Weekend Thread 5 September 2020

This time next week the Biased Far Left failing BBC will be preparing to put out “The Last Night of The Proms”. This year many who watch it will be more attentive to it than ever . Even if the British Conventions are retained lets not forget what those running the BBC wanted to do – in favour of their own personal views -not those of the suffering taxpayer .
The next big national event is Remembrance Sunday . Interfere with that at your peril BBC.

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  1. scribblingscribe says:

    If you havent felt sufficiently angry today, here is a clip the BBC will not show.

    One comment, says it has been set up by Trump. She received over 400 likes. I kid you not.

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  2. pugnazious says:

    I wish the media would stop teasing us with headlines about ‘Abbott’ being a leading advisor for our trade talks…..triggers me…especially as I wouldn’t put it past the idiot Tories to appoint someone like her as they try to look all inclusive, diverse and unifying as Cameron did….Blair packed the quangos with his party stooges…and the Tories not only kept them on but added to them.

    Astonishing how Nick Robinson can state that Tony Abbott is a homophobic misogynist and climate denier and thus perhaps shouldn’t qualify for his new job. Laughably Emily Thornberry is dragged in to denounce him…the woman who thinks all working class white men are racist lowlifes.

    Rita Panahi an Iranian Australian opinion columnist said…

    ‘Tony Abbott should consult a lawyer. These unfounded slurs, pushed by his loony left political opponents, are stated as fact by ”journalists” in the UK.”

    Can’t say she’s wrong. Nick Robinson gets away with it every time….as they all do…..funny how they target relentlessly anyone helping the Tories such as Cummings but an anti-Semitic, marxist terrorist supporter got endless uncritical BBC coverage. Abbott will be in their sights now until they take him down.


  3. pugnazious says:

    Everyone’s heard of ‘white noise’ but do you know what ‘Black noise’ is? It’s that noise you hear when you turn on the BBC and all you get is a terrible whining sound.


  4. Guest Who says:

    ITBB has a bumper weekend series of posts in complement.


    May I commend them to the audience.


  5. Doobster78 says:

    Standard practice at the BBC


  6. Guest Who says:

    When Hugh next meets Mishal.



  7. Guest Who says:


  8. Guest Who says:

    Speaking for the nation. Apparently.

    Our sons are here.

    I asked them when they last watched the BBC.



  9. Guest Who says:

    Too many staff. Too much media acreage to fill. Nothing to fill it with.


  10. Guest Who says:

    Best use of a compelled £5B evva!


  11. taffman says:

    “Police and anti-immigration protesters have clashed outside the entrance to Dover harbour.”
    “Dover police clash with immigration protesters at port”
    They are arresting the wrong people: Our police be should be protecting our shores by deterring the invaders .
    Where is our Home Secretary , where are her empty promises?


  12. taffman says:

    Message to snowflakes at Al Beeb………….
    “If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”

    Message to the easily offended…………… If you don’t like this country and what you hear , leave.


  13. digg says:

    The latest ER action has revealed to me what it’s really all about. It’s basically rich kids trying to curtail working class people and make them subservient to this new elite, that is people who can afford ridiculous EV’s etc. No doubt in my mind now it’s being driven by the likes of Soros.


  14. Foscari says:

    I was thinking of becoming a pundit on football on say the
    BBC or Sky sport .What do you think the most important
    attributes I should have? I am quite an expert like Ashley
    Cole for example, and thought that Dan Walker was very
    unlucky to be sent off against the might of Iceland. And didn’t
    the lady pundit look like the celebrity dancer from last seasons
    “Strictly.” though her hair looked different. Didn’t Adele get
    into trouble over her Bantu knots? I think the virtue
    signalling woke term is cultural appropriation.


    • BRISSLES says:

      If you’ve got a diploma in crisp tasting, and done a bit of decorating in your time, then go for it !


  15. G.W.F. says:



    Rival groups clash in Dover Police make arrests. The impartial BBC report on the anti immigration and pro immigration protestors.
    Anti immigration – uncouth, snarly faces.
    Pro immigration – peaceful, wearing masks, holding banners. And someone’s granny holding a smash racism banner, with the line ‘End capitalism, build socialism’.





    • StewGreen says:

      Loaded BBC words, loaded BBC photo
      ..Intimidation reporting.


    • taffman says:

      September 5, 2020 at 8:47 pm

      Most definitely !
      Nothing has changed .
      Save yourself some money and de-fund Al Beeb, all of you.


  16. Thoughtful says:


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      This is what the BBC have been tirelessly working to import into Britain.

      And it is absolutely horrifying.


  17. vlad says:

    “White House CANCELS racial sensitivity training for all federal employees because it is ‘un-American propaganda’: Trump blasts classes on ‘critical race theory’ and ‘white privilege’ as a ‘sickness in our country’.”

    Trump for PM! And while he’s at it he could cancel all the nefarious black studies, feminist studies and lgbtxyz studies at our useless marxist younis.



  18. Doobster78 says:

    Mrs Doobster78 wanted to watch Britain’s got talent on itv, so I indulged her !!!! (Selfless, I know)

    The dance group Diversity had a slot !!!!

    OMG !!! Quite literally the most sickening, virtue signalling piece of TV you are likely to ever see.

    A BLM , anti police piece done in dance !!!! It was DISGUSTING..

    And they were all black , that’s all black , highly successful, highly paid blacks. Lecturing us, telling us how oppressed blacks are !!!!!

    Yep, racism in Britain really held them back as well !!!!

    All these oppressed, multi millionaire BAME ‘s , what a struggle hey !!!!!!


    • Wink1 says:

      I too could not believe what I was seeing ! It truly has gone too far ! Kneeling before football and cricket, practically every programme a BLM slant and now a family show like BGT. Enough is enough this has to stop !!!


  19. vlad says:

    CONFIRMED Boris To DEFUND BBC & TV Licence Fee As We Know It!


    • StewGreen says:

      clickbait title that is not true
      (BTW i posted the link yesterday)


      • vlad says:


        • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

          Although this is hopeful, no such statement has yet been made by the PM. All Boris Johnson said was “My Right Honorable Friend the Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport will set out a roadmap shortly for reform of the bbc and addressing the very issue you mention” and the issue that was mentioned was the unfairness of being forced to pay for the BBC if you only watch live TV on Sky, Amazon prime or ITV.

          With Brexit, perhaps and hopefully, there will be a raft of reforms including the scrapping of the licence fee for a subscription service. We must remember that the BBC has been paid for by the public so in principle the public own everything the BBC has ever produced and all its assets, including equipment and property.


          • Doublethinker says:

            There is no need to wait for government action. If enough people stop paying the License Fee there is nothing that the BBC can do and it will very quickly be brought to its knees and forced to beg for a subscription only service.


        • G says:

          I reported here about this character last week. Very few of his content videos match up to the headlines presented. As SG says above: “Clickbait”.
          Worthless. I now never watch his videos.


  20. StewGreen says:

    Remember this is the replacement account
    of the SATIRICAL news site Babylon Bee


  21. StewGreen says:

    Delingpole is on fire
    \\ How can any government, let alone one claiming to be a Conservative one, allow this outrageous injustice to continue?

    Is it perhaps because Johnson and his fake Conservatives are so committed to the hard-left, anti-free-market, crony capitalist, junk science agenda of the Green Blob they are intellectually incapable of appreciating just how wicked, destructive, dangerous — and unpopular — it is? //


  22. Fedup2 says:

    I’m reproducing the below from the telegraph about the deceitful attempt by the new DG to stifle new broadcasting competition pre birth by coaxing mr Andrew Neill to return to the BBC . I hope he is not mug enough to be ‘woke’ again …

    ‘The BBC’s news director general is trying to woo Andrew Neil back to the corporation in the biggest demonstration yet of his determination to shake off allegations of left wing political bias.

    The Telegraph can reveal Tim Davie spent his second day in his new post on a zoom call with Neil in an attempt to get him back into the BBC.

    Neil, widely regarded as televisions most forensic and feared political interviewer, has not been seen on the BBC screens since March.

    Widely seen as an antidote to the so-called “woke brigade” which is accused of cultural and political domination at the BBC, executives under the previous regime of Lord Hall had allowed his contract to lapse.

    But having been ignored by the corporation for almost six months – friends of Neil called his treatment “insulting” – Mr Davie has begun making overtures to lure him back to the broadcaster.

    It is understood he spoke to Neil in the summer to open discussions before formally making a series of offers on Wednesday in a zoom call on only his second day in post.

    Sources close to the director-general said: “Tim Davie wants Andrew Neil back at the BBC because he is a bloody good broadcaster. There has always been a collective desire to have Andrew Neil in the fold because of his talent.”

    Neil, who is 71, has spent much of lockdown in France after his eponymous programme – the Andrew Neil Show – was taken off air in March as a result of the pandemic and the impossibility of grilling politicians face to face.

    It was then formally axed in the summer – a victim of swingeing BBC news and current affairs budget cuts.

    Neil, who is chairman of The Spectator magazine and former editor of the Sunday Times, has faced the wrath of left wing commentators who have accused him of a “relentless sympathy for Brexit and denunciation of its critics” in posts on his Twitter feed.

    He has previously singled out The Mash Report, BBC Two’s satirical late night show, which he described as “self satisfied, self adulatory, unchallenged Left-wing propaganda. It’s hardly balance. Could never happen on a politics show. Except this has become a politics show.”

    There were complaints when the BBC gave him his own political interview programme, broadcast at 7pm on BBC2, although even his greatest critics recognise he is a ‘formidable political interviewer’.

    Neil has let it be known he was upset that the BBC – under the reign of its former director general Lord Hall – made no attempt to contact him after his show was taken off air in March.

    So the decision by his successor Mr Davie to contact Neil on only his second day in the job is significant and demonstrates his serious intent to end criticism of the corporation, levelled by the Government and Tory backbenchers, of a left-wing bias.

    In a landmark speech to staff on Thursday, Mr Davie put a ‘renewed commitment’ to impartiality centre stage and warned anybody who wished to be an “opinionated columnist or a partisan campaigner on social media” that they “should not be working at the BBC”.

    Sources close to the director general have let it be known he wants the BBC to reach out to ‘Brexit Britain’ over a belief the corporation no longer held appeal for large parts of the UK population.

    Mr Davie wants more ‘diverse’ voices on the main television channels and recognises that Neil is one of those.

    The corporation has let it be known that satirical comedy programmes, with a perceived left-wing bias, face the axe although sources have stressed they will be chopped as much for being not very funny as too biased.

    Neil, who is prolific on Twitter, has promised to rein in his social media posts if the BBC were to re-hire him and if he was required to step into line with tough new guidelines due to be introduced in coming days on the use of social media by BBC journalists.

    His tweets have become more opinionated after his contract with the BBC lapsed but he has let it be known he would fall in with any new guidance should the BBC come up with a decent offer of a prominent slot on a mainstream channel to lure him back.

    He has backed Mr Davie’s drive for impartiality and a crack down on opinions on Twitter.

    Mr Davie may struggle to bring back Neil, however. It is understood he is mulling over offers from other broadcasters, which are more lucrative, and that executives from commercial rivals have even travelled to France to hold talks in person.

    In the last election, Neil demolished Jeremy Corbyn in a searing interview while Boris Johnson preferred to be branded a coward than face a Neil grilling.ENDS HERE


  23. vlad says:

    Creepy Joe’s history of abusing women and girls is being covered up by the BBC and the msm.


  24. Guest Who says:

    Hey kids… don’t watch nasty Disney… watch Nish!


    BBC Newsbeat

    If you’re planning a night in with Mulan tonight, here’s why people* have issues with it..


    *some, bbc… some. Oh… ‘activists’.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Mishal going to hold a seance to get the input of that Wakanda guy?



  26. Guest Who says:

    Lurch RTing CNN again.


  27. Guest Who says:

    “When I get moi moped out on the road… I’m gonna roid, roid, roid…”


  28. Guest Who says:

    “So, Emily… Lewis… who do we get in tomorrow… Slick, or our girl?”



  29. Guest Who says:

    Mostly peaceful.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Why were the police attacking that poor victim of his own petrol bomb ? Disgraceful. As they say ‘ let him burn ‘….

      I guess he didnt watch the ‘ petrol bomb’ tips page on the youtube


  30. infoquest says:

    Not on bBC – “As your trusted health authority I’ll share with you why you should be more scared than ever before…”



  31. Guest Who says:

    John Sweeney likes this.

    Because he knows who is rig… er…


    • Guest Who says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Go on then reporter – define ‘radical Right ‘? No – thought not – just another lefty journo desperate to fill a column very few will read – including me

      PS if only there was a ‘radical right’


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Guest – that video is quite frightening, not only for what it shows but also for the fact that one can slide so easily from ‘normal’ into this craziness! We thought we were immune…
        We thought we were liberal and democratic, but socialists have stolen the mantle of ‘liberal’
        and are trying to pass themselves off as such. Even when their ‘socialism’ is so intolerant, it morphs into the worst features of Communist group compliance tacticts.
        Tells us a lot about human nature, and the need to be forever vigilant…


  32. AsISeeIt says:

    ‘They only want a free press if it agrees with their agenda’ says the Sunday Telegraph commentary of Extinction Rebellion, this on the heels their latest protest stunts. The Sunday Times likewise gives the group the cold shoulder ‘MPs unite in defence of free speech. Fury after blockade stops 1.5m newspapers’. The Telegraph further warns ‘Extinction Rebellion facing ‘organised crime’ curbs’.

    Let’s just remind ourselves how the tactics of political terrorism work. The group attempting to twist our arm think up something to do that is so outrageous that we cry “this is unacceptable” and take notice. And then we accept what they did anyway. Cf the Manchester bombing of our daughters. The important thing for the extremist group is we took notice and to an extent comply with some of their wishes.

    There’s no cold shoulder for the warming alarmists in the Sunday Mirror as they bring us ‘Attenborough’s new warning on climate change’

    Sir David tells the Sunday People ‘We can still save the planet’

    After a lifetime of marvelling at the wonders of nature the cossetted old codger still seems to think humans are omnipotent – I say send him up an active vulcano or drop him into an earthquake.

    It’s a substitute religion. XR are the whacky cultists accosting you in the street and Sir David is a crusty old bishop merrily pontificating away over a sherry.

    Nick Cohen in the Observer opines ‘All extremists are threats. But today, it is the radical right we should fear most’ – and there was me thinking it was the flu that was out to get me.

    There’s no escaping the Wuhan wobblies, the Observer has ‘Covid ‘could be endemic in deprived parts of the country” – firstly, isn’t it about time sub-editors put the scare quotes just around the ‘could’ word? We should get Lynne Truss onto it. Secondly, when a pandemic goes endemic, say in Smethwick, you seem to have the raw materials for a limerick.

    Speaking of the puctuation-themed book Eats, Shoots and Leaves… we have ‘Mary Berry’s comfort food recipe pull-out’ in the Mail.

    And for the chaps the Mail gifts us the ‘Giant glossy Premier League fixtures poster’ – yeah, with not a comma in sight we really could conclude football has become giant and glossy.


    • Fedup2 says:

      When Attenborough snuffs it the BBC will go more than ‘wall to wall’ – there’ll be approved statues – stamps – banknotes – roads renamed – national mourning – state funeral ….. I wonder if he’ll be composted ?

      Burn those fossil fuels …


    • Fedup2 says:

      As i see it

      Perhaps we could have the ‘ best made up headline of the day ‘ award – always based on some version of Project Fear…..

      As for ‘planet saving’ – if we screw up it will kill us – and millions in the third world rapidly increasing consumption out of poverty isnt going to be affected by a few million westerns turning the thermostat down . But im a denier anyway


  33. Sluff says:

    Through my early Sunday snooze, caught the so-called religious programme Sunday, on R4. It’s been going for about 50 years and today we had a retrospective.
    At first it was fine. A fairly straight review of a time when things were simpler and better. But gradually it went down hill. The predominantly Christian focus on the earlier years was described through gnashed teeth, and the last few minutes were pro Muslim and, for some reason, pro refugees.

    What was unwittingly revealed was thus not the evolution of the programme but the descent of the BBC from national broadcaster to a biased left wing woke student activist organisation of minimal appeal, largely now irrelevant to its presumed audience.

    So in a funny way, a bit of a result !


    • G says:

      I had an interesting experience last week whilst having a pint or two at my local. Engaged two locals of the bright variety, one of which (I butted in on a conversation about ‘Trump’), promptly announces, “That idiot”. I replied, “do you mean the billionaire Trump?”. Yes, the oxymoron. Not wishing to be further confrontational I backed off. Given the opportunity I later passively and gently established where the duo obtained their news from. BBC R4. They liked it on in the background. Propaganda trickling in I’d say.
      The BBC overarching approach to DJT is all condemnatory/negative. So, in keeping with the BBC’s drip, drip, drip, I heard this gem earlier:

      How can that be British News or even important World news? Answer: it furthers the continuing Marxist approach of ‘Critical Theory’ – just condemn by connection, on and on no matter how insignificant the topic. But do it relentlessly.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Bit slow there Sluff. On being told ‘yes, the oxymoron’, I would have said “hardly an idiot if he’s a billionaire”.


  34. Fedup2 says:

    Telegraph Watch

    The paper has surely been ‘upset’ by being directly affected by protesters at its printing plant – as well as plod being unwilling to prevent it .

    So if I may suggest the following tactic to the newspaper

    1 print pictures of all those involved
    2 identify them And publish their names, occupation and address
    3 pursue them in the civil court
    4 get some decent security if plod is unwilling to act .

    There are other slightly less proportionate suggestions but they are not for here ….

    If you compare what happened at Dover you can see that the police is now a political weapon of the Left with a hapless Home Secretary with no authority at all – like the rest of the red Tory government . ….


    • Jeff says:

      The police will stand idly by while the mob deface monuments and tear down statues.
      They’ll have their hands in their pockets, whistling a lively tune and looking the other way, while anti democratic yobs attack printing plants.
      And if semi literate thugs feel the urge to assault The Cenotaph or Winston’s statue they’ll usually be found kneeling in an abject act of cowardly submission. Eugh, that still makes my flesh crawl…

      But…Dare to organise an anti-lockdown protest and you’ll be carted off before you can mumble the words “political stitch up.” You’ll be immediately fined £10,000 and your crowd funding donations will be closed within half an hour. Putin would be proud of us…

      And God forbid you might take the clearly fascist decision to protect our shores from hundreds of illegal immigrants. Then you’ll feel the full force of the law!

      If the Home Office had any intention of defending our shores from these invaders we wouldn’t be providing a cross channel taxi service and these patriots wouldn’t be doing useless Priti’s job for her. We certainly wouldn’t be putting these invaders up in 4 star hotels, giving then dosh and taking them on jolly trips to Liverpool football club. You know, that might just be encouraging them…
      If the government really wanted to stop them we’d be meeting them halfway across the channel and we’d escort them straight back to France.

      Or Gary Lineker’s £5 million mansion…


      • G says:

        I can think of two, “…lively tune(s)….”. Oh! hang on though them is already defined as ‘white supremacist’…………..
        Compliments of The Proms.


  35. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “It’s a symbol of our people’s survival. Many of us don’t identify with the [ ] flag because for us it represents colonisation and invasion.”

    Not keen on that fist jobby either, frankly.

    So, Union flag it is.


    • Fedup2 says:

      If people coming to Britain don’t buy in – they should just go find a more ‘approved’ flag —-and refuse UK state benefits – can’t have both ( sorry -troll bait )……


  36. Guest Who says:

    Looks up ‘sensitive reporters’ in bbc EdGuds.


    • Guest Who says:

      Insensitive reporting.


      • Guest Who says:

        And… twitter.

        It’s ok, views are his own.


        • StewGreen says:

          MartinDaubney’s summary is wrong
          Minute 4, She talks it NOT being race against race
          and says it was an usually diverse night in clubs that are normally black and Asian
          and said it group of friends against other group of friends etc.

          She made out that each group was quite diverse, but said loads of radial slurs were being shouted.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I wouldn’t recommend watching this unless you like to hear two woke people talking without saying anything . The beeb droid trying to get the woke girl to blame whitee but not getting there .
          I watched 4 minutes and felt my life ebbing away ….


      • G says:

        If the police don’t understand by now that when the whole multikulti thing comes crashing down and all hell breaks loose, they will not stand a ‘cat-in-hells-chance’ of dealing with the sedition, I don’t know what will.
        Maybe they’re just dense………….


  37. fakenewswatcher says:

    Large scale Stabbings in Birmingham; cars also used (as weapons?). R4 is a bit cagey abut what happened in the vicinity of the ‘gay area’ last night, but it obviously wasn’t pleasant. The area is ‘multicultural’, so that may have had something to do with it. Will see if the papers have anything to say.
    Doesn’t sound like the England of Old. But that has been (deliberately?) destroyed by successive governments.
    Guest – only just seen your contribution above; seems like beeb carefully doctored its report. Far as I can remember, gunshots were not mentioned.
    Also, nothing to explicitly suggest one ethnic group turning on another.
    Typical ‘doctored’/carefully edited reporting to avoid anything that doesn’t fit into beeb R4 ideology?
    R4 was certainly VERY DIFFERENT from above testimony!


  38. vlad says:

    Next time the lying BBC tell you how peaceful the BLM protestors are, here are their favourite terrorists attacking some gays and women.

    PS. How are the reforms going Tim Davie?


  39. Guest Who says:

    “Ok, Keir… I see your Dawn, and raise you a Di…”

    How every bbc ‘editor’ ignores this will be fascinating.


  40. AsISeeIt says:

    Sounds as though Birmingham’s “Gay Village” found itself at the sharp end of our multiculturalism experiment last night.


    The Mayor is owning up to a ‘series of incidents’

    By the way, supposing someone were contemplating emigration, how’s things in Beirut these days?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Mostly peaceful … I which brand of coloured the BBC decides is the ‘victim ‘ when it’s pakis versus African types ….. no doubt the ‘community leaders / drugs sellers ‘ will be ‘consulted’ and blame whitee ….


  41. Sluff says:

    Can you imagine the BBC news room this morning?
    They must be wetting their pants and ODing on the Valium.

    Information on the Birmingham stabbings is noticeably minimal so my guess is that the Far Right were not involved.

    But just imagine if it all kicked off due to some ‘religious’ or ‘ethnic minority’ component?

    The BBC brown trouser department will be inundated with work.


  42. Guest Who says:

    Ah, but… always impartially. Trust them.


  43. vlad says:

    Oh dear, within days of Tim Davie’s brave fighting words, he’s already backtracking.

    “BBC tells Gary Lineker and other stars they will not be bound by new social media rules”



    • Guest Who says:

      Is two U turns in one week a donut?


    • StewGreen says:

      It’s always been the case that for TV only NEWS BBC staff had to stay impartial on social media, and the rule didn’t apply to non-news presenters like Lineker, Attenborough, Chris Pakham.

      Radio presenters were all supposed to follow the first rule
      but most like, Brian Cox, Adam Rutherford, Vine etc. just ignored it


  44. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Greetings. I have a question.

    Whenever there is a breaking mass casualty incident – such as the one in Birmingham – the BBC calls for witnesses to report in to them and then they say it will be their editorial decision as to which testimony they will use.

    My question is this: why on earth are the BBC interfering with the police investigation? Surely the BBC should be requesting witnesses to contact the police?

    It seems that the BBC feels entitled to interfere with police investigations in the same way it interferes in democratic elections.


  45. StewGreen says:

    after 11 on Talkradio is BBC institutionally racist ?
    @nigelpauley tweeted
    Will be discussing whether the BBC is institutionally racist with @TVKev on @talkRADIO after 11am today ..


    • StewGreen says:

      The guy claimed that only 2% of producers are BAME
      and 3% of directors are BAME
      I think he might be getting mixed up with perecentages for black
      and that is about proportionate


  46. Thoughtful says:

    The Telegraph Paywall is free this weekend, according to them in the support of freedom !


  47. StewGreen says:

    Vine banned guy for denying there was a famine in Britain.
    .. Interesting thread.
    The guy claimed that only 2% of producers are BAME
    and 3% of directors are BAME
    I think he might be getting mixed up with perecentages for black
    and that is about proportionate.


  48. StewGreen says:

    breaking : One death declared in the Birmingham car-kabaddi match


  49. Sluff says:

    Not entirely BBC.
    The justification for left wing ‘comedy’ appears to be that it is inherently subversive and hence anti-establishment and so anti-government. The Tories (or so-called Tories) keep winning elections so comedy is left wing by default.

    So with that in mind I merely draw your attention to the fact that Spitting Image went off the air shortly before Blair won in 1997 and, hey presto, is coming back now Boris is in with the first big working Tory majority since 1987.

    How very impartial. Not.


  50. Fedup2 says:

    Is there a repeat match Sunday night ? Did the dead one have a colour or was he she it whitee in which no further reporting need be done ….
    ….I’m guessing social distancing didn’t work …


    • Fedup2 says:

      Strange how upset the press gets when they can’t sell their papers – but for something Important like the third world invasion each day – can’t be ‘arsked’ as some say …