Weekend Thread 20th March 2021

In one small incident on BBC Breakfast TV on Thursday the British taxpayer was given direct evidence of the true views of BBC staff. The lie of an ‘unbiased ‘ ‘neutral ‘ BBC was lifted as two presenters sneered at the Union Flag . Maybe it’s time for a makeover – and remove the ‘British ‘ from the BBC. One incident to remember .

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  1. Thoughtful says:

    It would appear the mealy mouthed complaints department at the BBC has finally admitted it made an ‘error’ when it claimed that Durham Police had concluded Dominic Cummings had broken lockdown rules on his trip to his parents house.


    It didn’t just happen once it happened a few times, and it cannot be an error reading something that isn’t there, it has to be a downright lie!

    How on Earth the BBC can claim this was an error without explaining how the error was made is beyond parody.

    There have been several attacks on Mr Cummings by the BBC which were later proven false and for which the BBC was forced to apologise. Unfortunately there were no such attacks on Labour people nor were there any falacious or speculative statements made thus proving the BBCs inate bias

    Oh and apparantly I’m the first poster of the vernal equinox weekend too!


    • StewGreen says:

      Catchup links to latest posts on the previous thread
      page 4 started 7:30am Friday
      page 3


    • JohnC says:

      It worked though. They got rid of him. ‘The ends justify the means’ at the ‘impartial’ BBC.
      And I wonder how many far-Left lies (like the above) have ever been ‘fact-checked’.
      Happy vernal equinox. I fully expect the USA to start making it another huge commercial event soon where everyone must buy costumes and host parties.


  2. Sluff says:

    Hush. Hush.
    Whisper who dares.
    President Biden has fallen upstairs.



    • JohnC says:

      No need to worry:
      ‘he is just fine and did not even require any attention from the medical team’
      As if walking up stairs usually DOES need attention from a medical team.
      Just watching him is creepy : something is just not right. And I would feel sorry for him except that song and dance by the BBC when Trump stumbled and they questioned his mental faculties makes me despise the whole lot of them for their hypocrisy and double standards.


      • JimS says:

        This ‘stumble’?


        • JohnC says:

          You know, I just can’t find that story on the BBC – though I remember the headline well.
          In my search I found the most petty, childish article I think I have ever seen:
          ‘Trump boards plane with paper stuck to his shoe – BBC News’
          You literally could not make it up.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Check out his photos from 15 years ago and he looks older than he does now !


    • vlad says:

      It will be fun seeing how long the lying BBC can keep up the grotesque pretence that old Joe, Beijing Biden, is remotely fit to govern, or that his election was remotely legit.


  3. Sluff says:

    Two cheers for The Independent who conveniently have a page of stories on London knife murders


    Any chance of a vigil?


    • JohnC says:

      (Black Lives Only Matter When White People Kill Them).
      Nothing to see on that page except enrichment.


      • G says:





        Nothing on our, “Most Trusted Broadcaster’s” website but, on the search using. “two black youths burn white man to death in NYC” returns nothing. Oh! apart from:

        Make sure that all words are spelled correctly.
        Try different keywords.
        Try more general keywords.”

        ‘Murder’ I could have changed. But isn’t that banned if it in any way involves blacks?


        • JohnC says:

          Can you even begin to imagine the headlines if it were the other way round ?. And those headlines would lead to riots and free widescreen TV’s.
          Shameless hypocrites.


  4. StewGreen says:

    TV news I missed
    #1 Eggheads with quizmaster Jeremy Vine are moving ..next series is on Channel 5

    #2 Time Team are doing new excavations ..and will appear on YouTube

    #3 Netflix is finally looking out for people tricking them by sharing passwords to different houses.


  5. vlad says:

    Poor old Alex Belfield seems to be getting as senile as old Joe as he repeatedly confuses Comic Relief with Hand Relief.

    Mind you, it’s an easy mistake to make as both involve complete tossers.

    He invites us to Jim Davidson’s support our veterans charity instead.


  6. StewGreen says:

    Windsor father from Morocco convicted after super controlling family for 20 years.

    “A jury of seven women and five men found Rachid Khadla 56, guilty of three counts of child cruelty on a person under 16 years and two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.”

    ‘Rachid is Moroccan and was a Muslim – however not a practising one. He by no means prayed, he by no means need to a mosque, he didn’t do faith

    Regardless of being unemployed for greater than 20 years, the court docket heard how Khadla took management of the household funds – even forcing his working veterinary nurse daughter Amira handy over her debit card to him

    A fitness fan forces his daughter to sign a contract so she wouldn’t gain weight.
    Hicham, one of Rachid Khadla’s three sons, broke silence to justice. He claims, he and his brothers suffered continuous episodes of mistreatment from his fitness fanatic father.



  7. Scroblene says:

    Just to keep everyone in the picture…


    Other than that, top temperatures in Kent will be lower than average for the time of year, and our little dog is currently sitting next to me licking her paws. I’ll take her round the village in a couple of hours, as we can see other citizens who are normally working during the week.

    And I have a bottle of McEwen’s Champion beer in the fridge for lunchtime and Senora O’Blene will enjoy some red wine.

    We won’t be watching anything today, or the rest of the weekend on the awful bbbc.

    Or the rest of the month for that matter…


    • JimS says:

      The most ‘popular’ president ever, a man no-one saw campaigning.

      The president they will get, a lying, cackling witch, that came last in the primaries – not even her party’s voters wanted her.

      It is a ‘baseless’ claim that democracy is dead in the USA.


  8. taffman says:

    “Comic Relief 2021”
    So how did it go? Unfortunately or fortunately I did not see it. I have no doubt it did not raise as much cash as last year because of the shortage of money about but was it funny? Al Beeb has been gathering a lot of bad press lately but it has also generated a lot of ‘self inflicted’ with its anti-British stance .
    I have of late been tuning in to YouTube and Alex Belfield who has a lot to point out about Al Beeb. He is worth looking at Along with Jeff Taylor.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Comic Relief / Children in Need – they’re just events in attempting to make Z list slebs relevant. I see Alesha Dixon is stood there in her nightie – as she can do little else. Lennie Henry is constantly pictured with his tongue hanging out.

      I did watch Children in Need when it first started with Terry Wogan, but no more. And I’d like to know where all those kids are now that was helped through this charity all those decades ago !


  9. taffman says:

    Question: Does the DG of Al Beeb ever watch the rubbish broadcast by the people he has employed. Or more importantly do Tory MPs ever tune in to it.
    It’s supporters often tell us how wonderful it is and how affectionate the people cherish it . My argument is if it is so good it should be ‘pay to view’ and drop the compulsory, archaic tax that one has to pay by law to watch live broadcast television although they never look at Al Beeb. It’s an absurdity!


    • JimS says:

      Answer: No they don’t. Parliament traditionally sits while most of the nation is watching and the DG belongs to the ‘arts’ circuit in which they all go around back-slapping each other at parties.

      TV is for ‘plebs’ anyway.

      Remember that Guiness advert with the surf and horses? Won lots of awards, but what was it advertising? Kind of misses the point of an advert if it is made to win awards rather than sell pints, but it sums up the world of the ‘creatives’.

      The current ‘Britain is the New Africa’ advertising isn’t designed to shift ‘product’ but to win Woke Awards.


    • G says:


      Re your posting on the Mid-week thread regarding ‘Black History’ being taught in Wales.

      Likely to change this Sunday, but here’s the current figures for demography:

      “Demographics of Wales
      Wales has various ethnic groups from different part of the world. 94.2 percent of the population is British White i.e. People that originated from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 2.2 percent of the population are Asians (either pure Asians or British Asians), 1 Percent of the population are mixed, 0.6 percent of the population is either British black or African black and some are Caribbean black.

      From the census in 2011, 27 percent of the Wales population was not given birth to in Wales. Also, 21 percent of the total population of the country was born in England. The majority of the population is located at the industrial places like Cardiff, Newport and Swansea.

      Christianity is the widely acceptable religion in Wales. From the 2011 census, 57.6 percent of the total population claimed they are Christians. A huge percentage if these Christians attend Anglican and Catholic churches. Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity in Wales with 0.8 percent of the population known as Muslims.

      The official languages in Wales are English and Welsh languages. English is the language spoken by almost everyone in Wales. Although, west and north of Wales have some people that Welsh language is their first language. According to the 2011 census, 19 percent of the country population can speak Welsh language.”


      If anything, the Black History in Wales should, at 0.6% of the population, be ignored.


  10. JimS says:

    They have two sorts of warning on Radio 4 Extra regarding ‘comedy’, the first tells us that there might be ‘outdated language’, that is code for ‘it will be funny’, and the second that it is from Radio 4 ‘from last week’, in which case it won’t be funny.

    And so it was this morning on Radio 4 Extra at 5:30 a.m., Patrick Kielty gets to do an anti-Brexit rant for 30 minutes.

    The only ‘funny’ part about it is that it is nearly five years since the referendum yet the BBC still hasn’t given up the fight.

    Oh there was another funny part. The trouble with ‘topical comedy’ as opposed to ‘classic comedy’ is that the classic stays funny but that the topical has difficulty being topical let alone funny.

    Kielty thinks, presumably written before last week, that Ireland will become re-united and Scotland independent. Even last week the reality of what the EU thinks of Ireland should have started to sink in and the hopes of the SNP would appear to be dashed as the shenanigans of Sturgeon become exposed.

    By-the-bye Kielty should well know that the referendum vote in Northern Ireland and Scotland was complicated because of the union of the kingdoms – many pro-Brexit people voted ‘remain’ because they thought it the safer option to preserve our nation unity, (there were also ‘remainers’ who voted for Brexit because they thought it would hasten Irish unity/Scottish independence).


    • JimS says:

      I should also say that Keilty was quite clear that ‘nationalism’ was evil and the ‘British’ were foolish to not realise that.

      As per the BBC gospel though, Irish and Scottish nationalism were somehow ‘good’.

      It is a little known ‘fact’ that the ‘English’ come from the first lot of Germans who wanted to take-over Europe so are more evil and ‘facist’ than the stay-at-home bunch like the Hitler family who were mild in comparison. You can bet that some African with tenure in an English university is working that one up even now.


  11. taffman says:

    Not Al Beeb , but why has the latest Census gone Woke ? Who are the idiots driving this ?
    The whole exercise is insignificant , we have over a million illegals who are not going to fill it in while some of the questions on the form are absurd .


    • JimS says:

      Q.34 Are you retired?
      Q.35 In the last 4 weeks were you looking for work?
      Q.36 Can you start work in the next 14 days?

      Just tell me which UN region I am to go to, which Mosque to register at, which tractor factory to report to and where to get my Coca-Cola ration and I will be happy.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I’ve decided to make my census returns as meaningless as possible …..


        • G.W.F. says:

          I understand that the information derived from the census will help the government determine where they should meet essential needs. Hence the opportunities to provide details of sexual orientation.
          Speaking as a potential member of the zoophile community I look forward to an increase in the supply of robust wellington boots


        • Seppers says:

          They’re used for planning quite a lot (to bear in mind).


  12. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – no questions asked

    A German ‘scientist’ doctor was interviewed about the so-called third wave of coronavirus in that country and he tended to blame it on the so-called Kent (B-117) variant which is no longer new. He was adamant that he would stick to the science and not talk about politics and the EU’s problems over vaccine procurement, roll-out and statements by individual Sates leaders.

    The next question from Nick, the good doctor didn’t seem too certain about science and not too keen to talk about that either. Sooner or later, the BBC must face up to the inevitable questions and start asking them at regular intervals “Is the virus being spread deliberately by actor or actors on behalf of some malign group or nation? Or is it being spread by careless behaviour of individuals and specific groups or by open borders?”


  13. Guest Who says:

    Seems snotty tweets and insincere apologies do not work for all staff.

    Interesting how comments are truly ‘split’.

    Journalists do not like being reminded they are not invariably ‘essential’.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Oh the horror – how will we live without a ‘ Editor of Live Political Propaganda ‘? – what will this creatures’ new job title be and how much more licence tax cash will he trouser ..?


  14. Foscari says:

    I am in total agreement with FEDUP . There is nothing
    BRITISH about the BBC. I expect many at the BBC
    would be very pleased if some Marxist council were
    to change the name of a street from Winston Churchill
    Avenue to Idi Amin Way. So why not change the name
    of the BBC to the EOTSBC. Enemy of the state broadcasting
    corporation. Then one or more of the presenters or reporters
    can tell us with pride , instead of sarcasm,
    how the Union Jack stinks. Showing a
    photo of the Queen is disgraceful. And
    that the Oxford Astra Zenica make you ill.


    • harry142857 says:

      If Churchill was such a racist, why were so many black kids born in the sixties named Winston?


      • taffman says:

        The word ‘Racist’ has lost its meaning.
        Its an overused pejorative word that has been misused by Al Beeb and Marxists in the last decade.
        They often claim that Great Britain is “Racist”. As a taffman that has travelled around the globe I have the opinion that it is the least racist nation in the world. Take a look at the communist and Marxist nations – I rest my case.
        If Great Britain was Racist why are so many ethnics risking life and limb to get into the country ?
        Is it time we used and shouted the word “Marxist” as a pejorative word more frequently?


  15. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    Out of duty I listened to it from 0800 to 0830.
    The news –
    The BBC likes the SNP so silence on crankie gate – but

    the BBC doesn’t like that the PM spent £2.5 million on number 10. They went for the ‘smear ‘ technique by saying It is being ‘investigated ‘… a non story –

    The BBC likes The false president so the triple trip yesterday has not been reported at all – false news presumably

    The BBC likes to shout about ‘red nose ‘thing – mentioned it was shorter and look less money – but didn’t speculate on ‘why ‘- I’m sure plenty here could ….

    Then the 0810 – Justin – bored – having to mention the disaster in the EU as the virus spreads uncontrolled and they spend their time finding reasons not to use the UK vaccine – as well as trying to do UK citizens harm by threatening vaccine supply …
    No outrage about this – no BBC EU correspondent on – silence from the gaggle of EU fans …

    To tail it off – the repulsive Ian mckellan in full luvvy mode about being 80 and playing a 30 year old in some Shakespeare when the doors open again . I was trying to imagine 30 year old unemployed actors listening to the grand queer and shouting at the radio .
    Apparently it’s another virus sickness called ‘age blindness ‘ in acting … gotta laugh …


    • Up2snuff says:

      Aw Fed, you spoiled it for me. I was going to do a third TOADY Watch on how much Nock Ribonson luvved rubbing vowels with Sir Ian McKellen and Francesca Annis. Nick Robinson defintely wants Lockdown to end so he can buy tickets to see age blindness (see what I did there?) in action.

      When will the BBC develop skin blindness and stop denigrating white skinned and pale skinned people at the expense of brown and black skinned people?


      • Fedup2 says:

        What gets me is the change in demeanour when a beeboid is dealing with something with which they personally approve .

        There was no ‘challenge ‘ question to the old queer about giving younger actors an oppprtunity – no – being 80 and playing the role of a 30 year old gets a BBC uptick . End of .

        ( I’m playing devils advocate as I could care less )


        • Square-Eyed says:

          Presumably Mr McKellen was playing a character of LGBTUVW… orientation. After all, heterosexual characters should be played by heterosexual actors and actresses for authenticity.


      • Zelazek says:

        The interview was with the 81-year-old Ian McKellen (who is to play Hamlet) and the much younger Jenny Seagrove (who is to play Hamlet’s mother Gertrude). You see, in luvvieland, anybody can play anybody. Suspension of disbelief is what theatre is all about, Jenny Seagrove insists.

        Well, for this theatre-goer and Shakespeare fan, that is only true up to a certain point. And I say an 81-year-old cannot play Hamlet. The miscasting of even one supporting actor, never mind the main character, can ruin a whole production.

        McKellen is past it anyway. I liked him as Macbeth about forty years ago but he was terrible recently in the one role he is now the right age to play – King Lear. Lear is supposed to be pushed by his extreme anger over the edge into madness. Low-energy McKellen played it like Sergeant Wilson out of Dad’s Army. Utterly pathetic. Ian Holm’s Lear a few years ago was brilliantly incandescent with rage – a hugely better performance by a much better actor.

        And of course the luvvies expect us to suspend our disbelief when black actors play white roles. But white actors blacking up…? Their free-and-easy, anybody-can-play-anybody philosophy suddenly collapses.


        • Seppers says:

          I saw a female Hamlet once and it was ok, but I’d agree an octogenarian one might not work. The whole uncle/mother issue thing…


  16. JohnC says:

    Atlanta shooting: Biden condemns anti-Asian racism
    I feel the need to help the BBC along because they seem to have trouble expressing what is actually happening. I changed:
    ‘Though police have not called race the motive for the attack, it came amid a spike in anti-Asian violence.’
    To this:
    ‘Though this attack was not motivated by race, it was done by a white man and as it came amid a spike in anti-Asian violence by racist black men, we are keeping that fact hidden and merging the two to infer all the attacks are by racist white Trump supporters.’
    You’re welcome BBC.


  17. AsISeeIt says:

    The tabloid Daily Star is bashing the europeans today, putting up a wild west-style wanted poster for Macron, Merkel and von der Leyen.

    The charges are interesting: ‘For global scaremongering‘ – we’ll just ponder on that one for a moment and let it sink in.

    vaccine nationalism‘ – you see where this is going, and it’s not their scaremongering about, say, global warming or covid or Putin etc…

    terrifying people into an early grave and generally being a gang of pathetic big sulky babies‘ – on the latter part of that claim they’re guilty as charged but the vague accusation of scaring people to death – not so sure?

    Remind me why we voted for Brexit, and then voted Boris in with a majority – was this not a groundswell of popular patriotic social conservatism and a cry of resistance against big government?

    The message does not appear to have reached the Church of England.

    Church to impose a quota of 30pc for clergy from BAME background‘ (Telegraph) – what is this, some form of reverse missionary position from the CofE?

    Despite the token Tories at the helm the forces of social leftism march from strength to strengh: ‘Monopoly to be given socially aware upgrade‘ (Telegraph) – the public sector having given us Chest-Feeding, the corporate neo-marxists now are coming for your Community Chest.

    Raising boys‘ – ponders the Times: ‘What parents should teach their sons in 2021‘ – let me guess… it won’t be about manly virtues, responsibility or anything about family values, it will be… a lesson in feminism?

    ‘….how should we raise sons who are able to challenge misogyny and sexism?‘ – yep, thought so.

    Different rules of engagement would seem to apply for women in the Times this weekend as Lisa Hilton exclaims: ‘Oh la la! My night in elite swingers’ club‘ – there was a time when the newspaper hack proverbially made his excuses and left. Not so, perhaps, our Lisa: ‘What was I doing at an orgy? Not just any old orgy either. In the back room, low beds were covered in black sheets, the black sheets covered in naked bodies . . .’ – and we’d better leave it there. There’s a paywall the crafty old Times puts up that blocks our view of whether journalistic excuses were made.

    Alarm over new wave‘ (Times) – and this is nothing to do with punk rockers mellowing into the more thoughtful indie music. Of course the media just can’t get enough of corona. Our nerdy public health officials have so enjoyed their moment of power they just won’t let go.

    Rising infections on continent. Scientists warn Britain could follow. Summer holidays in doubt‘ – I can understand that last claim about holidays in Europe but how the heck can there be another big wave in Britain if most of us have had the supposedly brilliant jab? I know I’m supposed to believe two contradictory things in the news every day before breakfast, but really…?

    A pathetic-looking masked Johnson gurns at me (probably, he’s wearing a mask) from the frontpage of the Times with thumbs up desperately attempting to invoke his double union jack waving highwire stunt of yore.

    His hair as usual looking like a haystack that a couple of yokels have previously used as the venue for a bout vigorous country shagging. Lisa Hilton’s next investigative assignment perhaps?

    As I’m supposed to fear a New Wave I’m inclined to recall the words of Steven Morrissey of the Smiths and say to Boris: “…that joke isn’t funny anymore, It’s too close to home, And it’s too near the bone”

    Explain to me why a bloke who has famously had the China Syndrome needs to make a hullabaloo about getting a vaccine for the same condition? It seems he’s trying to persuade me 2+2=5

    On the basis that still no one is going anywhere soon, the Daily Mail fails to see the irony in their frontpage promotion of: ‘Free AA Road Atlas – Delivered for your door

    For some reason I’m now reminded of tv quiz show Bullseye host Jim Bowen and his classic bathetic catchphrase: “Let’s see what you would have won”

    About the most depressing headline today come in the ‘i‘: ‘Revealed: how lockdown has changed UK‘ – from my point of view this is not going to be good news, that’s for sure.

    Resiliance boost: despite damage to mental health, two-thirds of public feel better prepared to face future crises, suggests polling for ‘i’‘ – and what about the other one third of the population? Despite damage to mental health? There goes that media despite again. Despite the fact I had both my legs blown off for no good reason, at least we won the war? And am I being a conspiracist to think this article hints there might be another crisis planned?

    Scramble to produce Covid-19 jabs derails supply of regular US drugs‘ (FT) – I suppose those patients who face the increased prospect of death from other conditions are part of the other third who don’t feel better prepared to face future crises?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Do you notice that the MSM never questions ho things would have been if we had remained in the EU and thus the failed EU vaccine club ?

      I’ve been trying to think it through .

      Obviously there would be no Oxford jab – we’d be waiting for the failed French one or the kraut one – once the Reich had helped itself of course .

      Also – I think the NHS would have been used as an even bigger dumping ground for sick EU citizens – there would have been no choice .

      The borders would have been forced open across the EU because Brussels would have gained strength from a ‘remain ‘ vote .

      The BBc would have been full on ‘all in it dying together ‘ and be pushing the narrative of a fully United States of the Reich EU in a few years to ‘defeat the next pandemic ‘.

      Somethings wouldn’t have changed though –

      Crankie would still be a bitter liar
      The BBC would be even less British ….


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, a wee correction if I may be so bold, I think the Pfizer vaccine is Dutch not Deutsche.


  18. G says:

    The meeting between the US and China held in Alaska.

    One word only needed to describe what was filmed and the US ‘Team’:


    Indicative of the very mediocre quality of people that are now controlling our World.


  19. Tabs says:

    Why is the BBC using a upskirting photo?


    • G.W.F. says:


      The BBC must follow this site. The upskirting photo has been removed.
      Never mind. I have found another.

      Wee Krankie OK for upskirting



  20. Fedup2 says:

    Do I get the feeling that a lot of these foreigners are just ignoring the lockdown / distancing rules imposed on them ?


    • Old Goat says:

      I do, in France, where I am a “foreigner”…


      • Fedup2 says:

        Goat – i based my comment on the third of the year I spent in 2020 in the EU – there seemed to be a belief that wearing a mask was all that was needed .

        Although people were more ‘outdoors ‘ than in – say – London – they were more sociable and not remembering about distancing – still doing ordinarily nice things like shaking hands – but as far as infection transmission is concerned – a nightmare.

        In the Guardian today is a column by an Englishman who now lives in Spain comparing their situation with ours . They are working on an assumption of first vaccine for the country (@30 million ?) by February 2022…..
        ……..anecdotally he says his twin sister (51) received her first vaccination – in- Exeter – this week but has no idea when the Spanish system will get going on the Oxford vax – despite a stockpile being built up ….
        ……really doesn’t sound good …


        • Old Goat says:

          What they do with their ‘vaccines’, and how they achieve it is academic to me – I shan’t be a recipient, through choice.


        • Khaa2091 says:

          My 42 yr asthmatic friend received his vaccine in London last week. His mid seventies parents in Germany have yet to be offered vaccination. Despite being very pro Europe, he concedes that this is not going well .


  21. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – still no questions asked specifically about Lockdowns

    There are dark hints emerging from the BBC that the ‘Road Map out of Lockdown’ that they sort of helped the Labour Party to agitate for, while remaining one degree separate, may be disrupted by new variations. Viruses mutate. Who knew? Not the BBC apparently.

    The BBC never really persist with asking – especially European politicians and their spokespeople – “Why are you having another Lockdon when the others did not really work?”


  22. Fedup2 says:

    Headline in the Guardian

    “ Michael Rosen called for Covid inquiry “

    I had to do a double take on that one . It seems assumed that Joe public know who this character is – and that he has some superior position from which to ‘demand ‘ an inquiry .

    I know he works for the BBC – is an identikit lefty – and was lucky to survive the Chinese virus ….

    .. but it seems that the next MSM attack angle – in the middle of an unrun pandemic – is to apply resources to an ‘inquiry ‘.

    I ask this – will / could / the truth ever come out ?
    How long would it take (see ‘Bloody Sunday inquiry)
    What would the ‘learning points ‘ be ?
    Would anyone get scalped at the end ?
    Would the medical mafia change ?
    Would the NHS improve ?


    • StewGreen says:

      “Covid Inquiry” is a Labour Party project
      our local BBC politics show is about this on Sunday morning

      Michael Rosen is known to Labour/Guardianland, but less so the general public


      • Fedup2 says:

        Stew- obviously in the run up to the next election ( fixed ?) the Labour Party will be desperate to fully blame the red Tories for anything they can think of – and detract from the failure of the NHS to deal with covid from the start – or – as a result – undergo some serious reform – such as incorporating elderly social care into the ‘cradle to grave ‘ system . …..

        By then – also – as inflation ‘ interest rises kick in the pressure to increase taxes / cut funding on the state is going to get cooking …


  23. digg says:

    The Guardian feature Owen Jones saying that the planet cannot survive the remorseful pursuit of profit.


    Guido recently ran a story about the gobby Marxist’s own part in this….


    Double standards comes to mind!


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wonder if Jones avoids tax through Owen jones Ltd – like so may BBC people do ( see Dimbleby – Vine – stayt )


    • StewGreen says:

      @digg “Guido recently ran a story ” it’s dated 2015
      I do think that may people in media/politics are actors playing a part
      ..and People like Jones and O’Brien are probably rich public school boys.


      • digg says:

        Didn’t notice the date stew, which means our Owen is probably much much more profitable now!

        Perhaps he thought that story was dead and buried?


  24. StewGreen says:

    11:30am Radio4 FooC : white man 4 female 1 BAME man

    Hong Kong is seeing a wave of departure
    The UK’s visa scheme will allow many to start a new life in Britain. Danny Vincent spoke to some of the people preparing to leave the territory.

    New York City massive vaccination effort is underway. Restaurants are allowed to open at half capacity
    . But some people are wary of the vaccine, says Laura Trevelyan.

    In Australia allegations of sexual assault in the corridors of power in Canberra
    allegations have triggered a public reaction that is gathering pace, says Shaimaa Khalil.

    Afghanistan hosts an annual ski challenge, in the mountains of Bamiyan province. hoping the region can attract more tourists. Charlie Faulkner (female Based in Afghanistan)

    The Netherlands
    After 1953 catastrophic flood they created an advanced network of flood defences
    now being updated thanks to a new plan to climate-proof the country. Jane Labous (frequent flyer)


  25. Guest Who says:

    Saw this retweeted by Lewis Goodhall.

    Interesting bio.

    He knows what she likes.


  26. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – oh yeah?

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-56462390 is almost guaranteed to make students do the opposite! Especially after the past year – almost – of Lockdown has probably made them more bolshy than ever.


  27. richard D says:

    So many media reports on Ursula von der Leyen trying to exhort EU-based vaccine producers to break their legally-binding contracts to, for example, British interests, by blocking the export of vaccine doses – potentially majoring on Pfizer vaccines, which may be important to people waiting for their second ‘jab’, having had a first dose of Pfizer vaccine.

    My understanding is that many vaccines produced in the EU are utterly dependent on vital components being supplied by – guess who ?

    Well, it seems we might have a bit of a stand-off…..and let’s hope the UK is hard enough to aggressively play the hand we have on this one. The EU has demonstrated again and again during this pandemic that they are not ‘our friends’, and they deserve no more than they try to dish out to others.

    And the bl00dy BBC ought to get right behind the UK, and tell everyone just why any such ‘war’ that breaks out is solely down to the intransigence of the EU. However, I am pretty sure ‘our Katya’ (Adler) and the rest of the BBC Europhiles would really bridle at any such message being given out.


  28. Beltane says:

    So our very own Nagging Pain has apologised and ‘unliked’ the two clever-clever and anti-British twitterings she had found amusing and pertinent enough to agree with. So that’s all right then.
    Well no, of course it isn’t. People like Naga believe they are so untouchable that simply ‘unliking’ is enough, as though being so arrogant as to still THINK the same way – sniggering at our flag and belittling Ministers of the Crown – is an amusing and rather droll coincidence, not the essential problem.


    • Beltane says:

      Thinking on, and in no way contradicting the ‘Minister of the Crown’ meme, it was Robert Jenrick after all, and if he weren’t thick as mince he could have seized a golden opportunity.
      Instead of grinning inanely at the undoubted and tangible insult, he should have taken the pair of them to task there and then.
      Of course the Guardian would have been full of ‘humourless tory minister fails to see the funny side’, but the people that count – 99% of the population – would have admired his defence of our standard and standards.
      Equally, as others have pointed out, it’s our Union flag that is the butt of such childish spite. This is a flag conceived and designed over centuries, perhaps the only national flag which is instantly recogniseable, no matter how small an area might be visible, and it is a flag to flaunt its own proud history.
      No other flag shown on the BBC would or could be treated with such disdain. Imagine if Stayt and Muncher sniggered at the EU flag behind Barnier, or the Scotch saltire behind Krankie or the Stars and Stripes behind Biden – even if he might think its something to do with Pepsi-Cola.
      Only the Brash Broadcasting Corporation could give credence to such petty and childish behaviour.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Beltane – yes – described Jenrick as doing a ‘Jim hacker ‘ when he missed the open goal at the end of that interview and thought of how true tories ( with real beliefs ) would have reacted …
        Imagine Lord Tebbitt dealing with the sniggerers …


        • Beltane says:

          Latest to back Nagger is historian ‘Professor’ Kate Williams – the face than launched a thousand trips. She accuses Boris of starting a ‘culture war while ignoring the massive covid death toll’.
          And your point is….?


          • Beltane says:

            And now it’s ‘Professional Welshman’ Huw Edwards jumping on the bandwaggon – a man who very evidently puts his nationalism some way ahead of impartiality and looks ready to punch anyone who might disagree.


            • digg says:

              What has to be realised is that the likes of Stayte, Munchetty and Edwards spend so many hours a day only rubbing shoulders with like-minded common purpose globalist types who swarm around that dire edifice like flies on a cow pat that they walk right into this sort of shit without realising, they are never talking to the great unwashed masses, only their peers in the BBC.

              A bit like the Guardian really.

              The Conservative party appear to have a much better grasp of what The majority of British people think.

              Unfortunately for the BBC they have found that “cancelling” the overwhelming millions of sane folk is not really working.


            • digg says:

              Incidentally, My father in law describes our Huw as “overtly Welsh” which fits like a glove in my opinion!


              • Banania says:

                Is “overtly” the same as “professional”?


                • digg says:

                  I would describe as leaving viewers in no doubt that you are bloody Welsh Banania… make if that what you will…


                  • Nibor says:

                    Whatever ,
                    Thank God for the Welsh who delivered us from the EU .


                    • taffman says:

                      Yep. Thank God for the taffs !
                      Or we could still be in the EU and waiting for a jab ?
                      You have to remember that most taffmen are pro Great Britain , are not Welsh Nats and many would be glad to see the end of the Welsh Ashambles. Any anti-Welsh or even Anti-Scotts digs merely fuels division and provides fuel for the nationalists.
                      We are all British and part of the United Kingdom. There are dark forces at work attempting to sow division using the cloak of lockdown and Covid.

                      Unfortunately this evening Wales lost it in the last few minutes to France . 🙁
                      That’s Wales a country with less people than the population of London. Punching way above our weight?


          • digg says:

            That sounds a bit like Basil Fawlty “no you started the war thing” probably go over the head of this young lady partly because she is too young but mainly that she is born into the Generation with absolutely no sense of humour.


      • digg says:

        Oddly being a Welsh nationalist or Scottish nationalist or an Irish nationalist is 100% fine with the BBC but NOT English for some reason.


        • Seppers says:

          The irony of which is that if he union dissolved, England would become distinctly English and could no longer be confused by anyone as Britain.


  29. Fedup2 says:

    Interesting article in the NY Times – of all places – explaining in detail where the EU went wrong on the vaccine and the UK/`USA went right . Alarmingly it mentions how President Trump threw money at vaccine development leading to the US being in a rapidly improving place .

    That sort of thing counts for nothing when the vote is fixed .

    Also it says the EU behaved like a ‘customer ‘ whereas the UK/`US acted like partners in development of vaccines . This approach also led to the failure of two vaccines the EU nations tried – and failed – to develop .

    Understandably the UK remainer press doesn’t want to look at any of this and nip at trivia like bent contracts – money was not a thing anyone gave a damn about this time last year – same with Furlough Fraud …


    • richard D says:

      “….money was not a thing anyone gave a damn about this time last year….” Absolutely 100% correct, Fedup2.

      And the usual suspects (i.e. the ones who are moaning now about the amount of fraud that went on were exactly the same usual suspects (i.e. the unions, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, and especially the BBC) who specifically complained that we should not spend any time carrying out proper checks on claims and demands from the likes of the PPE suppliers, the applicants for government-backed loans, the furlough requesters, etc., etc.

      Dangerous damned hypocrites.


      • richard D says:

        I also notice the start of a campaign from the Guardian newspaper within the last couple of days to point to, and clearly try to castigate, foreign business owners getting furlough payments, grants, loans, etc…

        Would these be the same businesses which provide jobs for British employees….. or should we just have let these specific companies go to the wall….. and potentially discourage any employer ever bringing their business to our shores again, if they get treated differently, depending on their country of origin ?

        The BBC house newspaper, the Guardian, complains that wealthy foreign business owners (who might only be asset-rich, i.e their wealth is tied up in their businesses), ought not to have received any form of subsidy at all from the UK government during the pandemic. I guess their UK employees might not agree.

        Hmmm…. but the Guardian claimed up to £100, 000 in furlough payments itself, and goodness knows what else – and then, of course, there’s the BBC’s £multi-billion taxpayer donation, which hasn’t even been touched by the epidemic. ….

        More hypocrites, anyone ?


        • Banania says:

          The newspapers are getting huge taxpayer donations, in the form of advertising propaganda in the china flu campaign. The content of the papers can not be trusted to be independent.


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC News

      Wealthy countries – including the UK and US – are blocking proposals to help developing nations increase their Covid vaccine manufacturing capabilities, leaked documents show.


      There is likely context. Not reading the BBC to find out what para.

      Lovely photo though.


  30. richard D says:

    Anyone else noticed that, every day these days, the BBC seems to invite on to its Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme some representatives from various organisations, who clearly only have two messages….i.e. “…we demand (more) taxpayer cash for this or that particular sector….” and no matter what they get, ….it’s not enough….” – fully backed, of course by the same mantras attributed to ‘Labour says…’.


  31. Jack in the Green says:

    So, Charlie and Naga, what can I say except thanks. I’m starting to get the feedback I got before the Brexit vote now. Please keep up the Hate Britain stance. Enough rope and hopefully the endgame for the BBC at last begins. Hopefully you will only be able to peddle your hypocrisy, lies and hatred via subscription in the future. Perhaps you can call it S**tbox.


  32. pugnazious says:

    The BBC bursts with outraged indignation when it spots ‘fake news’ or ‘disinformation’…democracy is in great peril! it cries aloud….the unfortunate author of such black propaganda, usually published in the deepest depths of the some obscure internet forum or Whatsapp group where it barely registers any interest and absolutely no interest to the wider world, is hunted down by the BBC and denounced as a dangerous enemy of democracy, an incendiary threat to trust in politics and of course a danger to public health if it involves questions about vaccines.

    However if you’re the President of France or the German government and you publish provocative, partisan, anti-Vaccine claims the BBC plays it all down and, erm, barely notices…..governments stop vaccinating, people refuse to use the AZ vaccine and huge stockpiles of vaccines and long backlogs of people to be vaccinated build up. But…no blaring denouncements and sneery comments from BBC journalists about ‘vaccine nationalism’ as they rolled out when it looked like Britain’s programme was forging ahead and being held up as a great success much to their dismay….no despairng cries about fake news and disinformation destroying peoples’ trust in vaccines.

    The BBC, oh so worried about the nasty ‘anti-vaxxers’ in those darkest depths of the internet but Presidents and governments? Seems that’s OK when they spread dangerous fake news and disinformation….if they’re in the EU or are Democrats.

    And what about fake news and disinformation in ‘politics’? The BBC was horrified that Brexit and the 2016 US election were stolen by ‘fake news’…despite the fact that that narrative is itself fake news…fake news that the BBC peddled relentlessly for years….and they’re not finished….R4 is, lol, spreading a conspiracy theory whilst supposedly exploring conspriacy theories…

    Conspiracies: The Secret Knowledge

    I haven’t heard the whole thing but from what I did hear it seems that it is the ‘Right’ who create these conspiracy theories, poor old lefty Bill Clinton, and of course, after dying down for a while, they’re back….and it’s the Republicans who are guilty of spinning these new lies.

    Odd how they jump from the 90’s straight to the 2020’s and miss out the Great Russian Hoax, the Ukrainian Hoax, the Trump Tower Hoax, the twin impeachment hoaxes as the Democrats spent 4 years trying to unseat Trump using very dirty trick in the book and many that weren’t…isn’t it odd that the BBC attacks the Tories for calling out Sturgeon and then reads out a statement from the SNP on the following news bulletin claiming Sturgeon is the victim of a Tory plot…never mind there were only two Tories on the panel investigating her….no other voices were heard…no such privilege for the Republicans when a Democrat majority house voted to impeach Trump on clear partisan lines.

    And when Trump claimed the 2020 election was stolen the BBC decided to insert a comment into every report saying that he had no evidence of this….they did no such thing for Clinton when she toured the world for years saying she had been the victim of election fraud…the BBC in fact backed her up and supported her claims….providing no evidence of course!

    What the BBC doesn’t comment on was the fact that the 2020 election was in effect stolen…by years and years of malign and malicious political attacks and fabrications all backed up and amplified by the 90% of the media that wanted to dethrone Trump…along with most academics, commentators and Establishment figures…The Swamp. The BBC has no interest in investigating and exploring this…how the Media stole an election….others do have an interest and have the proof to back up their claims….


  33. Thoughtful says:

    Ever heard of Lorraine Cox? Probably not, because the media has decided she wasn’t worth reporting about.

    She was murdered in Exeter & dismembered. Part of her body was found in the back streets, other parts in woodland

    Nigel Farage has raised this issue off non coverage as two extremely disturbing reasons. One that the suspected murderer is an Asylum seeker, and the other being that it doesn’t fit an anti Police agenda. On top of that is also the fact that it didn’t happen in London therefore it didn’t happen at all.


    I was aware that the far left had become involved in Sarah Everards murder, but I was not aware of the orchestrated attack on the Police which they were undertaking.
    Please be aware of what the far left are up to now, and just wantch the cowardly useless incompetent Tories capitulate to them as Nigel Farage predicts they will.



    • maxincony says:


      Ever heard of Lorraine Cox? Probably not, because the media has decided she wasn’t worth reporting about.

      From the BBC:

      Missing Lorraine Cox: Four men arrested on suspicion of murder

      Missing Lorraine Cox: Two more arrested in murder probe

      Missing Lorraine Cox: Man charged in murder inquiry

      Lorraine Cox murder inquiry: Woods searched

      Lorraine Cox disappearance: Murder accused Christopher Mayer in court

      Lorraine Cox murder inquiry: Body identified in Exeter

      Lorraine Cox: Azum Mangori denies murder of missing woman

      Lorraine Cox: No charges against five arrested in murder probe

      Lorraine Cox murder trial: DNA of accused man on knives and saw

      Lorraine Cox murder trial: Man ‘bought bags and tape’

      Lorraine Cox murder: Accused watched amputation videos

      Lorraine Cox murder trial: Missing woman ‘mutilated’

      Lorraine Cox murder trial: Remains left ‘in alley’

      Lorraine Cox murder trial: T-shirt found stuffed in mouth

      Lorraine Cox murder trial: ‘Bad smell’ in accused’s building

      Lorraine Cox: Murder accused says woman died at flat

      Lorraine Cox murder trial: Body was dismembered ‘neatly and cleanly’


      • davylars says:

        The troll is using google..
        From BBC Devon


        Now ask your partner maxi..


      • Rich says:


        I think the point is that the disappearance and murder of Lorraine Cox wasn’t highlighted and reported nationally to the same extent as the murder of Sarah Everard.

        I believe, and I apologise if I am wrong, that all of the headlines you have listed were found only on the Devon pages in the Regional News section of the BBC website, thus limiting the number of people made aware of this horrific crime to those who seek news from that area. The BBC may have reported it but certainly not nationally to the wider population. I would argue that very view people outside Exeter or Devon will be aware of her tragic death or know the true identity of the man who killed her. This murder has been given nowhere near as much coverage or condemnation by the BBC. I think it’s wrong of you to suggest it has.


        • StewGreen says:

          @Rich agree, Id never heard of Lorraine Cox, until a TalkRadio caller was cut off for mentioning that Farage had made a video. Presenter Mike Graham seemed to be unaware of the trial, and thought there was a sub judice risk.


  34. Dover Sentry says:

    The BBC could be accused of prejudicing the forthcoming murder trial of Everards with regard to their reporting of a minor incident in Coventry. An off duty drunk Pc groped a woman in a night club. It has been sensationalised and been running on the BBC website for days.
    The BBC despise the police and always have done. Its in their Marxist blood.


    It recently dropped from the front page to the BBC Regional section. Meanwhile, murders elsewhere are ignored by the BBC…


    • Thoughtful says:

      It’s the Tories who are Marxist, the BBC and Labour are Nazi as characterised by their hatred of people based on their racial background.
      Oh and they still hate the jews!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Dover – I was trying to figure out why a stabbing murder of an 18 year old Ethnic in E17 on Wednesday was still getting coverage yet one on `Thursday was merely reported . As I write here a few times the rate is one every 3 days …lockdown or not


  35. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    This is nothing to do with biased bbc so delete if you want fed.

    Morrison’s have a ‘MORE’ card which you swipe when you pay at the till. You get points and every 5000 points you get a voucher for £5.

    I’ve just received an email from Morrison’s saying they are scrapping the card in May and will discount some items on the shelves (which they and all other supermarkets do already) instead of the points saved for fivers.
    They say this is what we want.

    All points on cards will be cancelled (up to the £5 value when they automatically give you the voucher at the till) so if you have £3 or £4 worth of points on your card you lose it.

    With millions of customers this amounts to a very large sum just being written off in Morrison’s favour. A very lucrative move by some accountant whiz kid at Morrison’s HQ.
    They say the points you have built up are worthless until they reach 5000 points and then they are worth £5 so you don’t lose anything if you have 4000 points (£4 of the £5 voucher which they keep)

    It’s not much but it feels like theft or that you’re being scammed.
    Why could they not take the £ value on your card off your next shop when they have stopped using the card reward system.

    Do they think nobody will realise they are pocketing all the £millions on peoples cards that haven’t reached the £5 value when they stop this reward card system.

    Will Nectar see this and decide to follow suit saying your Sainsburys points are now worthless and keep all the money on your cards for themselves.

    OK, it’s no big deal but I hate being cheated and their excuse of having special offers instead is an insult.
    Also, they say it’s to save using plastic (going green, good for the planet)


    • Fedup2 says:

      EG I think it’s fair comment and we might hope that once this dirty trick is taking place Morrison’s might come under pressure to be fairer .

      But maybe Morrison’s is in trouble …


    • Deborah says:

      Morrison’s delivered us when none of the other supermarkets would at the start of lockdown. I can forgive them anything. Waitrose, forget them.


  36. Northern Voter says:

    I was caught unawares by the teatime news this evening. The autocue reader, dressed in black, stood in front of the cameras. I thought eyoop Phil the Greeks shuffled off. Fortunately he hasn’t.
    She starts the piece by saying that for the second day running the number of vaccinations in the UK were a record. Nearly 600,000 people had the first or second jab. However this piece of good news was proclaimed in such a funeral tone, one would have thought it wasn’t at all liked by the Biased and Bent Bastard Broadcasting Company. Next person in the frame was the Professor who claims no-ones going foreign this year. More good fake news for the aforementioned!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Northern Brillo cites the number as 700 000 in the last day -over 50% of the adult population vaccinated . The BBC – through institutional anti Britishness – cannot stomach such good news .

      And if you dear reader – don’t think it’s good news – tell me what is?


  37. Guest Who says:

    There was some excitement that our NHS heroes might have been doing 1hr OT.



    An internal survey among 13 first-year bankers showed they averaged 95 hours of work a week and slept five hours a night.


  38. StewGreen says:

    Lee Hurst trending ..a hatey libmob pile on against him
    cos he dared to make a joke about St Greta & single use plastic condoms.
    His account seems to be marked “suspended”
    as what happens when a mob mass reports you.


    • Garry Lavin says:

      Dear me. Are there any grown ups out there?


    • StewGreen says:

      Lee Hurst’s account is back straight away this morning
      as if a pile on had automatically suspended it
      and him clicking Appeal had automatically restored it.
      The joke was legal, Greta is over 18 so should enjoy no special protection.

      Lee tweeted about the BBC moving departments out of London
      “Can they move to Brussels?
      It’s where their heart is.”


  39. Eddy Booth says:

    Daily Vaccination figures..
    Reminds me of Orwell’s1984 :
    “Behind Winston’s back the voice from the telescreen was
    still babbling away about pig-iron and the overfulfilment
    of the Ninth Three-Year Plan”

    Production is up but poor Winston is somehow still short of razor blades.
    Here vaccinations breaking records, but covid / lockdown still here..
    At least Winston could enjoy a gin at his local.


  40. Eddy Booth says:



  41. digg says:

    The BBC response to accusations of being too London centric…. move staff from London to the heathen North….

    Any same person must conclude that this is lip service and fruitless.

    Why not have a recruitment drive in the North to recruit ONLY northern staff?

    I think I already know the answer to this……


    • taffman says:

      Another wasted money exercise that wont make a difference. An amateur attempt at pulling the wool over our eyes. The Beeboids think we are that daft. Their end is nigh.


    • JimS says:

      We could have local news for local people, such as they have in Spent and Royston Vasey.


  42. Nibor says:

    Bit late with this one but Al Beeb having Professor Neil Ferguson (?) on saying the South African variant is getting rife on the continent and we won’t be able to keep it out over time .

    Not asked is why not ?

    The variant is there , we are here .

    The variant cannot come here by birds , wind or good old salt water.
    The variant can only come here by humans – people .

    So what people can bring it here ?

    Well really only truck drivers , who are now all foreigners due to the British Department of Transport, seafarers who stay in port or bogus asylum seekers .
    The truck drivers tend to stayin their cabs unless they contact relatives/ friends/ smugglers. The sailors are infor a very short stay and now keep to the ships .
    Which leaves ……

    Diplomats giving away our money etc on meetings , BBC journalists doing From Our Own Correspondents, or …


  43. digg says:

    The Guardian is hot on the trail of its relentless task to smash British Society and this time its Religion….


    Abby Day, professor of race, faith and culture at Goldsmiths, University of London, expects this year’s census to show a further erosion in Christian identity, mainly because postwar generations regard the church as irrelevant and immoral.

    “Today’s younger generations have a different sense of soul, meaning and morality, and it’s one that rejects the church’s record of abuse, racism, homophobia and sexism,” she said.

    I’m not particularly religious but this bitter and twisted outright attack on British society is disgusting and warped.

    These people are just deranged in this hatred of all things normal and British.

    What the hell are these vitriolic specimens trying to do and why?

    Are they scared that maybe the Church might be right in not fawning over the eccentric lifestyles they lead preferring two mums or two dads or two dads and a dog or even three dads and two wives?


    • taffman says:

      Great Britain would be a much nicer place if those that disliked it quietly left .


  44. taffman says:

    Oh! Look over there a furry animal………………
    Now how can we link that one to ‘global warming’ ?


  45. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    Yes Taffman, The Walrus should have boiled to death by now according to the climate alarmists. This could be a bit embarrassing for them.

    Meanwhile another embarrassing event is top news among the New South Taffmen. The Warragamba dam is overflowing. Dangerously so! Top climate change expert Tim Flannery famously announced in 2006 that it would never be full again. It has reached full three times since, I believe, but this latest development shows how much you can trust the experts.

    Meanwhile I hope the Welsh Walrus finds what it is looking for
    be it a carpenter or whatever


  46. Scroblene says:

    Not that I ever even bother to watch it…


    As I spent yesterday ignoring the awful bbbc, I may be the last normal citizen to even notice, but at least it makes me feel good today!


  47. taffman says:

    “Dawn Bilbrough: Food plea nurse considers quitting after Covid”
    Is this a real story ? Operative word “considers” .


    • StewGreen says:

      Impartial Vic Derbyshire is pushing the case


  48. taffman says:

    “Covid-19: Have a million people left the UK?”

    Well that will make space for the million that are here illegally and the other amount that our ‘get tough’ Priti will allow to stay here indefinitely?


  49. taffman says:

    Why hasn’t Al Beeb World Service highlighted the EU’s vaccine fiasco ? Is Al Beeb pro EU , if so why?
    Lives are at risk in the EU. The Rejoiners are very quiet for a change .Are the Europeans really our friends?