Start The Week Open Thread

The Al Beeb “Start The Week” show  discussed democracy and elections. Normally I would have hit the off switch but had to listen to hear the inevitable recital of attempts to undermine UK votes through a completely undemocratic unelected House of Lords. But I listened in vain – similarly to anything on Al beeb about the March for Freedom in London on Sunday.

Anyway this is an open thread to demonstrate there is always a rich variety of bias by Al Beeb – which I will call it until the day it becomes British again.

Thanks to those who have given me valuable feedback about the administration of the site – I will try do my bit in response.

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  1. Beeb Brother says:

    It’s great how just as the BBC write numerous articles sneering at Trump for suggesting we might have a violence problem there is total carnage over the weekend.

    It’s wonderful how he continues to batter the media. They never seem to lay a glove on him.


  2. dafydd says:

    Im no big fan of Theresa May but pandering to the pathetic lefties is just astonishing..

    This world is going to shit with political correctness..


    • MarkyMark says:

      Theresa May is being removed from Oxford’s History … purge the history … ensure that women kind’s history is pure …



      • G.W.F. says:



      • johnnythefish says:

        The only consolation when I read about this and similar Orwellian antics of these pseudo revolutionaries is their waking up moment, when it finally arrives, will be trauma-inducing. This will be the realisation that every freedom, luxury and privilege they have taken for granted and is fast beginning to disappear (which it will if they have their way), was provided by the free, democratic, capitalist system of the West.

        By which time, as the twilight call to prayer drifts over the grey, crumbling rooftops of England, it will be too late.


      • Dave S says:

        Oxford was the refuge of Charles 1st. Typical of the place.


    • Tabs says:

      If these hypocritical lefties really wanted to make a point they would quit the University course. Tearing down statutes of slave owning Uni founders or portraits like this one, whilst still attending the University, is nothing more than virtue signalling.

      The Universities need to grow a pair and not tolerate these students that want to rewrite the Uni’s history.


    • Chalkywhite says:

      What a load of moronic snowflakes. Happy to defend freedom of speech, as long as it’s theirs. They don’t give a toss for anybody with a different perspective.

      Anyway, It was the ‘HMT Empire Windrush’


      • JimS says:

        Don’t forget the thousands of Nazis that travelled on it when it was called the Monte Rosa.

        If only it had been ‘pulled down’ at the end of the war the Lammy Laments might never have happened!

        [Other ships are available; terms and condition apply; regulated by the Equality & Human Rights Commission and Black Lives Matter]


  3. Guest Who says:



    • G.W.F. says:

      Guest Who

      You could reverse it and say the same thing.
      ‘The British Government is a powerful PR arm of the BBC and used as a weapon in the global information war…’


  4. StewGreen says:

    When BBC goes to a farm, odds on it will be an ORGANIC farm
    That’s their left/lib London hippy view of the world.
    Whereas in the real world when you have a hundred million pound farm operation, you know that every so often devastating blights crop up, so generally it’s not worth running the risk of being 100% organic and getting wiped out.
    but rather it’s better to have chemical remedies in your armoury.
    The vast vast amount of UK farms are thus NOT organic.

    but BBC has Countryfile
    and tonight launch series 2 of Kate Humble’s “Back to the Land” BBC2


    • GCooper says:

      Quite right. Hardly a BBC food, cooking or countryside programme passes without promoting the ‘organic’ codswallop – and never do they mention the plain fact that if all of British farming went ‘organic’ we would starve.


      • Up2snuff says:

        GC, and on most of the rare occasions when organic is sampled by Snuffy it is usually – not always – very poor in flavour and texture compared to the ‘unreal’ thing.


        • RJ says:

          “GC, and on most of the rare occasions when organic is sampled by Snuffy it is usually – not always – very poor in flavour and texture compared to the ‘unreal’ thing.”

          I always thought that “organic” was code for “grown in shit”. In the agricultural sense of the word.


          • Up2snuff says:

            RJ, “grown in shit” and ‘poo for growth’ have their places – as do winding down on chemicals unless they have extra benefits – but so do things like hydroponics. Have only had a little bit of Thanet Earth produce, which is grown in a highly sterile environment, but that tasted good.

            It’s the expensive supermarket ‘Organic’ that has left the Snuffy household somewhat under-impressed.

            I’ve got to cut a new ‘flower’ bed or two very soon and global warming has hit the south-east again today. Eeeeek. The ‘sweat of my face’ will no doubt water it but not long after some homemade compost will be scattered for the worms to do their bit.

            That’s home grown VEGETABLE compost, btw.

            What WERE you thinking?

            The compost in its composter was, however, quite well ‘Flowerdewed’.


      • Deborah says:

        I watch (or watched, I bored by them now) some of the cookery programmes (I know Jamie was Channel 4 but he is one of the worst). The chef would be using a recipe with either a lot of garlic, chili and other spices or a cake with lots of chocolate or coffee flavouring and say, ‘you need 6 eggs, preferably organic’. Sorry, with that much other flavouring, I rather doubt that you could taste any difference. To be honest, I am not sure even with a scrambled eggs, I can taste any difference.


  5. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On pmq’s tomorrow, when the leaders get up on their hind legs and do the usual virtue signalling bit at the beginning, you know, “condolences to so and so who passed away”, “congratulations to so and so who done something”.
    Do you thing Jeremy Coburn will mention the Marx anniversary.


  6. MarkyMark says:

    I’ve just connected Diane Abbott with BBC’s Simon Schama … it’s all making sense now.
    . . .

    Diane Abbott did go to Cambridge and was tutored by BBC’s Simon Schama….

    “Abbott was born to Jamaican parents in Paddington, London, in 1953. Her father was a welder and her mother was a nurse.[4] She attended Harrow County Grammar School for Girls, and then Newnham College, Cambridge, where she read history.[5] At Cambridge, she (Diane Abbott) was tutored by historian Simon Schama.[6] She has since said that Cambridge was the making of her.[7]”

    . . . .

    “..I’m slightly amazed at our colleagues (Simon Schama BBC@£200K) ability to get big laughs on gang rape…I’m not much of a feminist but I draw the line at the 3 year old getting raped, and the seven year old getting gang raped in a basement. (audience claps)” – Mark Steyn {youtube The Munk debate @4:46}

    Simon Schama BBC@£200K – I knew I’d seen that name Schama before. This is what Simon said earlier to ignite Mark Steyn’s response ….

    “…I’m just struck by how obsessed by sex these two guys (Farage/Steyn) are, it’s a bit sad really… (audience laughs, Simon smiles)” – Simon Schama (£200K BBC Salary) {youtube The Munk debate @2:00}

    Suggest you watch the whole debate…to form your own opinion of Simon “BBC on 200K” Schama, whose salary is from a TV Tax extracted from people who are struggling in the UK, a license that had 180,000 (near Simon’s Wage) prosecuted due to none payment. And sent 70 people to jail.


    • RJ says:

      After watching that Munk debate on Youtube I’ve made it a policy to switch off any programme that involves Schama.

      I was already tired of his twisting history in the sevice of propaganda. Almost 20 years ago he made a series for the BBC on British history. When he reached the 19th century he had a wide selection of themes he could have used; e.g. the extension of the franchise, the growing power of the House of Commons, increased industrialisation, univeral education, or the growth of the Empire. Instread he built the programme around industrial unrest – a strike by match girls (no pun intended). He was determined to avoid giving us a positive view of Britain.


      • Oaknash says:

        RJ – Though wasnt Schamas face a picture when Mark Stein ripped him up for arse paper showing him up for the shallow, virtue signalling cretin he truly is.
        This debate has become one of my guilty secrets – which I regularly go onto U tube to watch. If I had had it on a VHS tape it would have gone all grainy (at the Schama humiliation action scene) when Stein does the business on that over-educated idiot.


        • Al Shubtill says:

          If you like seeing Schemer getting verbally coshed, you’ll enjoy this.
          I’ve posted it before, but any excuse.


  7. StewGreen says:

    Islamophobia is a fiction to shut down debate
    melanie phillips
    Legitimate criticism of Muslim teaching can’t be compared to antisemitic demonisation and lies


  8. Terminal Moraine says:

    Go away for the long weekend only to find a powershift on this site and that Fedup2 and Up2snuff are the new Lords of Admin…?

    In light of this recent event, please can I request a name change to “Terminal Moraine Up2”. If the new powerbase is going to be in the hands of the Upatriarchy then I don’t want to miss out.

    P.S. Thanks to both for taking on the task of maintaining this site; like many others I come here first for my news and updates


    • MarkyMark says:

      I look forward to a single totalitarian controlled system along the lines of 1984 mixed with the Simpsons. En Marche! Forward!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Terminal . I don’t remember giving you permission to go away . Please notify any further movements or you’ll go on the watch list – as well as the gCHQ one we are all on .

      Seriously – I only want to help out . I have no territorial ambitions .

      More seriously – Al beeb will be in full anti President Trump mode if he announces a pull out from the Iran mess -which if I recall was a campaign promise . Awful when people do what they promise – not like a politician at all -but there again that’s what al beeb don’t get – he isn’t a politician


      • RJ says:

        “Please notify any further movements or you’ll go on the watch list – as well as the gCHQ one we are all on .”

        GCHQ – the only part of government that’s listening.


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        FU2 — my bad, I had forgotten that freedom of movement only applies selectively to certain population groups. Will do better next time!


    • Loobyloo says:

      Hear, hear. They are doing a great job, and have injected a bit of energy back into the site. Thanks all.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Not me .. yet. I have to check with DV first. 😉


  9. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    It appears to me that all that separates the current ‘Conservative’ party and the Labour Party is the length of time it takes to destroy our culture.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “This is from a lawyer, ‘Visiting Fellow Lincoln’s Inn’, talking about ‘White Trash’. If the word was anything other than ‘white’ he’d be arrested for hate speech, convicted and deported. About time his ‘visit’ was cut short.”

      “Never forget what communism gave, and is still giving, to the world. Follow Communist Terror.”

      “Today’s march & rally. Thousands going back from Whitehall to Trafalgar Square. Funny, nothing on MSM news. Can’t help feeling if it had been a march of four Remainers & a dog it would have been a major news story.”

      “Just given a speech at the Freedom of Speech event in Whitehall with Tommy Robinson & various speakers. I was honoured to lead the march of thousands from Hyde Park. Peaceful, well-ordered and good humoured. A real pleasure to talk to patriots about keeping our freedoms.”

      “In fact, if the EU wants mass immigration it makes sense to put them in the least densely populated areas, eg Ireland and Eastern Europe. There will be room to build the cities, hospitals, schools etc they need. If you’re in the EU don’t complain.”


    • Loobyloo says:

      Not sure who’s leading the race though


    • Oaknash says:

      Both trains heading for the same “station” off the end of the cliff only difference being one is an Express service whilst the other will be stopping at all stations on the way first.


    • Al Shubtill says:

      Thatch – solid post.


  10. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Trust the BBC to go lifting stuff from the Daily Mail when it suits them and their rotten agenda.
    We know May is shit, we know Boris is a blowhard.
    But he`s in the USA(and don`t we all know that?)-and what he wrote for the Mail is nothing. Just saying that any Customs compromise with the EU would be crazy if we couldn`t strike deals without their hands in our pants.
    Cue Montague on World At One today.
    She introduced this non-story as him impugning her mental health-and she asks “how bad do things have to get, has this ever happened before kind of crap?”.
    And having inflated this shit, she then goes “straight to John Peinarr” as if that backstairs Billy would somehow know, be informed-or somebody who`d have any kind of insight. And all on this Mail story that means nothing.
    The Tories are shit. But the BBC are truly rotten, nasty knock offs who`ll do ANYTHING to stop Brexit and keep their privileges.
    We must be shit to keep letting them think that they can.


  11. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Was pleased to see that the bloke with the looser trousers won the snooker.
    I`ve noticed over the past few years that it`s the one in the final with the tightest trousers who wins every time.
    Now-can I replace Hazel Irvine for next year?
    I know she`s OK-but I`m black on the inside these days and want to be a man.
    See John Motsons job is coming up. Goes without saying that he`s never played properly has he?
    I could knit them a Rooney while on air, £400,000 and my endless moaning about the pay gap would do it.
    Better than wiping mens bits on minimum wage, but am prepared to sacrifice my career thus far for that big payday.
    Is football the round one, pointy one of the cork rock hard one?


  12. Loobyloo says:
    ‘People stared and laughed…’

    Al Beeb stoops to a new low, using this unfortunate man’s facial disfigurement as a vehicle to support the ridiculous notion of ‘hate crime’.
    Our society has coped so far without criminalising nastiness – what happened?


    • seekandspeaktruth says:

      We are all being conditioned to be wimps in 2018 – I was ridiculed in the playground in the 1960s in England because my father was a vicar. A group of kids called me “Ian Paisley” and another group poured scorn on me because as a female my mum dressed me in boy’s hand me down underwear as she could not afford new female underwear for me. An unavoidable difference is an unavoidable difference but there are differences that can be avoided. All this mocking did nothing untoward but actually strengthened me in the long term – short term it was uncomfortable but long term, my eyes were opened to other views and toughened me up for real adult life. Now people with different views, disabilities, ethnic eccentricities, or differences of any kind are not treated equally, they are given preferential treatment whilst those falling within the “normal” criteria are actually discriminated against. I feel like I am a foreigner in my own land sometimes and sadly, many people are being sucked into this awful way off life. If everyone, born in every country in this world were brought up to be proud of their nation, their traditions, and their way of life, the world would be a richer place. We would be proud to be British; Bangladeshis would be proud to be Bangladeshis and the Sudanese would be proud to be Sudanese etc. etc. Now the British have to cower at being British and give preferential treatment to people from overseas – just because their nations won’t look after them in their native land in the proper manner. This does not mean that I hate non-native people – I respect honest people of any colour or creed, I just believe that nations should all look after their own, nurture their native religions and customs etc. within their own borders, and not try to foist them upon us native UK dwellers who now feel as though we are the unheard minority of little or no consequence rather than the honest taxpayers that we are.


  13. dafydd says:

    Oxford University have announced that the picture of Theresa May will be re-hung saying it was only removed because of the unsavoury comments surrounding it on the wall… It will now be hung where no graffiti artist or over privileged hard done by leftie can get near it…..



  14. Loobyloo says:
    ‘Cliff Richard case: Singer seeks £600,000 over BBC report’

    Phrased to sound like they wrote a piece…I’d call it live coverage..

    Hope he wins, and gives the bBBC a good kick in the nuts, even if it is taxpayers’ money.


    • Scroblene says:

      Al beeb clearly thought there was a nasty story behind all this.

      No journalism, just snide comment and opinion, which they use for ‘news’ these days.

      They’re just not fit for purpose.

      And they jail pensioners.


  15. Beeb Brother says:

    “Ex Chelsea coaches face new racism claims.”

    Some of the incidents date back to the seventies so clearly a hot issue worthy of a home page report from the BBC. One player even used the term ‘institutionally racist’ which undoubtedly caused a collective orgasm at the BBC.

    Where in the BBC charter does it state they are obliged to discuss race as much as humanly possible? Someone was called a name once forty years ago, should we hold a minute’s silence before all matches this weekend?


  16. Old Goat says:

    Looks like Trumpy’s done it…


  17. Beeb Brother says:

    Another lead story is about how people stare at an unusual looking man. Obviously. It is like saying water is wet or the sun rises.

    This just is not news. We pay a hefty tax so they can tell us stuff like this?


  18. dafydd says:

    Labour dealing with Antisemitism….if it was’nt so serious you would laugh….

    Bet this dos’nt make any news channel


  19. G.W.F. says:

    Trump pulls out of the Iran nuclear deal against the advice of the crappiest governments Europe has ever produced.



  20. Scroblene says:

    If anyone believes that organic farming excludes pesticides, they’re more stupid than they look..

    The French, Belgians, Norwegians, Italians, Spanish etc., have all the means to destroy pests, and then flog their stuff here, so snowflakes can think they’re doing the ‘right thing’ – whatever that is, and sleep happily in their little yooni beds – paid for by me.

    Pathetic argument, not helped by Prince Charles. I bought some duchy stuff by mistake, and it was awful.

    But the bbbc still piddle about with gardeners who change their minds, need counselling, have hangups, start shagging the staff etc, and nobody really gives a monkey’s any more!

    I’m a bloody sight better at gardening than most of the sjws on the bbbc, and they can all really just piss off and make us all happy.


  21. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Dear All – I would appreciate it if some people kept an eye on the BBC’s various twitter feeds (+ BBC journalists twitter feeds) – with Trump pulling out of the Iran deal – the BBC may get emotional and say something interesting. I don’t have access to twitter but for the past few days on the BBC website the BBC have been going full propaganda in support of the Iran deal – going as far as advertising “death to America” emojis as well as headlining images of America the Great Satan … and acting as mouthpiece to the Iran regime, thanks


  22. Halifax says:

    Just in case any of you think that comedy isn’t dead i attach the review of Car Share as improvised by Peter Kay and as published by the ever tolerant Guardian.

    “The one moment of real discomfort comes when they’re listening to the Your Song segment of a radio show and the DJ reads out a letter from a woman whose husband has come out as transsexual.
    At the point where the woman’s letter describes coming home to find When we hear that the husband was subsequently beaten up in a hate crime because “he couldn’t outrun them in his high heels” the laughter stops all together, because it’s not 1986 and Kay should know better than to make a transsexual the cheap target of the joke.
    “Just be nice,” Kayleigh snaps at John as he flicks the Vs at the radio. “Do you ever stop?” she adds ……


  23. thirdoption says:

    Headline news on the BBC news at 10pm – “Former Chelsea players claim they were victims of racism in the 1970’s”

    Conveniently they don’t mention that was the same time they were showing “Till Death Us Do Part”.


  24. Guest Who says:

    Bbc pretty definitive on this one.

    Comments, etc….


  25. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Peers call for UK to remain in European Economic Area”
    Then my Lordships, what on earth was the point in holding a referendum?
    More importantly what is the point of the House of Lords?
    There is a good ‘Highest Rated’ HYS.
    Give him your support.


  26. Dave S says:

    The MSM and especially the BBC totally poleaxed by the President . Have not enjoyed the news so much for ages. Up down and sideways they all are and speculating just speculating.
    The President did exactly what he said he would do and now the Iranians will be in doubt as to the future that awaits them.
    This is a rotten regime and that is it. Dedicated to destroying a people that it has no dispute with other than that they are Jews.
    Zionist Entity is their way of dehumanising Israel and Israelis .
    The US has also served notice on the pathetic EU nations including us. We act and we act alone because you are irrelevant now .
    Come on Lyse and the rest explain exactly this and why do the Iranians need 5% enriched uranium anyway other than for weapons.?
    The single power station is supplied by Russia on contract and the 20% enriched they need for other reasons inc medical is supplied as it always has been.
    The President has called their bluff as he did with North Korea but the difference is that in the end Kim is a rational man who will deal but Iran is run by a theocratic regime looking to the end of days.
    Just watch the contortions from the BBC now and my bet is that either the President will cancel his visit to show us his contempt or he will come and relish the riots and that will give him and the US people all they need to forget about this country at long last .


    • G says:

      “…but Iran is run by a theocratic regime looking to the end of days.” That it is but in looking toward the end of days, highlights the irrationality of these people and Middle Easterners in general.


  27. Beeb Brother says:

    The news bulletin on radio 4 says a list of gang members is unfair on black men as they are disproportionately represented. Well have they noticed a pattern in all the killings this year? 2 + 2 = 5.

    Think of all the epic brouhaha over Stephen Lawrence, one ostensibly racist killing of a black boy (which in fact was probably not a racist killing at all.) A multi million pound enquiry: compete overhaul of Police training; all sorts of extra paper work for Police; endless orgasmic SJW grandstanding about it, including 3 hours of programmes the other week and now a national day of hand wringing on the anniversary of his death. What if they threw all that money and energy into finding why some cultures think it is ok to attack and murder rivals? 60 dead just this year and God knows how many to come? How on earth can you think it is ok to kill someone who you don’t like? That should be their urgent focus but instead they continue with the ridiculous and dangerous facade that is is all racist whitey’s fault.


    • Beeb Brother says:

      Violence at a young offenders’ institute massively down because they are giving the kids chocolate. The snowflakes have finally solved the crime problem: more treats for criminals.

      The test sounds like utter nonsense.

      Do they have any idea of the depth of the problems they have brought upon this country?


    • Beeb Brother says:

      They are really running with this gang database story.

      “It has consequences for these young people.”

      Don’t join a f**cking gang then!

      Yeah let’s just arrest posh white kids in Chichester instead.


      • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

        The police, politicians and journalists allowed thousands and thousands of predominantly poor white English girls to be raped, enslaved, abused, trafficked, killed by gangs of predominantly British Pakistani Muslims up and down the country because they didn’t want to be accused of bigotry and it’s part of their culture – and it is still happening.


        • Beeb Brother says:

          These ‘grooming’ gangs earn a fortune pimping white girls. Of course they are still at it.


          • G.W.F. says:

            I think fear of being accused of bigotry is only one thing. A share of the cash might be another motivating factor in easing up on prosecutions, and another is starting to appear: the cops and others were actually involved in the abuse and dare not speak out.


      • Kaiser says:

        in other news wing yun fat has complained to interpol that their triad database is racist as it contains 99% chinese people 😉

        heavily tattooed Oyabun Knotweed has also complained the yakuza database is …..


  28. Beeb Brother says:

    I just watched some terrifying ‘Bexhill on Sea’ drill rap videos: a parent threatens to write a letter to a pub manager if they do not keep the volume of music down at weekends. He should be on that gangs list!


  29. Guest Who says:

    Comments thus far suggest the bbc, and its latest flounce rabble rousing, have more of a problem.