Weekend Thread 14 December 2019

Back to business . The BBC charter isn’t currently due for renewal until January 2028 . So for those who see the BBC as a Far Left Biased Monster -reviewing the Charter system and funding to cut it down to size must start now . This got mentioned a bit in the General Election but must be maintained in the collective consciousness – particularly since it is too arrogant to change .

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  1. G says:

    I guess that like me, many of my fellow contributors here have, since last Friday or so, avoided our Marxist State Broadcaster like the plague as respite. But, today, Sunday, I tuned my radio into the news at 0900 mainly to discover the flavour of how the BABC would approach Boris they having got over the shock last week of losing their communist bedfellows – the Labour Party.
    Under the part sub-heading, “……Paddy O’Connell…” looks at the “aftermath” of events last Thursday. Clearly, for the BABC, ‘aftermath’ suits as in, “The aftermath of an important event, especially a harmful one, is the situation that results from it”. Compliments of Collins Dictionary online. So, last Thursday’s event were seen by the BABC as a, ‘harmful’ event. I see the beginning signs of the BABC’s new sense of direction. Needless to say, straight out the Marxists Handbook – Character Assassination. I was not disappointed and in support of my initial thoughts, O’Connell’s first interviewee was confronted by the assertion, by O’Connell, that, Boris is a person who, “insults muslim women” (in the ‘letterbox’ sense).
    So, there you have it, ‘Character Assassination’ is the order of the future: day in day out, month in, month out – drip, drip, drip…….For the next five years.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Some silly bint on LBC, Andrew Castle, earlier this morning was over-excited, as is their wont. Her assertion is that the Conservative Party won for three reasons : Hate, Greed and Fear.

      For me, this is just another example of that condition called Projection. All that the commies have in their armory are precisely hate – of everything and everyone, greed – coveting their neighbours goods etc, and Fear – that they might be wrong, found out for their wicked plans and crushed into oblivion.

      The racist far-left bbc is full to the gunnels with such people.

      I read in the Express that Prime Minister Johnson is going to boycott the Radio4 Today programme. Let’s hope he sticks to that decision as well as his cabinet ministers.

      Prime Minister Johnson is apparently going to review the decriminalisation of non-payment of the TV protection money tax. Again, let’s hope this isn’t an empty threat and that he carries it through. With matters such as this, I believe time is of the essence and they need to be implemented while the blood is still running hot. Give it a week or two and other matters will take over as more important and it will, again, be ignored. I hope he carries out his threat and that it’s the first step into selling off the racist far-left bbc into a subscription based private enterprise. Which swims or sinks by its own efforts. My preference would be that it joins CNN and the rest of the propaganda machinery and sinks without trace, only to be remembered as a few lines in history books.


      • G says:

        “Prime Minister Johnson is apparently going to review the decriminalisation of non-payment of the TV protection money tax. Again, let’s hope this isn’t an empty threat and that he carries it through.”
        It’s a Governmental warning ‘Blimp’, sent up into the air in the hope that the enemy would be deterred or fly elsewhere. I had a lot to do with Ministers, the Government of the day and top Civil Servants in the early 2000’s. One expression oft used by them all was, (in the sense of urgently needed reformation/legislation), “We pursue the policy of a ‘light touch’ “. That’s how they view any urgency – try half measures first and maybe if we wake up eventually, we’ll get round to it – sometime.


  2. Tabs says:

    Andrew Marr Show starting his inteview with actor Brian Cox, “you play a man like Rupert Murdoch, a deeply, deeply, sinister and dangerous man I think it’s fair to say”.
    I would have described Murdoch as a media mogul myself but Marr’s totally biased description is better for the BBC agenda.


    • vlad says:

      “a deeply, deeply, sinister and dangerous man” = not as left-wing as we at the BBC would like.


      • Sluff says:

        I thought they were talking about Brian Cox!
        A known Far Left sympathiser.

        As soon as he came on, I reached for the off button faster than you could say’ ‘Jezza’s a Marxist’.


  3. Not Gwent says:

    State Broadcaster continues to deceive

    “Fewer than half backed Brexit parties”

    Labour counted as a Remain party – perhaps someone should tell Thornberry?


  4. taffman says:

    Boris Johnson is set to decriminalise non-payment of TV Telly Tax .
    Anything on Al Beeb yet ?
    Get Brexit Done and Get the TV Telly Tax ‘Done’.


    • Doublethinker says:

      The BBC will be finished if decriminalisation means that in effect the LF becomes a voluntary contribution. The BBC will within a short time be forced to plead for a subscription model rather than what will be in effect a free to air one. Boris give the people the tools and the people will kill the BBC for you at no political risk. How can the BBC and their supporters object to the people’s choice? Oh I forgot they have done that for three years about Brexit but that is precisely why they are going to get their comeuppance this time round. This news fills me with joy. I can’t wait for the day to dawn when the arrogant anti British BBC is brought to its knees by the British people themselves.


      • vlad says:

        Destroying the beeb is only half the battle.

        The public must simultaneously be offered a truly alternative news channel such as Fox.

        At present there is none such.


        • Doublethinker says:

          Very true. The demise of the BBC will create a vacuum and we should not assume that the left/ Globalist alliance won’t fill it , after all they control most of the MSM in the USA.


  5. Lucy Pevensey says:

    (The writing on the wall)
    Daniel Chapter 5:

    “8 Then all the king’s wise men came in, but they could not read the writing or tell the king what it meant. 9 So King Belshazzar became even more terrified and his face grew more pale. His nobles were baffled.”

    25 “This is the inscription that was written:

    mene, mene, tekel, parsin

    26 “Here is what these words mean:

    Mene: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.

    27 Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

    28 Peres: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.”

    I didn’t vote Conservative but I pray that God gives Boris and his government the courage and wisdom to do the right things by this country. And I pray that they are shielded from the abuse of the organised far-left.

    I also pray that The BBC will soon see the same writing on the wall as their dear Jeremy.
    God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.
    You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.”


  6. pugnazious says:

    LOL….just seen Craig at Is the BBC biased? quote Marr….

    ‘Andrew Marr: He has a certain warmth and charisma. If you look at Twitter, everyone says, ‘oh, he’s a liar, he’s awful’, and all the rest of it. A lot of abuse of him on Twitter. Out there in the country there are clearly lots of people who look at him as a character and a personality and actually like what they see. ‘

    So it’s the rabble on Twitter who abuse Boris and call him a liar and awful….er…it was the BBC’s predominant, prevailing and poisonouos narrative…designed to tackle the man…because they knew Boris the character was so popular they had to damage that persona…and used various tactics to do so…including trying to exploit his kids…the BBC quite prepared to put Boris’ kids into the media firing line as acceptable collateral damage if it took Boris out of the game.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The upcoming attack lines the BBC will use against BoJo and the 354 MPs are

      Was the campaign illegally funded ?
      It was the Russians
      It was all lies
      Dissent amongst new MPs
      Splits in the new cabinet
      Bojos personal life (pressure on his partner )
      How the election was stolen
      The new government is Far Right
      Austerity isn’t over
      Bojo hates the Scots
      Bojo ‘played ‘ by Brussells
      Conservatives muck up brexit

      I watched the first bit of Marr unTil my TV switched itself off when Cranky came on. Not much sign of humble pie from Marr and a sense of grief in a solemn kind of delivery .

      If the weekend press is right – and the likes of Toady will no longer the place government politicians go to then that I think for us will be a sign of hope .

      Let Robinson do his sneering “we asked for a Tory minister to come onto the show but no one was available “routine and just ignore it .go straight to the public using social media until the BBC is reformed and maybe if ever becomes “fair’ again and perhaps new blood bought in to replace Barnett, lady Brooke maitliss , Mardell , Marr, Robinson and so many others broadcasting their own political views as opposed to doing a public service .


  7. pugnazious says:

    Corbyn was so bad even the Guardian couldn’t bring it self to actually say ‘Vote Corbyn’…..

    ‘On Thursday voters have the chance to strip power from a dangerous charlatan. We abhor Corbyn’s failures on antisemitism; we recall Lib Dem complicity in the dreadful policies of the coalition government; we are no allies of the cause of Scottish and Welsh independence. But we urge our readers to exercise their judgment and, as their conscience allows, vote for the pro-referendum, progressive candidate most likely to deny Johnson the opportunity to wreak existential damage on our country.’


  8. Zelazek says:

    On Andrew Marr, luvvie Brian Cox says Nicola Sturgeon is honest and has no side to her. Incredible. Sturgeon is the the most slippery of fish. She is pushing for indyref2 despite: (1) Only 45% of the Scottish electorate voted for the SNP in the election. (2) She herself admits that many of those who recently voted for her party do not want independence. (3) The opinion polls on independence have barely moved since 2014.
    So her whole position on this is a sham. Not to mention a huge waste of her time and energy. But you can bet your bottom groat that if she gets another referendum and loses again, she will still be presenting herself as the defiant champion of “the people of Scotland”. Timewasting humbug.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think mr Cox still think he’s in that Braveheart film . Tell the SNP the Barnett formula is to be ‘changed’ to enable northern England to get a fair crack….


  9. SkeptikEye says:

    Labour: ‘We won the argument…’

    Yes you won the argument… When you had unfettered immigration and denied that it would have a detrimental impact on the Social Welfare System, the Education System, the housing crisis and the National Health System.

    Yes you won the argument… When thousands of young girls were trafficked and raped in towns and cities run by Labour councils.

    Yes you won the argument… When Gordon Brown called the woman from Rochdale ‘That bigoted woman’.

    Yes you won the argument… When you failed to criticise the Islamic ideology that is at odds with British values.

    Oh yes, you won the argument alright.


    • StewGreen says:

      A typical Labour activist tweet
      Utter b@llocks this false equivalence of left and right.
      The right are *fascists* like Katie Hopkins and Yaxley Lennon and Farage
      while the left want to feed and home kids, eradicate poverty, have free health care and nationalised public services.

      FFS The left that stood by and hid the gang-rape/sale/prostitution of 5,000+ girls
      SHOUTS that the people who spoke up are “FASCISTS” !

      For a start that word is so heavy it shouldn’t be used except to describe Hitlers, genocidal Nazis
      (Totalitarian is often a better word ..and the extreme left seem very like that.)
      It’s absolutely offensive to smear people as fascist, TR has black people in his wedding video and has always had black ethnic Muslim friends.

      It is also outrageous to say that only the left “want to feed and home kids, eradicate poverty”

      When one lefty quoted Guido saying
      the effect of the platforming of far-left types just because they were extremely active on Twitter on current affairs shows should be reflected on.
      It normalised people who would in the past have only been only selling Trotskyite papers outside train stations.

      The rest of the left like Radio4 Muslim comedian Tez Ilyas
      said ‘How dare you quote a right wing site’
      (I paraphrased without their expletives)


      • StewGreen says:

        “selling Trotskyite papers outside train stations.”
        may well be a reference to Red Andy i.e. Andrew Marr
        cos that is what he used to do


    • Doublethinker says:

      Add to that their failure to turn the country against our Jewish community.


  10. Guest Who says:

    Ex-Newsnight Editor decides out loud who will be blessed with that bbc-level magic he has brought to bear so far.


    Now if he can just swing Eddie, Hugh, Lily and Ash onto Newsnight…


  11. fakenewswatcher says:

    Mc Donnell on Marr, taking the blame.
    Very noble.
    Most beeboids talking as if it was a narrow win for Tories and a slight adjustment in Labour would do the trick next time.
    Not a soul admitting: “To the extent we pushed Labour we were totally wrong, and are thus culpable as well. We simply weren’t impartial and deserve extinction.”
    I hope Boris abolishes the licence fee. Be lovely to see how the luvvies react to the real world.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      “ Mc Donnell on Marr, taking the blame.
      Very noble.
      Most beeboids talking as if it was a narrow win for Tories and a slight adjustment in Labour would do the trick next time.”

      Back in the day, Old NooLabor called the Liar Blair’s 1997 GE result a landslide. The Liar Blair got 43.2% of the vote and 418 seats. Bojo got 43.6% of the vote and only 365 seats. Despite MarxistLabour’s current hatred of the Liar Blair, and they are quite correct in that, he won that GE and they called it a landslide. Bojo got his landslide despite the deeply MarxistLabour boundary advantage.

      It WAS a landslide though!


      • Peter Grimes says:

        PS if you can join this message board, please do so and let these clever stupid Leftoids, mostly public sector/uni lecturers or benefit recipients, know that despite their bleating since long before the referendum they lost…big time, and have very little perception of what real people think, just like their beloved Al Beeb.


        They banned me around referendum time for pointing out these truths to them.


  12. StewGreen says:

    The BBC news bulletins are still “Leading with Labour”
    and the politics progs are from the same bubbleworld people saying “where did we go wrong”

    The local radio news just led with “The Shadow Chancellor John MacDonell was on Marr this morning and he said ”
    .. so that is the BBC talking about Labour, and talking about themselves again.


  13. Guest Who says:

    Whoever writes BBC politics tweets is a genius.


    • StewGreen says:

      Yeh the Guardian, Mirror, The independent, The Mirror group owned Daily Star, and ll the metroliberal broadcasters threw the kitchen sink at Labour.


  14. chancygardner says:

    Every lefty so far asked to give their interpretation of the worst result for Labour since 1935 simply fails to acknowledge the truth. That’s why the Labour party has had it, certainly for the foreseeable future.

    The truth is the Labour party voted down every attempt to get a Brexit deal through parliament. By that, I mean 96+% of them voted against all efforts to make some progress for around twelve months. I know this because I watched it on Parliament TV. They even voted against an election at one stage. It went on and on for months on end. Their notion of a ‘debate’ was to sling verbal insults at the Tory benches, some of the worst culprits being now up for the new leadership! It was a pathetic display of petulance that paid little heed to the damage being done to industry and the well being of the population at large.

    And these idiots come onto the media and say it was because Corbyn was unfairly treated. No, it was because you are a cross between a bunch of undemocratic hard-liners and a gang of schoolchildren and you were observed for what you are.

    Good riddance.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Chancy -I’m thinking of spending £3 to join the Labour Party and get one of hopeless thickos on the Labour front bench elected to lead their party to oblivion ……. in the end those souls who joined to get Corbyn elected did me a big favour .


      • chancygardner says:

        Me too! Of course, there was that rumour going round at one time that that was how Corbyn came in from the cold. (Pun intended!)


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Chancy, that is a top piece that nicely summarises the truth. Well put sir/ maam.


  15. Swelter says:

    Without fail the Left always trot out this tired old excuse about the Right wing media whenever their nonsense is rejected at the ballot box. They cant face the fact that thinking people cant abide them or their divisive policies.
    What I fear they will do is double down and carry on their work in the education system


  16. pugnazious says:

    Roger Mosey slams the metropolitan BBC but still defends it as a concept..and the licence fee…and I would dispute this is a ‘new electoral landscape’….yes maybe vote-wise but the underlying public mood has always been the same….it’s just been ignored, downplayed and suppressed by those who don’t want to answer to them…


    Trapped in its metropolitan bubble, the BBC failed to see a political earthquake was coming, former BBC Editorial Director ROGER MOSEY says

    ‘The challenge for the BBC in particular is how it adjusts to this transformed electoral landscape. This emphatically does not mean it should kowtow to the new Government. They must put up a vigorous case for public service broadcasting.

    But having put a lot of effort into reinventing itself as a more diverse organisation in terms of gender and ethnicity – which is only to be applauded – it now has a new inclusivity problem.

    The Corporation produced an excellent results programme, which reminded us it can be world class at its best. Unless it becomes much better at reflecting the views of the voters who spoke so powerfully on Thursday, however, it risks becoming irrelevant to many who pay its licence fee.

    There should be a further devolution of power to the nations and regions – not just Salford. Real decision-makers should live and work outside London instead of sequestering themselves in Broadcasting House.

    The BBC needs editors who are tough and creative, and at the top of their game. It requires investment in journalism that listens harder to communities and is prepared to represent their views more boldly and analytically, warts and all.

    It’s urgent because there is now, more than ever, a threat to the existence of the Corporation.

    It will have the backing of the people only if the people are sure their voices are being heard.’


  17. Venutius says:

    McDonnell on the BBC says he is to blame for Labour’s “catastrophic” loss in Thursday’s election. He “owns this disaster, not being able to articulate clearly enough”. He also blamed the “media portrayal” of Corbyn for the loss.

    “It’s a body blow for everyone who so desperately needs real change in our country”. He said he was “sorry that we came up short and I take my responsibility for it”, but remained “proud” of the campaign.

    So; paraphrasing, ‘the message was correct but it’s the media’s fault’.

    This man, his party and supporters are deluded.

    Their woke, metropolitan manifesto means nothing outside their London bubble. What the hell does ‘pro Palestine’ or ‘refugees welcome’ mean to the people of Redcar? Who gives a toss in Blyth about ‘not tolerating discrimination in any form’, the oft repeated mantra from Corbyn. Why would the people of Bolsover vote again on an EU referendum they’ve already spoken on?

    The Labour Party needs to choose between it’s socially liberal metropolitan meting pots and its traditional, socially conservative English base. It needs to be brave, articulate a clear message and represent those people whom it chooses to reflect.

    The world in not left versus right anymore. Socialism is dead. It’s globalism v’s nationalism, corporatism and control v’s libertarian freedom, local representative autonomy v’s collective democracy. These are the choices it repeatedly refuses to make.


  18. smoogie7 says:

    ‘How to avoid an election fallout with the fam this Christmas’


    I think that the political argument has been settled for the next few years now. Trust the BBC to try and spoil Christmas for us just because they once again did not get the result that they wanted.


    • Sluff says:

      This ‘country is divided’ nonsense is another dreamed up metrobubble load of tosh.

      We have Jezza supporting friends and colleagues, our wheelchair bound good buddy voted libdem, in part because he is a Remainer, as is his libdem neighbour, also a good friend of ours, Most Tories we know do lots of voluntary work, charity collections, Christmas colllections and all the rest. We all get on and we’ll all be at each others Christmas parties. We just don’t all vote the same way.

      But we live in a ‘town’ so naturally the hate-filled left don’t understand us and think we’re scum.


  19. Zelazek says:

    I am enjoying the Labour Party squirming and being unable to understand why they lost. Like many others here, I see this as good news because they will continue to rigidly and unquestioningly adhere to their Marxist ideology and lose the next general election for the same reasons they lost this one.
    Their mindset reminds me of a joke I once heard about the Brezhnev regime circa 1980 (the date is important). Soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev goes to a summit of world leaders in Washington. At the end of the meeting, the Americans take Brezhnev and the others off to a high class brothel. Brezhnev is surprised but really enjoys himself. When the time comes for the next world summit, this time in Moscow, Brezhnev orders the Communist Party to arrange similar hospitality for his guests at the end. Unfortunately, in the forthcoming weeks, the summit is deemed to be a failure by world leaders. Brezhnev can’t understand it and orders an inquiry. But he can’t discover any political reason why the summit failed. Then he summons the Communist Party official responsible for the hiring of the prostitutes. “No, it can’t be the fault of the girls,” says the trembling apparatchik. “They’ve all been good Party members since 1917.”


  20. pugnazious says:

    Kuenssberg gets hounded by the Left [but the BBC still insists it is the Right who are fuelling and stoking anger and division]….and is tearfully apologetic…no doubt there is an official BBC recantation as well…

    ‘BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg is targeted by far-Left extremists who accuse her of a pro-Tory bias.

    Since she was appointed as the BBC’s first female political editor in 2015, Ms Kuenssberg has hardly put a foot wrong.

    However, last week she made a rare slip, tweeting that Conservative sources had told her that a Labour activist had punched a Tory aide outside a Leeds hospital.

    Video footage soon emerged to disprove the claim.

    Ms Kuenssberg deleted the tweet and issued an immediate apology.

    She is said to have been left tearful by the error, which was seized upon as evidence of bias.’

    However Newsnight’s toxic and very dangerous fabrication about a death in Harlow is still available to watch and apology free….


    • StewGreen says:

      Is it OK to air people making BIG accusations and leave out their own name ?
      Unnamed Pole “I don’t know if i should mention names”
      Sweeney “yeh mention names !”

      Pole “Niigel Farage thankyou for all that, cos you are part of this death, and you’ve got blood on your hands
      thanks to you thanks for all your decision
      wherever you are
      yeah it’s it’s your call”

      Sweeney “Nigel Farage has always denied this allegation
      As the search for clues and answers continues,
      the fear is but two poisons* have come together to a lethal result !”

      (That’s the BIG TAKEAWAY at the end of the piece “Farage =murder of foreigners” )

      * The locals/shopkeepers in the vid , only talked about there being an anti-social problem with gangs of kids,
      … they didn’t mention any racism, nor Brexit. It is Sweeney that shoehorned than angle in and labelled it a” poison”

      “Comments are turned off” says that Newsnight video


    • john in cheshire says:

      The kuentsburg woman has no credibility.
      And to make her matters worse, she’s from the eMilli Mateless stable of beauty.
      So, no saving graces then.


  21. StewGreen says:

    The Mirror editor @Kevin_Maguire tweeted
    “Here’s a bit of unseen newspaper history – the unused ⁦@DailyMirror⁩ front page we prepared just in case ”


  22. Sluff says:

    Since London is now strongly BAME, errrr I mean strongly Labour, Bojo has every reason to do what perversely Labour have advocated which is to put some money into the regions. Not least since the regions are now Tory! A little piece of logic appears to have passed the left by, which is that since the left have repeatedly complained about overinvestment in London, and since London is predominantly BAME, it must follow that BAME areas have received far above their rightful level of investment. So it must be time to invest in all those whitey towns and areas. How about it, David? Dianne?

    Perhaps the BBC could join them and open new studios in Sedgefield and Bassetlaw. For their information, those places are ‘somewhere up north’. I’d be happy to lend the BBC a map.


    • Not Gwent says:

      The mayor would complain. Then again that’s his normal state so no one would notice.


  23. pugnazious says:

    LOL….from Is the BBC biased?…

    ‘Huw Edwards: Explain again, Mark. Slowly. With your ‘academic and other analysis’. How does an organisation direct thousands of its staff to work in unison to back one political cause? I know you need to tell yourself this stuff, but it’s risible.’

    How does the BBC direct its employees? By employing the right-minded people to start with, the BBC does not need to check their thinking…thus already on-board and on-message…no need to brainwash or direct…and those dissenters who slip through the filter?…they keep schtum if they know what’s good for them.

    Noam Chomsky…

    ‘ The way that works, with rare exceptions, is that you cannot make it through these institiutions unless you’ve accepted the indoctrination. You’re kind of weeded out along the way. Independent thinking is encouraged in the sciences but discouraged in these areas. If people do it they’re weeded out as radical or there’s something wrong with them. It doesn’t have to work 100 percent, in fact, it’s even better for the system if there are a few exceptions here and there. It gives the illusion of debate or freedom. But overwhelmingly, it works.

    Then comes the question of the individual journalist, you know, the young kid who decides to become an honest journalist. Well, you try. Pretty soon you are informed by your editor that you’re a little off base, you’re a little too emotional, you’re too involved in the story, you’ve got to be more objective. There’s a whole pile of code words for this, and what those code words mean is “Get in line, buddy, or you’re out.” Get in line means follow the party line. One thing that happens then is that people drop out. But those who decide to conform usually just begin to believe what they’re saying. In order to progress you have to say certain things; what the copy editor wants, what the top editor is giving back to you. You can try saying it and not believing it, but that’s not going to work, people just aren’t that dishonest, you can’t live with that, it’s a very rare person who can do that. So you start saying it and pretty soon you’re believing it because you’re saying it, and pretty soon you’re inside the system. Furthermore, there are plenty of rewards if you stay inside. For people who play the game by the rules in a rich society like this, there are ample rewards. You’re well off, you’re privileged, you’re rich, you have prestige, you have a share of power if you want, if you like this kind of stuff you can go off and become the State Department spokesman on something or other, you’re right near the center of at least privilege, sometimes power, in the richest, most powerful country in the world. You can go far, as long as you’re very obedient and subservient and disciplined. So there are many factors, and people who are more independent are just going to drop off or be kicked out. In this case there are very few exceptions.’


    • Fedup2 says:

      Pug -the curse of big organisations -group think – the language becomes the same – the approach to subjects becomes the same .

      In the case of the BBC it’s very simple to see . A journo like Brillo is seen as an exception just for doing his job – whereas the sneery ones constantly interupting and cutting short the people they and their organisation don’t lIke carry on in that way .

      Extreme example of this. Marr trying to ‘ do ‘ Nigel Farage a couple of months ago .

      I wonder when I see those sort of interviews – what is the aim? Is it to get the victim to snap? To de mic
      And walk ? Or just to get their contract renewed and Another year of tax paid pension .

      My advise to Tories continues as I said in the election campaign . Just avoid the ‘ beauties ‘ until they behave decently – and fairly . Until then – they are the Far Left enemy .

      I’m really interested to see if BoJo goes onto Toady as the ‘ tradition ‘ of newly elected PMs kind of ‘ dictates ‘ . I really hope he doesn’t because the way Robinson et al have conducted themselves they don’t deserve the time of day .

      As far as C4 news goes – well their head called our PM a liar in a public speach . Any pretence of neutrality is gone – so close it down or privatise it – or give it to Fox .


    • pugnazious says:

      In the Mail today…..how very apt….

      ‘With your paycheck comes some restrictions’: Mike Bloomberg doubles down on censoring his journalists from investigating non-Trump candidates

      ‘Billionaire presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is refusing to buckle under pressure and change the rules of engagement for his news outlet’s political reporters—who are forbidden from investigating him or any other Democratic White House hopeful.

      Bloomberg News journalists will ‘just have to learn to live with some things,’ he told CBS News in an interview that aired Friday morning.

      ‘They get a paycheck,’ the former New York City mayor lectured, ‘but with your paycheck comes some restrictions and responsibilities.’

      DailyMail.com’s anecdotal sampling of Bloomberg reporters’ opinions shows scattershot unease but no willingness to contest the company policy, which has left President Donald Trump the only candidate they are permitted to dig into.’

      He who pays the piper….


  24. pugnazious says:

    The BBC likes to mock Boris as some sort of Pound Shop Churchill but maybe he’s not a churchillian figure, perhaps, you may consider, he’s more Henry V….a thought that amused me as I started to read ’24 Hrs at Agincourt’ by Michael Jones who writes…

    ‘The bowmen of England and Wales were recruited from the peasantry, and in an age acutely conscious of social standing this made their victory over the cream of the French aristocracy even more pleasing.’ and for the supporters of the French it was ‘The ugliest and most wretched event to befall France in the last thousand years.’

    History repeats itself as the Welsh and English ‘peasantry’ thrash the ‘French’ elite, those in our own ports who collaborate with the ‘enemy’, to produce yet another famous victory.


  25. taffman says:

    “Officers were called to reports of a man “believed to be in possession of a firearm” in Hessle Road in Hull in the early hours of Sunday.”
    Not believed to have any terrorism connection or links.
    Not believed?


  26. StewGreen says:

    “Madam stop there , I have reason to believe you’ve just stolen those two left shoes from the shoe shop display rack”
    DA.. “No, no I always wear two left shoes,
    it’s my lucky superstition
    here’s a photo of me doing that at the polling station”


    • StewGreen says:

      Votes: 39,972 .. Vote share 70.3 % … LAB majority: 33,188 .. Vote share change: -4.8%
      2017 : 42,265 .. Vote share 75.1 % …. Lab majority : 35, 139
      2015 : 31,357 .. Vote share 62.9 % …. Lab majority : 24,008


  27. Doobster78 says:

    Piers nails it again !! ????????


  28. Doobster78 says:

    Sometimes , the truth is best put nice and simply !!


    • john in cheshire says:

      Do we know which brand of gin Mrs Soubry prefers? Or will she drink anything?


  29. Deborah says:

    They really don’t get it. David Orlando of all sorts of Labour committees and proud to be hard Left, writes in the Telegraph that unless Labour finds a way to win next time, their vision for Britain faces obliteration. Doesn’t get that the people of Britain massively considered the hard Left version of Britain and overwhelmingly rejected it.

    Later in the article he states antiSemitism should be eradicated but then states “never again should Labour canvassers feel trepidation when knocking in a North London suburban door to which a mezuzah is nailed.” WHAT? Mr Osland does not consider the intimidation caused to the Jewish family inside when Momentum knocks on their door. I have had the attempt of the intimidation and a young American student I know, living a long way from home and family, experienced the horror of intimidation and bullying by fellow students once those living around her found out she is Jewish. The only thing Labour has succeeded in being is the thoroughly nasty almost evil party. They put any nastiness of the Tory party to pure amateurishness. Mrs May got that really wrong too.


  30. StewGreen says:

    Totally impartial Channel4
    chose totally impartial studio audience


    • Sluff says:

      Not a C4 watcher but came across this clip on youtube.
      A classic reference case of unquestionable proven example of C4 bias.
      This audience quickly moved on to Question Time on bBBC1 the following evening, as the overall tone was the same.


  31. StewGreen says:

    Totally impartial BBC favourite …writer A L Kennedy


    • Up2snuff says:

      Well spotted, Stew. Some strong denial of reality at work there, in a besotted Labour mind. Plus some creative writing from a ….. writer.

      The contributor to a part of an extended The World This Weekend, in a three way discussion, hosted by Mark Mardell, made an important point: a lot of politicians (and their media sympathisers, probably) think of and treat the public as simpletons.

      They are not.


  32. Up2snuff says:

    Chris ‘Reality Check’ Morris had a small segment on TWitT on R4 today. The tenor of his contribution? “Boris and the Conservatives are liars.”

    He sounded quite bitter.

    Is it unreasonable to guess that Chris Morris might be a Labour Party supporter and voter?


  33. Despairada says:

    Bit late with this but yesterday Radio 4 Saturday 11 am ‘Electioncast’ slot, the one occupied by ‘The Week in Westminster’ in non election times. For once I didn’t mind listening to this. Highly amused by the puzzlement of the contributers trying to figure out what went wrong. The conclusions were that it was Brexit wot done it and/or people didn’t like Jeremy Corbyn.

    No one in this program or in the other bits I caught during Saturday voiced the opinion that maybe people just didn’t want a hard left marxist big state government which I think was the main reason. Of course the debate has widened since then with McDonnell falling on his sword.

    It puzzles me why these Media presenters seem to want a hard left marxist big state government when they have more to lose financially than the rest of us.


  34. Despairada says:

    Sorry , is this the new thread?

    Bit late with this but yesterday Radio 4 Saturday 11 am ‘Electioncast’ slot, the one occupied by ‘The Week in Westminster’ in non election times. For once I didn’t mind listening to this. Highly amused by the puzzlement of the contributers trying to figure out what went wrong. The conclusions were that it was Brexit wot done it and/or people didn’t like Jeremy Corbyn.
    No one in this program or in the other bits I caught during Saturday voiced the opinion that maybe people just didn’t want a hard left marxist big state government which I think was the main reason. Of course the debate has widened since then with McDonnell falling on his sword.
    It puzzles me why these Media presenters seem to want a hard left marxist big state government when they have more to lose financially than the rest of us.


  35. pugnazious says:

    Wow….didn’t take long and the BBC’s Big Guns [and soon to be Big Guns] are moving in to undermine the Tories already….the new narrative is that the Tories stole the election with its lies and the electorate are too stupid to understand that….

    [H/t Is the BBC biased?]

    The BBC’s Reality Check, lol, Chris Morris declares…

    ‘the party and the leader that was called out on the facts most often was also the party and the leader that won an unexpectedly large majority. And the Conservatives did that, as we know, primarily by providing a simple answer to an incredibly complex problem. ‘Get Brexit done’ was a comfort blanket. It was what people wanted to hear, and it appears that many voters either didn’t know or didn’t care that reality will be a lot more complicated.’

    And Newsnight’s incoming policy editor Lewis Goodall from Sky News says…

    ‘Before the election this administration repeatedly showed that it was willing to defy norms, dabbled in post truth and showed disregard for our political institutions. Now they have a majority that might go away. Or it might not. And now there is no parliamentary check.
    In other words, we should be paying just as much attention to how the government won as why Labour lost

    And of course we had Amol Rajan declare, falsely…

    ‘Sadly, it is a matter of fact in 2019 that the British party of government looks to Twitter to dupe people.’

    Just remember this is our supposedly impartial, non-partisan national broadcaster taking sides here with incredibly subjective views and opinions….calling just about anything the Tories did ‘lies’ or deceptions to dupe the electorate.

    This is highly, highly political and provocative by the BBC…it is not just doing its job in ‘holding power to account’ but deliberately and with malice fabricating a false narrative about the election and is attempting to create the impression that the election was rigged and ‘stolen’ by Tory lies.

    A very dangerous road to go down.


    • taffman says:

      Al Beeb will behave like a ‘cornered animal’ as it sees that its end is nigh, it will get more desperate .


    • PRW73 says:

      “And of course we had Amol Rajan declare, falsely…
      ‘Sadly, it is a matter of fact in 2019 that the British party of government looks to Twitter to dupe people.”
      But Pug, didn’t I read earlier that Labour had won the “Social Media War” with eleventy billion views of their Twatter and Farcebook posts whereas the Conservatives only got 2 views???


  36. Sluff says:

    Just an idea for the editors of this fine website.

    If someone could create a ‘search’ facility either or both by writer, or key word search, then given the large amount of traceable and referenced examples of bias, including dates of posts, it would be possible to create really good dossiers of specific bias. Thus QT, Toady, TWATO, Marr, VD, including by presenter – Tourettes, ‘useless’, Remainin, etc.
    Could we then send these into OFCOM either as individuals or even better on a sort of ‘class action’ basis – and copy Downing Street while we are at it.

    I also noticed that complaints about all TV channels are supposed to go to OFCOM straight off the bat EXCEPT for the BBC where uniquely one is supposed to complain to the BBC first and only then to OFCOM if the BBC reply is deemed unsatisfactory. Another piece of bias- institutionalised.


  37. digg says:

    Interesting article from the BBC examining why Blythe Vally went Tory…

    Of particular note is the statistic that “5% of live births in 2018 in Blythe Valley were to non-UK mothers.

    England’s average is 29.1%”

    That tells us that almost one in three births in the UK are to non-UK mothers.

    The BBC never fitted this in anywhere with the relentless NHS cash struggles stories pre-election did they?


  38. pugnazious says:

    Even in death the sinister Corbyn panders to his friends in the terrorist IRA by using their rallying cry…Tiocfaidh ár lá….’Our time will come’….


    • john in cheshire says:

      At his age, if I was Mr Corbyn I would spend my time getting myself right with Jesus Christ the Son and God the Father. Otherwise an eternity in hell is quite a long time.


  39. Fedup2 says:

    BBC news ‘interviews’ an ex MP called Dominic grieve . Mr Grieve lost his seat after the Tory whip was removed . BBC news allowed him to spout off as though there is anything valid to what he says now . For the record he was the MP for the constituency of Brussels .
    No shame from Mr Grieve for the ending of many parliamentary careers of a large number of traitors for which we should be eternally grateful .

    I really hope BoJo takes his revenge in the Bew Years Honours – and maybe doesn’t have one .


    • Sluff says:

      Grieve quite literally represents absolutely no-one.
      But he speaks the BBC agenda so he gets the unending invitations.
      BTW. If my maths is correct, the Tories won exactly the same popular vote as Labour and the Lib Dems combined.
      I wonder if this balance will be reflected in BBC news programming. I doubt it. The SNP 4% seems to count for more than any of them.
      The BBC. Where shit-stirring IS the news.


  40. pugnazious says:

    LOL….proof big data doesn’t tell you anything of genuine consequence….this company tweeted to the BBC’s Amol Rajan telling him of their success in analysing the election by data mining Twitter….great success!…..

    But look what they really said before the election…

    York ‘data-mining’ company predicts election shocks
    ‘ WE’RE heading for yet another hung Parliament – and Julian Sturdy will lose his York Outer seat to Labour.

    That’s the prediction being made today by a York-based ‘data mining’ company which has analysed more than 50 million Twitter conversations since the election began.

    Steve Brewer of Text Mining Solutions predicts that the Conservatives are on course to lose almost 30 seats in the election compared to 2017 – leaving them with 289 seats, 37 short of a working majority. ‘

    Just another example proving that the claims made by Codswallop and repeated ad nauseam by the BBC that big data stole Brexit is bunkum.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Pug – quite simply – there’s real life – then there’s the internet . ( id hope sites like this breach the gap …. but the rest …?)


  41. Foscari says:

    It’s BBC Sports Personality of the year this evening. I know
    it’s not of the greatest importance. I was just wondering if
    the BBC would allow a white male sportsman to win it.
    Or like many of the adverts we now seen has diversity or
    “positive discrimination” become the order of the day. It
    will be interesting to see if BIG BROTHER who controls
    the BBC allows somebody like Ben Stokes to win. Whatever
    the votes add up to.


  42. Sluff says:

    Its SPOTY on BBC 1 but we are told that the trophy is not there.
    That’s because it is being taken there by a marathon cycle run, being led by Gareth Thomas. Ex Welsh rugby number 15.
    Who is gay.
    And HIV positive.
    Thank you BBC for supplying me with that information.
    I didn’t realise SPOTY supported unprotected homosexual sex, but I do now.

    And just in case you need more agenda, why it’s Raheem Sterling talking about racism.

    SPOTY is now a Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the BBC party.
    Little time left for actual sport.
    Let’s hope hideously white Ben Stokes wins.


  43. Fedup2 says:

    Wow traitor Bercow got £60000 for his unbiased comments on Election Night on Sky. 46 000 people watched it .
    That works at £ pounds per viewer ( you do the sums ) …..

    And for a prize – guess what Bercow will be adverting on daytime teli

    Is it

    A make a Co Op Will
    B nasal spray
    C confused . Com
    D commemorative brexit 59 pence pieces


  44. chancygardner says:

    I’ve just completed a piece of mini research on Phil Wilson who has been interviewed by the beeb since he is now an ex-Labour MP and is pretty sore about it.


    I checked his record on the various Brexit proposals. He voted against all three Theresa May deals. He was fully behind proposals for another ‘peoples vote’. He voted against every other pro-Brexit deal and voted for all customs union proposals. In this regard, he not only toed the party line entirely but was also quite vocal about it.

    His constituency voted approximately 60% to leave and 40% to remain. Yet, in his opinion it was Corbyn’s fault he wasn’t re-elected. After all, he was told, during the canvassing, that if Corbyn wasn’t in the leadership position he would get a vote for sure.

    Firstly, I think he needs to re-think how honest householders can be when confronted on the doorstep of their own homes where they are less likely to want confrontation.

    Secondly, well there is no secondly. I just can’t figure out why the electorate voted for the opposition. What possible reason can there have been? It was certainly beyond the reporter to think of one either. It will remain, forever, a mystery.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I just think a collective madness gripped them as they used every deceit to stop Brexit and forgot that the people who voted for it realised what they were doing – hence those 12? Change UK traitors all losing their seats

      Their failure to realise that and apologise for their treachery consigns them to the rather large political grave yard .


      • chancygardner says:


        I agree but it was if no-one was drawing attention to it in the media. It was a kind of modern version of The Emperor’s New Clothes. We were told over and over again that the Tories were failing to implement Brexit and were incapable of doing so. But, but…it is Labour sir! Surely you can see that it is Labour who are not wearing any new clothes!

        Were it not for this site I think I would have gone nuts. I had to close my Facebook account to prevent myself from almost daily ranting! I wasn’t interested in wishing distant friends a happy birthday or acknowledging any of those posts that get circulated starting with “A friend is someone you can….” Bah…humbug. Who cares! Let them eat cake.

        Let me crib from an old Black Adder script with one or two distinct word changes:

        Me: Where is my Brexit?

        L: And what Brexit would this be?

        Me: The one that has taken eighteen hours of every day for the last three years. My mother died; I hardly noticed. My father cut off his head and fried it in garlic in the hope of attracting my attention; I scarcely looked up from my work. My wife brought armies of lovers to the house, who worked in droves so that she might bring up a huge family of bxxxxxxds. I cared not…

        L: Am I to presume that my elaborate bluff has not worked?

        Me: Brexit!

        (Kudos points for anyone who knows which episode was cribbed)


  45. Tabs says:

    I’m trying to keep a running mental count of black vs white people on BBC1 SPOTY. I reckon it is 75% black people so far.

    Spoiler Alert: Did anyone else hear Gary Linekar say to Ben Stokes “you are also the main award winner”?


  46. Celtic_Mist says:

    I happened to hear an episode of ‘Tarek’ on R4 this afternoon whilst in the car –

    This Is Your Country Now, Too
    Episode 7 of 7

    Stories seen through the eyes of child refugees as they leave home for the unknown.

    The family of 14 year-old Tarek’ is bidding him farewell in a restaurant in Idlib, northwestern Syria. Amid the partings and advice from his mother, father and sister and barrel bombs raining down, Tarek is bundled off on a perilous journey across Europe.

    But, as if in a Kafkaesque nightmare, following setbacks on the road or at sea, he constantly finds himself back in the restaurant, still to start his journey and receiving more advice.

    He can claim asylum once he’s in Britain – the problem is getting there.

    Set in war torn Syria and across Europe, this is the final drama in a series of seven plays about the experience of child refugees fleeing persecution to find a new life in the UK since 1939.”


    The author is Jonathan Myerson who also wrote ‘Number 10″

    “Series 1

    This series was first broadcast weekly at 9pm from 7 September to 5 October 2007. Episodes 1, 2 and 5 were written by Jonathan Myerson, episode 3 by Nicholas McInerny and episode 4 by Mike Harris. The series was produced and directed by Clive Brill.

    1. Good News Day – As the Prime Minister prepares to announce an amnesty for all immigrants working illegally in the UK, a serious tube crash threatens to jeopardise his plans.
    2. And Raise Them to Eternal Life – The party promised to eliminate Britain’s carbon footprint, but poll ratings are plummeting and the unions are cutting up rough.
    3. Who Won the Election? – As the government prepares for a major cancer screening initiative with a private American company, a leaked letter to the PM appears to advocate legalising cannabis.
    4. Rule of Law – Launching a new organisation intended to integrate Muslims into British society and prevent radicalisation, the PM also has to decide whether to back Turkey’s application for EU membership.
    5. Home and Away – Crises loom on two fronts as the Prime Minister faces a backbench rebellion while British troops are being held hostage overseas.”


    Guess what – it’s coming back –


    A further search reveals that Jonathan Myerson is looked upon favourably by The Guardian –


    It is clear that he is into propaganda –


    Who knew the history of the Archers?


  47. pugnazious says:

    Jon ‘The Beauty’ Sopel is trying to wake up the Woke, urging the Democrats to take note of Labour’s drubbing here and adapt their campaign to appear less socialist…

    Will UK provide light bulb moment for US Democrats?
    ‘What should Democrats learn from the misery that befell the Labour Party last Thursday night? And more particularly can they afford to have Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren as their candidate and stand a chance of defeating Donald Trump in 2020 after the shellacking meted out to Jeremy Corbyn and his brand of radical, left-wing policies?’

    The main, and obvious but thanks anyway Jon, lesson seemed to be not to make unbelieveable spending promises that are quite clearly not workable…and don’t think you are beloved by all just because you win the digital battle zone.

    What’s more of note in Sopel’s plea for the Democrats to beat Trump is his assessment of Labour’s policy pledges and why people didn’t vote for them, an assessment that somehow his colleagues here in the UK failed to make before the vote…..

    ‘Labour last Thursday went into the election with an unashamedly socialist set of policies, promising a massive increase in government spending, and big tax increases for the well-off. Nationalisation of some industries was back on the agenda. There would be massive increase in spending for the National Health Service – and an offer of free broadband for everyone. Why no offer of free puppies for all, one wag asked derisively.

    The problem is that the pragmatic, working-class people of Sedgefield – and any number of other constituencies across the industrial towns and cities of the UK – held their collective noses and said you must be joking. These are smart, savvy people. They know that you don’t get something for nothing. ‘

    So Labour’s promises were basically based upon lies that ‘pragmatic, smart, savvy voters’ saw through, no thanks to the BBC. So with that in mind you might ask where was the same hostile, aggressive, credulous take down of Labour’s manifesto and its supposed funding that the BBC applied to the Tory policies…even the Tory claim that Labour would cost £1.2 trillion was instantly and aggressively attacked and rubbished by the BBC whilst avoiding actually costing Labour policies themselves…they just said Labour hadn’t published its manifesto therefore it was impossible to cost….except of course the costings were made up of 2017 manifesto policies and ones agreed at Conference. It was a credible costing…just not for the BBC.

    The BBC gave Labour the softest of soft rides during the campaign barely noticing the credibility gap between Labour’s promises and reality….they somehow failed to notice when the renowned, and previously BBC goto economic thinktank, the IFS stated that Labour’s policies were colossal, incredible and unfeasible….only when the IFS later also critiqued the Tories did the BBC report their thoughts…and even then targeted the Tories first.
    The BBC’s first report on what Labour was offering failed to mention the nationalisations and the massive costs involved in that…or the sleight of hand Labour used to say it would all cost nothing.

    Labour’s policies and their funding went under the radar as did Corbyn’s terrorism, his hardline communism, his links to Britain’s enemies and his anti-semitism…Andrew Neil’s skewering aside…though it was in fact the ‘lightweight’ Phillip Schofield who actually got Corbyn to grudgingly apologise.

    The BBC played no part in the defeat of Corbyn…it was the sneered at Press, other media and social media that portrayed him in his true light and enabled people to genuinely gauge who he was and what he represented…and they didn’t like it however much the BBC tried to cover up for him and downplay the criticism.

    The BBC does not enable our democracy, it does not stimulate intelligent debate, it does not spark enthusiasm for politics, it does not foster tolerance and acceptance of different ideas and worldviews, it does not enrich our politics, it does not nurture, cultivate and advance an environment where all this would be possible and partisan politicians, pundits and people could still live together without undue rancour, anger and division.

    The BBC fuels division, stokes anger and incites extremism….it constantly talks up the notion of a Britain rent by divisions as if this was new…but they blame it on Brexit…but of course Britain has always been ‘divided’…every election shows that….has the BBC not noticed that there is the government side and an opposition side in the House of Commons, a symbolic and actual representation of political divide in Britain? This is purely a narrative invented to create the impression that Brexit is bad for Britain. The BBC refuses to accept other view points, viewpoints that led to Brexit, calling politicians who backed Leave extremists, ultras, far-right, Nazis and the voters racists, bigots, uneducated and old…the same ‘pragmatic, smart, savvy voters’ that saw through Corbyn….Britain, the BBC told us, was a ‘nastier and more racist place’ due to Brexit and telling us Nigel Farage had ‘blood on his hands’.

    The BBC helped fuel the rage and abuse heaped upon the Leave side and contributed massively to the ability of Remain to delay and sabotage Brexit as the BBC promoted their narratives and failed to challenge them at all.

    The BBC has a lot to answer for.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I listed above a series of ‘excuses ‘ the BBC will deploy to try to undermine the outcome of the election .
      The bit I left out is that it sees itself as a ‘ balance’ to those newspapers who are overtly pro BoJo .
      Yet the BBC isn’t meant to be biased – it’s meant to be fair and balanced . It lost its way a long time ago . It won’t – can t – reform itself so only the likes of Dominic Cummings put leverage on it through the licence fee and funding .

      The hostility of the reply to this will be the same as that to the Brexit vote . The BBC will shelter behind the ‘auntie’ image of years back when we all grouped around the tv to watch certain hugely popular programmes .

      Those programmes – top of the pops , dads army , Morecambe and Wise are gone . The best they do is the dancing / singing contests . So Auntie is gone too – and people know it . What remains is a biased Left Wing Propaganda monster .

      THE NEW THREAD IS UP. . Please use the applicable threads running now .