353 Responses to Start the Week 25 January 2021

  1. JohnC says:

    Another result is in from the great multicultural experiment.
    Keon Lincoln: Mother ‘heard gunshots’ that killed teen
    It seems the entire local community won’t help the police. And no hint whatsoever that they might have had a reason to do what they did. It seems Keon was an angel. I’ll bet my house it involves drugs.
    Perhaps if they are appealing for information, some descriptions or pictures of the suspects arrested might help. I wonder why we never get any in these cases.


  2. BRISSLES says:

    Yep, me too. Gave a rating of 1 for everything they asked. Then gave it to them with both barrels in the comments box.


    • Deborah says:

      Yes, me too (now where have I heard that phrase?) what of course we cannot be sure of is that the BBC may lose our responses and only highlight the ones from their mates.


  3. Vonbedda says:

    Any scots on this page.

    was wondering if you could shed some light on circumstances in Scotland at the moment.

    Is there a general consensus for independence or is this a pipe dream for a minority of scots?

    Cause i was wondering if its the poor running of Scotland by SNP that’s caused the hate for the union?


    • Docmarooned says:

      A Scot here. Sturgeon is a power crazed harpy as well as totally incompetent. She has wrecked the country with her atrocious policies on the economy and education.
      Up hee to my mind the SNP are a cult and are given a free ride by the apallingly supine media.
      I note she has never suggested how Scotland can run independently.
      She moronically wants into the EU that will never happen.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Good to hear from you . It’s a great shame that the SNP isn’t held to account – but I understand murky stuff which has gone on between salmon and crankie is coming out – but I suppose she will only be destroyed from within and not by the MSM.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Difficult question – but do you think there would be enough to win a vote to go truly independent and then join the EU as part of the SNP policy ?

        I’m guessing is crankie held an illegal referendum the turn out would not be high but would be the whole SNP brave heart circus ….
        Would they realise there would be a wall and separate currency ? Or do they care?


        • StewGreen says:

          It’s tittle tattle to waste our time.
          There’s no point in doing a general election poll yet cos it won’t happen for 4 years.
          Same applies for IndyRef
          no view is valid until Brexit is bedded in.
          Of course it will be a 2024 election issue.


        • Docmarooned says:

          As long as blundering Boris continually tells her to **** off with her demands then nothing will happen. She can hold an illegal referendum and waste more money but as you say only the SNP
          would vote. Turnout would be very low.

          The rabid SNP I think would lose anyway as I do not think the population at large wants to see the SNP crash it into oblivion.
          We only have oil and tourism both of which are dead just now.


    • Zelazek says:

      The polls say there is a majority for Scottish independence and I sense that is right, although it is difficult to judge in these lockdown conditions. All the noise tends to come only from one side.

      But if it is real, why should there be a demand for independence?

      Well, in my view, we are no longer the nation that produced Adam Smith. We are a nation of sanctimonious virtue-signallers and ranting student union zealots. Our political philosophy is tax and spend. We have too many subsidy junkies and welfare dependants. The Protestant work ethic that fostered our old self-reliance and entrepreneurial spirit is gone.

      Not only that, Boris Johnson personifies the upper class English buffoon that Scots instinctively hate and the SNP play on that.

      With a mindset like that, it was no surprise that most Scots did not vote for Brexit and now seem to be calling for indyref2.

      However, if there were another referendum tomorrow, I cannot see Scots voting for it. The currency question and the uncertain price of oil are still stumbling blocks. The absurdity of independence from Westminster but subservience to Brussels is apparent to even some SNP supporters. At the end of the day, I think the silent majority are practical and will not be persuaded that they will be better off in an independent Scotland.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Do you think the SNP have imported the Democrat election stealing techniques yet ? All the ingredients are there – including a’ look the other way ‘ MSM ….


        • Zelazek says:

          Fed, I don’t think the SNP have sunk to those depths of depravity – yet. And I think it would be more difficult to steal an election over here anyway. But who knows? The SNP and the Democrats are the same kind of people.


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      Scottish Thatcherite.
      A rare breed.
      These ‘polls’ are pure Goebbels. I live in an SNP constituency that has high benefit dependency and major deprivation. Most folk I know have jobs, are good folk, and just want to get on with their lives. None of them support or would vote for the SNP.
      However, there is a sub-class of benefit junkie that aligns with the Lefty unionite, Champagne socialist and public sector employee, that will combine to give them the vote.
      As so often highlighted, the union vote is split, but the Snazi one is singular.
      There genuinely is a very significant amount of people in Scotland who would eat dogshit if Sturgeon told them to.
      The young in school and University are the main worry. They are brainwashed beyond help.
      Unfortunately ‘independent’ Scotland is just a matter of time.
      Sorry to be so downbeat.


  4. taffman says:

    “Weather: Wales’ new ice warning as sub-zero temperatures forecast”
    Someone give Greta Thunberg a shout and tell her that there are a lot of brass monkeys running about in taffland looking for a welder.


  5. Fedup2 says:

    I’ve just watched the BBC ‘ documentary “ about the US election . Showing bits of film without context – using menacing background music to heighten the effect – and avoiding the detailed source of the anger – how the election was rigged and stolen.
    Not even an attempt at neutrality – watched it out of duty . Now time to calm down .

    I noticed ,too, that the BBC couldn’t use one of their numerous ‘US correspondents ‘ because the are all proven anti trumpets …

    I really can’t see those Americans who were cheated just going quiet for very long .


    • Richard Pinder says:

      The details missed by the BBC, for the source of the anger and how the election was rigged and stolen. (Up to the 18th January)

      Click to access stealing_the_presidency_v.3.pdf

      (The puzzling attack on the Reichstag produced a sense of shock and outrage so great that the President could now sign the Enabling Act, so enabling the new government to ram through a raft of repressive measures. These were deployed to end Germany’s democratic experiment and turn it into a one-Party state.)

      The puzzling attack on the Capitol produced a sense of shock and outrage so great that the President could now sign the Enabling Act, so enabling the new government to ram through a raft of repressive measures. These were deployed to end Americas democratic experiment and turn it into a one-Party state.


      • JohnC says:

        Absolutely right.
        I’ve said several times here now that I see many similarities with what is going on in the USA and the rise of the most notorious Socialist party of all.
        The Left are such shallow and sanctamonious people, they really do believe they are a superior ‘race’ and it is right to censor out those they have been told are untermentions (ie the Right who are all now labelled Far-Right).
        Trump has been completely removed from the world now (except for his final disgrace : impeachement also known as a lynching) and we are being subjected to a level of propaganda the world has not seen since Goebbels.
        If the Democrats really do naturalise millions of immigrants and rig things so they are guaranteed to win future elections, we truly are at the beginning of an extremely volatile period in history.


  6. JimS says:

    The rot spreads:

    The Institution of Engineering Technology – “Donald Trump’s legacy, symbolised by the sacking of the Capitol, could be a divided society. Fixing that could be Biden’s biggest challenge”.

    Trump was elected because the society was divided between those who wanted a job and those who thought they could make more money by moving manufacturing to China.

    Biden’s ‘solution’ would appear to be to import more aliens to take away the lower-paid jobs and dilute the votes of his opponents, ban any opposition and call it terrorism and ‘re-progam’ any dissenters.

    Not bad for a non-authoritarian, non-fascist, non-dictator!


  7. theisland says:

    Today Active Patriot @PatrioticSocia1 was in court for filming illegals in Dover last year here
    The trial was for a ‘COMMON LAW’ breach of the peace. The charge was so minor he could not get legal aid and had to represent himself. Fortunately the judge saw sense and he was found not guilty.

    Here is the initial post-mortem video (contains swearing).

    Basically the police and border farce officials overstepped the mark (quelle surprise) and lied in court. They are so used to getting their own way they think they can do anything.


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Government briefing
    Nick triggle – the ‘after action ‘bbc droid told we thicko s what we had just heard from the health sec. I noticed triggle (aka The Tin Man) used the word ‘we’ when referring to the number of vaccines delivered – as in ‘we’ve done 2.5 million vaccines in a week “ …..
    ,,,,, when usually BBC types refer to Blighty as though it is a foreign country – which , of course , to the vast majority of them – it is .


  9. StewGreen says:

    Local ITV news topic “levelling up in Hull”
    Pet Labour MP who lives in studio
    “I really think is posed to make the most of a green jobs revolution”


    • JohnC says:

      Are you up near Hull Stew ?. Me Too !.
      I see we have ‘travellers’ camped in the Ice Arena car park now. I wonder how many COVID rules they are following.
      Humberside police won’t go near them but will quickly threaten people on social media with ‘hate crimes’ if they dare to complain.


  10. StewGreen says:

    Local BBC long item on Muslim doctor in Grimsby
    he’s lined up his kidney transplant
    but he’s not allowed to have it until Covid is over.
    … same for many people I guess.


  11. taffman says:

    “LIABILITY LISA Labour’s Lisa Nandy in fresh ‘woke’ row over abolishing Army and ‘reconsidering’ Britain’s nuclear sub fleet”
    Another own goal by Labour . Can’t see it on Al Beeb yet. Perhaps they thought it wise not to cover it in the interest of the Labour Party ?


    • theisland says:

      @COLRICHARDKEMP commented yesterday Labour’s desire for a woke “human security” service, where soldiers turned into peace people would stick flowers into the enemy’s rifle muzzles, works well in their fantasyland but not in a world threatened daily by jihadists, Russia, Iran and China.


    • StewGreen says:

      Guido on Lisa Nandy


      • JohnC says:

        We’ve seen already what these ‘Peace Forces’ do.
        They go to Africa and gather people together to ‘protect’ them.
        Then – when the natives start running at them with machetes – they have no mandate to shoot them so they pull out as quick as they can and leave all the unarmed defenseless souls they were ‘protecting’ to be slaughtered like cattle.
        These idiots need to live in the real world. Maybe buy them one-way tickets to meet a few African dictators or Islamic extremists to ask them to join in a verse of Kum Ba Ya and see what response they get.


  12. Eddy Booth says:

    The homeless drug addict who became a professor


    What’s dressed up as news these days, often turns out to be an extremely long advert for a book some nobody has written, and that’s the case here.
    Endless sickly family photos too,
    Reading the headlines I’m guessing it’s some soft subject, i was right, turns out he’s supposedly an indigenous Canadian, and teaches that history somewhere or other.
    Pathetic BBC.
    And what kind of drug addict still has a full set of teeth…


  13. Deborah says:

    Concerted effort by the MSM crying ‘when is lock down going to end?’ It is only last week they were telling us that 1:62 people had covid ie last week not a cumulative total. That is approximately 1 million people in the U.K. in one week. I have to admit I find that figure a bit suspect ie at that rate we must have all had it. The cries on the 6pm BBC1 news toda was continued in the local news as Peter Levy was demanding that we knew the exact date (well almost) that schools could reopen. Look North has had a whole series of epidemiologists appearing. I never knew we have so many. We won’t be having this one from Leeds on again as he thought it impossible to predict the date for schools.
    I will just add that the mother of a lady who works for me died a couple of weeks ago. Her admittance to hospital had nothing to do with covid. After she died her daughter was told that because her mum had been in a room where the previous occupant had covid, her death would have to include covid on the death certificate. I think somewhere I had read that hospitals get extra money for covid patients. If this correct it is not surprising that Common Purpose students would be creative with their counting.


  14. Doobster78 says:

    We all know full well the left indoctrinate kids in schools with their hard left views.

    They get away with it behind closed doors.

    Now, with home schooling and online lessons, you sense a fair few who didn’t really appreciate this, are now finding out just how bad it is !!!!!

    Starting to open a few eyes.

    Of course, the BBC can’t help themselves either


  15. taffman says:

    “EU ‘does not accept’ UK decision on diplomats”
    Tough ! Get over it.


  16. Northern Voter says:

    On the Beeb right now, Katy Price, Harvey and me. Alternative title, How to make money from an autistic child.


  17. taffman says:

    Al Beeb and the MSM failed to halt Great Britain’s vote for Brexit and Independence.
    But now they have witnessed their success in unseating President Trump in the United States, they can ‘smell blood ‘. Along with Al Beeb they can see a chink in our armour with Scotland and will exploit and use the SNP’s attempts in a bid at so called ‘independence’ from the United Kingdom, yet the Scottish Nationalists look to ‘jump from the frying pan into the fire’ surrendering their sovereignty to the EU! Can they not see that the EU views its future as a super state where all the smaller states like Scotland will be swallowed up and finally lose their identity.

    They are trying the same in Wales but forget that Plaid Cymru are a small party without much support. All the Nationalists get a lot of publicity from the media but these ‘pseudo nationalists’ are not really Welsh at all. Many are descendent from English parents or grandparents. On the other hand many people living in England have Welsh decent. A linage dating as far back to the ancient Britons.
    Do not be misled by the MSM, for we are on one island and predominately from one people that have a mutual border to defend, and that border is the sea. The sea that has defended us for centuries. United we stand, living in a United Kingdom. Remember that the Welsh voted for Brexit. We beat the MSM in the ‘Battle for Brexit’ and we can beat them again!
    All we lack is a strong leader to unite the kingdom.


    • JimS says:

      SNP are, at heart, Irish Republicans lost in Glasgow that brought their hatred of the English with them.

      I do wish though that there were politicians prepared to push a positive ‘conservative’ message, i.e. building on what works, rather than this constant retreat against “let’s smash everything so that we can make a Socialist utopia”, effectively saying, “Well, OK, but let’s take our time.”

      The Brexit vote in Scotland was complicated as people had to take into account how it might impact on the UK union, pro or con, producing four groups of voters trying to balance what was best as they saw it.

      Perhaps if there is to be another ‘once in a lifetime’ referendum the exiled Scots will get a vote too. I would certainly hope that some reality might kick in, i.e. no oil revenue, no pound, cut off from Scotland’s largest market, all so that Krankie can strut around Brussels. Meanwhile Shetland and Orkney will demand their independence and the border counties will want to join England!


      • Richard Pinder says:

        I read that the Shetland Island Council have already taken advice from the Isle of Man government on how to break away from Scotland and become a British Crown Dependency, if Scotland goes for independence. So Scotland would lose half its Oil Fields to a loyal British Crown Dependency.


  18. StewGreen says:

    106K Likes for pointing out that media say antifa’s victims don’t matter


  19. StewGreen says:

    If an election was not properly investigation you cannot say “it was not stolen”
    This journo makes up a false belief that it is 100% proven fact there was nothing wrong with the election
    .. Then he’s staggered when Rand Paul stands up to him


  20. StewGreen says:

    is Biden’s “limey ban” #Xenophobic ?


  21. StewGreen says:

    Operation Birdwatch : Twitter citizen cadres to be appointed to list unpure content
    #OrwellianWorld #Year2021

    If you are not a wokesupremacist you won’t get the job


  22. Guest Who says:

    I wonder if Wendy and gang ever ponder why it is that, when pursuing facts, everyone is obliged to provide them to the BBC when power needs holding to account; but if that power is the organisation they work for, it is exempted?



    • JimS says:

      The ‘exemption’ that the BBC loves to use is buried in a schedule at the back of the FOI act. Not even top of the list.

      It isn’t mandatory, it is an opt-out that one would hope they would use with discretion.

      For example if the Bronzed Strumpet was flying to Syria to have secret talks with Assad then the opt-out might be justified; if she is just flying to New York to get her Christmas shopping, watch CNN and then bitch about Donald then why shouldn’t we be told?


  23. StewGreen says:

    More from SkyNews Aust
    Andy Ngo on Antifa & libmobs work with them for 6 month
    then going manic about a few Trump supporters getting carried away for a bit at the Capitol.


  24. davylars says:

    Are the BBC eco warriors aware of this.
    Bearing in mind we are castigated for dumping a single miniature button battery cell into our waste bins in the the UK.

    An article posted this evening on Paul Homewoods blog ‘ Not a Lot of People Know That’ about Toxic Secrets Behind “Clean” Energy


    Anyway, after locating such ‘lake from Google Earth,
    I located the lake and screen shot it.
    And yes . After doing a quick calculation by zooming in on some semi trucks as a 23 meter guide and a bit of mathematics it is almost 10sq km.

    Here it is ,


    The Weikuang Dam – an artificial lake into which metallic intestines regurgitate torrents of black water from the nearby refineries. 10 sq km of toxic effluent.


    • StewGreen says:

      \\ Electric cars aren’t “green”:

      1. They rely on gross Chinese strip mining and brutal child labor in the Congo.

      2. If you’re lucky you only have to drive them 100,000+ miles to break even on emissions.//
      Steve Milloy


  25. StewGreen says:

    Gridwatch at 6pm
    “The UK is currently coal-free except for the 8% of its electricity generation currently being supplied by coal.
    And just ignore the other 7% being produce by burning wood chips.


  26. StewGreen says:

    FFS this kid must have been programmed to ask that weir question
    What are the different gender identities ?”

    Does that sound like a natural question to you that a kid might ask ?
    It’s college age reading level says the computer.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      “What are the different gender identities ?”

      Mummy and Daddy. The rest are people with mental, hormonal or genetic errors. Perverts who have been given a Gender identity, by loony left-wing Marxist dogma, and some Tories like Theresa May.


  27. Richard Pinder says:

    This is the censored evidence for election fraud found up to last week:


    This is the censored evidence for the falsification of carbon dioxide warming:


    As someone who probably knows more about the Arrhenius Hypothesis than anyone who actually believes in it. In fact does any Greta worshiper at the BBC, actually know who Svante August Arrhenius was?

    But then due to the second law of Thermodynamics, the atmosphere of Mars is the best way to calibrate carbon dioxide warming. (Without using the worlds most expensive cloud cuckoo land fantasy computer models, based on a guessed assumption that an increase of CO2 of 100 parts per million, increases the temperature by one Kelvin) The Arrhenius Greenhouse Effect on Earth is supposed to be 33 Kelvin. But with Mars having about 16 times more carbon dioxide warming effect than the Earth. The temperature for Mars, according to BBC dogma, should be at least 27 Kelvin. But the observed warming on Mars is 3 Kelvin. So with Mars, the Arrhenius Hypothesis proves itself to be wrong and the Unified Theory of Climate proves itself to be correct.


  28. tomo says:


  29. taffman says:

    Al Beeb……..“The government is expected to announce that some travellers coming to England will have to quarantine in hotels, over concerns about new Covid variants.”
    What’s new ? Four star hotels are full of Channel “travellers”. The Home Office is now becoming joke.


  30. taffman says:

    “Coronavirus: EU to tighten vaccine exports amid row with AstraZeneca”
    I think that we left the EU just in the nick of time?


    • taffman says:

      Perhaps it’s time for AstraZeneca to relocate its operations to Great Britain?
      We have lost so many of our companies the other way due to lucrative grants being offered by the EU in the last forty years or more.


    • Patriot says:

      Bore da, Taff. I’ve just read their piece on that. It appears that the BBC’s sainted EU are adopting an EU first policy (Fair play to them, every country should protect their own people in the first instance…even corrupt, failing political unions). I wonder who they adopted that idea from? But seeing as it isn’t him, no criticism whatsoever of a policy that may have some serious consequences for the roll out of the vaccination within the UK from its own National Broadcaster can be seen anywhere on the BBC. They really do hate us don’t they!!!


      • Fedup2 says:

        And let me guess – if blighty wanted to build a couple of vaccine factories we could only get the kit from a reichEU supplier ….


      • taffman says:

        Bore da ! Who does our National. Broadcaster have the greatest affinity with and who has it always supported ? The EU or Great Britain ? Anyone with the slightest political and media awareness will see where Al Beeb stands .
        It has the audacity to call itself “British” and we have a British government that allows the Broadcaster to tax its people against its wishes.
        We need a new government .
        Hwyl .


  31. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    This is not BBC but it is very relevant to the situation here.

    A very worrying media situation for the USA developing under Biden. I like to think that it could not happen in the UK.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Yasser – thanks – Mr Carlson delivers ‘awful woke orthodoxy ‘truths about the banning of non approved views . And the coming HR1 in the States will be carefully viewed around the world as a way of legislating to achieve voter fraud ….
      I fear a new form of terrorism coming along as people feel their views and believes are being suppressed or banned in a woke world . It’s very sad but easy to foresee.


    • Dobyns says:

      HR1 would also lower the voting age from 18 to 16.

      What could possibly go wrong?


    • Up2snuff says:

      Yasser, it would be good if Tucker sought the Republican nomination for the Presidential Election in 2024.

      I’d vote for that.


  32. Guest Who says:



    ‘Knackered and confused’ – and that’s just the parents

    Home schooling can be tough. It’s difficult to concentrate, there’s emotional exhaustion, boredom, a lack of motivation and it’s really hard not going out to see friends. And that’s just the parents.

    This winter lockdown is taking its toll on families, who are now struggling even more on the black ice of uncertainty as no-one can say when schools in England are going to reopen again.

    “There’s a sense of fatigue,” says Jacqueline Smallwood, who is at home with three secondary-school children.

    “It’s so repetitive that it just makes you feel tired,” she says of the latest lockdown – and the “silent struggle” facing both parents and their children to try to get motivated.

    Read full article >

    Sean Coughlan
    BBC education correspondent

    When Sean Met Jacqueline.

    Zero to this ‘story’ contributes anything of value.

    Doubtless an FOI on what got these two together for this Pulitzer piece would result in a brick wall.


    • Guest Who says:

      Well, there’s a thing. In conclusion:

      “But Labour has accused the government of causing “chaos and confusion” for parents and schools.”


  33. Foscari says:

    The Corvid 19 pandemic originated in Wuhan. The Occam’s Razor
    theory makes me believe that the most likely origins are that
    Wuhan institute of virology was the source of the virus.
    For me the only question is that did the Chinese send the
    virus around the world accidently . I would just give
    them the benefit of the doubt. They would’t want the
    deaths of perhaps 5 million or more souls around the world
    on their conscience for world economic dominance , would


    • Up2snuff says:

      Foscari, “For me the only question is that did the Chinese send the
      virus around the world accidently . I would just give
      them the benefit of the doubt.”

      Me too, for version 1.0.

      But not one of the later versions, especially if there is one that is more virulent and leads to greater fatalities.


  34. Guest Who says:

    Thommo has left the building?

    Fascinating Graun mindset. Now.

    Babs Plett wipes away a tear….


  35. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “Champ is enjoying his new dog bed by the fireplace and Major loved running around on the South Lawn.” ????


    Sleepy may be turning the country into a mess, but his PR folk at least have wheeled out a prop to show he loves his dog to an eager press.

    Blondi was unavailable.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      He’s too old for dogs, didn’t one pull him over or something a few weeks ago a hurt his leg?


  36. Guest Who says:

    BBC Newski

    “Nothing that is listed there as my property belongs to me or my close relatives, and never did.”


    Vladimir Putin: Russian palace in Navalny video not mine

    They have used ‘allegedly’ in the piece, thereby not rendering in baseless. Apparently.


  37. Twin_Town says:

    Quite surprised to see this on their webshite…



  38. Twin_Town says:

    But also cue the usual crap about Brexit…


    This is a typical example of portraying the negative side only…. there must be some good news about leaving the EU out there for the so-called journalists to investigate?

    Or will that not give the correct propaganda message?


  39. Guest Who says:

    BBC American BS are going to need to put on new staff just to keep up.


  40. Guest Who says:

    CNN still milking the mostly lethal riot.


    • digg says:

      My God, you can actually see the clouds of coronavirus sweeping over those poor exhausted cops in that pic. Well done CNN!


    • JohnC says:

      Amazing how quick the fact an unarmed protester getting shot dead by police is omitted from a story when it suits their agenda.
      Shameless low-life hypocrites.


  41. StewGreen says:

    10:45pm Monday BBC 1 Dragqueen show for 75 mins

    R4 Sunday Religion prog opened
    Guest “Cologne is closer to London than Edinburgh is”

    Not true it’s 585Km vs 530Km

    Show talked about both and Trump/Biden agreeing that there is a Uighar genocide.
    .. That’s not true to me, cos although terrible repression and some deaths It’s slippage to call in genocide.
    China is not building gas chambers etc.


  42. Guest Who says:

    BBC New… Something her people told their people.

    Keira Knightley has explained why she has a “no nudity clause” written into her movie contracts.

    No nudity.


    Keira Knightley rules out sex scenes directed by men




    Shame if she is offered a part opposite Keanu in Matrix 4.


  43. Guest Who says:


  44. Guest Who says:

    Her not ‘speaking out’ would be news.


  45. Guest Who says:

    Wendy and Marianna go mental.

    More mental.


  46. Guest Who says:

    Impressive, even for the Covid shuttle crew.


    • Guest Who says:

      Jon missing the more obvious gag here.


      • JimS says:

        You are right about ‘the dogs’ but taking Sopel’s words literally is he turning on his own now?

        Is he turning on Biden? A German shepherd dog, is it Champ or Major? Or Blondi even?

        OMG, Biden is literally H.. (Domestic Terrorist Police break in door).


  47. Doublethinker says:

    So the EU bureaucrats are tying to cover up their incompetence at vaccine procurement by scapegoating the suppliers , in particular AZ and threatening to stop Pfizer or AZ from exporting any vaccines made in the EU to other countries, in reality they mean the UK.
    They are running several false stories , the AZ vaccine is useless for over 65s , the UK has received vaccine which were legally those of the EU. Clearly the highly justified reaction of EU citizens to the disparity in vaccination rates between the turbo charged UK and the sluggardly EU, has the bureaucrats rattled and they are trying to find a scapegoat. In one way or another it will very likely turn out to be perfidious Albion.
    It will be interesting to see how the BBC et al report this massive story. Until the EU threats were made yesterday the BBC had tried to suppress the disparity in vaccination rates which was so heavily in favour of the UK. Now they are reporting it in a neutral way .
    But I suspect that within a few days that will change and the BBC will be running stories about how the Brits stole EU doses , how ineffective AZ vaccine really is compared to the Pfizer one, how it ought to be the responsibility of all governments to share the vaccines equably around the world but,in a tremendous example of leftist cognitive dissonance or their brazen hypocrisy , how the EU is totally justified in nor allowing export to the UK of vaccine which were legally purchased by the UK.
    Whatever happens the EU has demonstrated to all its citizens what a useless organisation it is and to most Brits why Brexit was such a good choice. Hopefully all the Euro sceptic parties in Europe will benefit mightily at the ballot box , if of course there are free and fair election!


  48. digg says:

    The Brexit Bashing Corporation are full flow this morning on the home page…

    Brexit parcel price shock: ‘I had to pay £30 for a gift’


    First para…

    “A couple of weeks ago Lili Piraki, a London-base JOURNALIST, was surprised by a text out of the blue from delivery firm DHL.”

    Would that be a Beeboid journalist then?


    • Up2snuff says:

      digg, you beat me to it – I was going to do a BBC WW-S W on that. You pose an important question. I’ll add some more:
      1. Would that lady have a PR agent?
      2. Does she want to get into acting or music?
      3. Is she of Greek origin?
      4. If so, should she and her ‘friend’ not have know about the change in import/export and VAT rules?
      5. Was Lily – a London-based journalist! – completely unaware that the UK was leaving the EU at the end of 2020? < another wimmin not paying attention just like the one the other day!

      and one for the BBC:
      6. Would you have put this story on your web-site if it had not featured a young, attractive, honey-blonde, womaan?


      • Up2snuff says:

        I tried to correct that typo in the bottom line – honest – but my Broadband tripped over the sleeping forms of maxi, Piku, Darcy and that other Wild Woman in the dark woods and went all quiet on me for a bit.


  49. AsISeeIt says:

    Once a Knightley is enough for any man but someone is still mad for it

    The man at the top spends a fortune, upsets his fans, fails to deliver the desired results, so has to be sacked…

    Don’t sweat just yet Boris, this is football, not politics: ‘Chelsea legend Lampard is axed after failing with £200m signings’ (‘i’)

    For a moment it looked as though the Sun had another everyday London story for us: ‘Knifed at 9am’ – but here again it’s football: ‘Full story of Lamps’ brutal sacking’

    Brutal seems to be the word of the day: ‘Brutal inside story of Lampard’s demise’ (Telegraph)

    Being a left-leaning paper means you always have to back the underdog: ‘Tottenham leave it late. Brave Wycombe overcome in end’ – the clunky semantics of “overcome in end” being worthy of an FT headline.

    And for those who didn’t want to know the score, you can look back now.

    There’s always some new angle to a covid story for our papers to go with: ‘UK to set up quarantine hotels… in two weeks’ (‘i’) – which may close that stable door some eleven months after the horse bolted. I guess after the juicy contract Serco got for the migrant hotels the government was inevitably going to expand the market for the crony corporations to coin even more from the taxpayer.

    ‘Looks like it’s Bognor again, dear. Foreign hols under threat’ – laments the Sun. Look on the bright side. At least all our top hotel chains will be booked up with scrumptious government contracts.

    ‘Britain’s gift to the world: genomic expertise will be shared with other countries …’ – boasts the ‘i’.

    That’s genomic…

    I doubt other countries will be shopping for our economic expertise: ‘Threat to retail jobs. Up to 25,000 retail jobs are at risk…’ (Times); ‘Another blow for the high street’ (Express) – bear in mind these are not just unemployment numbers, high street closures signal the increasing degradation of our historic town and city centres.

    Ironically enough: ‘BGT to get the axe’ (Daily Mirror) – let me translate the tabloidese – the TV show Britain’s Got Talent hosted by Ant and Dec is to be discontinued.

    Now I’m no genomic expert – I never put myself through genome school – but I did have my layman’s doubts about all the hullabaloo over the rather rapid discovery of covid vaccines.

    I base this on two non-expert everyday observations. The first being that had some scientist honestly believed he (or she) could ever manage to find a true cure-all vaccine to covid-like infections then he (or she) would now already be a billionaire. Man on the moon, yes. Cure the common cold, nope. Secondly, I observe my elderly father dutifully going for his annual flu jab each and every year for the past couple of decades. A different one every year and mostly only about 50% effective. But it does give him something to look forward to. A sort of a day out for the old fella.

    Fact check that all you like.

    ‘Moderna launches vaccine trials to tackle new coronavirus strain’ (Financial Times) – and the sub-headings: ‘Jabs less effective on S African varient. Merck ends covid program. Tensions over supply’

    I fear we’ve got overselves aboard a never ending treadmill.

    By the way, how come we can say South African varient but daren’t mention China Virus? Is it ‘cos they is black?

    Did someone mention race? To the Guardian: ‘Enter the mythbusters. Stars launch campaign to persuade BAME sceptics that vaccines are safe’ – can’t help but notice that only one of the six names are black – as in African. That’s Rageh Omaar. Five of the six are of Indian subcontinental heritage. Which doesn’t seem quite fair. Half of the names will be very familiar with the BBC’s green room and pay cheques: Meera Syal, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Konnie Huq.

    A female celeb PR feature always provides some grist to the mill: Knightley rules out sex scenes for male directors’ (‘i’) – one is inclined to comment, wait ’til you’re asked luv. But this is Keira Knightley and one would hardly fight her off.

    I wouldn’t fancy my chances. I’m old enough to remember a time when English Heritage were bold enough to sell teacloths in their castles’ little ye olde shoppees with the humorous slogan “Once a king always a king but once a knight is enough for any man”

    But I also recall our Keira some years ago banging on about how she had dyslexia or autism or was bullied or somesuch at school. The former headmistress of her school hardly recognised the tale of young Keira’s supposed travails and stated publicly that on the contrary, she had been rather successful and popular at school, becoming headgirl, no less.

    So our Keira probably had a happy time at school, despite her bleeding heart victimhood PR stunts.

    Which is more than can be said for our ‘Coronovirus Generation’ – the Mirror at long last coming up with a reasonable frontpage: ‘We just want to go back to school. Kids across Britain demand return plan saying their health & future are suffering’

    ‘Home school hell. Parents reveal the truth’ (Times)

    Boris may be befuddled and have tied us onto a never-ending lockdown treadmill, and Matt Hancock is clearly a psychopath… but I’ll pass on the Star’s suggestion this morning: ‘PM for PM?’ – meaning: ‘..TV’s gobbiest presenter…’ Piers Morgan.

    The old favourites never seem to go away. Not only does ’90s TV minor celeb Mr Motivator, Derrick Evans, make a return in the Star: ‘Back to motivate Britain’ (with his BAME status and gaily coloured leotards he seemed somewhat ahead of the curve) we also have hardy perennial Davina McCall phoneing it in to the Daily Mail: ‘Davina, 53: I’m NOT too old to wear this dress’

    ‘Mission Impossible. Can Tom Cruise save cinema?’ – I think the Telegraph may have answered their own question there.

    Former maraca-wielding Manchester rock hanger-on, Bez has a timely caution for us: ‘Sugar hits can lead to hard drugs’ (Star) – seems the party really is over when we can’t even have a Kitkat without the fear of the slippery slope into junkydom. He used to be mad-for-it, now he’s just another puritan?

    We seem to have a difference of opinion in the papers on an issue of importance this morning- I know, that’s almost unheard of these days. The FT appears approving of the high street demise: ‘Online fashion buys up high street relics’ – no sympathy there then. The Telegraph also sheds no tears for the job losses: ‘Boohoo billionaires. Meet the new first couple of retail’ – it’s all sweatshops and online orders from now on.

    Remember our friends in Europe? ‘Brussels threatens to block vaccine’ (Telegraph); ‘Warn us before jabs go to Britain, EU tells Pfizer’ (Times)

    Where are our friends these days?

    ‘Biden reverses ban on transgender soldiers’ (Telegraph) – that will have Putin and the Chinese militaries quaking in their boots.

    Feel as we’re standing on the precipice: ‘Market froth triggers alarm over “epic bubble”‘ (FT)


    • StewGreen says:

      There is a useful cheat if you want to put bold or italics in your comments.
      Go to https://isthebbcbiased.blogspot.com/
      prepare your text into their comment box
      highlight the phrase you want : click bold
      and the html is inserted
      Don’t click post, instead select all using Ctrl-A etc, then Ctrl-C to copy it to the clip board.
      Then you come back here and use Ctrl-V to paste it into the comment box.

      Mirror ‘We just want to go back to school. Kids across Britain demand return plan saying their health & future are suffering

      The FT appears approving of the high street demise: ‘Online fashion buys up high street relics’
      ‘Brussels threatens to block vaccine’ (Telegraph)

      ‘Biden reverses ban on transgender soldiers’ (Telegraph) – that will have Putin and the Chinese militaries quaking in their boots.

      ‘Market froth triggers alarm over “epic bubble”‘ (FT)

      Do we really need pass on trivia papers use as fill in ?
      – ’90s TV minor celeb Mr Motivator ‘Back to motivate Britain’
      – Daily Mail: ‘Davina McCall , 53: I’m NOT too old to wear this dress
      – Manchester rock hanger-on, Bez has a timely caution for us: ‘Sugar hits can lead to hard drugs’ (Star)
      Piers Morgan. could be PM ?
      ‘Mission Impossible. Can Tom Cruise save cinema?
      ‘Home school hell. Parents reveal the truth’ (Times)
      ‘Warn us before jabs go to Britain, EU tells Pfizer’ (Times)


      • StewGreen says:

        Other headlines there
        – ‘UK to set up quarantine hotels… in two weeks’ (‘i’)
        … which may close that stable door some eleven months after the horse bolted.
        And more taxpayer ££s for firms like Serco

        the TV show Britain’s Got Talent hosted by Ant and Dec is to be discontinued.

        Moderna launches vaccine trials to tackle new coronavirus strain’ (FT)
        sub-headings: ‘Jabs less effective on S African varient. Merck ends covid program. Tensions over supply’

        – The Guardian: ‘Enter the mythbusters. Stars launch campaign to persuade BAME sceptics that vaccines are safe
        of the six names only Rageh Omaar is black
        Five are ethnic-Indian
        Like typical BBC green room folks: Meera Syal, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Konnie Huq.

        – Some other PR rubbish about someone called Keira Knightley
        I don’t actually know what she looks like.


      • AsISeeIt says:

        Ta for the bold type tip – that may be useful.


    • DYKEVISIONS says:

      Apologies Aslseelt, for being so sycophantic, but what a marvellous piece on where we are today..brilliant.

      By the way, just to remind ourselves; our newly timid Actor Keira, flung herself on the public consciousness, aged 15, topless, in the appropriately named film ‘The Hole’….


      • AsISeeIt says:

        As the late great Kenneth Williams once replied to a round on the BBC Radio comic quiz show Just A Minute titled Blowing your own trumpet… “Personally, I like doing it…”

        Modesty aside, even a tiny encouragement makes it all seem worthwhile. Here’s a couple of notions I have in mind underlying the daily press review.

        Although the BBC will officially swear they always get it about right and they are 99% impartial, privately there is an inhouse attitude that because the print media are Tory-leaning so then the BBC can rebalance that perceived unfairness. A close scrutiny of the newspaper frontpages can monitor that imagined conservative tendency – if it’s true?

        I believe our main battle with the BBC is profoundly cultural rather than a simple matter of politics. For that reason it’s worth noting the trash culture our newspapers present to us and the anti-conservative messaging that celeb culture transmits.


  50. Up2snuff says:

    TWoT Watch #1 (from last night 25th January) – BBC impartiality, what BBC impartiality?

    I caught the end of The World Tonight on R4, yesterday evening, it was presented by Ritula Shah. They were doing a TDS piece as a finale to the programme (funny how often that happens) with an American gentleman contributor dismissing the former President and pouring ordure over Donald Trump. Cannot now remember the precise statement from the contributor but at that point Ritula could not help herself but on air was heard to say a loud and firm “Yes”. At the end of the interview Ritula gave away her impartiality again and said “Thank you very much.

    I ought to complain to the BBC but what good would it do?