Contemptuous and a little barmy


Remarkable…prime time on the Today show and it’s another Remainder making his case to stop Brexit in its tracks…naturally he doesn’t want that, merely the right to properly oversee the process and uphold democracy.  Ken Clarke grabbed the 08:10 spot and was his usual contemptuous, patronising, louche self as he dispensed his wisdom and arrogantly laid down the law declaring that Parliament must have the ability to veto a Brexit ‘no deal’….which of course would mean May would have no big stick to threaten the EU with….as intended by Clarke and his cronies who want to see Brexit fail….what they don’t tell you is that if we were to go cap in hand back to the EU and demand our place back at the table the price would be enormous…for a start the Rebate would go as would many opt outs and veto powers…..making us poorer and powerless to influence anything.


Clarke announced that the ‘vast majority’ of the British people don’t want a no deal….Humphrys did not say anything despite that claim being untrue.  Oh few may actually want a ‘no deal’ as their preferred option but they are prepared to accept it rather than a bad deal…as a Sky poll showed…..74% in fact back May’s ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ stance…guess 74% must be pretty much the ‘vast majority’…so Clarke is caught out in a complete lie…just not by the BBC…..and that Sky poll seems to be the norm…

Most Remain voters now back taking control of borders, leaving ECJ and paying no Brexit divorce bill

The majority of Remain voters now agree that Britain should take control of its borders after Brexit, end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and pay little or nothing to leave the EU.

A major survey of more than 20,000 people revealed that an overwhelming majority of voters now prefer a so-called “hard Brexit” to a soft one.

Almost 70 per cent of people said they preferred a deal with the European Union which ended membership of the single market, ongoing payments and continued freedom of movement.

A similar percentage of people said they would prefer “no deal” to a “soft Brexit”.

Interesting also the issue Clarke raises….the Parliamentary veto over ‘no deal’.  Who first raised this?  Oh yes….Remainder Martin Donnelly in George Osborne’s Standard bearer for Remain.  Who then took on the message?  The BBC as it gave Donnelly that prime time 08:10 slot on the Today show to further press the message.  Then we have Labour, McDonnell letting slip he is working in cahoots with Remain Tories to thwart Brexit and he is talking about that issue….the Parliamentary veto…and then along comes Ken Clarke doing the same.  Any chance they are all colluding and plotting away together…along with Carney and Hammond…not forgetting Rudd and Morgan?

A similar pattern happened when James Chapman and Sam Coates from the Remain supporting Times were brought together by the BBC and they set the ball running with alarmist scare-stories about the ECJ and Euratom…..which the BBC gave plenty of airtime in conjunction with Osborne’s Standard and other Remain politicians whom the BBC dragged in to further pad out the alarmist tales.  Very definitely an orchestrated narrative intended to make people fear Brexit would result in all kinds of disasters and this seems to be the BBC’s working model as it daily drip feeds us the next disaster that Brexit will bring to our shores.


Can’t help thinking this would be Ken Clarke in another era…..a passed over major sat comfortably in his leather chair, puffing on a cigar with brandy in hand at his club going on about the ‘wogs’……


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11 Responses to Contemptuous and a little barmy

  1. Guest Who says:

    Ken looking in the pink of health, as always.

    Jean Claude should take note. Notes.


  2. Richard Pinder says:

    Parliament, especially the House of Lords, is so out of touch with the plebs. The Remainers see Parliament as the last bastion in the fight against Democracy, or Populism as the Pro-EU elitists call it.

    If the elite lose the European Union to democracy, they have only got the House of Lords left, but they will still try to get the House of Commons to take revenge on the Plebs. Probably by trying to get Labour in, and then forming an unholy Tory Remain/SNP/LibDem/Blairite/Communist alliance, to pass political correct laws on Europhobia, outlawing eurosceptic views, and the imprisonment of most of the Plebs in Britain.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Clarke is a joke really which is sad for a politician who Mrs Thatcher thought capable of running a Ministry – even as a whet .,

    He has become one of those parliamentary ‘ characters ‘ who is so useless that they are held in affection – like Dennis skinner .

    Al beeb has him on because they know he is going to say what they want to hear. Thank god he never made PM and really should retire to give new blood an opportunity .


    • GRIM REAPER says:

      Heseltine is by far the worst….did you know he gets £ 900K pa from the EU for his ‘farming interests ‘…..yeah….


  4. Fedup2 says:

    I’m surprised that al beeb didn’t role out Ken Clarke again to talk about the ‘ shopping basket ‘ valuation done to compare cost of food within the EU versus a WTO figure – being @&260? A year .

    This was brilliant false news making the assumption that we will continue buying EU goods when it can be replaced by British food . What can be better than that ?

    Hot products are bought in from Africa now and can be in the future . We can bypass the EU. And if the krauts or cheese eaters want to continue selling cars they can cut prices.,


    • Far Horizons says:

      I have always thought that it’ was cheaper to bring say a 40ft refrigerator container from New Zealand or Australia than ship or truck same from the continent and now with the super size container ships loading in excess of 20,000 containers even cheaper. The UK had and still has to an extent its its own common market with the Commonweath and if the government had any sense they would invigorate this organisation for the good of all members including the UK. This would also invigorate our shipping industry which was once one of the UK’s biggest hidden earners. Also it could regenerate some of our down at heal ports instead of sat watching this side of the Channel & North Sea as ports like Antwerp, Rotterdam etc grow and grow with a lot of that growth coming from transhipping world products to us.


  5. theisland says:

    Clarke thinks he is untouchable.


  6. vesnadog says:

    “arrogantly laid down the law declaring that Parliament must have the ability to veto a ”

    We the people had that privilege when we voted – OUT! We gave May and her ministers the right to do the right thing on our behalf! Ken Clarke and the remainers also had their chance during that 6-8 week build up to the referendum vote – so scarper Clarke and go watch your cricket from your posh exclusive box!


  7. JosF says:

    Has ken been sharing a bottle with juncker again ??