The Treatment of Tommy Robinson by the media

Thursday the 27th of September 2018 sees the retrial of Tommy Robinson. The State needs to be aware that many in the UK and as importantly – in the few free countries around the world- will be watching .

politicised judges such as the one who gave him 13 months imprisonment knowing full well what the potential lethal consequences could be – must know their own wrongdoing .

Reasoned comments here please for such an important issue to our freedom

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145 Responses to The Treatment of Tommy Robinson by the media

  1. StewGreen says:

    Interesting part of the Sept 27th TR vid from 2:33
    He claims he has read the court transcripts and they say this
    After Tommy was jailed on the Saturday the head of the CPS met with Judge Marson ‘We have examined the entire footage filmed by Tommy Robinson and there is nothing he said that could have prejudiced the trial’
    TR adds ‘So even if the jury watched the video there is nothing that could have prejudiced the trial
    ..but why have they added 2 charges ?’
    He then adds
    ‘The transcripts also show that they say 3 journalists did breach the reporting restrictions that weekend , one was Lizzie Dearden of the Independent.
    (video about her refuses to load here)

    He then ask people to investigate the case of the jailed person Melanie Shaw, jailed for trying to expose paedophiles.
    ( I know little of this case)


  2. Dystopian says:

    I fear that something very sinister and much bigger than most would imagine, is going on here.

    Why are the establishment so very desperate to keep this all under wraps?
    The ones in power at the very top of the tree-do they have some involvement in what is going on-something they cannot allow to come to light.
    What did Jill Dando know that led to her Assassination?
    What was she about to expose.
    I ought to be careful. Ask questions-raise concerns-you become a target.

    There is something very very worrying going on.


  3. theisland says:

    There are two vids from 1 Oct on Tommy’s facebook page about the corrupt media, another from The Rebel about crowdfunding to send reliable reporters to court on 23 Oct (good thinking), and one from MB News (Mark Braithwaite – youtube, 2 Oct) with updates about the 23 Oct retrial.
    Everyone should see these but I lack the technical expertise to provide quick links without jamming up this page. Can you assist please.


    • StewGreen says:

      OK MB posted on Oct 2 a vid by Danny Tommo
      Calling for a “Goodbye Tommy” party, before they jail him
      and be a witness
      : to either that the crowd makes the establishment see sense
      : or that they carry on and jail him for POLITICS rather than justice
      he calls it taking the counutry back from the current corruption
      (As you said TR posted the same Danny Tommo video on his Facebook page )

      (Youtube vids automatically embed here all you need to do is put the mouse over your browsers address bar , and right click to ‘copy the link’
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      • theisland says:

        Thanks, I’d worked out how to do the youtube links but how do you do the renamed short link to Facebook as above?
        Also, how to do italic text etc?
        Are there any handy (and easy) ‘how to do’ sites?


  4. StewGreen says:

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  5. vlad says:

    Here’s something the beeb aren’t trump-eting (geddit?)

    “US unemployment rate falls to lowest point since 1969”

    (Too busy publishing nasty pictures of Kavanaugh no doubt)