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The BBC is the mouthpiece for the immigrant industry that wants to keep the doors to Europe wide open regardless of the consequences….quite possibly with the intent of making those ‘consequences’ happen….the death of ‘White Europe’ and its power and influence which they see as a malign and destructive.

The BBC will admit that most African immigrants are economic, but it ignores that and continues to push for open borders.  It may admit that some immigrants get involved in crime…but of course the criminals are the real victims, forced into their life of crime out of desperation caused by the indifference and neglect of the authorities…never mind no-one [BBC aside] asked the immigrants to come here and that they are completely overwhelming the infrastructure making it impossible to deal with them in any sensible or productive way.

Reading in the Sunday Times today and we have the story of an Afghan migrant.  Now the BBC will tell you he is fleeing violence and the Taliban…but that’s not true…he came to make money…his family, all still alive and well in Afghanistan despite the Taliban, keep asking him for money…but of course he has no job and so is selling himself in the parks to old blokes in cars as he is waiting to be deported….as even Merkel has decided enough is enough and is quietly sending ’em back home…if they have documents.  Oh and look….from Der Spiegel.

A young, liberal elite has emerged in Kabul, including many women. It is taking a stand against the Taliban’s atrocities in the form of political and artistic initiatives and wants to put an end to Afghanistan’s culture of violence.

Not only not fleeing Afghanistan but fighting the Taliban.  And that is one problem of the migrant crisis encouraged by the BBC….it strips countires of the very people they need to rebuild and develop…the go-getting ones, educated and often already educated and with money…how can these countries grow if they have no skilled people left to make it all work?  The BBC would rather strip them of their nurses and doctors and care workers and entrepreneuers and tell us how good it is for us regardless of the harm it does to these countries and those left behind.

And what of many of those migrants?  We know they often don’t get jobs in Europe but for some life becomes a nightmare as they are ensnared in the criminal underworld.  NGO’s like MSF are essentially helping the criminal gangs traffic migrants to be sold on as prostitutes….

Even the BBC admits the Mafia are involved in the migrant business…however read the article and what is missing?….

Mafia controlled Italy migrant centre, say police

There is no mention in the article that the migrants are being coerced into prostitution on a grand scale as Newsweek tells us…

Police sources told The Times that members of the Vikings—a gang that sprung out of Nigerian universities in the 1980s and demands that members have no criminal record—have collaborated with the local Cosa Nostra, or the Sicilian Mafia in Ballaro, a town in Sicily, and were threatening to expand into the capital Palermo.

The groups have worked together on vice rings involving Nigerian women who have been trafficked to Italy as sex workers. Nigerian women began traveling to Italy in the 1980s to work as fruit pickers but soon turned to sex work, and an estimated 30,000 have since been trafficked from the West African country to work as prostitutes in Italy and elsewhere in Europe, The Guardian reported.

And there is a new development as the group that wants to shut down the trafficking routes, ‘Defend Europe’, are being hounded by Interpol, Italian police, Antifa, Hate Not Hope and other such groups in an attempt to stop them and their work……incredible the effort put in to stop the anti-immigrant movement…shame they don’t put the same effort into stopping the immigrants…can’t be too difficult in reality, they just need the will to do it regardless of what the BBC, Guardian and Hope Not Hate say…



Defend Europe are naturally abhorred by the liberal elite and the left who want open borders and the destruction of Europe, its culture, society and values.  Here is a video about the group but, as with the BBC, the film-maker is coming at this from the perspective that this group is bad news and of the Far-Right regardless of what they say or do….the BBC did a similar film and decided that any talk of controlling immigration had ‘overtones of the concentration camp’ about it as well as ‘ethnic cleansing’ and other dark ‘scary connotations’.…the reality is in fact that the BBC’s extremist immigration propaganda is working towards the ethnic cleansing of white Europeans…those hideously white people the BBC famously dislikes….



When you see stuff like this suggesting white people should all ‘geddit’, ie be attacked or possibly even killed, you have to wonder what will happen when whites are in the minority……many thanks to those in the BBC who think such diversity is so fabulous and cosmopolitan….

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18 Responses to Pros and Cons

  1. Pounce says:

    BBC One’s Casualty kicks off new series with special two-part episode
    “Following the 30th Anniversary One Shot series finale, BBC One today announced that Britain’s longest running medical drama, Casualty will return later this summer, starting with a two-part episode set in France. Made by BBC Studios, the opener sees Dylan (Will Beck), David (Jason Durr), Louise (Azuka Oforka) and Alicia (Chelsea Halfpenny) head to a refugee camp in Northern France to offer medical assistance. Shown over two weeks, the story centres around Dylan, who bonds with 12 year-old Sanosi and his sister Mariam at the camp, and later finds himself in a difficult situation over their future. The episodes are written by Dana Fainaru and Dominique Maloney, directed by Steve Brett and were filmed in Fishguard and Cardiff.

    Ah sweet. I wonder which 30 year old actor the bBC used to play 12 year old Sanosi?


  2. Fedup says:

    I suppose if you what to get commissioned by al Beeb for a script you must acknowledge certain al Beeb priorities like refugees good law enforcement wrong. Non white is a victim – whitee is always the offended – that sort of thing.

    It must just be a tick box job.

    This is probably because al Beeb can’t produce good drama any more – flogs dead horses like casualty and east Enders and happily makes historic stuff but slides a non white face in if they can.


  3. Doublethinker says:

    Isn’t all this stuff about white people being racist a hate crime? I for one am extremely offended by it. Surely even the Abbott defence of it being impossible for black people to be racist , an early sign of her present well documented insanity, fails in this case.
    As understand the present law , if I feel offended by something someone says, or does , or even doesn’t do , like not sitting next to me on a train, not sure about park benches though, then it is a hate crime and the other person is guilty. There is no defence , no need for evidence or witnesses. It is a perverse law but nonetheless it is the law and so this chap must be guilty, after all we are all equal under the law. Well we used to be in that awful nasty, racist ,facist country we used to live in before we were enriched , but now we demonstrably aren’t . If a white person said anything like this chap has said they would be in prison in double quick time and lucky to get out alive. What a mess we are in.


    • Wild Bill says:

      DT remember the case a couple of years ago when an Asian girl who was something to do with diversity at one of our Universities put up signs about a meeting, saying ‘no white men allowed at the meeting’?
      It went to court but she was let off.


      • Pounce says:

        The racist bitch wearing comfortable shoes in question, is Mizz-Take Bahar Mustafa who after escaping that incident had to quit just weeks later after she was accused of bullying a fellow colleague.
        Bahar Mustafa: Goldsmiths student diversity officer in race storm ‘I’m quitting’
        I’d like to call this racist a female sex organ (I used that term as so many people object to c–t) but I can’t as female sex organs are useful.


        • MarkyMark says:

          Self identify as a Dwarf Woman and walk straight in!
          There is no spoon – just 71 genders and counting.


        • GRIM REAPER says:

          Would you employ her?….she will be a parasite on the feather-bedded public sector somewhere, horrible creature, truly horrible…..and there are countless imbeciles just like her….we need a good clear out…look at that black bastard in Cambridge, how did he get there?…these people are a huge drain on our resources…..get rid of them….and the people that made them what they are..poisonous creeps, of no worth whatsoever..


        • GRIM REAPER says:

          Would you employ her?….she will be a parasite on the feather-bedded public sector somewhere, horrible creature, truly horrible…..and there are countless imbeciles just like her….we need a good clear out…look at that black bastard in Cambridge, how did he get there?…these people are a huge drain on our resources…..get rid of them….and the people that made them what they are..poisonous creeps, of no worth whatsoever..


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      Perhaps Abbott would like to inform the Kenyan and Ugandan Asians who were ethically cleansed from those countries in the late 1960s and early 1970s due to the Africanisation policies of their black African rulers.

      Of course that couldn’t possibly be considered Racism, could it?


  4. GRIM REAPER says:

    I wish this group every success, we need a similar group in the UK…expose the Left and the BBC as traitors and facilitators for an Islamic state in Britain…Britain First and the EDL are there now, they need support, both muscle and intellectual…Christ almighty, how far does the rot go?….can so-called ‘intelligent’ people in power and in the Uni’s etc be so utterly thick?…it seems they are.


  5. Dystopian says:

    I’m sick to the back teeth of this fake narrative, being forced down everyone’s throats, that any group or individual who wants to DEFEND Europe or wears a FCK ISIS t-shirt, therefore must be “far right” FFS!
    If you want to defend your country now from forced islamisation you are “far right” or a “nazi”? Really?
    Well if this shower of shit generation of snowflakes were up against Hitler today we’d all be f***ed!


  6. MarkyMark says:

    Religious Trouble in Richard Branson’s Paradise –
    Maldives president vetoes marital rape bill as ‘un-Islamic’ {washingtonpost jan2014}
    NEW DELHI — Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen has refused to ratify a bill that seeks to partially criminalize marital rape, calling it “un-Islamic.” (revealing Yameen’s thinking in 2014)
    The parliament voted 67-2 last month to limit a husband’s right to have non-consensual sex with his wife. The bill says a husband cannot force his wife to have sex if the couple have filed for divorce, dissolution or mutual separation, and if the intent is to transmit a sexual disease.

    Maldives president faces ‘removal plot’, BBC learns { aug2016}
    ‘This month has already seen a strict defamation law come in to force, with stiff punishments for comments or actions considered insulting to Islam or which “contradict general social norms”, and tighter restrictions on demonstrations.‘ (revealing Yameen’s thinking in 2016 inline with Turkey?)

    Branson urges Maldives boycott if government resumes executions for the first time in 60 years {telegraph – jul2017}
    Holiday firms offering trips to the paradise Indian Ocean islands of the Maldives have been urged by rights activists to condemn the expected execution of three young men that will bring a brutal end to the country’s 60 year moratorium on the death penalty.
    Sir Richard Branson has described the reported decision by Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen to revive executions as “an awful political move that will send the country back to the Dark Ages of human rights.”

    – I wonder if this will shake up Richard Bransons perfect World as we go back to the Dark Ages of human rights, guided by religion and totalitarian control?


  7. Fol-de-rol says:

    Just posted a couple of off-topic replies on the BBC’s Have Your Say. One stayed on but one was deleted. The one asking when we would get a report about the hate crime convictions in Liverpool was the one deleted.

    BBC touchy about hate crime then. Some of it anyway …..


    • StewGreen says:

      screenshot your posts if they are important

      BTW Support Our Lefty should do the BBC comments sometime.
      Beeboids would then be confused about whether they should delete them.


    • GRIM REAPER says:

      Fol-de-rol….I think they are not only touchy..but selective too on hate crime….


  8. Spider says:

    A couple of years ago, as a copper in south London a colleague and myself were dealing with an Afghan man who had just turned 18. He was being deported back to Afghanistan, after spending 4 years in education here. A nice enough fellow and we both quite liked him. After passing him into the care of the immigration service my colleague stated that it was awful that this young man who could be a real asset to our country was being deported against his will. I countered that the only way Afghanistan will ever advance is with the help of young men like him. We have spent blood and money trying to get that country on the level, but at the end of the day it will be Afghans who build their future. If we allow the best to leave and settle here we may as well give up and level the country.


  9. pertelote says:

    agree..send all of them back.


  10. imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

    My take on the whole thing is that we can’t expect any properly functioning prosperous African or Middle Eastern societies to form for another 200 years minimum. It’s rule by the strongest tribe who take all the spoils and I can’t see that changing very quickly.

    So their ever growing populations will seek out a way to live elsewhere. Currently this is only white western nations with welfare, but that will easily finish our economies within 50 years.

    So the remaining minority must be forced to up sticks to keep a semblance of civilisation around them.

    Who would take us in? South America, the Chinese bloc, Eastern Europe and Russia possibly.

    Or there is an outside chance that Trump’s protectionist and nationalist leanings will take hold and Canada & Australia will be swept up in the enthusiasm. I’m not holding my breath though, the leftist/globalist leviathan won’t give up too easily.

    As I’ve probably said before, Western Europe is too far gone. Even with Brexit, given the leadership we have on offer, and the marxists entrenched and seemingly untouchable in the public sphere – I can’t see the UK pulling back from the brink either.