to the issues you raise will be found in Blighty.
    For instance – the pressure being put on Italy by a mix of EU policy and NGOs – being overwhelmed by North African illegal immigrants mixed with a few true refugees – could lead to the reinforcement of borders the Federal State of Europe – the next name for the EU – will not approve.
    More terrorist attacks across the Shengen area will only reinforce national borders against the wishes of Brussels . I suppose the outcome of the German election in a couple of months could point the way
    So the EU – in its ever closer aspirational form may disintegrate with us doing anything – as I said at the start in relation to al Beeb.


  2. JimS says:

    Daisley says of the BBC: “It is a silent rejoinder to the Prime Minister’s philosophy..” does that mean that it just the pictures on TV and its website that work against the PM?

    Unfortunately this is the problem: Mark Steyn ‘The Biggest Issue of Our Time’

    [Steyn’s thesis is essentially that most of our Western leaders are childless, as are many of our citizens, and that we are rapidly being replaced by people that don’t share the culture that gave us the scientific age. Our leaders, not having children, have no investment in the future so don’t care where we are heading.]


  3. NCBBC says:

    After some delay until the incident had lost some its heat…

    A man has been charged over an acid attack on a man and a woman in Mile End, east London.
    The victims were left with serious burns after the horrific attack on Burdett Road on July 4.
    Mustafa Ahmed, 19, was arrested on Sunday and has now been charged with one count of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm, and one count of attempted wounding with intent to do GBH.

    At its most fundamental level, the only way Islamisation of Europe can be stopped at this late stage is for a ban on all Muslim immigration, followed by reversing it over a period of years.

    In the meantime, get used to continuous terror or the fear of terrorism, the never ending security checks, security cameras, and all the apparatus of state used for surveillance to find Muslim fanatics, will eventually lead to a police state. France already is. This is the price we are paying for allowing Muslims to immigrate to the West.


    • Up2snuff says:

      NCBBC, what happened to the man who was originally arrested and charged? The Metro article did not include that information.


      • NCBBC says:

        No idea. When it comes to “It has nothing to with Islam”, every news item is tainted.


    • Doublethinker says:

      The price that you list above is the price we pay if we are very lucky and find a relatively peaceful way of resisting Islamification . If we are not lucky then we will either go under and Islam will triumph , with all the horror that implies, or there will a prolonged and bloody civil war.


    • CatsRule says:

      If we do not stop muslim immigration and make the ones already here follow our laws I predict in the not too distance future that the UK will be divided up into Shariah and non Shariah areas, a bit like the Dane law in the 800s.


  4. Nibor says:

    The BBC produces some fantastic programmes and that is enough to warrant its existence and funding .

    The Nazis and Soviets produced some fantastic tanks and that is enough to warrant their existence and funding .

    Never mind the capitalists beat them all , in WW2 , the Cold War , and now with the Internet and Netflix etc . Never mind the quality , feel the virtuous signalling . The empathy . For the many that pay , going to the few that receive , so much .


    • Doublethinker says:

      Could you list those fantastic programmes please. I don’t watch BBC drama much now because it has been completely sacrificed on the alter of PC, and I am very selective about which documentaries I watch because I am sick to death of being served the liberal left version of history and science. So I wonder if there is any facet of the BBC output is that is free from liberal left propaganda.


      • Grant says:


        Antiques Roadshow ? Errr. .. That’s about it.


        • Banania says:

          Antiques roadshow! With those patronizing poseur experts?
          Now there was good documentary about Ladybird Books on BBC4 recently, well up to the old standard, but that was several years old I think.


      • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

        I checked my shelf of old DVDs, the only Beeb offering there is a box-set of I Claudius. Until they recently changed the rules about iPlayer I would very occasionally find a BBC4 documentary which was worth seeing. All BBC programs have a liberal slant of course, but a few decent ones seemed to avoid the heavy Marxist moralising.

        But I’ve stopped completely with any of it now, I can’t be arsed signing in even with made up credentials.

        As for all those ‘wonderful’ recent dramas my lefty friends tell me I must watch – Line of Duty, Happy Valley, Sherlock etc I just needed 5 minutes on YouTube to confirm how awful they are.

        It always makes me laugh how a lot of the Guardian reading mob accuses the BBC of being right-wing. They did put on ‘The Falklands Play’ many years ago, can’t think of anything even a teeny bit right of centre since.


        • Grant says:


          My BBC DVD collection. Blackadder, Yes Minister, errr…. That’s it. Those were the days when the BBC did comedy.


      • NCBBC says:

        history and science. ??

        The BBC posit “Islam and science”.


  5. NCBBC says:

    The Acid Test

    Britannia has had acid splashed in her lovely face. Her clear features have been scarred and mutilated. Now, from London to Manchester, from Birmingham to Bradford, she suffers and burns.


  6. Dystopian says:

    I note today they are reporting on the 10% increase in crime.
    Knife crime is up.
    “Person on person” (including acid attacks no doubt) are up.

    Of course they are pushing the narrative that it’s all due to austerity and less police “stop & searches”.
    But of course, as May so proudly announced, stop and searches have been reduced (no doubt to appease the cries of discrimination and ‘waycism’ to the ‘victims’ of said searches).

    Of course the increase in violent crime is nothing to do with the mass numbers of (aggressive,violent, fighting age) “refugees” (i.e. economic migrants) being allowed into the country.

    The progressives still, of course in denial that immigration affects anything.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      It would be interesting if we could have someone who could show the crime statistics including all the immigrants compared to the statistics that would have been the case if the immigration was at pre 1990 levels.
      If you could remove all the incidents concerning those enrichers who have arrived in the last 30 years or so my guess would be that the crime rates would be half what they are now.
      If you were to go further and actually include the thousands of grooming and sex abuse of little girls in the Rotherhams, the thousands of illegal fgm cases (how many have been charged with fgm crimes?) and the no doubt thousands of crimes that are ignored because it would be either racist or bad for social cohesion, then, the numbers would show an even greater effect of the forced upon us, unwanted by us, mass, industrial scale immigration that any government could slow right down today IF IT WANTED TO.


      • NCBBC says:

        Too late for slowing or even stopping. Only reverse immigration of Muslims can save us. Separation from Islam and Muslims is the only way out. Sadly, only war separates the combatants in a natural and acceptable manner.


      • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

        I try to look at things dispassionately and recognise that many people have come to this country to get on, work hard, learn English and make a life that they couldn’t possibly have done in whatever awful dictatorship they originated in.

        But the overall big picture, from the mass immigration for the last three generations (speeded up massively since the 1990’s) is of a huge increase in crime. And I suspect that there were many establishment figures who were happy to accept that as a bonus to the project, rather than something to be avoided.


      • Fedup says:

        I’m sure the Home Office/Justice would have and hide the numbers . The clearest indicator which would be tricky for HMG to fiddle would be the origins of those in prison . Nationality might help a bit is probably not examined carefully.
        Once upon a time the left argued that the criminal justice system is distorted to lock up black young men. Many on the other side said they are inside because they are bad and got caught – like black on black knife attacks which originate from “turf “and “dissing” . I am not black suppose I could be accused of racism. I don’t care . It’s just the truth .


    • MoreHamHead says:

      It’s a double whammy. Lower police numbers + massive Islamic immigration = uncontrollable chaos.


    • NCBBC says:

      They are not in denial. This is to do with abolishing national borders, and the abolition of cultural and national ownership of groups with cultural attachments to that nation.

      Immigration of the most aggressive, violent and inassimmalable people, Muslims, is therefore a priority. In the same vein, Christian refugees are a no, no, no matter how persecuted in Muslim nations.

      Not to mince words, Leftists, liberals are Marxists, with different degrees of hardness, are traitors in the traditional sense. They view themselves though as ushering in a new world. This new world has been tried out with the usual tragic ending in the Gulag and the death camps of Germany.

      Its not that Marxists, libLeftists do not learn. They have learnt, and they want that result. They love Marxist theory more then they love human beings. Or else why would they persist in their behaviour.


      • Grant says:


        Spot on, even though it will destroy them. They are crazy and evil.


      • Jerry Owen says:

        You are correct. People refer to the far left as useful idiots ( I am guilty of that myself sometimes ) however the reality is that a frighteningly large proportion would happily kill the opposition … people like many here. This is why they are so violent. A top cop a couple days ago in Germany I believe, has said that’ it is only a matter of time before the left kill’. I read this in breitbart.
        The late Eric Hobsbawm was asked if tens of millions of deaths was worth it for a communist society… he answered ‘yes’.
        They attack the BBC and Labour not because they are impartial but because they do not toe the extremist ideology they have themselves.


        • Ian Rushlow says:

          The late Eric Hobsbawm was asked if tens of millions of deaths was worth it for a communist society… he answered ‘yes’.
          I’m guessing that will be a different Eric Hobsbawm than the one that used to mentor Tony Blair, then? The one that advocated immigration as a means to ‘import poverty’ so as to provide new voters for the Labour Party?


    • Fedup says:

      Must be difficult being a copper who wants to fight crime these days . For instance they can’t chase and catch moped robbers in case they get hurt.

      Result – fella stabbed to death yesterday resisting a moped robber after his wristwatch .

      May cut stop and search and police numbers. Not much of a conservative eh?


    • Banania says:

      How lovely to receive a BBC salary and live where no harm can touch me and not even Lazarus is at the gate!


  7. Up2snuff says:

    Alan: ” like Tory MPs, who don’t have the courage to put it to the sword even as it does everything it can to destroy them and their party.

    Here’s an almost completely delusional take on the BBC from Stephen Daisley in the Spectator
    ‘In defence of the BBC: a force for unity in a divided Britain
    The BBC is our other national religion and like the NHS it inspires a devotional intensity that can be a little creepy.’ ”

    There you have it, Alan. The explanation that you and others on here need and have been calling for, why the Conservative Government does nothing about the BBC. That and the fact that although the Conservatives may not be quite as malign toward the UK as Labour & other minority Parties, the Tories still do need ‘bread and circuses to keep the people happy’, if not keeping them fully content.

    The BBC still has a lot of (unthinking?, uncritical?) public support in the UK and there is also some considerable resistance to a totality of advertising-interrupted broadcasts among that same public. Any, repeat ANY, Party that threatens to do away with the BBC, especially via privatisation, in their manifesto at the next General Election can look forward to losing that election.

    Until then all a Conservative Party can do is to keep quiet about it while sabotaging it, Angela Merkel-style, from within.

    I wonder what the size of the mailbag was yesterday as it was tipped over Lord Hall’s In Tray and whether it was 100% complaints and no praise?


    • MarkyMark says:

      Will all BBC’s complaints be handed to the police as ‘Hate Crimes (Incident)’? – “I wonder what the size of the mailbag was yesterday as it was tipped over Lord Hall’s In Tray and whether it was 100% complaints and no praise?” – Up2snuff


  8. Ian Rushlow says:

    The BBC is simply the state broadcaster and exists to promote the views of the prevailing orthodoxy – what used to be commonly referred to as The Establishment – rather than the government of the day, which is by nature transitory and subject to change. This orthodoxy is committed to a globalist worldview in which a small number of people wield enormous power and accumulate massive wealth from an unassailable position, which necessitates the control and subjugation of the mass of humanity. The ‘British Way’ is that this should be done in a broadly humane manner in which people are not even aware of their subjugation, much less prepared to challenge it. Many of the tools being used to achieve this – the elimination of national borders, destruction of the traditional family unit, undermining of tradition and culture – are deeply unpopular with the general population. The role of the BBC is to act as the PR agent for the orthodoxy, packaging up their views in entertainment and false news, supressing debate, trying to normalise them. It has to pull off the trick of persuading people that ‘nothing changes whilst everything changes’. As such, the BBC is both simultaneously ‘radical’ (the obsessions with race, gender, immigration etc) and fundamentally ‘conservative’ (Royal Family, Parliament, other state institutions). The natural tendencies of the sort of people employed by the BBC incline towards the radical agenda, but you can bet they would quickly be pulled into line if they overstepped the mark. You can also take it as read that many of them do not even comprehend the purpose of the state broadcaster as they flit between careers in the BBC, Guardian, NGOs and the Labour Party.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Ian, that’s a really solid post there.

      I must come clean and admit that one of my cousins is exactly the ‘sort of people employed by the BBC’ and has in fact started doing some work for the BEEB, I learnt yesterday. She (my cousin) is a lovely girl, a decade younger than me due to her academic career (e.g. liberal) parents waiting until later in life to have kids, and was brought up with everything money can provide, a thoroughly middle class, ‘champagne socialist’, holidays in Chile doing ‘charity work’, kind of upbringing. Now in her 30s she is married to an awfully nice (but, totally useless and dim witted) man of the same ilk, and after a decade of post-graduate (Arts at Edinburgh) global volunteer work (financed, like her degree, and like the deposit on their half million£ house, by the bank of mummy and daddy), now has a nice comfy and oh so politically correct ‘career’ in the head office of a London based (and completely forgettable) charity, that seems to be involved in feeding ‘refugee children’ overseas at UK government expense, and which has lots of dealings with… the BBC.

      Honestly, I can’t fault my cousin as a person, she is, as I said above ‘lovely’, very pleasant, caring, compassionate, cultured, artistic, musical, polite, environmentally active, and generally an all round ‘good egg’ who wouldn’t harm a fly (she is vegan after all) – every year she sends me a Christmas card, and remembers my son’s birthday (which is more than I do for her), and every year she sends me a lovely postcard from Tuscany, or the French Alps. BUT, I really can’t stand too much of her company, it’s just the incredible naivety and complete willingness to give away everything (language, freedom, culture, country, taxpayers money) for the ‘greater good’, which really riles me I guess – she must think I’m a right miserable humbug, maybe she’s right. To be honest I tend to get on better with older generations, just because they seem to be so much more ‘aware’ of what’s really going on in the world and far more logical and sensible.

      This cousin of mine is the middle of three sisters, one is a GP working for the NHS, and the other a teacher of History at an awfully nice, awfully middle class secondary, all three sisters are near identical, including liberal ‘lefty’ political bent, feminist leanings, and complete fanaticism for the neo-liberal creed, all very successful in their careers, and definitely forging ahead to be the ‘leaders’ of tomorrow. Unlike me – male, middle aged, in and out of work graduate engineer, slightly right wing political views – wrong gender, wrong race, wrong career, wrong age, wrong political views…

      To these three sisters and their numerous clone like friends, there is no issue with immigration – how can anyone be so ‘heartless’, there’s plenty of money and space here, there is no issue with racial integration – their (few) BLAME friends are all equally nice and charming (on account of having been reared in the same environment – what I consider their ‘bubble world’), they can’t understand why anyone would want BREXIT – but, never mind, all those old, racist, ignorant country yokels who voted for it will die soon anyway, and they really, really can’t understand why anyone would not think Corbyn was the most ‘lovable and wise’ old man imaginable, who was going to save the universe – unlike the ‘evil Tory scum’ who are going to destroy us all and turn our children into slaves.

      When I think about it, I honestly believe this country has no hope and I worry for my son’s future.


      • Doublethinker says:

        Your description of your cousin exactly fits some of the middle aged members of my extended family. They think I’m , at best , a harmless eccentric , at worst a right wing racist. I think that they are gullible and naive idiots who are doing great harm to their children’s furies, of course I keep this to myself.


        • Doublethinker says:

          How ‘futures ‘ becomes ‘furies ‘ is beyond me!


          • NCBBC says:

            Maybe BBC’s post was written on a Smartphone with predictive text. I have fallen foul of this software many a time.


        • Oaknash says:

          I think what you are saying perfectly hits the nail on the head.
          Many of these people by virtue of nurture/nature good luck or hard work have either forgotten or have never been in a position where pretty much every penny counts. Because they personally have no money issues, live in nice places and are often handsomely paid. They naturally assume the rest of us Brits are the same and those who are not probably deserve their lot and are quite likely racists.

          Because of their sheltered existence, they do not have the imagination to understand that many of us (who are not so flush or as talented) rather resent the financing of large numbers of aliens coming to this country who do not like or respect our culture and in all likelihood would be quite happy if we disappeared off the face of the earth, provided we issue them with benefit cheques first.

          In addition many of them attempt to justify their large salaries/and comfortable lifestyle to themselves by supporting these crazy immigration policies and virtue signalling us to oblivion. To them the money tree is always in fruit and just needs a extra shake. In their world there is always room for more people because they dont ever have to live with them.

          I have never earnt that much money and in truth I dont resent people that do. However what I do resent are those who live in an insulated bubble of luxury – supporting idiotic policies that in the long term will destroy not only them, but also the rest of us. Maybe they should move to Luton or similair to truly experience all the richness that immigration brings to our culture.

          But nice people or not. At the end of the day none of them would be willing to give up their own financially corpulent luxurious lifestyle – they will all just vote Labour and expect the money tree to keep on giving. But as long as their progressive consience is clear you can bugger the rest of us.


        • pertelote says:

          > doublethinker .. re your 12.43 posting..DITTO!


      • Jerry Owen says:

        I’m sorry to hear you have these sorts of people in your family… if you want adopting let me know, we’ll take you in, we have a spare room that we were keeping for some Syrian refugees but they don’t seem to exist!!
        I suspect the authorities wouldn’t have it though because I am a rightwing libertarian, a heavy.. ish drinker that doesn’t like Islam, Sinn Fein, Reggae, rap, Zionist bankers, the French, vegans, warmists, LGBQT’s (!) female documentary narrators, female cricket boxing and football, people that drive eco cars, Fiona Bruce Laura Kuennsberg, the BBC, and last of all flies.
        My wife on the other hand is a lovely person!


    • Doublethinker says:

      Excellent post.


    • pertelote says:

      in a nutshell!


  9. Pullyourselftogether says:

    Please see this link below. This was not widely shared on any of the main media sites.

    Comments please?


    • NCBBC says:

      Of course this meeting was not broadcast by our traitorous media. For them, Muslims are a key ally in the destruction of nation states in Europe, and the murder of Western civilisation.

      We already know from Pres Trump’s speech in Poland, where America stands. From PM Orban’s comments, Pres Macron too is onside. His cosying up with Pres Trump at the G20, and then a special visit by Pres Trump to Paris, is indicative that a “wartime” alliance is in the making. Britain ofcourse will always be with America, but at the moment is keeping quiet due to Brexit negotiations.

      Note too that Orban made an approach to Italy. But no mention of Merkel, the key state in the EU. This is telling. It leaves Merkel out of the “alliance”.

      Is there to be a war? When? Only America ie Pres Trump can decide. He wont before the next presidential election, so it looks like a serious conflict in Europe to neutralize the threat from within, will start after the next American presidential election. That is, if Pres Trump wins.

      If Merkel wins in the coming election, there is going to be very strong pressure brought to bear on her from within Germany. Germans moan a lot about America, but the idea of breaking with US of America, is out of the question.


      • Grant says:


        Trump has triggered a re-alignment in Europe. The EU has been sidelined. Germany and the UK are out of the loop. Trump should threaten Merkel with withdrawing the US military from Germany. That bitch needs to be brought to heel.


        • Dave S says:

          I agree. it is all happening after the President went to Poland. This is a last attempt to save the EU as a viable project and not a German fantasy and if it means all Merkel’s dreams are ended then that is the way the Visegrad Four want it. Macron has seen the way things are going and is as usual looking after France.
          You are right about us. We must be sidelined as our loyalty is suspect now with Corbyn hovering and May not to be trusted. The hostility of our media elite has had consequences as they were warned it would. Laura Kuenesberg is typical of our elite.
          The problem as always is Germany. Far too big and powerful but once again at odds with much of Europe.
          If the election returns Merkel then it means a likely split in the EU with the Eastern states backed by the US and France.
          WE have become irrelevant and that is nothing to do with Brexit but all to do with our media/political elites untrustworthiness and hostility to Western civilisation.


          • NCBBC says:

            Grant, DaveS
            The deep thinkers in the BBC may not have seen tactical and strategic alliances being made, despite paying themselves a huge salary from the public purse. But then, it would not be fair to castigate them, as their job is only to report events that have taken place.

            The involvement of Israel is strange as it is not a NATO country. But when one considers its strategic location, particularly in the Med sea, and more pertinently its own internal problem, then it makes sense.

            Meanwhile, things are hotting up in Jerusalem. Israel has installed metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount. Muslims are rioting.

            My own opinion is that it is unfair of Israel to prohibit or deter weapons being smuggled in to a mosque. I mean, that is what a mosque is for . Israel is deliberately preventing Muslims to carry out their religious obligations.


  10. MarkyMark says:

    Stumbled on this … PANORAMA “TOWARDS THE ZERO HOUR” DATE: 12:12:01 {}

    CORBIN: Mohamed Atta grew a beard, a sign of religious devotion, sometimes a sign of radicalisation. (which is it? so confusing!)

    CORBIN: The Al Quds Mosque was the place where Atta spent time (Jeremy Corbyn – Al Quds Day 2012, London )with two other young Arab men.
    They were all members of a terror group in Hamburg. They would all become pilots and crash their planes
    on September 11th.

    CORBIN: Mohamed Atta’s life in Germany was drawing to a close. A new phase of the plan was due to
    begin in another country. But there was an obstacle, stamps in his passport, evidence of trips to
    Afghanistan. Atta had been back to Bin Laden’s camps again that year. Atta needed a new passport, so did
    Al-Shehi and Jarrah. They too had been in Bin Laden’s camps that year. All three men reported their passports stolen. (using Western systems, believe a man is honest, against us) … So they can get a visa to the US without them knowing that they’ve been to Afghanistan and Pakistan. … So to start with a clean sheet as it were.

    CORBIN: Fifteen months before the September attacks three of the men who would pilot the planes
    arrived separately in America. The Arab tourists who’d come from Hamburg attracted no attention. The
    States (USA) was to prove too open, too unsuspecting.

    Over 3,000 people died. How many kids without parents? How many schools lost teachers? From more than 80 countries or to rephrase it as George Eaton (Political Editor, New Statesman – 23mar2017) ‘A snapshot of London’s magnificent diversity in those injured: …’

    Diversity trumps Tragedy!


  11. MarkyMark says:

    Day 4 (tomorrow)… TV Tax Payers request Chris Evans, Gary Lineker and friends responds to all people (180,000) who have been charged with not paying their wages, sorry I mean the TV Tax, sorry I mean avoiding the TV License, sorry I mean undocumented TV License usage.

    – maybe we should all become undocumented TV License users, i.e. undocumented and not paid?

    Because of the unique way that the BBC is funded, the above can happen!

    The BBC Trust (no wages shown) is directly accountable to licence fee payers; this is essential to maintaining the BBC’s independence. {biasedbbc post}