Heard it on the Gripe Vine

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Vine: “I’m there as having a salary of between £700,000 and £750,000. How do you justify that?”

Purnell: “You’re fantastic…”


Tim Vine had the world’s funniest one-liner but his brother, apparently on £80 grand for a one night stand, has prompted the BBC to come up wth their own hilarious killer one-liner…because he’s worth it…

“His experience of political, live and overseas reporting means he is also important as a co-presenter of major national events like General Elections and referendums.”


From the Telegraph:

Jeremy Vine was paid as much as £80,000 for just one programme on the night of the Scottish independence referendum.

A well-placed source has told The Daily Telegraph that the BBC offered Vine the sum for working on the 2014 referendum. The payment was separate to his earnings as a presenter on Radio 2 and as host of television quiz show Eggheads and other programmes.

Vine did not present the show but appeared on a regular basis throughout the evening explaining how the result would likely pan out based on results as they came in.

It is not clear whether Vine is paid similar sums for general elections on top of his other work – but it is thought likely he negotiates a fee for each event. It is not known if Vine received similar fees for the two general elections and the EU referendum as well.

Extraordinary how  the BBC is so free and easy with licence fee payers’ money….and yet they still hunt down and lock up single mother’s on benefit for non-payment of its tax-with-menaces.


The arrogance and ‘just don’t get it’ stupidity of some is astonishing as they mock those who are asking why the BBC thinks they are worth it……

Lineker joked about the furore over his pay yesterday by tweeting: 'This whole BBC salary exposure is an absolute outrage... I mean, how can Chris Evans be on more than me?'

Hours before his pay was revealed, Lineker tweeted: 'Happy BBC salary day. I blame my agent and the other TV channels that pay more. Now where did I put my tin helmet?'


Nolan is astonishingly well paid [over £400k] for some backwater presenter who showers his callers with contempt and derision….if you question the wisdom of mass, uncontrolled immigration you are unChristian, lack compassion and clearly don’t have children or otherwise you would feel for all the dead child ‘refugees’ like Aylan Kurdi…and you obviously don’t he suggests.  I’m sure the BBC could get one of those shouty street persons in to do the exact same job…price…a few bevvies.

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Guess it is a case of easy come easy go with BBC funds.  Perhaps time for a change.


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25 Responses to Heard it on the Gripe Vine

  1. Oaknash says:

    Queen Jeremy yet another money drenched hypocrite with feet of clay.
    Just like most socialists I know, their right on, virtue signalling principles only go as far as lecturing other people and strangely seem to evaporate when it comes to rooking more money from the public for their own personal use.

    Like all of these arrogant virtue signalling idiots they expect the rest of us to live by a set of different rules (including actually working for our money). As for Purnell “worth it comment” He is just another one of these champagne socialists with a swollen sense of entitlement who for years been looking down his nose at the rest of us and has always had his greedy, expectant mouth firmly attached to the nipple of public funding which has never failed him. He knows it will deliver because he knows it would not dare not to. Mummy never says no to bitty!

    I think we could really expect no more of this man and it reminds of the quip that Lord Darlington apparently made that a cynic was ‘a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. never truer!


  2. Cassandra says:



  3. Fedup says:

    It’s par for the course that labour types like Purnell – a Labour Minister in his previous life – is so cavalier with spending tax payers money. I suppose he would say that he is worth his high pay for justifying the likes of creatures like Vine.

    In 2015 the telegraph carried a story about how vine made one on his two daughters – Martha Vine – shareholder in his production company Jelly Vine Productions. The article is easily found on the web if looking for clear hypocracy. Wiki says Vine is an active Anglican .


  4. Grant says:

    Purnell. Talentless, third rate waster. A total parasite.


  5. MarkyMark says:

    Let us make the most of the EU, whilst we can, and add more regulation from the EU to label the BBC TV Programmes.

    The BBC wants to be transparent and accountable (bbc guidelines) to the public, who have to fund them under threat of prison, why not after each show the presenters such as ‘Jeremy Vine’ and ‘Chris Evans’ have to end the broadcast with …

    New EU Directive BBC Programme Labels – for a new transparent and accountable BBC
    “I, Jeremy Vine, cost the public £750K* per year which is the equivalent to 21.5 nurses on £35K, declare that I have no other incomes derived from my broadcasting at the BBC. I have declared all my expenses and registered all gifts on the BBC expenses website. I, Jeremy Vine on this 30 minutes of show, with production time of 2 hours at an hourly rate of £1153 cost you the public £2884*. This does not include the studio and team wages. All monies I make from my ‘BBC Brand’ go back into the BBC. I follow the BBC guidelines – not giving my opinion on subjects that I know little about on twitter, facebook. If I do give an opinion then they are 100% in agreement with the BBC and have been approved by the BBC at time of publishing. Please note that reading out this EU compliant notice just cost you, the public enforced to pay my wages under threat of prison, a total of £76*.”

    * hourly rate is rough calculation, without knowing Jeremy Vines full wage it will be hard to workout. Figures are for illustrative purposes only. They may go up or down depending gender or TV Tax, but are linked to the talent market.


  6. Disgruntled of Enfield says:

    One thing is how left wing most of these people are, but one thing it would be interesting. How many of the people on the list (Evans and Lineker excluded) went to very expensive public schools followed by Oxbridge. The basic problem I think is its just another racket for the spawn of the well off to rake cash it at the public expense whilst being oh so worthy at the same time.
    I could be really left wing on £300-£400K a year, its a bit more difficult when you only earn £35K.


  7. Fedup says:

    Disgruntled –
    I could be more left wing than you on £500000 and still not have what Humpreys gets.

    As an aside I can but notice how often albeeb wants to discuss something but the person they want declines to turn up. I think the level of bias is becoming more widely known and more unacceptable


  8. NCBBC says:

    Jeremy Vine
    Jeremy was educated at Lynton Preparatory School in Ewell, then Aberdour School in Burgh Heath, and then Epsom College.[3] He played the drums in a band called The Flared Generation, which was described as “the most unfashionable punk band in the country” by Smash Hits magazine.[4] At Durham University (Hatfield College), he graduated with a 2:2 undergraduate degree in English.

    David Dimbleby
    Was educated at two independent schools, the Glengorse School in Battle, East Sussex,[4] and Charterhouse School in Godalming, Surrey, Dimbleby read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Christ Church, Oxford and graduated with a third-class honours degree.

    One with a 2:2 in his mother tongue, and the other a 3rd in PPE.

    These are the brightest sparks in the BBC. Top rank intellects.


    • Fedup says:

      Thanks NC
      It’s always good to be able to reference these people. I thought a third was a fail. I suppose he thought hold inbred sense of entitlement would give him the first he obviously deserved.

      I don’t consume either of these characters’ programmes any more but the extracts of Question Time I see – when Jacob RM is on – shows how dimbley regularly interrupts the structured opinion of a speaker – particularly someone he doesn’t favour like JRM. ( I remember the jibe about JRM having gone to Eton – only to be hit with the fact that Dimblebys son was also there ). Good to hear al Beeb staff well off enough to send their offspring to top notch public school eh?


    • Rick Bradford says:

      Dimbleby’s son, though, went to Eton. How do we know that?


      • Fedup says:

        Thanks Rick,
        A truly classic moment in HRH Dimblys career.and JRM didn’t even blink


      • Fred Bloggs says:

        I think the superb put down, over shadows, Dimbleby’s arrogance. He had not considered a riposte to his jibe. Wallowing in his hypocrisy, he had not even glimmered that his two faced action would be exposed.


    • Zelazek says:

      NC – I have a sneaking admiration for people who get third-class degrees but nevertheless go on to distinguish themselves. I know of W H Auden, Evelyn Waugh, Philip Pullman, Christopher Hitchens and Carol Vorderman. There may be a lot more I don’t know about. These people should be inspirations to us all.


      • NCBBC says:

        Quite right. Full admiration for those who go to the top without a top grade at University.

        But is that the case for employment by BBC?


  9. Minion says:

    Re Jeremy Vine,,,, I don’t often buy the Daily Mail but picked up on this article on July 20th, maybe some others saw it as well, on JVs phone in ,,it goes like this
    Vine,, Harry Jones ,Glamorgan ,,Good Afternoon,,
    HJ Good Afternoon ,Jeremy ,I would like to ask you a direct question ,are you embarrassed on the day you pick up your pay cheque?
    JV,, Er do you know I feel very lucky every day is the answer.
    HJ Do you think you are over paid ?
    JV Erm I don’t even really want to answer that …. I feel like its not the moment for me.
    HJ You spend your life asking people questions ,now I am asking you a question,Are you ,the rest of the BBC ,,, do you think they are grossly overpaid? ,,,,because I work with coal miners ,,I work in construction,I see men buckle up to work all their life doing hard graft with nothing to show for it ..How can you people justify the amount of money you are earning ?,,,Wages should have come down for the males to make female more equal….. There are men and women in this country working their fingers to the bone, who get nowhere near the money you are earning and they are on the minimum wage and struggling to live and pay rent..
    JV To some extent H, this is for the BBC to justify, We had the boss in, what did you think of what he had to say ?
    HJ I think it is a load of rubbish,,you are all grossly overpaid,,,,

    end of conversation no embarrassment what so ever on JVs part, on earning £700 to £750 thousand a year , thats like £14500 a week there are a lot of people in this country ,myself include that that don’t see that in a year,, after this it is difinately time the licence fee was done away with and Al BeeB culled of the snouts in the trough leftie luvvies
    and made to pay its own way, with out the millions it receives from the EU as well


    • Fedup says:

      Ta minion , I think this pay issue gets through to the public in a way that shouting about bias just doesn’t . It is al beebs big weakness and must be used as a precision weapon.

      It reduces any moral superiority they may attempt to express . If one is being interviewed by a vine or humpreys all you have to do is ask how they are spending their wages these days .

      I wonder how much Jimmy Saville was paid ?


  10. StewGreen says:

    Women are paid less ?
    Ask Anne Robinson about that


  11. Guest Who says:


    I understand Mateless’ agent is screeching about a new deal.

    Might be his last.

    And for James ‘Fantastic Beast’ Purnell:

    “..amused by various interviews given by James Purnell, in which he started there was a process for determining talent salaries, which involves many different analyses, the paramount being ‘value to the audience’. Perhaps someone can produce the paperwork which moved Steve Wright from £440k in 2006 to £500k+ in 2016/17 ? And Chris Evans from £540k in 2006 to £2.2m+ in 2016/17?


  12. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile, out back, almost parallel:


    Nice number. ‘All for one, and all for… me! Still’


  13. Guest Who says:


    They can afford it. Apparently.


  14. Guest Who says:


    Hmmmmm, lunch. No wonder they are more Juncker folk.


  15. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Noted that the Two Fat Wallets were on the Today Show this morning. Guess much of their fat salaries is weekend premium overtime rates.
    Meanwhile Mishal and Sarah were probably doing their second jobs to make ends meet.
    Life`s too short to actuallyDo this-but how much/hour are Nick and Humph getting?
    What multiple of the living wage, national minimum or London weighting are these two elderly blokes creaming off, compared to the Grenfell Towers victims they so airily “champion”.
    Grecian 2000 and hair restorer hopefully are NOT classed as expenses on top of the money troughs we`re providing for them.