Ofcom level fraud by BBC News

The BBC is censoring news that is highly inconvenient to its own pro-EU narrative…it is erasing from the record the fact that majority in Britain want Brexit to happen and that includes many Remain voters who think we should get on with it.  One of The most significant of issues of the present day, if not much much longer, and the BBC is redacting the truth, producing what is fake news, post-truth nonsense shaped to suit its own agenda as it hopes to sideswipe the democratic process and subvert the referendum vote.

This is the BBC taking part in the political process rather than merely reporting and informing on it.  The pro-EU Lord Hall Hall should be brought to book rather than allowed to continue to corrupt British politics in the way he is doing.

A major new study by the London School of Economics and Oxford University has confirmed previous studies that showed the highly significant outcome of a big majority in Britain supporting Brexit, and a Brexit that means Brexit not some half in half out pantomime that is in fact us still being in the EU….from the Telegraph…

Most Remain voters now back taking control of borders, leaving ECJ and paying no Brexit divorce bill

The majority of Remain voters now agree that Britain should take control of its borders after Brexit, end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and pay little or nothing to leave the EU.

A major survey of more than 20,000 people revealed that an overwhelming majority of voters now prefer a so-called “hard Brexit” to a soft one.

Almost 70 per cent of people said they preferred a deal with the European Union which ended membership of the single market, ongoing payments and continued freedom of movement.

A similar percentage of people said they would prefer “no deal” to a “soft Brexit”.

Professor Sara Hobolt of the LSE said:

“Overall… there is on aggregate higher levels of support for outcomes that resemble the ‘hard Brexit’ position put forward by the government. Remain voters are willing to acknowledge that there are key negotiation outcomes – e.g. limits to freedom of movement – that they may not like, but that these outcomes still respect the referendum vote and are therefore legitimate. In other words, Remain voters concede that the features that lead them to prefer a particular negotiation outcome do not, in fact, respect the referendum.”

This is utterly at odds with what the Remain camp want you to belief, it is completely and utterly at odds with what the BBC has been telling us for the last year or more…it is as Guido says, a body blow to their spin and rhetoric.

Just as the BBC didn’t report the last such survey it fails to mention this one…what does it make its headline news?

Former Tory aide renews call for anti-Brexit party

That headline alone is a huge lie, a massive attempt to fool the pubilc by misdirection…for the man is in fact none other than James Chapman, George Osborne’s sidekick, arch Remainer and in fact one of the architects of Remain’s ‘Project Fear’…you can’t get more ‘Remain’ than this fellow….and it’s not the first time the BBC has provided him with an unadulterated platform for his EU propaganda as we’ve noted before….Project Fear continues courtesy of the BBC…. and the BBC went on to use Chapman’s claims to spread further fear about the ECJ and nuclear material, not to mention Brexit causing cancer.

The BBC now reports…

The former chief of staff to Brexit Secretary David Davis has said leaving the EU will be a “calamity for our country”.

James Chapman claimed two cabinet ministers had expressed interest in a new centre party to oppose Brexit.

He also claimed that the Conservatives will struggle to win a majority again.

He has called for a new party – called the Democrats – to oppose Brexit. Speaking to the Today programme, he claimed that the “two main parties have been captured by their fringes”.

The BBC has been the Remain Campaign’s enthusiastic mouthpiece as it seeks to undermine and thwart Brexit, giving them priceless support and endless alarmist headlines that continues Poject Fear on a daily basis.  From the start, straight after the referendum, the BBC has tried to create the idea that Brexit voters now regret their decision and want to change their mind…they used the election of pro-EU LibDem Sarah Olney in Richmond as ‘proof’ that the tide had turned against Brexit…despite Richmond being a majority Remain seat anyway.  This was big news for the BBC….big news that suddenly vanished when Tory Zac Goldsmith won the seat back in 2017…thus pulling the rug from under the BBC’s narrative…so they just shut up and didn’t mention it anymore.

That narrative of regretful Brexit voters has been disproved again and again, made all the more significant because even Remain voters want to get on with Brexit, and yet each time the BBC has hidden the results of those surveys and not publicised them….despite them actually showing a polar opposite in public opinion to what the BBC claims.

These public opinions are important….they tell us that they want to get on with Brexit, a ‘hard Brexit’ in perjorative BBC terms, and the sooner the better.  The BBC on the other hand does all it can to spread confusion and uncertainty as it helps Remain with a daily dose of alarmist tales [only today it is recycling the pro-EU Times’ tale of people not being able to sue the government for breaking EU law…hmmm…if we’re out of the EU we’re not subject to EU law so I’d have thought that was a given and not a ‘risk’ of Brexit.].  The BBC and Remain are in fact doing enormous harm to the Brexit negotiations, and they’re doing it deliberately in the hope that the negotiations breakdown in a mire of complex issues that they will try to exploit by producing sensationalist headlines that suggest an issue is so controversial, and its resolution so negative for the UK, that MPs or cabinet members will rise up against it….and they will do this for every issue, bogging down negotiations until everyone is so exasperated that they throw in the towel…and go cap in hand back to the EU to beg forgiveness and to be let back into the club.

Under such circumstances the EU is encouraged not to cooperate in the negotiations, to not produce a deal that will benefit everyone as it is led to believe Britain will eventually turn its back on Brexit and change its mind…it is in the EU’s interest to beggar the UK if they think that to do so will bring us back into the fold….why do a good deal if that means Brexit becomes a success…..and an example to others who might want to leave.

The BBC’s other main approach has been to report anything the EU says as plain common sense and the only real and sensible way of looking at things….if the EU says Britain’s position is confused and unplanned [the BBC reported similar claims from Chapman of course] then the BBC accepts that and reports it as fact…never mind it is clearly outright propaganda from the EU.

Guido notes a different take on things…obviously not reported by the BBC…

The City’s envoy to the EU has slammed the “bewildering” approach of Brussels to Brexit negotiations. In a dossier of dispatches seen by City AM, former LibDem Home Office minister and City of London Corporation special representative Jeremy Browne wrote:

“The inability of Brussels to comprehend British politics, or read the British character at the most elementary level, is bewildering… [there is] a recognition of the scale of the City of London, and acknowledgment that inflicting excessive harm on London would have negative consequences for the EU27 as well as for Britain”.

Browne said that EU efforts to pick on the City were motivated by:

“[a] supervisory and quasi-nationalistic desire to prevent business continuing as usual in London post-Brexit… they are affronted by the idea of London remaining brazenly unaffected.”

That is of course entirely true…and true also of the BBC which either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care what the British people think and want.

The EU would be mad to try and ‘punish’ Britain in order to put the frighteners on other possible Leavers and yet we know it is ultimately a political project that its unelected leaders are totally committed to and are absolutely determined to carryout until they get full economic and political union and the end of nation states regardless of economic cost….something the BBC neglects to mention as it continues to scaremonger about the ‘cost of Brexit’.



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14 Responses to Ofcom level fraud by BBC News

  1. Guest Who says:

    The BBC do like ‘formers’.

    Especially cheeky ones.


  2. Fedup says:

    The undemocratic structure of the EU is the chief source of people’s dissatisfaction with it. The legitimacy of any body or individual is always referred back to the Council of Ministers which is forever changing. It creates , by horse trading, the sort of career long administrators who push forward the ideal, in their mind, of a federal state of Europe.

    We , as Anglo saxons , could never really commit to a sub country within a federal state with the likes of Blair at the head of it.

    I reckon a lot of people who voted out think we came out the day after and would be shocked to think it hasn’t happened yet.

    I’m going to limit comment about the content of al Beeb news output as I am restricting it .


  3. chrisH says:

    Oh , it`s the BBC. Who here expects anything but this news grooming?
    Remaining and Impeachment-this is all that anything coming out of the BBC is intended for.
    Hence no mention of the EU in its horsemeat, its eggs, its Juncker scandals of expenses…let alone its involvement in Grenfell Towers.
    Nor any reports of endless surveys wanting an end of immigration, an end to Islamic panderings, its scorn for the trans-pond life, its respect for the Queen and for Trump as our flawed friend.
    The BBC will NEVER tell you any of this. Just spout endless tripe and lies over diversity, perversity and inclusion. Alinsky diversions and Chomsky tactics…with Gramsci and Allah to be grateful for the forced sacrifice of a national people. Sorry bub-I want the BBC binned as a spunk soaked jamrag on a mouldy bacon bap.
    Tongs and tactics.


    • Fedup says:

      Ha ha
      ‘A spunk soaked jamrag on a mouldy bacon bap”

      Shakespeare never dies !! Genious


  4. EnglandExpects says:

    I heard the interview with James Chapman on Today with increasing incredulity. The first first point to make is that Chapman was destroyed by Jacob Rees Mogg, who was interviewed alongside him. Chapman continually interrupted Rees Mogg and apart from being rude, came across as demented in his fantasy about his pro EU halt Brexit centre party. Much play was made by the BBC of his role with David Davis. As pointed out this is misleading – he’s a chum of Osborne and architect of Project Fear. It’s clear that Chapman is purveying the same lies 18 months on and is aided and abetted by the BBC.


    • Grant says:


      I had never heard of Chapman before today. Just seems like some unelected nonentity to me . Perfect for the BBC.


    • Fedup says:

      Now being an ex-Today long time listener ( remember jack DeManio) I listened to the JMR interview / chapman rant. I think chapman is on medication because his rant sounded more than anger fuelled. JRM didn’t bother engaging much but just swatted mr Chapman with a couple of specific comments.

      Every so often al Beeb put up someone for a ‘one nationremain party’ that smug no one paddy pantdown ( Millord) was rolled out from his country pile before the election and assumed in that sum way he has that people – voters would listen to him . Perhaps if these people felt so strongly about the Brexit referendum they’d have tried harder in the run up instead of trying to frighten people. There’s a lot wrong with our country but I still believe the British don’t like people/politicians trying to frighten them
      ‘Strong and stable’ didnt work either…


      • Grant says:


        Funny, but I was going to post earlier that I thought Chapman sounded as if he was on drugs.


  5. Deborahanother says:

    Its all over the media that more people now want a so called hard Brexit even among Remainers,so the BBC may try to hide it but its becoming more difficult.The egg story is out there too. The ongoing migrant crisis hasn’t gone away.

    I suppose they at leat had Rees Mogg on to give the opposing view to Mr Chapman .Thats a slight improvement.


  6. theisland says:

    Westmonster are now reporting that BuzzFeed “messed up” and said the survey was of 20,000 people, but it was in fact 3,293 individuals (based on a database of 20,000 choices).

    More fodder for the remoaners no doubt.


  7. charmbrights says:

    No point in complaining to Ofcom – it is staffed largely by ex-BBC types.


  8. Deborahanother says:

    I think if enough people complain to Ofcom then they have to take it seriously.They investigate at the drop of a hat when four people complain about soaps and adverts.


    • TruthSeeker says:

      They investigate at the drop of a hat – when it suits them.
      Otherwise they just take the money, take the perks, accept the pension and do SFA.
      Whatever anyone tells you it is part of the public sector.

      Ergo it is working for the public sector workers, for the left, against the best interests of the UK and its indigenous people.

      The promised bonfire of the QANGOs never happened, they are all still on the gravy train.
      It is our job to ensure that the gravy train hits the buffers at full speed.