Midweek Thread 6 January 2021

There is to be a parliamentary ‘debate ‘ about the new variant of Lockdown . Will there be dissenters ? Where will the biased BBC stand ?

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  1. Darcy3 says:


    “Cameras just happened to be in the right place in the Capitol to film a sudden invasion, and Biden who cannot string two words together suddenly had a speech ready at 5 minutes notice….”

    He has been informed he will be deplatformed so moving to Bitchute


    • The WestWyvern says:

      I saw some of his address to the nation.

      The doddering old fool could barely read the autocue.

      Perhaps his adrenaline shot was wearing off.

      Dog help us when he gets his hands on the nuclear codes.


  2. Northern Voter says:

    Welcome to the United Socialist States of America, a new banana republic in the New World, wait until GDP goes down and unemployment goes up, then they’ll see the light.


    • G says:

      Yep, it’s been obscured for so long. Now plain to see: the US is already a totalitarian state. In fact, combining the RHINO’s with Dem/communists now makes it that way. All in total, on the Chinese payroll. ‘The West’s Beacon of Democracy’. No longer. Tear up the Constitution before the public get into more trouble thinking that the document means everything and then observing the opposite when trying to enforce it.
      Gun owning will be gone in no time at all now. The commies cannot risk a bellicose electorate armed with AR15’s. US citizens, welcome to the UK style of so-called, “Rights” and remember, it will always be the criminals the law supports. No, hang on, sorry, you’ve just gathered that already……………….


  3. Fedup2 says:

    You know how the BBC always defaults into ‘the EU is better than blighty in everything “? Well – an article in the DT today describes the anger in Germany and elsewhere about arrangements for covid vaccinations – how they were going to use an EU approved French vaccine which hasn’t been delivered and how disordered centralised Brussells planning is .
    With a bit of luck the economic consequences will cause serious damage to the EU project and get more to ‘take back control ‘.
    Naturally the BBC won’t be talking about this ….


  4. Tabs says:

    BBC News channel banging on about misinformation on all social media platforms (but not the BBC of course).

    Then straight onto interviewing the photographer who took the pictures of the protestors inside The Capitol. The photograher said, “I heard some noise and when I looked I saw about 10 fascists”.

    Oh the irony.


  5. Fedup2 says:

    North East London 2000 – the sound of clapping – none – just the normal sound of plod two tones on its way to find a hatee crime ….


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Fed, zero participation here also for the performing seals act.

      Oh dear.

      How sad.

      Never mind.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, none too bright re-starting giving the clap to any old hero or heroine in winter after all that BBC propaganda and indoctrination about Global Warming and Climate Change was it? Most people will think “We are wasting all that heat! Think of the CO2 and Global Warming and Climate Change and David Attenborough’s plastic sea lions and polar bears. Shut that door! You will melt that ice berg.”


      • Fedup2 says:

        I was wondering if the state broadcaster was going to film various politicians on their doorsteps clapping – or maybe someone being arrested by plod because they had strayed 5ft from their front door for crap mass clapping …?


        • Up2snuff says:

          Fed, I see Sir Keir’s publicist got him onto the BBC web-site. Unfortunately for him the sad events in Washington have kept him off the newspapers’ front pages this morning.

          Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.


  6. Doobster78 says:



  7. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch may be up to #4 – the BBC getting Sharply nervous?

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-55561667 The new Chairman of the BBC is Richard Sharp. Maybe the BBC are regretting not having Charles Moore as BBC Chairman on a ‘better the devil you know’ basis? Amol Rajan writes: “Whether Sharp supports the licence fee as the pillar of a future BBC settlement is unclear.”

    Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.

    Amol has included a pic of Tim Davie looking very shady in his article. Not a good way to guarantee future pay rises, Amol.


    • Garry Lavin says:

      I’m amazed how Amol Rajan…came from outside the BBC …to having a cast iron contract and being ubiquitous on telly and radio…….
      …….with no initial trial period?!!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Well if you compare what dickie used to do in banking versus the BBC there are strong ‘synergies ‘ ( right word ?)

      Monopoly position
      Guaranteed income
      Too big to fail
      Can ignore criticism
      Can make anyone a victim
      Never loses
      Multinational spread

      And of course – top player certain for a gong or too ….


    • Bulldog says:


      The beeb Chairman is essentially a Government appointment on the recommendation of Oliver Dowden, Sec. of State for Culture, Media and Sport and is for a 4 year term for a 3-4 days a week role. The previous encumbent had to get by on an annual salary which for his term in office had been reduced to £100k but it was decided in order to attract a “credible” replacement this should be upped to £160k. Dowden was looking for someone to “hold the bbc to account” and to “ensure the bbc returns to its core values of impartiality”. This inferred it had sadly strayed from its remit – who’d have thought it – let’s see if Sharp can now earn his corn and persuade the beeb hierarchy to get back on track and even ditch the licence fee as well – or maybe not.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Bulldog, according to Amol, Sharp will be getting £180K. Not bad going for a sinecure but probably a big drop on his Goldman remuneration incl. bonus. I wonder if Sharp’s name and salary will come up in one of Amol’s ‘Rethink Fairness’ programmes on R4?


        I wonder why?

        I thought funny. Funny, I thought ….


  8. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    I was so disgusted by BBC Radio 4 bias on Wednesday that I avoided all of its news today … but (mea culpa!) I relented and wasted 30 minutes of my life on “The Briefing Room” (20:00 – 20:30) hosted by the (ex-?) Communist David Aaronovitch. The bias was simply unbelievable, even by the abysmal standards of the BBC.

    There was not one single voice prepared to give Trump, and those alleging election fraud, a fair hearing. The one Republican was a RINO type (Christie, but not Chris Christie) who said that the GoP was bigger than any one person (well, obviously, though the Kennedy and Clinton tribes had a good go at appropriating the Democrats for themselves) and should move beyond Trump. All the others were academics or Leftists, almost totally partisan against Trump and Cruz, only marginally less so against the GoP more generally. Nothing about fraud, as if they were living in an alternative reality. They could do worse than read some of the posts here, as they appear not to grasp the gravity of what has been going on.

    Astonishingly bad!


  9. Twin_Town says:

    I’m glad to report in my region of twin town… I hear nothing – no clapping or banging pots or pans.

    Hopefully those woke enough to take part will realise how stupid they are and stop ????????


  10. Fedup2 says:

    Cut and paste from the BBC website about ‘the clap ‘-

    ‘ A revived initiative to applaud the heroes of the pandemic has returned – but much more quietly than last year.
    It comes after the founder of Clap for Carers distanced herself from its return after facing online abuse.
    Annemarie Plas wanted to bring back the weekly applause under a new name of Clap for Heroes to lift spirits in the new lockdown but it fell a little flat.
    Some health workers have said they would rather people stay at home and wear a mask than clap for them.
    Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said he participated at 20:00 GMT on Thursday, but clapping “isn’t enough”.ENDs

    Enough of the clapping – next the offensive kneeling …I bet even the thick yanks have given up on that …


    • JohnC says:

      First people are pressured to clap.
      Next people will be encouraged to shun their neighbours who do not clap.
      Then it will become a requirement to clap.
      Sustitue clap with kneel or any of a hundred smaller things.
      Hello North Korea.
      The Left want everyone to be equal. Under their rules. Which will change overnight when it suits them.


  11. G.W.F. says:

    I am trying to remember what Boris Johnson, Douglas Murray, Melanie Phillips, Juliet Hartley Brewer and many other conservatives said when leftists took over the Capital building when protesting against Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment in 2018.



    • StewGreen says:

      I don’t watch MSM news but I see they are using narratives
      like “4 dead at Trump riots”
      ..That seems like Maximum Spin
      – Trump supporters killed no one, the demo was genuinely largely peaceful AFAIK.
      – Riots ? Was the incident at the UK BLM demo where the police horsewoman nearly died described as a riot ?
      I’ve not heard of Trump supporters smashing, burning , looting for profit
      – And how many of the million Trump supporters did not enter the Capital ? surely 99.5% or something

      To me it’s like the boys at a school are bullies and keep invading the staff room and sit there smoking cigarettes ..many times
      not much punishment.
      And it is labelled boisterous.

      Now today the girls have tried the same thing
      .. but one got punched hard straight away
      and they getting ready to jail the rest of them.
      And it’s labelled a riot.

      I thought lefty/liberals were supposed to be in favour of equal treatment .
      but they play by the Alinsky rules,
      the school bullies that generally win.


  12. Dave S says:

    The occupation of the Capitol will prove more important later on. Who knows what it prefigures. It looks a if the USA is facing civil strife on a growing scale and that looks like it has been coming for a long time. It did look very easy to take over such a key building and i am sure the example of the exercise has not been lost by all sides of the coming struggle. They seemed to have learnt from the Seattle and Portland rioters.
    Covid has destabalised the West and this is just the start. China must be laughing.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Dave, meanwhile WHO (and the UN) give China ‘a free pass’ over the virus, especially the latest versions. According to the Times newspaper, Kim Jong-un is ‘rattling his sabres’ again, now that the Trump Presidency is over.


  13. Dave S says:

    The occupation of the Capitol will prove more important later on. Who knows what it prefigures. It looks a if the USA is facing civil strife on a growing scale and that looks like it has been coming for a long time. It did look very easy to take over such a key building and i am sure the example of the exercise has not been lost by all sides of the coming struggle. They seemed to have learnt from the Seattle and Portland rioters.
    Covid has destabalised the West and this is just the start. China must be laughing.


    • pugnazious says:

      Sorry Dave S…..’rioters’? You are spreading fake news and misinformation….gonna have to ban you from the site…..you need to educate yourself…luckily the BBC is here to help….

      ‘Hundreds of activists, who had been demonstrating against police brutality since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May, then flocked to the neighbourhood and set up a peaceful occupied protest. There, they distributed free food and medical supplies, planted community gardens, and held film screenings and workshops. ‘

      Then again for a different, non-BBC view….

      ‘Abolish the Police? Those Who Survived the Chaos in Seattle Aren’t So Sure

      What is it like when a city abandons a neighborhood and the police vanish? Business owners describe a harrowing experience of calling for help and being left all alone.

      SEATTLE — Faizel Khan was being told by the news media and his own mayor that the protests in his hometown were peaceful, with “a block party atmosphere.”

      But that was not what he saw through the windows of his Seattle coffee shop. He saw encampments overtaking the sidewalks. He saw roving bands of masked protesters smashing windows and looting.

      Young white men wielding guns would harangue customers as well as Mr. Khan, a gay man of Middle Eastern descent who moved here from Texas so he could more comfortably be out. To get into his coffee shop, he sometimes had to seek the permission of self-appointed armed guards to cross a border they had erected.

      “They barricaded us all in here,” Mr. Khan said. “And they were sitting in lawn chairs with guns.”’


  14. pugnazious says:


  15. pugnazious says:

    ‘How do you solve a problem like Donald Trump? ‘We could shoot him’ says Sir David Attenborough’

    ‘Nancy Pelosi wonders why there ‘aren’t uprisings’ across nation: ‘Maybe there will be”

    The Democrats launched a civil war against Trump and the US government after 2016 election….they colluded with the Russians, exploited and abused the democratic process and stood shoulder to shoulder with black and far left terrorists in an attempt to unseat a US President and overturn the result of an election. And yet it is a rabble of mostly peaceful protestors who killed nobody and didn’t actually do any damage who are mounting a violent and dangerous ‘insurrection’.

    Curious how the BBC immediately went into hyperdrive to report this and portray it in the most alarmist way possible and yet BLM and Antifa riots in which people were killed, cities left burning, rioting and looting abounded and US history, culture, society and its white population were attacked, desecrated and demonised in an attempt to destroy ‘America’ were barely mentioned by the BBC, they drew no condemnatory remarks, no outrage, no shock and horror denouncing the attacks on democracy and a civilisation.

    And of course the BBC’s finest called for Trump to be shot….

    ‘How do you solve a problem like Donald Trump? ‘We could shoot him’ says Sir David Attenborough’


    • G says:

      Apparently, if the communists can remove DJT from White House and install Pence for the last two weeks, DJT will have no chance of being resurrected in four years time. Too good an opportunity to miss, commies?


  16. Darcy3 says:

    And what happens if you do not toe the line ?

    all it takes is a couple of allegations, Julian Assange,

    Cliff Richard :

    “The former officer rubbished claims that appeared in the media that the police brought in the BBC to maximise coverage of their search, calling them “ridiculous”

    He was unable to explain why the raid warrant made provision for “civilian media” personnel to accompany the search and enter the property.”

    Or maybe even worse “something” is found on ones computer…

    Who knows, maybe Epstein did

    And nearly all local newspapers have been bought up by one company who plant the same stories and opinions in each one.

    “Our titles span the UK, Scotland, North East, West Yorkshire, North West, South Yorkshire, South, Midlands and Northern Ireland – delivering trusted coverage of news, sport, events and information.”

    Luton “local paper”:

    Birmingham warns its Covid vaccine supply is running out as mass rollout of Oxford jab begins


    • JohnC says:

      I’m sure you already know, but the BBC blackmailed the police into letting them tag along.
      That’s what the Left are behind their masks. Shallow, greedy liars.


    • G says:

      “Or maybe even worse “something” is found on ones computer…”
      The slow demise of, “reasonable suspicion” along with its counterpart, “Innocent until found guilty”.
      Not long now.


  17. Darcy3 says:

    President Trump would like people to follow him on Parler due to being blocked on other platforms.

    President Trumps Parler profile:



  18. Richard Pinder says:

    I think CIA stands for Chinese Intelligence Agency. Clinton steals the DNC vote from Sanders. Seth Rich is angry. He leaks over 44,000 emails to Wikileaks. https://www.sott.net/article/446577-NSA-hiding-communications-between-Seth-Rich-and-Julian-Assange

    On 10th July 2016, Seth Rich is murdered, In 2017,WikiLeaks releases CIA documents including Kraken and Hamr and the deep state turns on Assange. In 2020, CIA Servers in Frankfurt, Germany and Scytl’s in Spain receive election data, Dominion machines connected to the internet manipulate the data, some giving Joe Biden an extra 0.25 of a vote for each one he received and subtracted 0.25 of a vote from each one for Trump.

    Italian intelligence say that they have the confessions and proof of the exact people who switched the dominion votes using Leonardo computer systems and military satellites located in Pescara, Italy. Made official in writing just minutes before Antifa and Trump supporters are let into the capitol building.

    Everyone bans the naughty President and his naughty supporters, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) sends out official legal notification to providers of the emergency response system telling them what they are required to do in a national emergency, Pence’s chief of staff panics, can’t reach Pence, shows up at the White House, and is banned from entry and fired. Escorted off the property. Trump flies to a military base in Texas.


  19. JohnC says:

    … and now in one of his first acts to try and unite his divided country …
    Joe Biden insists the protesters be called domestic terrorists.
    Welcome to the world of The Left. Serious unrest and maybe even civil war just became a real possibility. Hitler would be proud of them.


    • JohnC says:

      .. and now I learn Pelosi has given the Republicans an ultimatum to get rid of Trump or they will.
      Holy Cow – That has similar undertones to how Hitler annexed Austria. What kind of democracy do they call that ?.
      Where’s my pitchfork …


  20. Darcy3 says:

    I was unfortunate to catch the start of that Vine thing’s radio show yesterday he could hardly contain his glee, the schadenfreud was palpable, he must have been tossing himself off all night watching it


    • JohnC says:

      I was listening to Ken then as he introduced Jeremy to plug his show, I ran to the radio and turned it off.
      They are getting more confident and letting their true characters come out.


  21. Darcy3 says:

    Back to government by warmonger, or puppet of the military indiustrial complex, God knows what they have on Biden, even I have seen a video of his son naked smoking crack with a very young Chinese prostitute, released by the Chinese.

    Just imagine if that were Trumps son ???? it would have been all over the world in seconds

    The mind genuinely boggles what else “they” have on him

    When Biden is asked to jump the only response will be “how high sir?”…. until the black gets in


    • taffman says:

      The ‘proof of the pudding’ will be how the dollar and stock markets will react when Biden takes over. Another key factor will be the employment rate.


  22. taffman says:

    “ Covid: England and Scotland arrivals will need negative test result”
    Does this apply to those arriving by dinghies or ‘Border Farce’ ?


    • JohnC says:

      Yes – but they will do it on arrival and won’t have to pay 200 quid for a test at great inconvenience just before they set off.
      You and I will pay it for them. Then we will pay for them to stay in a 4 star hotel. And we will pay for security at the hotel to hide the fact.


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Taff, you may know I post the update regards flights entering the country from all over the world, easily available via Flight Radar24.

      That HMG are finally getting their arses into gear is a surprise. Horse, Stable Door, Bolted springs to mind.

      Just the fact that the population has been under some form of lock down since last March, airports remained open and international travelers were not tested is akin to a war crime, if we are truly in a war against this virus and people are dying.


  23. Scroblene says:

    As the whole fiasco sqeaks and bangs to a ‘conclusion’, there must be so many influential Republicans out there, who will never walk away from the controversial mis-managament of the voting systems.

    Biden will do about three months before Kamilla Boris takes over, and Billary installed as the vice-loser.

    The BBC will of course do all they can to support the old boy, and the next duo of losers over the pond, but the show will never be over for the next four years!

    As Taff says above, the markets will be a key issue.


  24. Darcy3 says:

    One does not even need to prove electoral fraud,

    “God knows what they have on Biden, even I have seen a video of his son naked smoking crack with a very young Chinese prostitute, released by the Chinese.”

    this was actively suppressed by all media, where it should have been major news and all Americans should have been made aware that a presidential canditate is susceptible to international blackmail and the behaviour of his son casts major doubts on his presidential eligibility.

    So a fraud in itself.


    • JohnC says:

      I wonder when the peak years of freedom were in the Western world.
      Maybe the 70’s ?.
      Society is now going backwards at a rapid rate. It’s all about greed, power and control. Just as it always has been throughout history.


      • G says:

        I think that most here would accept that so-called ‘Democracy’ is a fiction. My favourite description is that, ‘Democracy is a very thin veneer on top of Totalitarianism’.


        • JohnC says:

          I’m sad to say I agree with you.
          I’ts almost like ‘The Matrix’ where people are living a life where they are conditioned to believe they are free when they suddenly find they are not if they don’t follow the unwritten rules they hav ebeen conditioned to accept. Anyone who rebels is dealt with so they can’t make waves (like Tommy Robinson). The press know not to poke their noses into any of that.
          We are halfway there.


    • JohnC says:

      Or the sexual assault allegation where Biden actually used his fingers. No chance on Earth is was his first time.
      Or the absolutely shameless lie about getting arrested trying to meet Nelson Mandella.
      All swept under the carpet by the MSM. He would have been crucified during the election if they applied Trumps standards to him.
      They are the most disgusting hypocrites.


  25. JohnC says:

    Our free-press are reporting dozens of exclusively anti-Trump articles and none of them are allowing the British people to say what they think. Particularly the Daily Telegraph who have had TDS from the start.
    We all know why. I despair at what my country has become.


    • Guest Who says:

      The multiples of standards being deployed are breathtaking. If unsurprising.

      It will be interesting how Jon, Anthony and Nick report from their hotel balcony in Times Square the joyous scenes below whilst quietly ignoring an unfortunate incident involving Katty in an alleyway off Broadway.

      Assuming she ever leaves her bunker.


    • Garry Lavin says:

      Yes, I’ve been surprised by the Telegraph.


  26. Guest Who says:

    So far nuking Twitter and Facebook seems the equivalent of dropping a Grand Slam on the Nazi High Command Communications systems mid WW2 and standing down Bletchley Park as a consequence.


    Oh well.

    Can’t say Parler or Gab are so far looking sensible alternatives as I can’t actually find anyone to follow, scummy MSM, dim bulb pol or blocked twitter refugee.

    And there is no alternative to Facebook, and I no longer see picture of friends’ cats.

    Plus I can no longer admin a bunch of business related groups.

    Very Charge of the Light Brigade.

    Possibly a rethink might be in order, but not a U-turn. Oh no.

    Clever these left wing billionaires…. dominate the media, control the media, control the message… control the population.

    Trust all these professional journalists of integrity are proud of themselves.

    Still have the last FB post of a funny, feisty but lefty wife of an FB neighbour who is a teacher in mind… celebrating her nth month on hols and how awesome Krankie is as a stateswoman compared to all the men. Maybe she’ll end up asking for papers or manning a GPMG at the border in Gretna

    Having a ball. Until they make a wrong step. Can happen.

    Crocodiles are always hungry.


  27. AsISeeIt says:

    Flaunting your bust, fake deepthroat, plus wattle and daub

    I was thinking just now – when was the last time our print press headlined some investigative journalism? Instead all we get is the simple editorialising of opinion onto events, usually those events with a predictable narrative and preferably those with some photogenic aspect.

    Hence the blanket coverage of the Pro-Trump Washington demonstrations.

    The Guardian this morning knows what it is I’m nostalgic for but mistakes a boring official narrative for some controversial deep-throat mole they have managed to winkle out: ‘The secret consultant’ – oooh, how very hush-hush… ‘Inside the NHS crisis’ – I suspect the Guardian is now about to bore me… ‘The patients are younger. We are full. This is much, much worse that the first surge’ – oh dear, just as I predicted. Do the Guardianistas realise they are channelling Boris? Of course what they think they are doing is backing Sir Keir in his posturing that he could manage things better by grinding our liberties and our economy into the dust earlier, harder and for longer.

    ‘The patients are younger. We are full. This is much, much worse that the first surge’

    “The story is older. We are sick of it. This is much, much more preposterous than the first lockdown”

    To the FT, where I have often suspected, given the house predilection for oddly semantically arranged headlines, (and of course the paper’s deeply globalist narratives) English may well not be their journo’s first language: ‘Protesters flaunt a bust of Donald Trump’ – I guess it makes a change from photos of protesters defacing and toppling statues. But in common parlance does one tend to “flaunt” a bust?

    At this point, musing on the flaunting of busts, one reflexively turns to the frontpage of the Daily Star – finds it missing from the BBC press line-up, searches on-line for the Star and on their landing page finds: ‘Grave designs. Mad dad transforms cemetery toilet block into millionaire mansion with its own moat, drawbridge and swimming pool’ – don’t knock it: ‘Wilfred Zaha’ [Association footballer: Côte d’Ivoire & Crystal Palace FC] ‘I was left homeless when I was just six years old’ (Daily Telegraph) – I sense another Marcus Rashford coming on.

    ‘Emissions milestone Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is set to be 50 per cent higher than before the Industrial Revolution by the Spring, the Met Office has forecast’ (Times) – just tell us when it’s raining, will you! I suppose the narrative here is we all need to go back to windmills and horsepower? And Rickets and wattle and daub houses and Rotten Boroughs? We certainly have some of those.

    ‘Army recruited in battle to boost vaccine rollout’ (Daily Express) – oh joy… “Atten-shun! Stan-at-ease! Now, it has come to my attention that there has been some slacking around here in the jabs department. Slacking will not be tolerated. By the numbers… Roll up your sleeves, two, three, four. Needles at the ready, present… wait for it… jabs away! And I don’t want to see anyone cringing!

    Just what is the function of our military these days? Is it a quasi-social service? It certainly doesn’t seem to be the career of choice for adventurous manly young chaps any more: ‘A general may appeal against an order to resign as head of army recruitment after being found to have lied about an “emotional” relationship with a woman captain’ (Times)

    It’s all very well our military going all emotional if only our potential enemies were equally as in touch with their emotions – but seems they’re a tad more traditional: ‘Kim Jong-um has promised to raise North Korea’s defence capabilities to a “higher level” (Times) – the fat boy ruling a half-starved backwater may just be posturing – flaunting his bust, so to speak: ‘…as a portrait was unveiled showing the leader in a formal military uniform’ – the Russians and Chinese may not be so easy to laugh off.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Asiseeit – I’m disappointed that you didn’t mention the daily flaunting the daily Mail does with their – girls on a beach with washboard ? Abbs ?And ‘pert peachy derrière’? – I think the normal term is .
      I look at the mail because it is free but ready to rant at the drop of a vaccine container .

      And on that we have to prepare for a tidal wave of vaccine related stories merely because we are all in house arrest until March at the earliest
      Personally my money is moving down the ‘tiers ‘ in 79 days from today – which is when BST returns . BTW Amazon Alexa is good for day date counting …..


    • Guest Who says:

      AISI… LOL.

      As I grapple with my new found ‘news’ drought, your summaries are a worthy and funny substitute.

      Tabloid mangling of English was a rich seam anyway, with The Dimmer clearly written by an idiot, likely Kev’s cousin, with the Fail not far behind… especially in peachy flaunting terms.

      My wife has just told me it is all kicking off in Chinese speaking communities as ‘CB’ for circuit breaker means something else entirely as ‘CCB’, phonetically.

      Hence #CCBGB may yet arise again, like a Phoenix, here in the U.K.

      Unless banned by propagandist social media, of course.

      But I do miss teasing the oh so transparently obvious BBC professional editorial classes as they pull every editorial integrity trick in the book to infer something via semantics rather than report it accurately.

      Classic FM again shut off too late before pushing the storming of the Bastille by right wing terrorists, though it seems Don has dropped those worried about elections being rigged in it, by tarring all under a highly generalist heinous brush that ignores the past.

      Maybe the forces in dark rooms full of sulphurous clouds have suggested he toe the line in case the fam get Epsteined too?

      Owning gated communities and condos might be a lucrative industry as beings less blessed than CNN and Americast anchors are left to the protection of patrolling BLM citizens’ assemblies less prone to checking ideological fealty first before offing blonde crackers or suited Fiat 500 drivers.

      Maybe the BBC needs to issue the team armbands to be given a pass by their new overlord chums?


      • Up2snuff says:

        AISI, I see from the front pages other newspapers are starting to claim ‘Newspaper of the Year’. Yesterday it was the Mail. Today it is the Express, except that they prefix it with the word ‘Campaigning’. That will annoy the folk in charge at the Daily Mail, Mirror and Star!

        Great fun. Who will do it next?


  28. Tabs says:

    Brexit: Firms warn of problems as new EU trade rules kick in

    The BBC won’t let it go when it comes to not accepting Brexit. They never interview anyone positive about Brexit. For my work I was sent a package from Germany this week and it arrived on time just like all the other packages I received pre-Brexit.

    If DPD cannot delivery parcels as this article suggests then use someone else.


    • Nibor says:

      DPD is Deutsch Post Direct , who once hired Polish drivers until it was discovered that those drivers didn’t have the qualifications to drive DPDs artics.

      The reason M&S and Czech was mentioned on the Today programme is because M&S use double manned Czech drivers to run from Faversham to Paris .


  29. The WestWyvern says:

    So give clap to heroes was at best a damp squib yesterday evening.

    I did see that Qweer Charmer aka Captain bloody obvious signaled his virtuous intent, apparently. Thats not surprising however as he jumps on any bandwagon that trundles by.

    Also unsurprising that the Anti BBC found time to shoehorn a mention into their ‘on the hour covid doom mongering propaganda’, er sorry news bulletin.

    The founder of give clap to heroes has distanced herself from the movement ‘due to on-line abuse’ she received.

    Well, a quick glance at any on-line platform will undoubted show some ‘abuse’ as that is the nature of the beast (mainly lefty intolerance) however from where I was looking a massive majority were not abusive, they were just saying ‘Nah. Not interested’.

    But yet again we see the bastard BBC spinning the narrative, lying and doing everything in their power to re-write the truth.



  30. Jeff says:

    A little positive news, from my perspective, regarding last night’s “clapping.”
    I didn’t hear a bleedin’ thing. I peered up and down the gloomy street. Absolutely deserted. Brilliant!

    I saw it on the telly. Some geezer of 104, face hidden behind his muzzle. Lots of his neighbours rattling pots and pans. Channel 4s cameras were trained on the houses with people shivering in their front gardens…and more sinisterly… those houses where the doors remained resolutely shut…

    I fully appreciate the hard working staff in our hospitals, supermarkets, post offices, etc. It’s this strangely un-British thing that’s being imposed on us that I object to. I’ve never known anything like it. It’s completely unspontaneous. I had an uncomfortable sense of bullying about it during the summer. I didn’t do it then either.

    “You will applaud the NHS at 8pm. If not, why not?”
    I’m not living in North Korea.

    Well, not yet, anyway…


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Yes, it all reminds me a bit of the film clips of those Stalin/Hitler crowd scenes. You do wonder if the first person to stop clapping was afraid they would be shot.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Last night I cut and pasted a bit of the BBC report on ‘muted clapping ‘ now – apparently being replaced by a campaign for yet another pay increase for the NHS – presumably all 1.7 million employees ( yes 1.7 million ) …..

      Meanwhile – in the real world – furloughed and worse employees are trying to make do …..

      … I’m pretty sure there’s not much by way of shortages of overtime for public employees these days ….


  31. Sluff says:

    Toady conveniently miss open goal again.
    This morning they were emoting again for its own sake over people dying of covid.

    One was a nonagenarian who had had a fall and was admitted to hospital three times.

    On the third time they caught covid and died a few days later.

    The question not asked was how did they get covid while lying on a ward bed unable to move ???????

    Why is the hospital so insecure? Why are our NHS heroes contaminating people and killing them?


  32. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    I dipped my toe into the BBC’s news and current affairs cesspit at 9 a.m. for the brief Radio 4 news. They went over to Sopel, who told us that Trump’s short sensible speech, urging restraint by protesters in WADC, was like a “hostage video” (i.e. clearly made under duress and read from a teleprompter). Sopel also evoked the possibility of the use of the (AFAIIA untested) 25th Amendment to remove DJT from office, though he’s due to hand over on January 20 anyway. Mind you, that 25th thingy might be useful to install President Harris some time in the next few months.


  33. Sluff says:

    You know all the BBC leftoid chatterati and their favoured chums complaining incessantly about Trump complaining about the outcome of the US election.

    Are these the very same people who have spent the last four years doing everything they can to subvert the outcome of the 2016 EU referendum?

    And the very same people who were ‘understanding’ of BLM anarchists as they committed acts of criminal damage, tore down statues and defaced Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square?

    Do you get just the teeniest weeniest idea of appalling hypocritical biased BBC double standards?


  34. Sluff says:

    I see today that the BBC editorial directive to scour the country and search out any, but any, example of extra paperwork for EU trade is in full swing.

    Although it must be said that taxes on dolls’ eyes are probably not the thing most worrying everyone today.

    Everyone that is except for the BBC.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Some bloke on radio bbbc newcastle this morning saying it costs £150 each time (man hours/costs) to fill out a form to send stuff to the eu from his firm.
      I would suggest he either gets somebody in who knows their job to do this work or just quit as he obviously is incapable of running a business.


  35. Fedup2 says:

    I recall than when the new BBC DG came in he crowed about how ‘indispensable’ the BBC had become during the Chinese virus pandemic .

    But today – the guardian reports a huge increase in home ‘entertainment ‘ spending in the last year – not including the normal alt to the BBC namely Sky … people are off to Prime and Netflix – the latter having 13 million subscribers – half that of TVL numbers …..
    Tip – if you are on the E9.99 Netflix you can drop it to £5.99 if only using one screen at a time ( I might be wrong on this ) …..

    Anyway – from a previous life – one of the skills I had to develop was to see’ what isn’t there ‘- and in the case of the Guardian article the BBC doesn’t get a single mention .

    Perhaps the tactic of claiming the BBC is indispensable because of covid isn’t so clever after all ……


  36. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Here we are a couple of days on and I’m still to hear or see the first commentator or interviewee who speaks for Trump.

    There’s been a constant parade of Trump haters given all the time they want plus encouragement from the DJ or whoever’s show it is, to slag off Donald Trump.
    This morning we’ve had repeated several times on radio bbbc newcastle, some American professor who says Trump is the worst president the USA has ever had, so there’s an impartial commentator for you.

    Here’s a question for you all.
    Have any of you heard a positive for Trump interview on any station over the last few days?
    If so please say which station so that I can tune in.

    How much support does Trump have in this Country I wonder.
    He has about half the USA although you wouldn’t think it if you went by the media reporting.
    Over half would probably be more accurate.
    With only negative reporting over here I assume many will be against him although more and more are getting wise to the constant lies from the media.

    And finally, what a despicable lot the USA lefties are trying to kick Trump out for the last few days saying he’s incompetent or mentally unstable.
    That’s the price of telling the truth I suppose.


    • JimS says:

      Without doubt Obama is the worst US president within living memory.

      Trump, on the other hand has pretty much delivered what he promised and more. He has certainly done more for African-Americans than Obama did, Democrats after all need to keep them unhappy and as ‘clients’ of the state to feed ‘activism’. He has cooled down Iran and North Korea, not taken the US into new wars and achieved four Middle East peace deals. (Obama was supposed to be the Middle East expert, having studied it before becoming president. When he got the job they gave him the Nobel prize and he dithered about for six months because he didn’t know what to do).

      Here in the UK the BBC told us that Obama was a saint right from the start but why. We got lots of spin that he is a great orator, but he isn’t, he is cold and disengaged with his audiences and totally lost without a speech written by someone else and stuck on the teleprompter.

      Again with Trump the BBC told us what to think before he had even taken the oath. A continual anti-Trump barrage from their so-called comedians, partial reporting, both in opinion and time, ‘cut-and-shut’ jobs to produce the image that they wanted to portray. For me the classic case of that was demonstrated by Piers Morgan with his insistence that Trump said ‘bleach’, Morgan even running the video clip to ‘prove’ it over and over despite the word never being heard!

      Whatever opinions one might have about Trump, either as a person or his policies, I find the reporting about and around him very worrying.

      Take the reporting immediately post-election as an example. We are used to the BBC saying ‘government ministers are set to announce…’, followed by two speakers telling us why that policy is wrong. At least there is some pretence of their being two sides.

      ‘Trump makes baseless claims about election fraud’ – word for word across the MSM here and in the USA. Really? No debate. Trump is wrong! What was the question? No don’t bother, it won’t make a difference.

      We are living in a one-party media-driven state (world-wide?), yet Trump is the dictator, the facist!


      • 7Clubs says:

        Forgotten George Bush jnr already.Apart from the Iraq War ,staying on in Afghanstan instead of getting out in 2002,letting an out of control Wall Street create the financial crisis ,being complacent during Hurricane Katrina, he also allowed the Republican Ostriches in Washington to ban all Americans from placing sports bets or playing poker online possibly the most stupid piece of social legislation since prohibition


        • Dobyns says:

          7Clubs, actually the seeds were sown and nourished by Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. By the time Bush Jr came into office, it was only a matter of time


      • JamesArthur says:


        You are spot on. DT had the MSM against him from the start and in the UK it was led by the Witch finder general’s team at the BBC.

        The true test of Biden will be how he deals with China..and if he starts another war somewhere..

        What makes me ‘laugh’ is that the MSM from the start have derided DT and have never accepted the result…same with Brexit – the MSM never accepted the result and tried to stop it…the Russians did it etc, we need an investigation into the fraud, face book etc

        Now DT says the election was fraudulent and the MSM somehow have forgotten what they said at the start and right up until Brexit stumbled over the line..

        You have just got to hope the people don’t forget…but I doubt it


    • Up2snuff says:

      EG, “How much support does Trump have in this Country I wonder.”

      Not much.

      Most people realise he has completely blown it when he may have had a legitimate claim over Election fraud. Trump has been extremely foolish. He has damaged his Office and democracy. The Socialists will be able to leverage this into a grip on power that will be very hard to break.

      Trump obviously did not think through or ‘game’ his strategy for after the Election. He should have had a better plan in place. Instead he has handed power to the Democrats who can shame him now at the point of a gun and drag him from Office before the end of his term in disgrace.


  37. Fedup2 says:

    More Guardian – mentions the EU has signed a contract with Psizer for 500 million vaccine doses – but then casually says they’ll be arriving in ‘the second quarter ‘ of 2021 ….

    …. the pro EU MSM is covering up the ‘disquiet ‘ across the EU of Brussells being even worse than UK in getting vaccination up and running in the required millions per week –

    The thought of UK still being tied to that monster is too much .


  38. Doobster78 says:

    Anyone would think they are on a pittance !!!!

    They knew the salary before starting all the training. They have 100% job security and a top drawer pension scheme.

    Not to mention, they have done pretty much f all for 6 months between the covid outbreaks!!!!

    This is going to be the next BBC lefty propaganda cause, I can smell it


    • Guest Who says:

      38 BeeGees is already on it…


      At 8pm last night, thousands of us across the country once again went out onto our doorsteps and clapped for NHS workers. [1]

      But it’s simply not enough.


      Thousands is likely accurate. Enough to give BBC reason to nudge Surkeer into nudging Krankie into nudging Rishi.

      And even then, it will never be enough.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Meanwhile on the front page of the Daily Mirror there is a picture of a slightly overweight nurse (no need to access Food Banks, there, or perhaps maybe too much access to Food Banks and free takeaways?) receiving a Covid vaccine jab.

        I know several who work for the NHS who are obese, one morbidly so.


  39. dafydd says:

    BBC This morning at its staggering best..!!!NOT



    • Fedup2 says:

      Very useful example – thank you for putting on the site .

      Can you imagine the response from the BBC complaints department

      1 honest mistake
      2 a one off
      3 not our fault used agency
      4 researcher has been ‘advised ‘
      5 management to note
      6 thanks but no apology
      7 won’t get caught using same picture next time we do an anti
      brexit story – every hour ….


    • StewGreen says:

      Update BBC stealth edited to remove the old photo
      @Dafydd Yes the Guido story does have quite a few details
      It’s BBC #ProjectFear2021 as their own reality Check says “In many ways, it’s been business as usual”
      on R4Today Grant Shapps stood strongly against Simon Jack’s GOTCHA questions
      BBC video tweet
      ‘look there are no 11 mile tailbacks’
      ‘Dover traffic is flowing smoothly, and increasing day by day this year’
      ‘Yes it is at half last years level cos less trucks are turning up’
      (Covid will be a factor there)
      ‘less than 1% have any paperwork problems anyway’
      ‘If there are delay it’s cos the drivers didn’t get a Covid test’

      There have been 7 stages of edits now


      • Peter Grimes says:

        You have to remember that it was the useless, biased Fatfooker Faisal Islam Formerly of equally biased Sky.


  40. StewGreen says:

    What we see on TV is *show*, carefully crafted to play on our emotions.
    And that applies to TVnews as much as it does to TV drama, TV quizzes, comedy etc.
    If you’ve been live on the scene of a news event, it’s always weird to go home see it reported completely differently in the media from what you know from your own eyes.

    There really is a real world, and a true record of events, but you don’t expect to find that on TV.
    Likewise the Covid briefing are a PR show rather than truth.
    I consider myself inoculated against TV misinformation, cos I don’t watch national news shows.
    I know nothing, but many people know less than zero, cos the more TV they watch the more misinformed they are.

    Wednesday night on the internet people are talking about strange people wandering around the inside of the Capitol building.
    Then Thursday morning .. it seems that London voices have all been watching the TV news with it’s narrative “riots, 4 dead ”
    .. and are 100% certain a great calamity happened and that there had been great riots and Trump is a bad man cos he instigated them.

    And I’m thinking ‘what are you on about ? actual burning, looting real RIOTS have been happening for months and you didn’t really condemn them’
    And Trump never instigated storming buildings a few people were copying antifa/BLM tactics they’d seen many times on TV.
    Rather Trump had tweeted for people to be peaceful
    and put up a video telling people to go home, yet Twitter had stopped people seeing that by suspending him minutes afterwards


    • StewGreen says:

      Dunno what actually happened at the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon,
      except that news media has gone crazy with its “riots, 4 dead” narrative
      .. which is fake news cos it doesn’t give the context that 3 deaths seem to be incidental
      and that only a few of a million people did “storming”
      and none of them killed anyone, or seem to have blood on their hands etc.

      The main craziness seems to be over SOME CLOWNS that were let into the building and took photos of themselves
      ..meanwhile somehow lefty demonstrators were among them taking video which was released to CNN etc..

      Sargon has a timeline
      which gives 2:16pm as the time the first protesters were in the building
      significantly that was BEFORE Trump tweeted anything complaining about Pence failing to raise election rigging issues at 2:24pm
      Then 2:39pm Trump tweets ‘be peaceful support the police’

      11 mins later Babette, was shot as 2:50pm AFAIK still outside the building with cops next to her.

      4:17 p.m. – Trump releases a video on Twitter asking for the violence to stop
      5:44 p.m. – The Capitol building is reported to have been secured.
      So the whole thing was 2.5 hours.
      8pm the senate was voting



  41. Eddy Booth says:

    Video of Biden
    ‘Joe Biden: Black Lives Matter protesters would have been treated “differently” ‘

    You couldn’t make it up, basically:
    Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty
    – Joesph Goebells


  42. Doobster78 says:

    What a deterrent !!!!! Pathetic


  43. tomo says:

    We are a few days short of the 60th anniversary of a speech.

    January 17th 1961 – Dwight D Eisenhower’s farewell address to the nation

    I doubt DJT can top it – but I’d bet he’s only too aware of it.


  44. Robot says:

    I must say that during last two days BBC news coverage has really excelled. Absolute unrestraint. Years of pent-up barely-concealed restraint, and simulated objectivity, has finally vapourised. Coverage of the events in Washington has been a torrent of undisguised, unabashed one-sidedness. Sopel et al have been salivating, foaming at the mouth and howling like hyenas at a water buffalo kill. It’s, how should I kindly put it, unedifying. The sickly smugness of Martha and Nick on ‘Today’ has been nauseating. Self-importance, smugness and self-righteousness appear prerequisites for Today programme appointees (thinking also Mishal). All those invited to comment have really been invited to gorge; given all the uninterrupted time in the world. No truly sentient person could equate the Washington events with an insurgency. Just give a millisecond of thought to the security and military power within America’s societal structures and then look at the demonstrators (Viking helmets and all). Pictures of Confederate flags being paraded through formal rooms have been heaven-sent gifts to the news editors. And echoes of Les Miserables and barricades in smoky visuals of the façade. Symbolism in all its glory but, in truth, inconsequential. Parallels to Pearl Harbour, 1812 rebellions or the Civil War are beyond parody; simply too stupid and absurd. The bulging-eyed Sopel has fallen over himself with glee and been revealed for the spiteful skunk he is. I must say the picture of a so-called invader with his feet disrespectfully on Pelosi’s desk was a poetic response to her blatant, unprecedented, pre-meditated, disrespectful ripping up of Trump’s last State of the Union speech on national television. When will the BBC have a sliver of regard to the fact that seventy-three million people, forty seven percent of Americans, voted for Trump? So very many deplorables: of course, that’s it.


  45. Nibor says:

    One the one o clock news the BBC might mention again the Scottish Seafood Association. This is an association of food processors . Not to be confused with the Scottish Fisherman Federation, which are the trawlermen.


  46. StewGreen says:

    “Hello, yes”
    “I’d like to cancel my subscription to 2021

    …. I’ve had a 7 day trial and I’m not interested”


  47. Up2snuff says:

    BBC Radio4 has had a good Book at Bedtime for the last two weeks. George Lamming’s ‘In the Castle of my Skin’ was very well read by Paterson Joseph.

    I often forget that I can now listen to each day’s reading just after the news at Noon. Today, I caught the last minute of news and the final episode at that time. The BBC pressaged it with the usual warning about the racist language used (by Bajans!) but also the statement something to the effect of ‘ … the collapse of Colonial rule in Barbados.’

    The BBC are scum. They are truly vile. If they had bothered to listen to their own excellent production then they would know that that is not what the book is about at all. Not in the slightest is it to do with ‘Colonial rule’. It is a story of islanders, their relationships, schooling, education, coming of age and moving on.


  48. s.trubble says:

    4 years have gone quickly,,,, since the calling out of bBC/Sopel as ” another beauty”…..and now a transition to an elderly gent with a young assistant.

    It really is are you being served?

    Be interesting to see what is served up .

    We can only hope that Chairman Sharp is familiar with outsourcing projects so that we are not held to ransom by criminal law and forced to pay for people like Sopel for much longer.


  49. Doughboy says:

    Gotta love the BBC,
    Female white air force vet killed by police – silence, black career criminal off his head on Fentynil the world falls in.

    The USA is beyond help, 75+ million who think they have been cheated won’t forget.

    What i fail to understand is that if these Politicians are so smart can they not see that just ignoring this only makes things worse.

    If they truly believe in Democracy they would investigate vote fraud, after all if all is OK what better opportunity to prove their point re Trump.

    We can only assume that no one wants to look because they are scared of what they might find


    • JamesArthur says:


      All so true….

      2nd Gotta love BBC…piece on Breakfast about broadband…yes another of those inequalities
      and showing a BT cable engineer…who did the BBC film? Yes a female with bright red hair…bet you have seen loads of them around haven’t you?
      FFS 95% of BT or any other cable engineers are men….couldn’t they find 1..
      Defund in 21


    • BRISSLES says:

      (Late to the party again), hadn’t realised that Trump received TEN MILLION more votes last year than he did in 2016 ! no wonder he’s pissed off.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:


        Yes, DJT received 10 million more votes than in 2016. In 2012 Obama received 3.5 million fewer votes than in 2008, yet won handily.

        Joe Biden stayed at home for most of the campaign. He usually called a lid on the day’s “campaigning” by 10am. His rallies, when he did them, attracted crowds in single figures.

        Yet he had one crucial advantage over DJT: he knew he was going to win. Why waste time holding rallies when you know the Dominion voting machines are going to give you the win? However many votes DJT got, Biden knew he would get more.

        Biden’s stolen presidency has started on the basis that it is mired in crime and treason. It can only get worse. Good luck to all honest Americans.


  50. Up2snuff says:

    According to Guido, the UK has, so far, ordered a total of 157 million dose of vaccine. That suggests the UK has a population rather larger than the ONS estimate of 69 million and rather confirms a calculation of 75 to 80 million being much more accurate. Either that or there is expected to some further waste of taxpayers’ money by the Anychess Movement just like in Gordon Brown’s time as PM. Back then, it is said £4bn worth of vaccine was poured down the drain.


    • JamesArthur says:


      Maybe we can sell our excess to the EU…..


    • Fedup2 says:

      Up2 / james Arthur
      Maybe they are assuming a wastage rate at 20% or more – with super cautious jobsworths doing their best to make bad incidents for the BBC to grab onto .

      Yesterday I caught some quack from the Islamic socialist republic of Leicesteristan talking about the ‘risk’ of contaminating vaccines because of the haste of delivery.

      The beeboid / c4 droid ‘interviewing ‘ didn’t challenge or explore the ‘contamination ‘ fear and let this kidult medic – who had no grasp of the potential distress such a claim could cause go on his way and claim his appearance fee….

      As for selling to the EU – unreported supply problems within the French controlled vaccine production / distribution could mean – I read yesterday – that the likes of Eire could see movement north across the border to get NI vaccinations …….