Midweek Thread 20 May 2020

Biased BBC news staff regularly fail to give any background details when they introduce their interviewees . So the viewer / listener is often unable to judge what the speakers ‘ agenda might be. This is particularly true when the speaker is of the ‘left ‘ and thus sympathetic to the Biased BBC viewpoint . Those who are ‘introduced ‘of the ‘Right‘ will receive casual BBC hostility . – if you listen /watch – judge for yourself …

Midweek Thread 13 May 2020

A highly skilled BBC autocue reader called Fiona Bruce read out that a whole range of workers are ‘low skilled’. She has done a public service by showing a glimpse at what they think of the millions of people who pay their wages through the TV licence.

If you feel like cancelling yours – here is the link –


Please practice distancing from the Biased BBC and wash your hands after having watched or listened to it . Over to you .