The BBC’s stealth on Health…good news is no news



Over the past week I’ve heard on the BBC that the NHS is failing and that we are lagging desperately behind the rest of the world…hmmm…what I hadn’t heard were the results of the latest Commonwealth Fund survey on health systems from around the world….possibly because the BBC wasn’t making its the results headline news for some reason.

Here’s possibly why…

The NHS has been ranked the number one health system in a comparison of 11 countries.

The UK health service was praised for its safety, affordability and efficiency, but fared less well on outcomes such as preventing early death and cancer survival.

So ‘the NHS has been judged the best, safest and most affordable healthcare system out of 11 countries analysed and ranked by experts from the influential Commonwealth Fund health thinktank.’

The BBC slips in…

The UK health service was praised for its safety, affordability and efficiency, but fared less well on outcomes such as preventing early death and cancer survival.

What it misses out is that we are rapidly improving our death prevention….

In general, the U.K. achieves superior performance compared to other countries in all areas except Health Care Outcomes, where it ranks 10th despite experiencing the fastest reduction in deaths amenable to health care in the past decade.


How can the NHS be top after being sold off to the lowest-bidding private contractor, nurses having to go to food banks, what nurses there are left in the NHS that is, and an NHS in critical condition on the brink of destruction that, as the last post told us, only Labour can save?

Or as the Guardian puts it….

The NHS has held on to the top spot despite the longest budget squeeze in its 69-year history, serious understaffing and the disruption caused by a radical restructuring of the service in England in 2013.

Those other countries…third world no-hopers?…hardly…and Obamacare is working well no?….

The rankings

  1. UK
  2. Australia
  3. Netherlands
  4. Norway
  5. New Zealand
  6. Sweden
  7. Switzerland
  8. Germany
  9. Canada
  10. France
  11. United States






On Friday R4 broadcast Labour’s manifesto pledges on the NHS but in a comic voice…though why I don’t know as it was pretty comic to begin with.  I thank you!

‘Polyoaks’, written by a doctor, Phil Hammond, described by the Guardian as “One of the most entertainingly subversive people on the planet.”, was a scathingly political blast on behalf of the NHS….I’m guessing Dr Hammond doesn’t think the NHS is safe in Tory hands as he suggests without Labour to fight for it the NHS is doomed…


You have to laugh at the below as the BBC has spent so many hours denying there is a problem with people getting to see GPs…as to admit it might be an admission that social care is not the only thing putting pressure on A&E…and that would put Labour and their money for nothing contracts with GPs in the frame for some blame….


Polyoaks was a rant against the state of the NHS now and blaming it on the Tories…social care, internal markets and privatisation.  This episode ended with thoughts that the NHS was to be devolved off to local government…or passing the buck and the responsibility as Polyoaks put it.  ‘This is the end of the NHS’ we are told.

‘Will it be good for the patients?’ the ‘Machiavellian’ boss was asked.  Her reply…‘I don’t give a damn, I’m off’.


Slightly political, biased and histrionic?  Of course, it’s the BBC in campaign mode.



Towering injustice


Jonathan Freedland and the BBC like to use historical events to understand and inform the present….using their own interpretation naturally.  This week we were treated to a comparison of a fire in Glasgow to the one at Grenfell Tower.…Freedland told us this was a story about those with power and those with too little….in other words we don’t actually neeed an inquiry because Freedland has already passed judgement…it was those in power who ignored the concerns of the powerless and continued on regardless either knowingly or recklessly disregarding safety regulations and not bothering to even consider if the materials they were using were suitable…and all because they put private money and profit before public safety.  Cancel the inquiry…job’s done already!

Perhaps Freedland would like an idea for next week’s programme…perhaps comparing the current ‘invasion’ of Europe to what happened to Rome….as mentioned in the previous post:

Will we see Europe destroyed along with all its values, beliefs, culture and economy?….welcome to the new Dark Ages……[from an official government forecast, 2007, of what the future holds…and its here already]

Britain and Europe face being overrun by mass migration from the Third World within 30 years, a senior Royal Navy strategist claimed yesterday.

In an apocalyptic vision of security dangers, Rear Admiral Chris Parry forecast ‘reverse colonisation’, where migrants become more dominant than their hosts.

He said the seeds of the problem were spiralling population growth and environmental destruction.

In the competition for resources, many would flee their homelands and head en masse for better places such as Britain.

The Internet, cheap foreign travel and free international phone calls would hasten the demise, he said, because new migrants would stay connected with their homelands rather than assimilate into the host country’s culture.

His prognosis is that Western civilisation faces a threat on a par with the collapse of the Roman Empire after the 5th century invasion of Rome by the Goths, the East Germanic tribe.

Trigger-happy triggered ‘liberals’



The good news 2007:

Ideological conflicts are likely to occur and extremist groups may use violence to achieve political objectives. There may be a resurgence of anti-capitalist ideologies, such as Marxism. Diaspora communities are likely to increase in size and influence and many will bring economic benefits to their host states. However, those that fail to integrate are likely to remain reservoirs for resentment. Some of these groups are likely to become involved in ideologically driven conflicts, and may act as proxies for other states.


A right-wing journalist has been thrown off the funding platform Patreon because she is right-wing….Patreon says it is because she was usng funds to ‘take part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life’…such as the activities of Italian groups that are trying to stop the reckless picking up and transportation to Italy of thousands of migrants by NGO charities….whose activities result in loss of life and countless ‘rescued’ lives mired in misery as the migrants are trafficked and prostituted across Europe or drown on the way to this splendid new life promised to them by Merkel and Mark Easton.

Trouble is she wasn’t ‘taking part’ but going as a journalist…much as the BBC itself did it its own inimicable and prejudiced fashion….straight off these are not ‘rescue ships’ they actually encourage the migrants to take the huge risks and so are facilitating that loss of life and  subsequent depradations suffered by those who do make it to Europe…let’s have the platform that funds the BBC ban the BBC for taking part in activities that will cause loss of life… more TV licence until the BBC stops promoting a free and murderous taxi service across the Med and stops promoting Islamist terrorist and anti-Semitic narratives…..

Migrant crisis: ‘Hipster right’ group trying to stop rescue ships

They call themselves Generation Identity. Made up of mainly 20-something tech-savvy members, the Identitarian movement has been described as the hipster right.

Fiercely anti-immigration and anti-Muslim, its aim is to stop mass migration to Europe. With headquarters in Austria and France, the group may be small in size, but its message is starting to resonate in Italy – a country where sympathy for migrants is wearing thin.

As the number of people seeking to reach Europe rises again, Italy continues to be the major point of entry for those arriving illegally on boats – particularly in the south.

However, attitudes are hardening and now this new “alt-right” movement says it will do whatever it can to protect Italian identity and culture from outsiders.

So already dismissed as ‘fiercely anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim’ as if there were no reason for their concerns..and why ‘fiercely’?  That’s a perjorative term.  The BBC does admit this…

The vast majority are not refugees fleeing war, but are considered economic migrants and mainly come from sub-Saharan Africa and as far as the Indian sub-continent.

…but soon reverts to type as it accuses the group of exploiting the crisis for their own ends rather than having genuine grounds for concern….

Italy is feeling the full burden of these new arrivals and there are now concerns that anti-immigration activists are exploiting the crisis for their own ends, calling for the “remigration” of second and third generation immigrants and the closure of mosques.

The BBC report ends with this:

While the crisis continues, so will criticism of the humanitarian effort. As will the message of intolerance.

And a solution? No end in sight.

So the BBC’s final conclusion?  The attempts to stop the flow of illegal economic migrants are ‘intolerance’…let’s ignore all the problems, many which the BBC did admit to in this piece, and yet as usual with the BBC they manage to dismiss all those concerns with a glib and simplistic good/bad  portrayal…good humanitarian rescuers and evil, intolerant anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim neo-Nazis.

And an end in sight could be in sight…you just have to say no, you’re not coming in…and they will stop coming.  You just have to have, as Trump said, the will to defend your society, culture and economy….the BBC’s sanctimonious, self-righteous, virtue signalling, cowardly vanity will destroy Europe and ironically destroy the lives of the migrants who come here.

The likes of Mark Easton don’t seem to have the brains nor the backbone to tackle the crisis and do what is necessary….he just couldn’t bare to be thought of as ‘racist’ or lacking compassion…and so is prepared to see Europe destroyed along with all its values, beliefs, culture and economy….welcome to the new Dark Ages……

Britain and Europe face being overrun by mass migration from the Third World within 30 years, a senior Royal Navy strategist claimed yesterday.

In an apocalyptic vision of security dangers, Rear Admiral Chris Parry forecast ‘reverse colonisation’, where migrants become more dominant than their hosts.

He said the seeds of the problem were spiralling population growth and environmental destruction.

In the competition for resources, many would flee their homelands and head en masse for better places such as Britain.

The Internet, cheap foreign travel and free international phone calls would hasten the demise, he said, because new migrants would stay connected with their homelands rather than assimilate into the host country’s culture.

His prognosis is that Western civilisation faces a threat on a par with the collapse of the Roman Empire after the 5th century invasion of Rome by the Goths, the East Germanic tribe.


Safe spaces for the space cadets



Mark Steyn on the Liberal-Islamo-Fascist mindset that has polluted the world….




And right on cue….

‘You wouldn’t tag hummus’ Angry shopper accuses Sainsbury’s of ‘corporate racism’ after he found £3.80 TIN of Jamaican delicacy security tagged in a south London store

Speaking to MailOnline, he said: ‘Whether it was an accident or intentional, this is corporate racism at its worst.

‘It’s a metal can of produce that is very popular with a community that has huge issues with poor stereotypes permeated by bigoted old, white people.

‘Why would they not put high value items in security tags, why put something so specific? It’s just something very openly racist, it’s subtle and frankly quite evil.

The technology expert was shopping in his local supermarket this afternoon when he noticed a whole shelf of the delicacy had been placed in security boxes - despite only being worth £3.80 with reduced items 


Heard it on the Gripe Vine

Image result for money money money gifs


Vine: “I’m there as having a salary of between £700,000 and £750,000. How do you justify that?”

Purnell: “You’re fantastic…”


Tim Vine had the world’s funniest one-liner but his brother, apparently on £80 grand for a one night stand, has prompted the BBC to come up wth their own hilarious killer one-liner…because he’s worth it…

“His experience of political, live and overseas reporting means he is also important as a co-presenter of major national events like General Elections and referendums.”


From the Telegraph:

Jeremy Vine was paid as much as £80,000 for just one programme on the night of the Scottish independence referendum.

A well-placed source has told The Daily Telegraph that the BBC offered Vine the sum for working on the 2014 referendum. The payment was separate to his earnings as a presenter on Radio 2 and as host of television quiz show Eggheads and other programmes.

Vine did not present the show but appeared on a regular basis throughout the evening explaining how the result would likely pan out based on results as they came in.

It is not clear whether Vine is paid similar sums for general elections on top of his other work – but it is thought likely he negotiates a fee for each event. It is not known if Vine received similar fees for the two general elections and the EU referendum as well.

Extraordinary how  the BBC is so free and easy with licence fee payers’ money….and yet they still hunt down and lock up single mother’s on benefit for non-payment of its tax-with-menaces.


The arrogance and ‘just don’t get it’ stupidity of some is astonishing as they mock those who are asking why the BBC thinks they are worth it……

Lineker joked about the furore over his pay yesterday by tweeting: 'This whole BBC salary exposure is an absolute outrage... I mean, how can Chris Evans be on more than me?'

Hours before his pay was revealed, Lineker tweeted: 'Happy BBC salary day. I blame my agent and the other TV channels that pay more. Now where did I put my tin helmet?'


Nolan is astonishingly well paid [over £400k] for some backwater presenter who showers his callers with contempt and derision….if you question the wisdom of mass, uncontrolled immigration you are unChristian, lack compassion and clearly don’t have children or otherwise you would feel for all the dead child ‘refugees’ like Aylan Kurdi…and you obviously don’t he suggests.  I’m sure the BBC could get one of those shouty street persons in to do the exact same job…price…a few bevvies.

Image result for stephen nolan eating


Guess it is a case of easy come easy go with BBC funds.  Perhaps time for a change.


The BBC reality: left-wing to its very core

Here’s a great post over on The Shy Society….make sure you read it in full.

“The BBC is routinely accused of bias from the left and the right – therefore it must actually be pretty centrist,” is the line you often hear.

This is a lazy argument and one which we will return to shortly. But let’s just say for a minute that the statement was true and the BBC did represent the middle-ground and the status quo, would that suddenly legitimise their performance? Surely as a public broadcaster they should represent the public? And if the last 18 months has taught us anything it’s that Britain is deeply divided politically – more and more people have moved to either the left or right of politics and reject what they see as the establishment looking after self-interests.

That aside, the argument that the BBC is indeed centrist simply doesn’t stack up when you listen to insider accounts or examine the evidence. Around seven years ago popular newsreader Peter Sissons lifted the lid on his 20 years at the Beeb by saying that its very DNA was “firmly of the left”. He went on to explain that by far the most widely read newspapers were the failing Guardian and Independent and that producers would routinely refer to them for the line to take on running stories.

“I am in no doubt that the majority of BBC staff vote for political parties of the Left,” he explained. “But it’s impossible to do anything but guess at the numbers whose beliefs are on the Right or Centre-Right. This is because the one thing guaranteed to damage your career prospects at the BBC is letting it be known that you are at odds with the prevailing and deep-rooted BBC attitude towards life, the universe and everything.”

Click to read the full article here!

The Problem

That the strangle-hold which the middle-class liberal elite have over our culture and society — without having anything close to hegemony — will be tightened still further, and their [right-wingers] views marginalised or even criminalised. And the excuse given will be they are trying to stop us being blown up, or stabbed to death on London Bridge. That’s my worry too — that in order to placate the sensitivities of the adherents of a recently imported culture, the beliefs of indigenous people will be proscribed. When there is not the remotest comparison between them.

Rod Liddle today in the Spectator


The problem with the BBC is that many people who should know better think there is no problem with the BBC…and then there are those, like Tory MPs, who don’t have the courage to put it to the sword even as it does everything it can to destroy them and their party.

Here’s an almost completely delusional take on the BBC from Stephen Daisley in the Spectator as he recognises failing grandeur but can’t bring himself to send the BBC to the vet thinking the old guard dog is still the faithful and fit watchdog rather than the corpulent, bloated, greedy, self-interested and slightly rabid mutt that it has become:

In defence of the BBC: a force for unity in a divided Britain

The BBC is our other national religion and like the NHS it inspires a devotional intensity that can be a little creepy.

By any sensible assessment, the Beeb invites a lukewarm response. What it does well, it does better than any broadcaster in the world. Its news and current affairs output is eclectic, comprehensive and informative.

Its news and current affairs programmes are untrustworthy, partisan and shaped to promote the liberal intelligentsia’s world view not facts or news.

At moments of national triumph or catastrophe, it is the reassuring voice of British resolve and self-deprecating celebration.

A voice of national resolve?  The BBC that would sell us out to the EU rather see an independent and energised Britain breaking free of its EU shackles, the BBC that when bombs go off promotes the bomber’s message, the BBC that always talks Britain down.

And yes, it annoys. In BBCland, immigration is Congolese restaurants and cheap nannies, not bulging classrooms and community tensions. The LGBT debate is no debate at all; anyone who dissents is a bigot and a Jesus freak. Refugees are all genuine and everyone who lives outside London is probably racist. Islam is a religion of peace and Brexiteers incipient domestic terrorists. Its voice may no longer toll in crisp RP tones but it is still predominantly middle class, graduate, and southern. It is the voice of a monolith that demands money with menaces from the poor and non-conforming. It is gratingly aloof, unresponsive to its coerced customers, and hostile to all criticism except the theatrical and self-justifying auto-flagellation in which it occasionally engages.

All very serious charges that anyone with a degree of common sense and some backbone would realise made the BBC more ‘an enemy of the people’ than their friend and protector.

But when you consider the merit of maintaining a public service broadcaster in 2017 you appreciate that not only is the BBC still worthwhile, it is more necessary than ever. Crucially, it’s a force for unity in a Britain divided by identity and fractured by devolution. A national news broadcast confirms our shared concerns and priorities….It is a silent rejoinder to the Prime Minister’s philosophy, a platform where we can be citizens of the world and citizens of somewhere at the same time.

A crucial force for unity?  LOL.  The BBC that sets the rich against the poor, the BBC that sets young against old, the BBC that works to smash the United Kingdom due to  the Left’s hate of ‘Britain’ and what they see as its dangerous power and influence in the world and of course by dividing Britain it leaves it open for the EU to move in and to rule over us, the BBC that works hard to foster the hate and division between Remainers and Leavers, a BBC that encourages open borders and mass immigration having no concern for the destruction of society that would entail and the ‘tribal’ ghettos of the different communities that arise and end in violent conflict.  Yep, working for unity…that’s the BBC alright.

The rise of fake news and the ascendancy of Trump and Corbyn make the BBC all the more needed. Liberal societies can endure many trials but not the absence of universal facts. Without a commonly-agreed set of facts and a referee to uphold them Trump winning the popular vote and Corbyn advancing peace in Ulster become alternative truths — plausible, perhaps preferable.

The BBC is fake news.  This site can ony possibly list a minute proportion of the highly political and partisan material that comes out of the BBC….there is a vast torrent of ‘fake news’ flowing forth from the BBC everyday all day.  And for the BBC to appoint itself as the ‘referee’ of what can be termed ‘fake news’ or not is beyond parody….like the Catholic Church in charge of child abuse investigations.

Daisley ends with this:

In the end, the BBC is neither straightforwardly Left nor Right. It is a taxpayer-funded national educator staffed by the London intelligentsia — a social democrat’s reverie. It is also a conservative institution, entrenching tradition, maintaining continuity and lending reverential pomp to the monarchy, the church, and Parliament. Our times are afflicted at once by popular cynicism and idealism run amok. The BBC, itself an alloy of the two, is a bulwark against both.

Hmmm…the BBC a conservative institution?…..the BBC that is anti-Royalty, anti-Christianity and anti-democracy [in that it wants a one party state…run by Labour]…and anti ‘popular cynicism’?  Would that ‘popular cynicism’ be a vote against the EU?  Not cynicism but an informed, reasoned and appropriate response to being railroaded by the liberal intelligentsia into remaining under the tyranny of the undemocratic EU…and as for a bulwark against ‘idealism’…this is the BBC that supports Corbyn and his violent Marxist running mates as they seek to impose their crazed economic, social and political dogmas upon us…their lies, hypocrisy and violence going unchecked by the BBC.

The BBC is a force for disunity, for violent inter-communal conflict, for political chicanery unchecked, for destruction of nation states and national identity, for what will be the end of an organised and stable State…the end of the NHS, the end of free schooling, the end of peace and trust as communities divide, the end of the welfare state system as the whole world tries to ‘sign on’ when the BBC continues to invite them to our increasingly overcrowded shores.

The BBC is in denial about the consequences of its policies [the consequences that are playing out before us as we watch as Merkel’s ‘humane and compassionate’ policy on migration destroys Germany and with it the whole of Europe]

Shame some commentators on the BBC also seem in denial even as they admit the huge problems.  Daisley thinks that because the SNP’s Tartan Brownshirts, the Muslim Jihadists and the Corbyn street thugs, all attack the BBC the BBC must be ‘impartial’ and be reporting accurately on these groups…this shows a complete lack of undertsanding, one of the fact that the BBC actually supports these groups but that these groups don’t care…their intent is to make absolutely sure you are too afraid to say anything negative or critical of them and they will use any means to enforce that.  Hitler, who better to ask, tells us the truth about these ‘mad-dog exercises’ of intimidation and bullying…

Before two years had passed, the theory as well as the technical methods of Social Democracy were clear to me.
I understood the infamous spiritual terror which this movement exerts, particularly on the bourgeoisie, which is neither morally nor mentally equal to such attacks; at a given sign it unleashes a veritable barrage of lies and slanders against whatever adversary seems most dangerous, until the nerves of the attacked persons break down and, just to have peace again, they sacrifice the hated individual.
However, the fools obtain no peace.
The game begins again and is repeated over and over until fear of the mad dog results in suggestive paralysis.


And as Douglas Murray says in the Spectator:

‘European values’ won’t last long without national borders

In an email to Bloomberg, Soros says that his foundation is trying to ‘uphold European values’ while Orban is trying to ‘undermine those values’.  Making it clearer, Soros writes of Orban:

‘His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle.  Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.’ 

Putting aside Soros’s depiction of the hundreds of thousands of people coming into Europe as ‘refugees’ rather than – more accurately in most cases – ‘economic migrants’, perhaps in the next round the Hungarian Prime Minister can point out to Mr Soros that without national borders those ‘European values’ he seems so keen on will be blown away like so much sand.