Start the Week Thread 24 May 2021

Fortunately for those of us who see the BBC as a monster the Bashir Affair is continuing to fester. However there is little sign of the current government being willing to do anything about it at all – even with the outright condemnation of the future King . But public pressure is building . It won’t take much to force reform or better still – destruction.

Weekend Thread 22 May 2021

Will the fall out from the Bashir Fraud continue ? Will Prince Charles speak ? Or Tony Hall ? Or anyone from the BBC ? And will the papers follow up on other cases where the BBC has used deceit to ‘get a story ‘. After all – if they’d do it to a member of the Royal Family – isn’t everyone else fair game ?

Start the Week Thread 17th May 2021

Sometime this week the BBC is to publish a report by Lord Dyson on its’ conduct over the Princess Diana interview by Martin Bashir . Mr Bashir left the BBC for ‘health reasons ‘ on Friday 14th May. He had held the post of ‘head of religion ‘. Now it transpires that a Panorama documentary about the Diana Interview – due to be broadcast on Monday – has been cancelled . Much more will follow ….

Weekend Thread 15th May 2021.

The Far Left Anti British BBC has launched a propaganda offensive against the current UK PM . Whether it be allegations about decorating number 10 – attacks on Sir James Dyson – a vexatious County Court case – the BBC is ‘going for ‘ the PM . Some might think this is a ‘good thing ‘ because the PM might be forced to take action to restructure the BBC – but others might say he is afraid of it .