Er….that’s not why we booked you!


Highly amused….The Today show announced this morning….

Having been released from his position of National Security Adviser, Sir Mark Lyall Grant is now warning about the complexity of setting up new defence and security arrangements with the EU after Brexit.

Just a shame the good Sir Mark didn’t get the memo and was going wildly off message telling us Brexit didn’t really pose any threat to security as we had far better intelligence and military services than the EU and they needed us…a deal would be done.  Sarah Montague seemed most put out as she kept on bashing away whilst Sir Mark kept being optimistic….there’d surely be a lack of information on security due to Brexit, no deal would surely be a very bad deal, wouldn’t information sharing just end, a hard border in NI due to Brexit would surely have huge security ramifications???????

In the end she got so exasperated that she berated him for sounding too upbeat.  Curiously we never hear the BBC tell Remainers that they are too downbeat and pessimistic.




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5 Responses to Er….that’s not why we booked you!

  1. Fedup2 says:

    Heard that interview. It’s well known that security agencies in many European nations are so jealous of their turf that they don’t share information with themselves yet alone other countries in the EU.

    Blighty has been dealing with vermin like Pira and aq and Isis for a while so it’s a bit rich depending on the Eu .

    Anyway – more importantly it looks like May has done a CAmeron and gone to Brussels with a begging bowl and been sent home alone – not even a Chamberlain “peace in our time “ memo .

    So onwards to a full brexit – not a hard or soft one . Pay the EU for stuff we’ve signed up to – pay the redundency and pensions of those with their snouts in the taxpayers trough and be on our way .

    The EU will be hard pushed to claim money from us because it’s accounts haven’t been signed off for years – probably due to corruption and failure to collect and forward taxes to the EU by the likes of Italy and other Southern European states .

    And if the EU cares about its citizens in Blighty we’ll do a deal for our people in their countries .

    We import a lot more from the EU than we export so they will be the losers as we source stuff from better parts of the big wide World . Al beeb will spank May on Tuesday and Labour still got its nut down


  2. ThomasR says:

    Heard this item, couldn’t quite believe my ears. Sarah steamed in with the standard loaded questions to no avail. In the end she made it personal asking probing questions about the circumstances of Sir Mark’s resignation.

    Has the balance returned in BBBC reporting ?


  3. Doublethinker says:

    I think that the only way to get the none liberal left view across on the BBC is by subterfuge. You have to pretend to hold an orthodox liberal left view until you are given the microphone, then regardless of what question you have been asked, you just belt out your key three points , talking over any interruption, raising your voice if necessary, demanding the right to speak . In short you have to be prepared to make a scene . Of course you will never be invited back but you wil have left a powerful impression on all the listeners and at the same time shown up the BBC.


  4. s.trubble says:

    It’s a wonder that the bBC hasn’t devised a doc/prog where imagined conversations take place with the dead on the subject of Brexit.

    We dont have to wonder what the deceased would have been imagined to say!!


    • Guest Who says:

      They have already run with “Well, it’s what they might have said” to dismiss complaints on ‘quote’ accuracy, so how long until #WATO is joined by #WIWMHS?