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  1. The WestWyvern says:

    First. Hahahaha.

    Better fact check the authenticity of this claim????


    • StewGreen says:

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      cos there may already be info or a discussion about the topic you have in mind.
      Page 5 of the midweek thread, started at 1pm Friday
      Page 4
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  2. Doobster78 says:

    Thank you for 4 great years Mr President ????

    All the best Sir ????


  3. digg says:

    US Police and FBI are to investigate the death of a Police Officer at the Capitol thingy.

    The latest death is that of US Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who succumbed to his injuries in hospital.
    The FBI and Washington police will jointly investigate his death, although they have not yet said whether it will be treated as murder.

    …But not apparently the vicious, cowardly shooting of a woman killed by a cop just for climbing in through a window.

    BBC all over one but not the other, I’ll leave you to guess which one.

    What utter and absolute shits they are.


    • Doobster78 says:

      “BBC all over one but not the other, I’ll leave you to guess which one”

      They are completely impartial Digg so it’s not always that easy to guess ????????????


      • digg says:

        Plus doobster, the BBC giving massive airtime to the death of a restrained criminal high on drugs by a US policeman. And for this murdered woman zilch. They are lower than a snakes belly!

        One was a death in custody while resisting arrest the other was premeditated 1st degree murder.


        • StewGreen says:

          Truth should not be about talisman individuals
          At events the sympathy might be with which side had a death
          but there may well be dozens on each side which sever injuries
          left/right demonstrators vs police etc. none of which should have happened.


        • Blackwell says:

          It is fascinating that having witnessed an insurrection in the US capital by a sitting President, using conspiracy loons and white supremacist paramilitaries…..you want to talk about black people.


          • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

            If Trump wanted to stage an insurrection he wouldn’t use demonstrators. He has far better resources at his disposal.
            The fact that you are even using the term “insurrection” proves you are incapable of proper debate. You choose the language of liars.


            • Blackwell says:

              Insurrection: ‘a violent uprising against an authority or government’.

              This was an attempt to delay Congress from certifying President-elect Biden’s electoral college victory and an attack on the legislature, an equal branch of government (equal to the Executive = Potus)

              He did use his supporters. Why wouldn’t he?

              Thousands of angry, disaffected people, fanatically loyal, many of whom own guns. Although the ones at the front appear mostly to have been mentally ill. I suspect several were inbred.

              It was an attempted coup, just an incompetent one. Like most things he does.

              Oh, the grand old Duke of York
              He had ten thousand men
              He marched them up to the top of the hill
              And he marched them down again


              • Blackwell says:

                Notice Trump didn’t lead his supporters from the front?

                (Hint…he watched it on the big tv indoors instead).

                While the senators were hiding, their security with their guns drawn, Trump and his lawyer were phoning those same senators, urging them to delay the vote.


                An explanation will be required for the delay in calling in the National guard:


                They were waiting on Trump’s acting defense secretary Christopher Miller to approve the order.

                The ‘better resources’ Trump had at his disposal for a coup were warned off by every living former Defense secretary a week before, raising alarm about attempts at a military coup to overturn the election results, specifically naming Miller:


                It’s not looking great, it has to be said.


                • Dobyns says:

                  Oh bless!!

                  The troll has come out from under the bridge to entertain us!!

                  Anyone who thinks Chicken Noodle News or the WaPost are unbiased, credible sources also thinks the bBc are unbiased and honest.

                  Toddle off now


                  • Blackwell says:

                    I anticipated that a response would be to attack the sources, rather than the point. I deliberately used sources where its reliability wasn’t crucial, but rather contained the evidence itself.

                    I’ll explain….

                    The Yahoo page is the recording of the President’s lawyer phoning the senator.

                    The CNN link is to an interview with Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan. Whatever you think of CNN’s Tapper’s questions or framing, Hogan chooses his own words.
                    (He doesn’t dispute anything Tapper says, but is careful not to attach any motives to the delay in calling the National Guard).

                    Regardless of one’s feelings about Trump, presumably you’d agree its reasonable for Americans to be concerned about the security situation that allowed protesters to storm the Capitol?

                    The Washington Post link is because they published the letter by 10 former defense secretaries raising alarm about attempts at a military coup . Its their letter.
                    Is that a normal thing to happen? Tad concerning, no?

                    I quoted it in response to the comment:

                    ‘If Trump wanted to stage an insurrection he wouldn’t use demonstrators. He has far better resources at his disposal’.

                    Although evidence is beginning to emerge of complicity among Trump supporting members of law enforcement.


          • AndyDozefeet says:

            How the hell can there be an “insurrection” BY a sitting president?

            Read your post back to yourself and maybe go and enrol in some night classes.


            • Blackwell says:

              Well it is night, and as most lessons seem to happen online these days – her beginneth your lesson!

              Insurrection: ‘a violent uprising against an authority or government’.

              The US Government has 3 equal branches of government, one of which is the Legislative- the Congress and Senate:


              So a violent uprising against the legislative branch.

              I also think the strict dictionary definition can probably stretch to the attempt to prevent the confirmation of his elected replacement by means of violence.


    • Blackwell says:

      I’m confused – aren’t we on the side of the police again?

      Babitt was a very sick, confused lady, who died a futile death in Trump’s failed coup.

      She was part of an armed mob who stormed the Capitol building, and were trying to barge through barricaded doors into the Speaker’s lobby, where the 2nd, 3rd and 4th senior members of the US government chain of command were being protected.

      The window was broken and she was the first to try to climb through. A gun was pointed at her and multiple warnings were given.

      There was nothing coming through that window. That put an end to attempts to get through the doors.

      Her fellow patriots ran to her aid…nope, actually they stood around filming it on their phones. One of them shouts ‘medic, medic!”. Except this is not a computer game and they didn’t bring any medics.

      The insurrectionists used pepper spray, bricks, fire extinquishers, a spear, and one Trump supporter was found with pipe bombs and guns. Another was pictured with hand ties, and there are credible reports of intent to capture the VP.
      A gallows and noose had been erected outside.

      They should all consider themselves lucky to have made it in or out of that building alive.


  4. Doobster78 says:

    Just put it out of it’s misery Boris !!


    • Up2snuff says:

      Put us out of our misery by defunding the BBC, Prime Minister.


      Pretty please.


      • taffman says:

        IMHO Bo Jo is cooperating in keeping the outfit going. How many petitions , cancelled licence fees and opinion polls does it take for god’s sake ?


  5. Nibor says:

    The book The War Against The BBC TWATBBC

    Chapter 9 : Bolshevism’ ,Brexit and Bias .

    Obviously with a proBBC book we don’t get a chapter titled

    If The Referendum Goes Wrong ?

    Which is what Nick Robinson , a chief interviewer of the BBC , asks Lord ( Norman ) Tebbit in the closing stages of the EU referendum in 2016 .
    There’s forty pages in this chapter and I’m commenting as I read along please bear with me .

    Let’s start with “ politicians, journalists, think- tankers and others attacking [ that word again] it as – its put in italics here – as part of their day job [] , often because their organisation has a political or commercial vested interest in weakening it , cowing it or undermining its credibility to the public – which is almost invariably greater than their own .”

    As Part Of Their Day Job !
    This phrase almost stumps me where to start . Do they think that an organisation such as the BBC , which levies a tax , influences the politics of not just Britain, crowds out rivals , can criticise any other person or worse , put a spotlight on any organisation it wants or not put a spotlight on any organisation its favourable to , help some artistes to gain prominence, stultify others , help some politicians, traduce others , bring to the fore concerns it wants to be made public , bury other concerns , sneer at vast swathes — or even the majority of the public and have its own agenda

    And not have at least one individual or organisation that monitors it AS A FULL DAYS WORK ?
    Never mind part time .

    Let me just stop here while I take in the sheer effrontery of that paragraph.


  6. Sluff says:

    Bear with me on this one, whose topic is totally unexpected and way off the current topics of the day.

    Had Gardener’s World, BBC2 on in the background and there was a rather inspirational item about a Thalidomide victim, now about 60, who manages to garden despite having no arms, and at first sight has done a fabulous job.

    Mrs S and I asked ourselves ‘what happened to Thalidomide victims generally?’

    We googled this and came across an article on the BBC webshite from 2011.


    Here’s the point. The article is clearly written with a defined bias and agenda. But they allowed a HYS and the highest rated comments present totally different slants, insight, and facts, often from positions of real experience, and really challenging the selective BBC story.

    Yes, even ten years ago the superficiality, partisanship, amateurism, and bias of the BBC was there for all to see.

    And here we are in 2021. The entrenched bias, selective reporting, and Leftoid agenda manifestly continues unabated.

    We still have much work to do. Let’s keep doing it.


  7. Scroblene says:

    “London mayor Sadiq Khan: “Unless the virus reduces… we could run out of beds”!

    He really is right on the ball, isn’t he!

    Superb insight, great communication, excellent, innovative skills in managing a capital city!

    Been there for a year more than he was supposed to be, and this is all he can come up with! The BBC’s unimaginative, sad little quote, about an unimaginative, sad little chap, sums up all that is wrong with our capital place!

    Nice big car, an escort (normal fighters, not some bird in a leotard), and a comfy office with Zoomed iPads everywhere – what’s not to disgust everyone!


    • Sluff says:

      Our Sadiq would have a dilemna is he was half decent.

      Because the people responsible for the high rates of transmission are the exact same people who Khan wants to vote forim in the Mayoral election.

      But he isn’t. So he won’t call them out for consistently breaking the rules but instead resorts to some vacuous blaming the government which makes him feel good but achieves nothing.

      All supported by BBC London of course.


      • Scroblene says:

        He got most of that by copying Andy Burnham, another failing waste of tax-payer’s hard-earned dosh.

        Why is it that this breed of people who were weaned on non-jobs all their lives, ties to take down the very people who can make Britain even greater, like the small businesses, white-van man (who is still seen everywhere, doing his work at risk to himself and his family), and bigger companies who have to wade through countless reams of paperwork to appease the leftie, box-ticking public organisations, whom we pay for every week of the year!

        Of course, the BBC is one of the latter breed, fully tax-funded, unaccountable, constantly biased towards the left-wing of wasteful spending on seperate WCs for oddballs, and still spouting bollocks about ‘global warming’ (yup the same unproven thing as ‘climate change’, only dressed up for gullible kids), and generally being as unhelpful to British industry as it can get.

        The undermanagers up there, self-isolating in their ivory towers in W1A should hang their heads in shame, as they really are becoming more of a menace to ordinary, hard-working and decent citizens.


        • Darcy3 says:

          All for white van man except the one who nearly wiped me out yesterday entering a roundabout at 40 mph without noticing the give way lines, bless him

          he did hold his hand up in apology which would have made it all worthwhile in intensive care if his emergency stop had not taken place

          on the plus side, lockdown has meant the M25 now operates as a road and not as its original purpose as a car park with built in entertainment facilities such as drag racing strips in the outer lanes for Mercedes and Audis and dodgem rides in the inner lanes for builders vans.


          • Scroblene says:

            Oooops, sorry about that, Darcy! I just use white-van-man as an example of a guy who’s trying to do his best for his family, and working against all odds to pay taxes to support the leftie’s wasteful policies on spending.

            Anyway, I know a certain town near you, which used to be on the A1, and has a hard right-hand bend in the middle.

            My old boss always told me that it was a perfect spot to hitch a ride, as the lorries always slow down to a crawl to get round…

            Answers on a Dominion pay slip to Scroblene Inc, Purveyors of carbon-fibre sound boards and American six-stringed electric instruments…


            • Darcy3 says:

              As I said, all for white van man although some are a nightmare, probably due to delivery schedules imposed on them

              Which town ? I know the A1 well, not as bad as that nightmare called the A14 I used to have to navigate a couple of years ago, it is two lanes, lorry drivers take great delight in pulling out as you approach in the outer lane then travelling at 50 mph, it has happened too many times to be a coincidence that it happens just as one is about to overtake..

              Hows the renovation going ? checked the neck profile and action ? of course no point if no truss rod


              • Scroblene says:

                The OLD A1 – Your place near a street on a White Horse?

                I used to have a mate who worked there in an architect’s office. He was one of the few people who originally worked for the government, then went private, and a great chap we was too!

                Cryptic – me?


                • Darcy3 says:

                  I think you mean the Great North Road ?

                  Showing your age now !

                  using coaching inns when the horses got tired 🙂


                  • Scroblene says:

                    Oh borrocks – yes I did…



                    • Darcy3 says:

                      Regarding my place..

                      After wife complaining about lockdown, and my helpful reminder where the virus came from

                      Please address all futher enquiries c/o “The Doghouse”


        • Seppers says:

          I know you don’t like the public sector, Scroblene. Ok, your prerogative totally.

          But there is a difference between, say, local or national government, which are democratically accountable, and the bbc which is not democratically accountable (yet still gets what is effectively taxed public money).


      • Fedup2 says:

        Sluff – if I recall – back in lockdown 1 – they briefings used to have numbers for use of transport – with downward trending graphs showing public compliance .

        I get the feeling we won’t be seeing such graphs again . Anecdotally the London tube ( infections lines ) are far busier as are roads and people ( young ) walking about – going -where? …..


        • Square-Eyed says:

          The Derbyshire Police could be drafted in to help. They seem to have plenty of time on their hands at present.


  8. Nibor says:

    More on the book TWATBBC
    I’ll move along quickly because I’m wondering if the authors are trying trench warfare , to get through their tome is a huge slog when countering it .
    Firstly they reject right wing [] criticism because it’s “ not supported by the most reliable evidence “ . Presumably they will elaborate.
    Then they assert that the attacks [ keep noting that word ] are from the right because of an imbalance of resources and outlets . Fair do’s , they get an established broadcaster of a hundred years , £5 billion a year but are hard done by by a voluntary website such as this . Which the authors think is funded by ‘ dark money’ . Can anyone shed light on this accusation?
    Then we have that these dark right organisations can spread their message better due to access to right leaning newspapers who have a combined readership bigger than left leaning .
    So do these right wing newspapers have more readers than the BBC has viewers? And why ? And why do the authors think that left leaning newspapers should take up the mantle of defending the BBC ?


    • StewGreen says:

      You know what there are legions paid to protect the BBC, all with good pensions
      Yet many here have punt in many hours countering them unpaid.

      I myself am just living off my own savings, not taking any benefits, and knowing I will have to provide for myself until death cos I won’t be getting a state pension at all.
      But I really do feel countering metroliberal madness is more important than earning money.


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        Hats off to you, Stew, this site is a serious source of breaking news and alternative opinions, something which I can’t always say about the “envy of the world” BBC.


        • StewGreen says:

          Before these London Guardianland elites seemed sane
          .. then 2003 it became evident they were willing to cheat to push Global Warming things and Green magical thinking
          .. Then it was globalism and open borders
          ..Then Stop Trump, then Stop Brexit, then BLM
          whilst at the same time supressing things like grooming gangs etc.


      • tomo says:



        • Scroblene says:

          ‘Here’ ‘here’ – thanks Stew.

          You bring gravity to all your posts, which is directly opposite to the sort on unbalanced ‘news’ our tax-funded lot in W1A ever do!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Stew – even if you think you won’t be getting a State Pension please claim it – you never know

        One of the dictums in life I wish I’d lived by is “ don’t ask – don’t get “- …..

        …and yes – you are right – there is no money in this site – no adverts – nothing – I don’t comment anywhere else on the net and don’t think I ever will ( I’m sure those monitoring each of us can check that in the file ) – in fact – although I used to read Twitter to see what was being done to the likes of Lawrence Fox – TR – Katie Hopkins – and the few other souls in the wilderness – I don’t much anymore …..sez something maybe


    • Fedup2 says:

      Nibor – have you done the brexit chapter yet ?


      • Nibor says:

        Fed ,

        I’m in the chapter (9) but it’s forty pages and the authors want to paint anyone unenthusiastic about the BBC as sinister first . I hope to get to it ASAP .

        I get the impression that the authors think that if ‘experts’ tell you something, believe them and not your own eyes and ears .


        • Seppers says:

          I’m not very right wing, and quite liberal (old kind of) and have many views and opinions that actually concur with the bbc, but i happened to vote Leave. And that’s when it really dawned on me that the beeb had such an agenda – during the ref campaign, and in the years since.
          I have been shocked and appalled. I was in favour of a public service broadcaster before that.


    • Banania says:

      What right wing newspapers?


  9. digg says:

    Not one MSM outlet has even asked how that woman got to be murdered in the Capitol by a Police Officer or what will happen as a result. It’s sickening to realise the rancid state the MSM has now reached.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I am not sure if it was even a police officer. In the video he looked more like some sort of security guard. He was black, and took his chance to kill a white woman, We are not supposed to notice that, I suppose.


  10. StewGreen says:

    America is so wacky it’s difficult to make sense of it

    #1 Small Good news for Trumpers
    New York Post runs a sources say” story
    “At least two known Antifa members were spotted among the throngs of pro-Trump protesters at the Capitol on Wednesday, a law enforcement source told The Post.”
    However the story presents no other info or evidence.
    Except to mention a similar story was retracted by the Washington Times
    But you’d expect much more concrete identifications of Antifa.

    #2 Bad News for Trumpers
    They do look like an out of control mob as they push against a line of cops blocking a tunnel entrance
    A young cop looks crushed, but does end by saying he’s kinda OK

    #3 The media spin the Trump demo as an Insurgency
    and whose video do they use ?
    John Sullivan the BLM guy who was inside with the Trumpers
    Yet he himself actually founded an org called


  11. StewGreen says:

    6:05pm TalkRadio had Omarosa Manigault Newman on plugging her book
    Trump brought her in as the top black person in his White House staff at the beginning as they had worked together in TV for 14 years.
    She was kicked out after a year.
    Her book seems super negative against Trump calling him a ‘White Supremacist who has just killed 5 people’
    WTF … you worked with him for 14 years and now you say that ?

    Ha, the interview didn’t mention
    that she worked in the Clinton Administration under Vice President Al Gore 2004.

    Her book has been out 2 years
    It seems like people who hate Trump are being pushed by the media
    John Bolton was also doing the circuit as well today.


    • Dobyns says:

      Stew, surely the interviewer and the book mention that DJT “fired” her on ‘The Apprentice’ and again years later on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’?


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        I saw Omarosa on The Apprentice, and she was a very difficult woman, who ended up falling out with all the other contestants. She was not a team player at all.

        In an act of great good will, Trump brought her into the White House to work for him. What an honour for anyone, what a great thing to have on your CV. Not for Omarosa. She ended up being as disruptive and disloyal as ever, and was fired.

        Now she makes a pathetic living trying to hawk her “tell all” book. She had the friendship of the President of the United States, and was too stupid to realise how lucky she was. But now she’s against Trump, so the doors of all the TV studios are open to her!


    • Blackwell says:

      Any you can think of him that worked for him, no longer do, and don’t hate him?

      I guess he only picks the best disgruntled employees.


      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        Er Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka come to mind immediately.

        How’s that for a start it took me two seconds. And I’m a slow thinker.


        • Blackwell says:

          That sounded like I was suggesting their weren’t any, whereas I was just pondering. There certainly aren’t many, and those two probably aren’t great examples.

          After he left the White house, Bannon said Don jnr’s behaviour was ‘treasonous’ and in turn Trump named him ‘Sloppy Steve’.

          I think they all became friends again until Bannon got arrested and was facing 20 years for defrauding Trump supporters in his ‘We Build the Wall’ scheme.

          (I swear I’m not making this up)


  12. Beltane says:

    So Salmond is pushing the knife into Krankie’s back with more details of the chicanery surrounding his sexual harassment case.
    But does his understandable yearning to bring the little toad down extend beyond his avowed nationalism?
    If he wants a proper meltdown will he expose the extent to which Juncker played her, aptly enough, like a fish with absurd bribes and bullshit on Scotch EU membership to feed her overweening vanity – rather than simply, like so many aspects of the ‘negotiations’, as a means of demeaning and frustrating the UK?


  13. StewGreen says:

    PJW very strong on Twitter and Parler today
    Exposing police Covid madness etc.


  14. JimS says:

    A sensible interview with the Data Integrity Group from 6th January giving a clear explanation of what they have done, why and what they found.

    Suppose Trump ‘won’ 52:48 against Biden I am sure CNN and the BBC would be all over this.

    Very short synopsis: Counts normally increase but in many cases they went down, votes that are not clear need adjudicating – there simple wasn’t enough time to adjudicate the numbers that were claimed.


  15. Nibor says:

    More TWATBBC book .
    Sub title in it

    Ideology,, commercial Rivalry and the ‘silent majority’ Illusion.

    The book says
    “ First of all , there’s ideology: many on the right object as a matter of principle to the whole idea of a large scale publicly funded PSB funded by a compulsory licence fee . Those on the left have no such objection.”

    Well many not of the right object to the licence fee . What do the authors think about the multitude of single mothers brought before the courts for non payment ? And what of those millions who just want sport Broadcasts by whoever provides but don’t want to pay ? Are these right wingers ?
    Bit in a cleft stick here if the authors were cross examined.
    Those single mothers , are they not paying out of principle , or because they can easily afford the telly tax but selfishly won’t and spend elsewhere, or they can’t afford it ? Authors please tell .
    Then there’s a small para about commercial rivalries against the right .
    Then this para :

    “Finally , those on the right seem more likely to assume- without looking at the evidence – that most people agree with them about the BBCs bias . Look at the Telegraph letters page or the online comments in the Mail whenever the issue arises , which it often does . We call call this the ‘ silent majority ‘ illusion.”.
    Well do the left think that the BBCs bias concurs with their bias ? And what is the evidence?
    Then two popular newspapers who often raise these issues are dismissed by the authors because they often raise these issues . When does the BBC raise them ?
    OK authors, if you think the “ right wing “ press doesn’t represent the SILENT MAJORITY, who does – the BBC ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Nibor – I enjoy it when bubble dwellers such as these ‘authors’ sneer at the concept of the ‘silent majority ‘.

      The problem they have is that by its very nature ‘the silent majority ‘ is not heard from very often .

      In fact – when the bubble does hear from ‘the silent majority ‘ it gets a strange look on its face – like that of Dimbleby on the night of the referendum – or the guru Murphy when the general election projection / result was announced .

      Fortunately for the bubble such events can be explained away as ‘mistakes ‘ ‘aberrations ‘ and ‘they didn’t understand the issues ‘ …..
      Then business as usual …


  16. pugnazious says:

    Trump is roundly condemned for daring to question the result of the election….but you might agree he was robbed…not by voter fraud but by the massed ranks of media, politicians, commentators and ‘The Swamp’ crushing and distorting the American voter’s perceptions with a torrent of lies and abuse about Trump over the course of 4 long years.

    The big lie of course is that he is doing something uniquely wicked that lethally undermines democracy….no-one else has ever done such a thing eh?

    From the anti-Trump Washington Post…

    ‘The 2016 election was stolen. Got a nicer way to say that?’

    Apparently the Russians, the FBI and the Media[lol] all helped Trump to steal the election.

    Or maybe the LSE’s insights into what Democrat voters thought…

    ‘Many Democrats think that the 2016 election result was rigged’

    Or…oh what?…Hillary telling us he stole the election and is an illegitimate President as she and the Dems try to remove him from Office in a ‘legal’ coup attempt [one of many]…..

    ‘Hillary Clinton says Trump ‘knows he’s an illegitimate president’ as she backs impeachment inquiry’


    ‘Jimmy Carter questions Trump’s legitimacy, says he was ‘put into office because the Russians interfered’’

    No evidence for that of course as he admits…

    ‘“There is no doubt that the Russians did interfere in the election,” Mr Carter began.

    “I think the interference, though not yet quantified, if fully investigated would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016,” he continued. “[Trump] lost the election and he was put into office because the Russians interfered on his behalf.”‘

    As for being divisive and whipping up violence….we all know of endless encouragements to kill Trump from the media, celebrities and ‘protestors’…..and no doubt the BBC’s relentless trashing of Trump twisted minds….a British ‘assassin’…

    ‘Assassination threats are being made against Donald Trump

    ‘You don’t need to have been in America to feel the sheer anger at the US election result. For those who didn’t want Donald Trump to be elected, the prospect of the billionaire in power for four years is nothing short of terrifying.

    And that fear and frustration has been vented in many ways, from social media outbursts to rioting and protests. But there have been those that have taken things a step too far, specifically calling for Trump to be assassinated. In fact, so many people were asking that the president is killed that it even sparked a hashtag #AssasinateTrump.’

    How is it that Twitter censors Trump and yet allowed people to openly advocate killing him?

    And of course the BBC’s not far behind with its most famous and influential broadcaster adding to the incitement…

    ‘‘How do you solve a problem like Donald Trump? ‘We could shoot him’ says Sir David Attenborough’’

    And remember the riots in the US after Trump’s election in 2016….

    Protests across US after Donald Trump elected president’
    ‘Thousands demonstrate against the election of Republican Donald Trump in 18 American cities on Wednesday night. The largest events took place in New York and Los Angeles’

    ‘More anti-Trump action planned after second night of protests across US ‘

    Groups in the Capitol trying to stop the inauguration….sound familiar?

    Curious how the BBC avoids all mention of this violent opposition and the dangerous undermining of democracy….and oddly no mention of BLM or Antifa who set out to destroy several US cities along with US history, culture and society.


  17. pugnazious says:

    Still on Twitter now….


  18. Darcy3 says:

    Link to General Affidavit RE switching votes:



  19. Roland Deschain says:

    Trump removed from Twitter.

    It’s difficult to argue with this now.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Convinced yet?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I suppose for Americans who do not trust Masks, Dominion machines and Postal voting. As said in speech or writing, will become a crime, with a $10,000 fine or disappeared by the authorities.


    • G says:

      I think Candace Owens misses the point.
      Over the past four years, the US branch of the Chinese Communist Party along with associated Globalists/Silicon Valley and other criminals, all working under the title, “Democrats” (including RINO’s) has been able to break numerous and very serious Statutory laws concerning major crimes against the US its State and people. And to cap it all, they have circumvented the US’ hallowed, “Constitution”. All with total impunity. So far.

      What’s the betting that with the God like power to, effectively do anything, they will now completely trash the Constitution and laws meant to protect, with a zeal not seen before. Before they hand over what’s left to China. They’re free to do it. Nothing, not even the courts will oppose anything. We all witness the destruction of the final pillar of so-called “Democracy” in the West. Having now won the most important battle, the cabal of Global conspirators will now start mopping up all the rest like the UK (which was never a real threat) and, EU which is well on the way anyway.

      If ever a case could be made for major insurrection and a coup it could not be made out in better circumstances. But I do agree with the Candace final point to the population:



    • Oldspeaker says:

      “Trump removed from Twitter.”
      Just removed myself from twitter, inconvenient as it was a good source of news and information rarely heard on msm, also a useful soapbox for those denied an msm voice. Fortunately already had Parler installed, heres hoping it survives the ongoing clampdown on free speech. Its a bit clunky, definitely not as polished as twitter but it currently allows diverse thought and opinion.


  20. Nibor says:

    Next sub title in TWATBBC
    “We are the many and they are the few “

    The first sentence is
    The ‘silent majority’ illusion….

    I’m going to skip a bit here or come later .
    The authors have a beef about the notion there is a silent majority . To them if there is a silent majority, it conforms to their world view. Not that they’ve explained it explicitly, we can only (easily) glean it from their book .
    If there is a silent majority illusion, it’s best test it out . More democracy , more accountability, and more choice will see where the silent majority are and whether it’s an illusion. Or truth.
    After that there’s some anti Janet Daley comments , mentioning she is US born . I hope they mention other luminaries of our clerisy world and their birthplaces .
    Janet Daley , according to the authors, says that the public has rejected the BBC world view . And anyone like her OR YOU are unable to make you voices heard in modern Britain.

    Well it seems if we do , the authors dismiss it as right wing conspiratorial ignorance.
    Then there’s this :
    “However she is mistaken. In reality, the public has not ‘rejected ‘ the Corporation’s’ worldview’ of politics and events. On the contrary, the BBCremains by far , the place where they are most likely to go for news coverage- far more likely than the Telegraph or any other newspaper.”

    Does the BBC have a world view? Let’s leave that aside for later , as I know you have experience of that .
    But about the place where they (who ? ) are most likely [] to go for trusted —- news coverage.
    How do the authors know , and why do they think “they “ are going to the Telegraph or any other newspaper?

    Well we’ve got this far in this chapter and we are not discussing Bolshevism , Brexit and bias .


  21. BRISSLES says:

    More evidence that journalists cannot stick to their impartial views….. listen to the journalist Alex Rossi when interviewing a Trump supporter in Charles Town, he asks a question and the supporter says he didn’t believe Trump incited to riot – Rossi says “really ?” – now that one word is enough to indicate bias.


  22. Richard Pinder says:

    Joe Biden called President Trump supporters “domestic terrorists” and announced his administration’s intent to target Republican members for insurrection against his administration, a move to a one party communist totalitarian oligarchy, where dissenting voices will be and are being silenced and removed from Facebook and Twitter. Trump supporters who stand in front of Tanks will be crushed, those shown around the Capitol building by tourist guides will be shot dead. The #WalkAway group for people who walked away from the Democrats has been removed from Facebook and deplatformed. Biden will strengthen his power and suppress all opposition and elections will now be rigged permanently in favour of the party.
    Republican run states are to be reminded that they cannot secede from the union by an act of the state. The FBI will arrest Republicans in those states considering to secede from the union.

    Mexico is worried about being bordered by a totalitarian communist dictatorship. Mexico’s popular and democratically elected President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has condemned censorship by the American oligarchy for political speech, especially statements by elected government officials, Twitter and Facebook have both banned President Trump’s official accounts this week. “I don’t like anybody being censored or taking away from the right to post a message on Twitter or Facebook. I don’t agree with that, I don’t accept that,” said the President of Mexico. Who is as popular as Donald Trump, but won an election that could not be rigged by the CIA. Probably due to old fashioned methods of voting, not linked to the internet.


    • Dobyns says:

      Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.
      – WSC

      The Reichstag fire was an arson attack on the Reichstag building, home of the German parliament in Berlin, on Monday 27 February 1933, precisely four weeks after Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany.

      Hitler blamed this attack on his political opponents and used it to implement strict laws, starting with the Reichstag Fire Decree, which nullified many of the key civil liberties of German citizens.

      With Nazis in powerful positions in the German Government the decree was used as the legal basis for the imprisonment of anyone considered to be opponents of the Nazis, and to suppress publications not considered “friendly” to the Nazi cause.

      The decree is considered by historians as one of the key steps in the establishment of a one-party German State in Germany


    • Blackwell says:

      That is so unhinged its actually quite worrying. You should perhaps talk to someone about these things.

      Oh, and Biden actually said he would not have any role in decisions made by the Justice department* in who they prosecute, and that impeachment was a matter for Congress. Kind of what you’d expect from a responsible adult.

      *Biden would presumably be appointing his own Attorney Generals etc and having them confirmed.


      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        This is the same Jo Biden who promised to stack the Supreme Court with his own people just because President Trump legally appointed a judge who was slightly conservative.

        Oh and by the way there is nothing unhinged about Dobyn’s comments about the Reichstag fire or the similarities to today.
        There are increasing power grabs and threats to free speech around the civilized world by the totalitarian left. You should get out more.


        • Blackwell says:

          It is quite well known that during the election campaign Biden declined to give his position on expanding the Supreme Court. In one debate he specifically said he would not answer the question.

          He has since said he would establish a bipartisan commission looking at reform to the court system. Make of that what you will, but he has not said he will stack the court.

          * I was referring to Richard Pinder’s dystopian nonsense as being unhinged, but in fairness, take your pick.


  23. tomo says:

    I really hope that the US “Democrats” don’t head in the direction that some have been warning about – but the evidence laying around the place seems to indicate otherwise.

    Glen Greenwalt interviewed by Tucker Carlson today

    – I’d add that Google – for me at anyrate presently does not return any Tucker Carlson search results newer than 5 days and those were on page 3 + of results.

    Content is there if you know exactly where it is – at the moment Google isn’t going to help you to find it.


  24. JimS says:

    Over at the Guardian they tell us that the Danes have come up with their own version of Pippa Longstocking, except it is about a man and it isn’t his stockings that are long.

    Reminds me of a joke told to me by an Indian, in the days when you could call someone an Indian, about theft of intellectual property.

    A pygmy was worried about the size of his ‘manhood’ so went to see the local witch doctor who, after collecting his fee, told him what he must do if he wanted something bigger.

    After following the advice he came back to his village, swinging ‘it’ over his shoulder when he was spotted by one of his mates who was very impressed and asked how such a monster had been obtained.

    “Well”, he said, “if you go into the middle of the jungle you will see a big rock. Climb on top of the rock and wait until you see an elephant. Then you have to say ‘ooma jooma, I want one like yours’ and this is what you will get.”

    So his friend followed the instructions, found the rock, waited for an elephant, said ‘ooma jooma, I want one like yours’ and promptly split down the middle.

    I guess there is a moral there that America should have been more careful about what it wished for?


  25. tomo says:

    The Danes are a bundle of laughs – they used to have vending machines in town centres selling hardcore porn video cassettes.

    In the 1990s on the Danish national early evening TV news I saw a segment reporting on the newly launched (state medical service provided) male penis stimulator. It was complete witha a naked man and a rather pleasant lady nurse conducting a demonstration – the piece had a Benny Hill sortofa thing going on…

    I’ll not forget the Brits in the room stopping talking / eating – I can’t say that the forks stopped in mid air and mouths were ajar – but it felt that way 🙂


    • Darcy3 says:

      Reminds me of some grafitti I saw on a condom vending machine : “this chewing gum tastes funny”


    • JohnC says:

      lol – reminds me of when I went to Amsterdam once and in a shop window was a graphic, fully uncensored picture of a woman doing it with a donkey.


  26. Darcy3 says:

    “The Left has lit the fuse under the US powder kegs”


    An aposite extract From this article. which I recommend is read in full:

    “Having spent the last few years egging on riots, demanding the police be defunded, and looking the other way as US cities were looted, burnt and destroyed, the entirety of the Left suddenly has a newfound respect for law and order. The transition of commentators from praising nationwide riots for months on end to openly calling for protesters to be shot this week was predictably and depressingly rapid.

    Covering last year’s ‘largely peaceful’ protests with breathless obsequiousness, they have now recovered their confidence and label all and sundry ‘domestic terrorists’. Given that it appears a number of those in Washington on Wednesday were aligned with the repugnant ideology of Antifa, perhaps they were more correct than they would care to admit. Certainly, the tactics, the appearance and the mannerisms of many of those involved were more befitting the streets of Portland than a MAGA rally.

    In the aftermath of events, calls to remove the president via the 25th Amendment grew louder – all supposedly due to his ‘incitement’. I watched the speech he gave prior to the events at the Capitol, in which he listed election irregularity after election irregularity. The blanket refusal by those in positions of power (a refusal which continued right through to the final debate in the Senate on Wednesday afternoon) to confront any of these allegations in any substantive manner was fuel for these ugly scenes.

    How easy it would have been to have avoided all of this. All it would have taken was for people’s confidence in November’s election to be restored. Audit the ballot. Ensure the result was legitimate. Were they confident of their victory, those opposed to Trump would have nothing to hide.

    Instead, the accusations were never rebutted. As usual, denial, insult and ridicule were employed. Tens of millions believed themselves disenfranchised. Why wouldn’t they? Watching for four years as they and their President were derided and mocked, improbable results at an election would need thorough explanation. Conveniently bursting pipes, stoppages to vote counting, statistically impossible caches of votes being discovered: ‘coincidence’ after ‘coincidence’ that benefited those aligned versus Trump.

    This was the incitement to civil disorder.

    Not that such scenes are new to the streets of the United States: it’s just that the great and good turn a blind eye so long as it is perceived to be politically expedient to do so. Autonomous zones created by radical leftists, cities on fire: Kamala Harris was all in favour, saying the riots were ‘not going to let up and they should not’.”


    • vlad says:

      Excellent assessment of the situation.

      And yes, the whole article deserves a read.

      “It is now certain that the next few years will be the scene of greater and greater domination of the Democrat party and their obedient toadies across society. The clampdown on Americans’ basic rights will be severe, all in the name of protecting ‘Democracy’. Big Tech censorship will increase. Voting reform will not be introduced. The prospects of a Trump 2.0 attaining power through the ballot box will be suffocated. The elites will not repeat the mistake of 2016.

      Trump has now committed to a peaceful transition of power. Whilst he may go, a vast sea of formerly discontent and now utterly furious Trump supporters will still be there. They will feel their country to have been stolen from them. Nobody bothered to prove to them otherwise, so unimportant were their concerns. The only thing that has been demonstrated is government and media utter disdain for people like them.”



    • Fedup2 says:

      Darcy – I’ve stopped paying much attention to US matters as I am more concerned about blighty – but in passing – I’d say this –
      If you were an alien and witnessed the election campaign – bunkered Biden versus a president with daily huge rallies – then an unreliable Election Day and attitudes thereafter –

      ….I think you’d come to the conclusion that the election result was fixed . Then you’d wonder why the only violent response was a minor protest in Washington …..

      Any way – to the UK – and the media ….

      A Guardian columnist today uses Fox News support of President Trump ( in the past ) to warn against any new TV news operation coming to our freebies screens this year …..and that we could see a repeat of recent American events here .

      I laughed out loud when I read this – and am always surprised how some overpaid idiot on the guardian payroll can twist events to fit a mindset / narrative .

      The narrative The TV news stations are a threat to democracy ..they are a threat to proper thought . They will peddle false news . They will be a Threat To Our Way of Life – they will be ‘ Domestic Terrorist ‘( a new lefty phrase ) and …. must be ‘dealt with ‘…

      No doubt – from the start – the new TV news station will be monitored with extremely detailed analysis of every word and image – if the complaint line to OFCOM burning red hot in an organised campaign carried over from American vote counting fraud methodology .

      We will – as they say – see ….


  27. Darcy3 says:

    Another useful link:

    BBC watch



  28. Darcy3 says:

    Dear BBC,

    I have to apologise for my autocorrect software.

    when I replied to Marianna “fact check” Spring and her comment:

    “But conspiracies about rigged elections thriving online for months – which he fielded – were part of what inspired unrest. ”

    it appears I referred to Marriana “f@ck sh@t” Spring.

    Never mind, maybe my phone knows something I don’t ?


  29. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – HomePage ‘Act like you’ve got’ the virus, government urges

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/ – see first item, top left, then please allow me ‘an Ed Reardon moment’ to deal with that crass BBC journalism with a quick re-write and some questions.

    First, the re-write. “Act like you have got the virus”, the Government urges. Fixed that.

    What? Has the NHS got enough patients with the virus? The NHS has been telling us that they cannot cope, they are overwhelmed with patients.

    Does the Government really want the whole nation to call 111 or turn up at their GPs or at the nearest A&E Department of a Hospital demanding treatment for their cough or sniffle?

    Or are the BBC really trying to make things worse for the Government?

    Answers on a postcard please to … . . .


    • Guest Who says:

      Headed off now to a BLM protest now to cough in a cop’s face.

      No consequences, presumably.


      • Darcy3 says:

        You’ll be fine if you are African, fine last lockdown in summer thousands of Ethiopians were allowed to “protest” along Piccadilly, fighting with police hand to hand and crowding along the road and pavements not wearing masks and bumping into normal pedestrians

        whilst being escorted by police


      • Up2snuff says:

        Guest, I hope the bunch who are going to a Lockdown protest in London this weekend put on their best BLM clothes and black facemasks and carry suitably worded placards as well: ‘Black Lives Matter More Than Lockdowns That Do Not Work’.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        You might need to black up first. If you get caught blacked up just say you’re Piers Morgan. I believe he’s allowed any level of hypocrisy.


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Up2, so glad it’s not just me. This ‘act like you have the virus’ must be the most dangerous, incorrect and just plain wrong piece of marketing bullshit the powers that be have ever dreamt up regards the China virus.

      Millions of sheeple that have been coerced and scared Whitless into remaining behind baricades will completely misunderstand this propaganda and either flood the no health service with their perceived ailments or, now die in their homes from starvation, strokes, heart attacks etc, being too scared to venture out or even call the emergency services should they need them.


      • Up2snuff says:

        TWW, it is just plain medically and criminally insane to tell people to do that. Define virus for a start. Which one? There are loads to choose from, not just Covids.


  30. vlad says:

    Please may he be right…

    “BBC GAME OVER ???? Devastating 2 Weeks For Aunty ????‍♂️ Top 20 Faux Pas”


    • theisland says:

      Please may he be right…

      Unfortunately, as taffman states above, BoJo is co-operating in keeping the bBC going.

      Whoever is in charge needs a ‘national broadcaster’ to spread propaganda. At present it is the globalist cabal who are in charge here. The lunacy and contradictions at the bBC are therefore overseen by the EU, WEF etc. and one of their mini-agents has been ‘positioned’ as leader of the Labour Party in readiness for the next round of postal voting to be aided by contracts for counting given to Smartmatic.

      To what extent the bBC is a devious and willing instrument, or merely a mindless organ (given the low calibre of its operatives), is up for debate. Like other infiltrated institutions the bBC is just a cog in the machine. However, it mistakenly believes it is a ’special’ cog.

      The same could be said of our ‘government’ and BoJo. For some reason they refuse to accept that hardly any normal person in the country now believes anything put out by the bBC. They obviously think most of the population is sub-normal (at least they are constantly enabling the importation of such types).

      Meanwhile China continues to buy off or blackmail, and Islam waits and infiltrates.


  31. AsISeeIt says:

    ‘Swiss stocks to resume City trade in first divergence from EU standards’ – concedes the pro-Brussels FT.

    The pink finacial paper habitually complicates its headlines to the extent that it often sucks all meaning from the arrangement of words and appears to confuse its frontpage story headers with its crossword puzzle. In this case one is tempted to conclude the FT is rather keen to drain the headline of meaning – wouldn’t want the mainstream picking up on a pro-Brexit story, would we?

    What they mean to say here is trade in Swiss shares can come back to London as the City’s financial sector is at last freed from EU restrictions on trade.

    It is big news. Swiss stocks include Nestle & Roche, two of the five most actively traded shares in Europe last year.

    Not keen on a good news Brexit story the FT insists lots of trading has transfered to Paris and Amsterdam and trading in Swiss companies will not make up the loss. But there’s a world of trade opportunities out there and this is just the beginning of our divergence.

    Off course the FT pooh-poohs our escape from EU prohibitions on trade because… and I’ll let you into a secret here… Brussels really isn’t the champion of free trade trade and free markets – it’s a protectionist bloc, always was, always will be.

    Once again the FT has to concede: ‘Brussels revoked its recognition of Swiss stock exchanges in 2019 in a dispute over stalled trade negotiations sucking Euro1.2bn in daily trades away from the City. As an EU member at the time the UK had to comply’

    The pro-EU bias is fair game but whilst taking the FT to task for their grammatical quirks, perhaps one shouldn’t throw too large or too numerous stones, caught resident as one occasionally is in a somewhat glazed domicile – my excuse being this ain’t my day job, I’m extemporising in a bit of a rush and attempting to crack the odd gag.

    Always up for a good old British giggle (except when she featured in the BBC’s dreary Eastenders) was Barbara Windsor: ‘Bye bye, Babs Stars bid a quiet farewell’ (Express)

    Now if I were just going for really cheap gags I might draw your attention once again to the frontpage of the FT where you will find a picture of: ‘A huge pair of George III mahogany peat buckets’ – this being an advert for a London antique dealer.

    The ‘i’ indulges yet again in their obsession with photographs of those little lime green vans you see outside hospitals: ‘Police officers redeployed to drive ambulances’ – well let’s applaud anything that keeps the cops from nicking innocent members of the public out for a stroll in the fresh air: ‘Winter frolics but beware the snow patrol’ (Telegraph) ‘Police start crackdown on Covid rule-breakers’ (Times) ‘A sarnie short of a picnic cops spoil local walks’ (Daily Star)

    ‘Fined… for carrying tea’ (Times) – how very un-British of our constabulary: ‘Jessica Allen and Eliza Moore were fined by Derbyshire police, who said that their drinks on a walk near Foremark Reservoir counted as a picnic’

    Best stay home and read a book. This could be interesting, the ‘i’ suggests: ’75 books for 2021′ – I won’t give a full review of each title – this is going to be far too long a paper review as it is. But helpfully the ‘i’ pictures the covers of a top ten of these volumes on their front cover which is grist to our mill. So what can we make of what the oh-so liberal readers of the ‘i’ are reading this year?

    “The Divines” – possibly contemplation of some higher being or just an exclamation about something delightful.

    “Some body to love” – feeling the isolation I guess.

    “Ariadne” – the name of one of the comedy duo Hinge and Bracket

    “Brown baby” – some diversity for the list and remisisent of an old gag of comedy pairing The Slobs “I wanna brown baby like everyone else on the estate”

    “On Hampstead Heath” – something for the gays

    “Insatiable” – the isolation is beginning to bite

    “Transient Kingdom” – there could be several interpretations here. The demise of the EU, the demise of the UK…?

    “Plain bad” – that’s my tip for best title of 2021. Kudos to the author who had the balls to go to her publisher with that.

    “The lamplighters” – I’ll cheat my own game here and tell you form the cover picture this is tale of lighhouse folk – another redundant job.

    “How to heal a broken heart” – there’s a medical or perhaps an emotional conundrum, and as the NHS keeps texting me – don’t call us, we’ll call you.

    Feel as though you want to get away from it all?

    The Sun offers: ‘Hols from £9.50 at last… something to look forward to’ – I’ve no idea what this might buy you in the way of a good old British seaside bucket and spade family holiday – or whether holidays are still legal?

    But get this… in the FT: ‘Tourists flood to Dubai as virus curbs bite in Europe’


  32. JohnC says:

    What worries me now after what I witnessed over the last few days is that I realise I have complete disengaged from the mainstream media. I have zero tolerance remaining for the Left and their stupendous hypocrisy. Anything and everything I see or hear from them is now instantly dismissed without trying to balance it first.
    It would not surprise me in the slightest if moves are made to ban sites like this one.
    In days gone by, I can imagine this is how revolutions happened.
    However, the police state is so effective now that I daren’t tell anybody in case I get arrested just for thinking it.
    Can it continue getting worse and worse indefinitely ?. Surely something has to break sometime. I wonder if the USA is going to lead the way.


    • Up2snuff says:

      I wonder when it will dawn on our PM that 1. lockdowns do not work, 2. he is now imprisoned rather than enabled by a) SAGE, and b) the NHS, and 3. he needs to sack the former and drastically reform the latter?


      • The WestWyvern says:

        Up2′ I suspect we shall hear some bluster from the outgoing PM this weekend, as Princess Nut Nuts seems to have his attention at the weekend,

        However by lunchtime Monday another about turn will have been enacted after he’s had discussions with the wider cabinet.

        The bloke could not make or stick with a decision if his or the nations lives depended on it.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Monday is meant to be the first of the daily briefings . I know they are poor – I must have watched 99% of them – but what else have we got ?

          At these briefings there need to be the number of vaccines done in each area each day by number . If they don’t do that I think the lockdown will fail as people say – why bother if we are not told the important stuff ….

          … the ITV local news on Friday showed the new vaccination centre down the road from me in E4 up and running yesterday …..


        • Up2snuff says:

          TWW, yes but I think the bluster already is out there: ‘behave like you have Covid-19/19a/20/20a/20b/21.’.

          Unfortunately the PM has failed to tell the nation which one of the Covids they have to act like they have. Seems like a great excuse to get all the women in the nation to experience having man ‘flu’ for a week.

          I don’t know whether I ought to reproduce on here the post I put up on The Conservative Woman (TCW) web-site earlier in the week. It was a reflection on how prophetic Eagle’s ‘Hotel California’ is for the Covid-age. Perhaps Fed will provide a ruling on that.

          You would think that any thoughtful human would figure out that our strategy in the UK so far has not worked and we are going to be stuck with it forever at this rate.

          Why hasn’t the BBC’s Marianna been fact-checking all the NHS claims? Why hasn’t Marianna checked whether the Covid PCR test is reliable when confronted with a whole bunch of different coronaviruses? Why hasn’t the BBC presented its evidence after doing all that to Government? It normally loves to hold the politicians to account, does it not?


      • Fedup2 says:

        Up2 – why don’t lock downs work ? Surely the extreme measure taken this time is done to get the vaccine done ? Have I swallowed the propaganda ?

        The previous lockdowns were only used to reduce transmission for a while when there was no prospect of a ‘cure ‘


        • Up2snuff says:

          Fed, the Lockdown 1 was not a proper lockdown. Was it The WestWyvern who put up all the air flights that were whizzing in and out of the UK bringing Covid in their wake, let alone the thousands of boat people exporting themselves before Brexit deadlines were ignored again and again by the PM and the EU.

          I must do a post about the fifteen minutes of TOADY I listened to this a.m. before switching off in disgust.


          • Rob in Cheshire says:


            I stopped listening to Today (after about 30 years) last November, when I could no longer stand their anti-Trump bias and hatred.

            I feel great! Life is so much better without it. I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s like being forced to listen to the Guardian, just make it stop!


          • Garry Lavin says:

            IoM is an island…like Britain. The border was closed during the first lockdown……with success.
            7 months of normal, restriction free life followed.


      • JohnC says:

        I think Boris is doing a very careful balancing act between keeping the public happy and keeping himself in with the establishment. And if push comes to shove, the latter takes priority.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        If it has not dawned by now, it’s not going to. Even if it does, the Commons vote the other day showed that few are going to back him. No, we’re in for the long haul which means removing almost every existing MP, by fair means or foul (but legal).


    • Fedup2 says:

      I sadly agree that little sites like this must be on a ‘target list ‘ . Easy to do – the big boys like Facebook just buy the provider and pull the plug . There is no one to complain to – no accountabilty – it won’t be reported. Quite something really .


      • Scroblene says:

        I hope nobody buys Blogger, as I have 13 years of posts and hundreds of mates commenting!

        I think the BBC have a blog page; maybe I’ll go there, disguised as a lefty, and do all my posts like that famous crossword during WW2, where all the enemy secrets were camouflaged and fed to our men in Germany’s prison camps!

        I could buy a long scarf, have a beard (no, a furry one, not a bird to accompany a gay), smoke Polish fags, become vegan, take in an immigrant, like tortoise in the headlights Yvette Cooper, and generally do any job paid for by the state!


        • Fedup2 says:

          You did me – Evette Cooper – balls – ‘tortoise in the headlights ‘-ha ha – I always thought she’d Make a living doing a ‘Peter pan act ‘ with TVs Chris biggins when she loses her seat …..

          …. she waiting for starmer s job ….


          • Banania says:

            Funny how that crowd – Cooper, Benn & Co – have disappeared from view since their disgraceful hijacking of the Commons was overthrown.


        • JimS says:

          “I hope nobody buys Blogger”

          Already done, part of the Google empire.


  33. Fedup2 says:

    Asiseeit – thanks – being a bit shy of the MSM I was vaguely aware that the whole of Derbyshire constabulary descended on 2 ladies for ‘walking outside their home ‘ – an offence under the `terrorism Act 2021 – but you made me laugh when ‘tea drinking ‘ was deemed a ‘picnic ‘ under said act and therefore an arrestable crime .
    You left out that the prosecution of the two ladies – currently with the Alan’s snack bar boys in belmarsh – I’d currently ‘under review ‘
    By the new ‘haircut 100 ‘ chief Constable of said derby plod . I wondered if new chief is related to the ultra woke on apparently in charge of London ..?

    Another thing with scant coverage seems to be the formation of “death squads”

    ‘Death squads ‘ are highly trained ‘multi agency ‘unit made up of police – social workers – fire brigade – others – whose job is to go to people’s houses and ‘bring out the dead ‘ as a result of covid – suicide – domestic murder/suicide type stuff bought about by being locked up until March . …
    …………but no doubt we ll hear more …..


    • Banania says:

      The einsatzgruppen may turn their attention to the (for the time being) living, if we give them too much trouble.


  34. Up2snuff says:

    Thanks to SAGE, we are going to be stuffed every Christmas and winter from now on.

    I’ll visit the cloakroom for suitable apparel for my ‘brisk walk of authorised exercise’ going home. :-ɬ


  35. Doublethinker says:

    After the US election in November I posted that I had become so fed up with the editorial stance of the Times that after thirty years I had cancelled my subscription. Now after three days of constant articles in the Telegraph demeaning Trump I feel like doing the same thing but the missus won’t let me because of the cross word.
    The Times was always the official Remainer newspaper , that was a constant and it was interesting to read what the opposition were thinking , nothing profound let me assure you. But it was also tracking steadily leftward in support of migrants , BLM and RoPers and of course it was virulently anti Trump and took part in the great MSM get Trump campaign ever since 2016.
    The Telegraph is following the very same trajectory , albeit a bit behind. What is the reason that these two ‘serious’ papers are going down this path of which is destroying our country? It certainly isn’t the wishes of their readers, even in the Times there was a good level of support for Brexit, Trump , and anti BLM sentiment expressed by readers comments. In the Telegraph if there are any stories likely to invoke a lot of readership opposition the editor just doesn’t allow comments! It’s almost as though the editor has adopted the BBC modus operandi of complete disregard for its consumers. But Mr Editor it’s going to take more than a good crossword to keep your circulation up and hence your income stream if you are at odds with large sections of your readers!
    Is there another more sinister reason why editors are adopting positions which they know will piss off even their most loyal readers?


    • JohnC says:

      Here’s a tip to see the comments on Daily Telegraph articles without a subscription on a PC:
      Click refresh for the page, but stop it immediately by clicking the cross. If you time it right, you get the full article instead of the ‘subscribe’ pop-up.
      I have no interest in their articles any more since they went anti-Trump and uber-Feminist which is why I cancelled my subscription ages ago. But you can go right to the bottom and see the comments which is the interesting part. Or see where they don’t allow comments which is news in itself.


      • Scroblene says:

        I regularly buy out of date copies of books of the DT Cryptics, guys!

        Ebay has hundreds of the older ones for peanuts, and at least you can see the answers without having to buy yet another boring paper!

        Senora O’Blene bought me the ‘Bletchley Brainteasers’ book for Christmas, and those crosswords are so different too!


    • G says:

      ” What is the reason that these two ‘serious’ papers are going down this path of which is destroying our country?”

      Ownership and political motivation.


    • Banania says:

      It is so depressing to see how many people I thought were on the same side as me seem to have gone over to the enemy, over the china flu and the stolen election in the USA. As soon as my DT subscription ends I shall cancel for the future.


  36. Tabs says:

    Charlie Stayt, just now on the BBC News Channel, talking about snow in Madrid, “temperatures of UP to minus 32 were reported”.

    With no concept of basic maths it is a worry that the BBC have taken it upon themselves to educate the everyones children during the lockdown.


    • JohnC says:

      Many things in BBC articles are appalling now. They regularly repeat entire sections in the same article. I suspect they have a workforce largely consisting of recent graduates on minimum wage who read The Guardian.


      • Up2snuff says:

        BTEC ‘work experience’ 16 year olds, I shouldn’t wonder, John.

        I’m stuck in Ed Reardon mode – doh! Elgar will be wanting his smoked salmon entree next . . ….


  37. StewGreen says:

    11:30am FooC has a spot for Zurcher pushing his hate hate hate.
    It’s like the school bully gang talking about their victim.
    “In Washington, the storming of Capitol Hill this week by President Trump’s supporters has dominated headlines, but many political pundits said that this should not have taken people by surprise.
    Anthony Zurcher has covered the White House throughout Donald Trump’s term in office
    – he charts the clear path that led to this moment, from President Trump’s 2016 campaign.”

    More like the clear path of the libmob becoming more desperate and twisted.
    If we are talking “someone said” then someone said ‘This whole thing is America’s Tiananmen Square”

    We’ve had months of of MSM basically asserting
    ‘Of course BLM demos are violent, they are victims of great injustice’


  38. G says:

    I watched this highly disturbing Nigel Farage video yesterday evening.

    For one who has been round the block more than a few times, even I was sickened at the treatment by the police of that family. It sure didn’t seem as if the police, as we are told, took a, ‘light advisory touch’. So, we are now facing more active and rigid police action?
    If that video doesn’t show what they are up to now, what more can we expect? I fear the worst.
    I suggest you all take a look at Section 76 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 because that is the way I would deal with violent coppers carrying out Aggravated Trespass.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’ve watched that too – I think mr Farage may have committed an offence by criticising the police and you and I are accomplices – they are only looking after ‘public safety ‘ and ‘the community ‘ after all ….


      • G says:

        All the perceived ‘niceties’ (if they ever existed) of ‘British Policing’ have disappeared. Stand by for escalating brutality. Unlike the US, we still have the courts………………(that is, without Spiderwoman levels)


        • Fedup2 says:

          I notice they routinely handcuff anyone being stopped and searched – yet alone arrested – much less likely for the remotest chance of ‘forgive and forget ‘ when that is done .

          Selective enforcement of ‘approved ‘ laws also does their cause not much good .

          I saw a story yesterday of 5 hamphire plod being fired because their office was bugged by their own internal affairs outfit – ouch –


    • G.W.F. says:

      Yes, we are losing our liberties, but do not think it is a temporary measure in response to the Chinese Virus. The crisis of climate change will provide even more reasons for Princess Nut Nut and the gutless Tory MPs to maintain some version of totalitarianism


  39. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    The whole protest in Washington could have been avoided if the Democrats had used their heads. All that was needed was to allow an investigation of the voting fraud allegations. It should have been easy and beneficial to show there was no substance to the allegations and made plain to the public there was nothing to worry about. That way those marchers would never have bothered making their journey to Washington. Trump wouldn’t had a leg to stand on.

    I am at a loss to understand why they wouldn’t do this.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      No, you’re not. The answer is staring you in the face.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:


      You are so right. The Democrats could have made the Republicans look like such fools. If only they had let the Republicans examine the Dominion voting machines, the signatures on the postal ballots and all the ballets which were “corrected” we would have seen that Sleepy Joe won fair and square, and Trump would just have looked stupid. They really missed a trick there, didn’t they?


    • Blackwell says:

      Because they followed their constitution and the law?

      Because the allegations of voter fraud were baseless?

      Because it would have set a precedent to challenge every election in future and have them decided by Congress instead of the voters.

      And because if an investigation did not produce the result they wanted, which inevitably it wouldn’t (a bit like his commission to explain why Clinton got 3 million more votes than him in 2016 which came up with nothing – its almost like he can’t accept defeat?) then that bi-partisan commission would be denounced as ‘rigged’and they would join Democrats, Republicans, the media, election officials, secretaries of state and governors, the General Services Administration, the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Trump appointed judges, the supreme court, and members of his own cabinet, in all being in on the plot against Trump.

      Or maybe he really just is the conman, bullshit artist, organized criminal, authoritarian thug everyone’s been telling you for the last 4 years. Its hard to admit you’ve been the victim of a simple-minded fraud.


      • Blackwell says:

        I just couldn’t understand why Trump didn’t just take his complaint to the Federal Election Commission.

        I then I discovered this about the Federal Election Commission. It was created in 1974 to enforce campaign finance laws in federal elections, but has not functioned since July 2020 due to vacancies in membership. In the absence of a quorum, the commission cannot vote on complaints or give guidance through advisory opinions. As of May 19, 2020, there were 350 outstanding matters on the agency’s enforcement docket and 227 items waiting for action. As of September 1, 2020, Trump had not nominated anyone to fill the FEC vacancies positions.


        • Banania says:

          Henceforth I shall no longer patronize your bookshop.


        • StewGreen says:

          @Blackwell your narrative on the Election Commission seems flawed.
          In December it did have a quorum
          Your paragraph which seems to be a cutNpaste from Wikipedia is out of date.
          Trump had nominated people to the 6 person committee, it had a quorum in May, but sometimes people resign.
          After Trump nominated people in October, the senate took until after the election to approve them.

          Anyway as you said the FEC’s role is to
          ” enforce campaign finance laws in federal elections”.


      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        Oooh Goody! You are trolling me this time! You’ve really got me stumped there! No actually, Blackwell old bean, let me tell you I am quite happy to admit that I’ve been fooled. I really wanted to know why they didn’t cooperate and put the case to rest. I know that any decent person would. I certainly don’t want to spend my time supporting someone who genuinely lost the election and is crying over the result.
        If you look at the comments on this site for election night and even before that you won’t find me saying “Trump’s going to win this” I’ve studied elections since I was a kid. I never predict the outcome. In fact if you look at my election night post I think I was the first to warn that the vote wasn’t going too well for Trump.
        He did, however appear to do better as more results came in and he won Texas and Florida and it looked then as if Trump was on course to win. It was then that the four battleground states closed vote counting for the night and when resuming the numbers were changed beyond belief.
        My conclusion is that something very fishy is going on.
        All you’re saying above in defence is that it would set a precedent that’s why they couldn’t do it.And rather pathetically you add that that he wouldn’t accept the results anyway. You don’t know that.
        And I very much doubt if anybody would follow him just to save his ego. I wouldn’t.
        The last two lines of your post are just the usual litany of insults that we hear from those with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

        I admit to spending about six years of my early life listening an believing the fraud of Marxist-Leninism, the victim of a fraudulent ideology.
        Now you admit that you are under the influence of political correctness, the totalitarian successor of failed old style Marxism.


        • Darcy3 says:

          Well said, Yasser, I spent a a few years in my youth supporting black South Africans’ rights, that’s gone well…


          “In 2018, South Africa’s record on respect for human rights and the rule of law remained poor under new president, Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, who took office in February following Jacob Zuma’s resignation. Corruption, poverty, high unemployment, and violent crime significantly restricted South Africans’ enjoyment of their rights. Cuts to health and education services also compromised quality and access to these rights.

          Former President Zuma appeared in court three times on charges that include fraud‚ corruption, and racketeering. On November 16, ahead of the beginning of his criminal trial on corruption charges, Zuma applied to the KwaZulu-Natal High Court seeking a permanent stay in the court case citing bias of the prosecution. At time of writing, the court had not ruled on the matter.

          African foreign nationals in South Africa, including refugees and asylum-seekers, continued to face xenophobic violence and threats of violence in 2018. In May, the KwaZulu-Natal Premier Willies Mchunu met with foreign shop owners after the Northern Region Business Association ordered them to close their businesses or face attacks. The provincial government leadership promised to increase police protection to prevent another wave of xenophobic violence.

          In August, at least four people died when xenophobic violence erupted in Soweto, south of Johannesburg. Mobs of protesting locals beat foreign nationals, mostly Somalis, and looted their shops. The protesters accused foreign nationals of selling fake and expired food products. A few days after the Soweto violence, a new anti-foreigner political group marched in Johannesburg, demanding the deportation of all undocumented foreigners in South Africa by the end of the year.

          Virtually no one has been convicted over past outbreaks of xenophobic violence, including for the Durban violence of April 2015 that displaced thousands of foreign nationals, or the 2008 attacks, which resulted in the deaths of more than 60 people across the country. The government has yet to finalize the draft national action plan to combat racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, or provide a mechanism for justice and accountability for xenophobic crimes.”


        • Blackwell says:

          I would suggest you do some wider reading about the US system of government and the Constitution, and how the Presidential election works. I don’t wish to sound facetious, but its essential background.

          Let me break it down as best I can.

          The campaign was long, bitterly fought, with two distinct candidates, millions voted, the votes were counted and there was a winner. The Constitution has its flaws, but its quite particular about what happens next.

          No candidate is obliged to conceed, its just another norm Trump has broken. He has the right to challenge the results. He did so through the courts, the Judicial branch, which is the appropriate avenue.

          The cases were dismissed, including twice by the Supreme court, 62 cases v 1 :


          Meanwhile Trump continues to refuse to conceed, or to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. He claims on the night that he won the election, he did not cooperate with the transition, while continuing to make unfounded claims of cheating, and give his followers false hope that he had any chance of over-turning the result.

          His former National Security adviser, sacked by both Obama and Trump, convicted of lying to the FBI, and pardoned by Trump, was on TV calling for Trump to impose martial law.


          Trump, his lawyer (the last one went to jail), and Lyndesy Graham phoned State officials, often Republicans, and only in swing states, pressuring, cajoling and begging them to change the election outcome:


          All of this applies only to the Presidential election, and not the other elections on the same slate for Senate etc, nobody is concerned about fraud there apparently.

          Bear in mind here that when Trump lost Republican primaries to Ted Cruz, he claimed they were rigged against him. He said he would only accept the outcome of the 2016 election if he won. He said he would only accept the outcome of the 2020 election if he won. If he didn’t win it would be because there was cheating.

          When he received 3 million less votes in 2016 than his opponent, he claimed 3 million illegal immigrants voted (I get that illegal immigrants would tend to vote Democrat if they could, but 100%? of exactly 3 million?) He started an investigation into that, staffed with his own people. Didn’t find any evidence.

          Under the constitution, States choose where their electoral college votes go and with no court impediment, they did so, and Biden won.

          The confirmation of Biden was largely ceremonial, Pence just counts the EC votes that have already been cast.

          So, do you think it would be a good idea at this point to have an investigation into allegations of voter fraud – which are baseless, and without evidence, and which have failed in the courts, that nobody serious thinks have a snowball’s chance of changing the outcome, and so delay the Presidential transition timetable as set out in the Constitution?

          There would be no reason the same situation could not arise in 2024, 2028….a bad precedent.

          Btw, the idea here of people like Ted Cruz is that if their objections to a State’s vote is successful, a bi-partisan commission appointed by Congress would investigate and resolve the claims.

          Congress would be overruling the sovereignty of the people’s vote – the result depending upon which party had a majority there. Another bad precedent.

          Do you think Trump would refrain from interfering in the commission? Do you think he’d accept the result if he wasn’t declared the winner? Do you think millions of Trump supporters would accept the result if Trump doesn’t win? I rather think they’d only accept the result he tells them to.


          • Blackwell says:

            The Marxism/Communism stuff always seems a bit McCarthyite/ paranoidish to me tbh, I thought that stuff kind of went out of fashion after the fall of the soviet union but what do I know.

            With all due respect to your election expertise, your interpretation of the election is ill-informed, and that is not what happened.

            As was predicted, and entirely predictable, Republicans voted in person, Dems voted by mail. Mail takes longer to count because it goes through more verification checks. Rural areas vote Trump, urban areas Biden. So rural counties with smaller population’s results come in first.

            So as expected, Trump built up a lead in some states, and then Biden chipped away at it – whether he could surpass it largely depended on turn out for him. You should’ve just stayed up rather than go to bed!

            ‘My conclusion is that something very fishy is going on’, doesn’t exactly convince.


  40. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – So that is what Nick Robinson thinks of us … typical BBC

    I listened to the first few minutes of TOADY this a.m. forgetting that they do not do a newspaper front page review immediately after the start of the programme on a Saturday. I heard the acting Mayor of Liverpool (sorry ma’am, forgotten your name already) talk about the success of the Liverpool Lockdown at the end of the summer. Funny, I thought a NHS bod from Liverpool had been complaining that his hospitals were now full of sick people only last week? Where did they come from then?

    Nick Robinson then betrayed himself (and the BBC) because he thinks that ordinary people listening to the programme are too dim to understand the importance of dealing with disease. Cannot remember his exact words but they are there on Radio iPlayer/BBC Sounds for you to check.

    OFF Switch activated in disgust.


  41. StewGreen says:

    Rick Gates giving strong pushback against the media school bully gang


    • StewGreen says:

      That’s from the TalkRadio highlights channel


    • Blackwell says:

      Must be out of jail.


      • StewGreen says:

        @Blackwell, “out of jail” what does your reply even mean ?


        • Blackwell says:

          Rick Gates pleaded guilty to conspiracy against the United States and making false statements to the FBI. He was sentenced to 45 days in jail and three years of probation

          Looks like his custody was suspended due to Covid.

          He’s probably lookin a pardon.


          • StewGreen says:

            @Blackwell Seems he was detained for some some days when he was arrested.
            Then April 21 report
            “On Sunday, Gates’s attorney requested his client be permitted to serve the rest of his sentence under home confinement, without making public how many days Gates had already served”

            That was granted.
            There is this disturbing thing in American courts, that pleading guilty is often done by innocent people as part of the plea bargain process.


  42. Sluff says:

    The other day Boris wheeled out the NHS man and the army man to tell us what a marvellous vaccine delivery infrastructure they had set up to deliver vaccine to almost 1000 hospitals and GP surgeries.

    But why did they need to do this at all?
    Order any one of tens of thousands of goods at random from Amazon in the morning and you might get the goods the same day.
    Sainsburys the other day announced an extra million slots for home deliveries in the next few weeks.

    Indeed all the supermarkets and many other retailers have sophisticated order and delivery chains, and there is an array of other distributors, ocado, ups, dhl, courier firms to choose from, hell even royal mail can do overnight tracked deliveries for about £6. 1000 new delivery points would not even raise an eyebrow for most of these companies, they would just do it with their existing capability.

    It’s almost as if the key priority is not efficiency or effectiveness but for the NHS to be seen to be doing everything itself. And the public are so gullible that the NHS can gamble that if successful it will be put down to our NHS heroes and if unsuccessful then the government will be to blame. The costs of course will be astronomical but it will be hidden from the public.

    Meanwhile, the size of the NHS unfunded pension liability makes the pandemic costs look small.

    All hail the established religion in this country. The NHS.


  43. AsISeeIt says:

    Here comes the Southbank Centre with their regular email
    “Your culture fix”

    A few highlights:

    Logic-defying images by photographer Suzie Larke aim to increase awareness and conversation about mental wellbeing.

    One Woman
    A hypnotic dreamscape draws you into the world of a woman living with mental illness, in an online performance by theatre artist Cheryl Martin. The work uses binaural sound to wrap each audience member in an individual, protective cocoon.

    [Sounding rather appropriate for these times of seemingly perpetual lockdown where we’re all advised to act as if we’re infectious. Now, do chaps ever suffer mental illness, and does the publicly funded Southbank care?]

    GLOOPTOPIA! with NewfrontEars
    Consider what an ideal world would look like with Oozing Gloop, the world’s premier autistic drag queen. This online event features stories and short films from live show GLOOPTOPIA!, an exuberant journey into political hope.

    Instagramming the Apocalypse
    In a post-satire age, what’s so funny about peace, love and understanding? Performer Byron Vincent brings the force of his wit and wisdom to modern life in a premiere screening of a new film.

    [Futher comment would seem to be superfluous]


  44. G says:



    This is Third Reich book burning. They’ll be coming for you next.


  45. Jeff says:

    I see London’s beloved mayor has said that London is now in a state of emergency.
    I really feel for the poor bloke…
    This man has worked his fingers to the bone on behalf of the capital’s citizens.

    Knife crime is at an all time high…despite the fact there’s hardly anyone on the streets. That takes some doing.

    Mass BLM riots throughout the summer, while he stood by as cheer-leader general. Even though we were supposed to be in a
    total lockdown, mobs of ultra-left-wing thugs were assaulting police and attacking The Cenotaph. There didn’t seem to be a great deal of social distancing. Did the Beeb grill him about that? Probably not…

    And he’s been really effective looking at offensive statues and street names. Something that is so important during a time of national emergency. This really is the sort of bloke you need in charge of London during a crisis.

    You know what’s likely to happen next, don’t you? Due to the latest covid problems in London they might just have to cancel the mayoral election…again.

    He’d hate that…


  46. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    For as long as I can remember keeping your body hydrated whilst exercising (walking/running) was a top health priority and was promoted all over health, medical and sports journals.

    For the police to say carrying liquids with you when exercising is a picnic flies in the face of common sense.
    Maybe the next person to suffer an illness or blackout due to dehydration whilst out exercising can sue the police for banning them from keeping themselves hydrated.

    Perhaps if you’re eating a Mars bar or sucking a mint imperial that could be called a picnic as well. Another £200 fine for the coffers (coppers?)
    How about these people who you see carrying their water bottles whilst out and about in the town, another picnic?

    I suppose they can use the argument that “if it saves just one life it’s worth it”


  47. Fedup2 says:

    From our own correspondent

    Tony Zurker plunging the knife into President Trump without even the slightest pretence of balance – using capitol events to cover the theft of the election – not mentioned .

    It left me with a question . Who are the MSM going to hate after 13? January? Will they pursue president trump on the golf course – will they do a Cummings and try to kill him even after holding the job ?

    Or will they go – gently – after the dementing false president in order to get their coloured girl into the chair – and re run the Obama love in ?


    • Despairada says:

      Did you hear on last weeks FOOC (oops!) the item comparing Donald Trump to Jacob Zuma in South Africa? I don’t remember the journalist but he sounded deranged.


  48. LastChanceSaloon says:

    “Trump riots: Democrats plan to introduce article of impeachment”

    Thank you al Beeb for this confirmation.
    The BBC, long a secret plotter against the West, is now an open enemy.
    Open season against open enemies.

    BLM, not to me.
    Same value as US “Democrat” lives, zero.
    Is Boris still praising Biden.
    Two consecutive “Conservative” “Prime ministers” batting for our enemies.


  49. theisland says:

    Half-hour Saturday morning ‘fireside chat’ with David Vance.
    “Welcome to the Biden Presidency”
    Mainly about silicon valley censorship.


    • StewGreen says:

      Burning Trump’s Facebook

      “Where they burn books
      …. they will also ultimately burn people.”

      “Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt,
      ….. verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen”
      Heinrich Heine 1820


    • StewGreen says:

      Of course the libmob are a school bully gang,
      certainly not actual Nazis
      And it would be wrong to make such a comparison to their faces.

      Can we not make the WW2Nazi analogy
      .. The establishment/media did PR trickery pushing a narrative
      that “There are the bad guys over there ”
      whilst they themselves do the actions of bad guys

      The thing was although many Germans fell for that propaganda
      plenty didn’t.
      And now likewise it is pleasing to see that many have fallen for the narrative, like the woman I just saw in the supermarket
      saying to her husband “You are like that horrible Donald Trump !”
      but many have not.

      They can see that it wasn’t Trump that burnt town after town, nor he that brought about massive censorship of political opponents on social media.


      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        Stew, regarding US election fraud, I always like to find the weakest and strongest part of an opponents arguments. The strongest argument or the hardest to refute is the fact that dozens of court challenges were made about the election fraud and they were all thrown out.
        My understanding is that in most cases they did not take the time to investigate anything but were thrown out, out of hand, and with relish.
        My question is do you know of anywhere or anyone that has
        summarized the relevant court decisions into a readable form for those of us that don’t have much knowledge about the US legal system?


  50. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC Benefits Show AKA Money Box live – led today with a feature about the new arrangements under the EU UK agreement for medical cover abroad .

    Comrade Lewis – such a lover of benefits rights – gloomily explained that the EHIC is being replaced by a GHIC meaning ‘business as before “

    Apparently the scheme is still under development but it reminded me how this was used by Remainers / BBC as a Project Fear weapon throughout the last 5? Years ….

    Seems that was a lie – and won’t be getting the BBC ‘fact checking ‘treatment …..


    • StewGreen says:

      Did Comrade Lewis, not tell you the GHIC is supposed to be better
      offering global benefits ?
      Cos you see the UK already has reciprocal benefits with many countries.
      (We probably give the foreign citizens £billions more healthcare than their governments gives ours)