Plod Plot?

Tory fury at police over claims conference checks failed to flag caution handed to Simon Brodkin in 2013 – as prankster launches tour to exploit stunt during PM speech

Nothing to do with BBC bias but an interesting thought…did the so-called comedian get into the Tory conference because police vetting him deliberately ‘missed’ his previous caution for similar behaviour?  The police who had been at loggerheads with May when she was Home Secretary and who have been known to stitch up Tory ministers they don’t like?  Any possibility they hoped to see May embarassed?  No, of course not.



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  1. Doublethinker says:

    In my view it is very likely that Labour activists orchestrated a whole bundle of dirty tricks aimed at reducing the Tory conference to a farce. The demonstrators who got past security and heckled JRM, the so called comedian offering the P45 to the PM , even the letters falling off during the PMs speech, after all the lettering hasn’t fallen off earlier in the week, all seem to me to have the smell of probable organisation by the hard left. The country is in great danger from what in effect will be a communist coup , albeit one given legitimacy by millions of Dunder heads who vote Labour at the next election. Brexit was all about retuning the power of democracy to the British people but look how stupidly they seem to be exercising that power at the moment.


    • Mice Height says:

      I’m genuinely fearful of a Corbyn government.
      I work for myself as a sole trader, and nearly all of my customers run small/medium sized businesses, which I’m sure wouldn’t withstand extreme Left policies.
      I’m too young to remember the Labour government of the 70’s, but it sounds as though it was horrendous for anyone who wasn’t in the public sector.
      Current tax rates must surely have us well to the wrong side of The Laffer Curve as it is.

      Yes, a few years of Labour would shatter the illusions of the naive students who make up Corbyn’s base, but the damage could be irreparable.
      It’s McDonnel who concerns me the most. I simply can’t imagine him allowing another election if he were to gain power. Thankfully our armed forces despise Labour.


      • Doublethinker says:

        I was in my twenties in the seventies and it was just as grim as you imagine it to have been. But it took some years before Labour and union masters were thrown out by the voters. Unfortunately even if the armed forces were prepared to mount a counter coup and overthrow Corbyn Communistas , which would be a step into the unknown for us, I don’t think that they have the numbers to do it. Each soldier would be faced by a thousand gullible snowflakes .Nor do I think the public ,brainwashed so effectively by the BBC , would accept it. Imagine if the soldiers ,who would undoubtedly be greviously provoked , retaliated and violence broke out the public mood would turn swiftly against the coup. No doubt egged on by the BBC. Mind you my advice to the generals would be to shut the BBC down for good as the first act of the coup and imprison all its senior management.
        Also the Queen would be forced to choose between a democratically elected Labour government, albeit a communist republican one, and an army coup. I think she would stick with democracy no matter how awful that was. All this makes the possibility of a Corbyn government so terrible because , like you , I suspect that once installed in power by democracy they would abolish democracy one way or another. We really are on a knife edge.


        • Mice Height says:

          If only the Conservatives were aware of the appetite for true conservative policies amongst the average, law-abiding, tax-paying Brit.
          They seem to think the country, and it’s people’s views, haven’t changed since 1st May 1997.

          Just some minor tweaks to policy on foreign aid, tax and immigration, would’ve given them a landslide at the last election, regardless of leader.


          • Rob in Cheshire says:

            The Conservatives are idiots.

            They blew an election against a communist-loving hard leftist, by dint of alienating their own voters.

            The message I took from the Conservative manifesto was:

            1. Foreign aid is sacrosanct. The government will spend £13 billion a year on it because, well… just because;


            2. If you own a house and fall ill with dementia in old age, forget the Welfare State, your house is now ours. Tough on your children, but we need the money for foreign aid (see point 1 above).

            The Conservatives treated their own voters with contempt, and tried to suck up to left wing SJWs who would not vote for them in a thousand years.

            If the Conservatives had stood on a policy of strong national defence, no foreign aid, only disaster relief, and zero third world immigration, they would have won a substantial majority, and Nicky Campbell’s head would have exploded. That’s what I call a win-win.

            The British people do not want socialism, they want a government which puts Britain and the British people first. It’s not complicated. It’s why President Trump won, and why Theresa May is a damp squib.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Dear Rob,
              You hit it on the head on both counts. It is truly beyond me. The even bigger sin this that the government is actually borrowing the money and then giving it away to non uk taxpayers to make politicians have a warm feeling. Trade not aid.

              I have experienced the States treatment of people with dementia and now know that the NHS wants to kill of anyone who gets old – doing so by policy. I’d privatise the self serving bugger instead of listen to them bleating about lack of resources. As with al Beeb.

              I think the people who vote have forgotten what a socialist government does – or in many cases are too young and too thick to realise until it happens and they find out what 5% + interest rates are like.


            • Doublethinker says:

              I agree but there is no party other than ukip who would have a manifesto like that but UKIP are far away from winning enough seats to take power. The game in British politics at present is to vote Tory because that way we slow down the move to the left (With the present PM we are still moving left but nowhere near as quickly as with Corbyn in No 10. ) in the hope that from somewhere a second Lady T emerges and sets us back on the right path. Of course whoever tries to emulate Lady T must not repeat her major error of not killing and dismembering the BBC.


              • honestus says:

                The points made about labour back in the 1970’s are spot on – however we are being sidetracked here.
                The Conservatives are in power for the next 5 years and an AWFUL lot of shit can happen in that time frame plus many of the kiddies who voted for him may have grown up by then.
                The DUP have no love whatsoever for the IRA loving Corbyn and will have no truck with him or his fantasying and will hold onto their piece of government.
                Policies can are often altered/amended/scrubbed if they are not ffp.
                All we need at the moment is concentrate on and rally behind those who would exit us from the European Super State – everything else is secondary and can be made good later – including abolishing the shite ‘national’ broadcaster.


            • Up2snuff says:

              RiC : “2. If you own a house and fall ill with dementia in old age, forget the Welfare State, your house is now ours. Tough on your children, but we need the money for foreign aid (see point 1 above).”

              The crazy thing with that in the manifesto was that the Conservatives were still planning to cut Inheritance Tax for the wealthy while putting a punitive charge on small estates. That latter ‘initiative’ has been dropped I think.

              Two truly bizarre thing was that whoever wrote the manifesto that Theresa May signed off and introduced to Cabinet, obviously had no idea of the UK tax code and no idea of the difference in house values across the UK.

              They were obviously locked into some London & south-east England bubble. On top of that, they do not appear to have checked what difference there is for day to day elderly care charges across the UK. I am guessing but I suspect that there is probably a mismatch in the two that would have led to problems.


              • Number 7 says:

                One word response.
                Second response, in more than one word.
                Sack the duplicitous bastard.


            • Jerry Owen says:

              Don’t forget the tories believe the state should own your body when you have expired unless you opt out.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Double ,
          It’s a big problem for the conservatives because there are so few real tories at the could anyone trust a real conservative manifesto which promises to look after British people first instead of bending over backwards for multicultural poison


      • MarkyMark says:

        Army imam says British Muslims can be good soldiers { 13jan2014}
        “The British armed forces’ first Muslim chaplain says there is no conflict in being a Muslim and fighting for Britain.
        Imam Asim Hafiz, an Islamic adviser to the Ministry of Defence, says Islam encourages the defence of life and country.
        Mr Hafiz, who was appointed by the MoD in 2005 and is one of two Muslim chaplains, says of the Afghanistan conflict: ‘There is no doubt a misunderstanding among the Muslim community that this is somehow a war against Islam.'”

        “”They did understand some individuals may manipulate the faith to encourage people to take up arms and fight but overwhelmingly were keen to promote that Islam is not at war with the world,” he says.”

        His duties have earned him recognition in the New Year Honours list after he was awarded an OBE: ‘I feel really humbled but I’m grateful for being recognised for the work I’ve done over the last nine years.’

        “‘Your country NEEDS you’ Imam (Asim Hafiz) calls for British Muslims to join the armed forces” { feb2017}

        – Since 2005! I hope they asked Asim Hafiz (British forces Muslim Chaplin since 2005) his thoughts on drawing cartoons, books of fiction, employment discrimination and Fort Hood?


        • Doublethinker says:

          I wouldn’t want to be an infantry soldiers with one of them behind me.


        • honestus says:

          “were keen to promote that Islam is not at war with the world,”
          No, just the non believing portion of it!


      • Up2snuff says:

        Mice Height, it actually wasn’t too bad under Labour after we got past the year of 25% inflation and the IMF bail out. The real damage had been done under Heath.

        The politics was still pretty febrile and the TUC and its member unions held sway. The big battles with those were still to come. Income tax rates were still high although Heath had shifted a lot of tax onto road fuels, then Denis Healey topped everything up with VAT at 25% on luxury items. We were better off then than after Geoffrey Howe’s disastrous first Budget. After we had sunk into stagnation we were having to live with a world recession and things really falling apart.

        Don’t believe the Laffer curve. It’s a myth. I’ve posted why already on B-BBC so it may come up if you search.

        McDonnell would be looking to succeed Corbyn, assuming Labour lasted a full Parliamentary term. He is a different kettle of fish. In my view neither can be trusted other than to press forward with whatever is in their manifesto at GE time.

        It could be interesting. Like watching a very slow motor racing accident combined with paint drying.

        The question is – who can someone who is extremely upset with the Conservatives vote for at the next election. LibDems? Greens? You’ve gotta be kiddin’! That leaves Labour. I am extremely cross with the PM going off to a coffee morning today when she should have been at Treasury with Phil Hammond & Mark Carney in tow. I have never, ever voted Labour.

        There’s always a first time.

        Trouble is, it might be the last.


        • Amounderness Lad says:

          The only thing the PM should be doing if she goes to the Treasury with Hammond and Carney isshowing them the exit door and then lock, bar and bolt it behind them. Both of them are more intent on undermining not only the British Economy but the whole of Britain itself. Both of them are more intent on seeing Britain brought to it’s knees than in wanting to see us standing on our own two feet.


          • Up2snuff says:

            I had in mind two tasks, one preparing for the worst like Corbyn & McDonnell claim or have to admit to having done, the other in preparation for what you would like to happen to them. Carney & Hammond need to be told fairly bluntly by the PM what she is expecting of them.

            That is, if she knows her own mind on matters strategic and economic. I have some lingering doubts. I would like the PM to dispel them for all our sakes.


        • Doublethinker says:

          If the unions held sway as you put it don’t you think that it was pretty awful? Labour was shite and wrecked the country by kowtowing to their union paymasters. Don’t you remember the massive loan we had to take from the IMF? Not too bad under Labour, you must have been living abroad mate.


  2. fakenewswatcher says:

    I always had the police down as a politically neutral force, only concerned with protecting the public. My conviction was shaken a little when they recently appeared to share details of a raid on Cliff Richard’s place with the BBC, who filmed it as it happened from a helicopter. Inappropriate? The BBC is certainly NOT politically neutral, so I began to wonder. Now the Heath business has erupted, given high prominence from the BBC, I wonder some more. Dominic Grieve -former Attorney General- said last night that there was absolutely nothing in the police report to suggest there was any objective evidence that Heath had done anything wrong. If that is so, why the seemingly huge effort on the part of the police to push this into the public eye? And again the apparent employment of the BBC to do it? They must know that mud will stick. Or is that the intention? What is it I don’t understand here?
    Meanwhile my little town does not have a police station, or even a single police officer. I do wonder whether police resources are being properly allocated. Looking at both the present and the previous home secretary, I wonder: would they have given the police any instructions to pursue such costly and apparently futile operations in preference to public protection? The taxpayer have had to pay out a number of other people who were falsely hounded, only for it to be found that fantasists had misled the police. Surely that should have prompted extreme caution in the Heath affair? What is it I don’t understand here?


    • Doublethinker says:

      The police were and judiciary were politicised by Blair, who moved his placemen and women into powerful positions , and subsequent Tory government have done little to undo that. Consequently the whole police and justice system is left leaning and happy to follow whichever agenda suits Labour or perhaps more accurately the liberal left.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Yes you can see that of the nature of the crimes they choose to pursue . Not drugs but free speach hate crimes , ‘extreme ‘ right wing groups ( ie those who don’t agree with liberal views) not Muslim organised sex gangs, right wing protests no mad imams cursing Christians and our country.

        People are blind.


      • Amounderness Lad says:

        You are absolutely right, Doublethinker. Does anybody else remember when, during a Generl Election, the Metropolitan Police had their marked police vehicles running round withlarge Vote Labour stickers on them with hardly anybody battin an eyelid about it?

        Prior to Blair coming to power even the slightest hint that the Police were involving themselves in Party Politics, especially during a General Election, would have been cosidered an outrgious abuse of their position and no Chief Constable or Commissioner would have risked permitting it to happen not only for fear of his/her job but for fear of their reputation.

        Even police officers right down to the lowest ranks were not permitted to involve themselves in politics even by becoming a member of a Political Party or by involving themselves in any organisation with political affiliatons or associations. Any serving police officer who was found to be flouting those rules would be disciplined and if the persisted would end up being dismissed.

        For the last two decades we now have senior police who are more concerned with openly displaying their ‘liberal’ political credentials than they are ensuring they are scrupulously politically neutral and intent on enforcing (oh haw the hate that word) the law without fear or favour, malice or ill will and the leftist bBBC are only too eager to to assist them in displaying such unacceptable political bias.


    • Number 7 says:

      Heath had been cleared of ‘the rape of an 11 yr. old boy’ by the Met some years ago.
      No response from Wiltshire Police!
      The BBC are on VERY dodgy ground with their implications.


    • charmbrights says:

      Justwait until you see what the next home secretary will do! (Assuming that “shadow” means anythng.)

      PS does she cast a shadow?


  3. Deborahanother says:

    Now getting stuck into Edward Heath deceased , on the say so of people who surfaced following a publicity trawl for possible abused.I had no time for Heath but really they need to spend the money on persuing the grooming gangs and abusers so rampant in our communities and very much alive.
    I went through the Labour years culminating in the winter of discontent and it was grim .But I think Corbyns lot will be worse .Any property owners should be worried .Power cuts will have a whole new meaning in this digital age .


  4. MarkyMark says:

    This is BBC’s view of Society Section on the homepage (06oct2017) …

    Which part of the UK has the fewest gay people? // What your mental health rights are at work // ‘I transitioned and lost my male privilege’

    Which part of the UK has the fewest gay people?
    – why is that a problem?

    What your mental health rights are at work
    – ‘Three charities got together to survey more than 3000 workers.’ – NO LINK TO THE REPORT!

    ‘I transitioned and lost my male privilege’
    – what about female privilege?

    – Is this your society or BBC’s version of society?

    “By 2020, the BBC wants its employees to comprise 50% women, 8% disabled people, 8% lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people and 15% people from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds.{ 14sep2017}””


  5. Amounderness Lad says:

    Alan, there was a time, deades ago, when the very hint of the police being involved in such behaviour would have had me, and with good cause, totally outraged at such a suggestion.

    However, after what has obvioulsy been seen to be happening in the selection of the most senior levels of the police, where a persons Politically Correct credentions are deemed far more important than their abilities concerning law enforcement and scrupulous even-handedness in carrying those duties out.

    I have now got to the state where any political bias, especially when it comes to any liberal-left leaning bias, come as not even the slightest surprise, in fact I have come to expect it.


    • Number 7 says:

      A Lad
      See my reply above.


    • honestus says:

      ‘I have now got to the state where any political bias, especially when it comes to any liberal-left leaning bias, come as not even the slightest surprise, in fact I have come to expect it.’

      I have neither seen nor have I heard of any signs of public right wing bias (including even in its mildest form) in many a year. I get all nostalgic for it as it normally comes with dollops of insight and common sense.


  6. StewGreen says:

    The union member teshnician might have been ordered to loosen the screws on the display letters


    • Number 7 says:

      More likely to have been using a magnet from behind the screen. My bets on Hammond/Rudd. As they were in the audience – where were their acolytes?


  7. Rick Bradford says:

    I’m beginning to think that the best thing for the UK would be a few years of Corbyinista government.

    Given the certainty that Labour would drive the economy and the society into the ground, the snowflakes would get such an almighty shock at how bad things get that they will wake up to reality and see that “justice” and “equity” look rather different when you’re the ones paying for it.

    That might, in turn, lead to more fact-based politics once Corbyn had been put in the tea lady’s rubbish sack.

    Whether the UK could recover from the inevitable ‘brain drain’ emigration is unclear — 3.5 million people emigrated in the 2000s alone, but it’s probably worth a try.


    • Clare says:

      I’ve thought about that – I understand the appeal – but I’ve rejected it. I don’t think it would be like a brief dose of Harold Wilson because the effects would be irreversible without bloodshed, which I wouldn’t rule out. We might be heading for that anyway.

      Britain has dabbled with socialism on a few occasions since WW2, becoming complacent after a few years of conservatism and thinking that a bit of touchy-feely socialism would be good for our souls. Certain sections of the middle class are particularly prone to this.

      I don’t believe we can afford the risk this time. Corbyn and his acolytes are zealots, dim, or both (even by Prescott standards). They lack even the modest streak of patriotism that was still around in Wilson’s day. At worst they’re downright scary. IMO, they would ruthlessly fix things to ensure that a Conservative government could never be re-elected, destroying institutions, cultural symbols, and stuffing the country even more with the wrong type of immigrant – we know who they are.

      Too dangerous to risk it, I think.


      • Guest Who says:

        Tend to agree.

        Cries for attention and help perched on the ledge are all well and good, but once en route from the top of the building it doesn’t take long and all ends in tears.



        • Clare says:

          Good way of putting it.

          And to resurrect an old joke: Saying “So far, so good” all the way down.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:


        The socialist governments we had in the 1960s and 70s were of course economically incompetent (they were socialists after all), but they did want the best for the British working class, even if their solutions did not work in practice.

        However, the New Labour government of 1997-2010 did something new and unprecedented: sensing that they were losing the support of the old white working class, they determined to replace them with a new population of immigrants who would always support their Labour benefactors. We know this to be true, hence the infamous “rub the right’s noses in diversity” comment.

        I am struggling to find any parallel in history for a government to import a replacement population for its own people. It is mad and evil, but it is also Labour policy, and I have no doubt that Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott would pursue it in ways Blair and Brown could never have dreamed of. The election of a Labour government in 2022 would simply mean the end of Britain as we have known it. The stakes are really that high.


        • Lucy Pevensey says:

          And they have been so successful (importing voters) that we now have a Muslim Mayor of London. I don’t think that would have been possible before Blair.


          • Rob in Cheshire says:

            No Lucy, I am sure you are right.

            The Today programme is apparently 60 years old this month, and they are inviting listeners to suggest ways things have changed since 1957. I think if you had told the average Londoner in 1957 that by 2017 white British people would be in a minority in London he would have never believed you. Indeed, you would probably have been carted off to a mental hospital (we had them then).

            Somehow I doubt that Today will think it worth noting that in the 60 years from 1957 the British are now well on the way to being a minority in their own country, but it is surely the strangest and most disturbing thing which has happened since 1066.


            • Clare says:

              “if you had told the average Londoner in 1957 that by 2017 white British people would be in a minority in London he would have never believed you”

              People in Bradford would have believed it, but who listens to them? The only good side to this is that turnout for the mayoral election was only 45.3%. Assuming that Muslim turnout was maximised (with all that that implies), that leaves room for a change if the will is there. Not sure that it is of course, except that the immigrant population throughout the UK includes people from E Europe, who on average appear to be far more sound than the average Brit, or the middle class ones at any rate. Sikhs and Hindus know what the future holds as well, as pointed out from time to time on this site.


      • honestus says:

        A Corbyn led socialist government would be an unmitigated disaster and should be resisted by all freedom loving patriots. They, like Venezuela, would never fail nor would they admit to failure. They will grow the client state until all are dependant and as the starving foraged in the gutters for scraps to eat they will blame others as all socialist have always done and will always do and continue on the same suicidal course until armed revolution was upon them. They are damned to continue pushing the test tube socialist theology in the desperate hope that one day it will produce a viable society and bugger the millions who are sacrificed in the process.