Weekend Thread 22 May 2021

Will the fall out from the Bashir Fraud continue ? Will Prince Charles speak ? Or Tony Hall ? Or anyone from the BBC ? And will the papers follow up on other cases where the BBC has used deceit to ‘get a story ‘. After all – if they’d do it to a member of the Royal Family – isn’t everyone else fair game ?

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  1. pugnazious says:

    Like Andrew Marr I can no longer remain silent…the world must hear my voice and my views. LOL.

    Is the BBC institutionally corrupt, systemically untrustworthy? Does its scoop mentality compounded by its left-wing bias undermine its integrity and honesty? Should we have a ‘Dyson Report’ on the whole of BBC reporting and not just this one issue?

    Bashing Bashir is the new game in town, a quite justified bashing, as is the enormous criticism directed at the BBC. Naturally for all its supposed mea culpas the BBC doesn’t really agree…and just like its reaction after the Humphrys/Gilligan lies about the Iraq war dossier it will run a parallel counter narrative to its mea culpas in which the BBC suggests it is in fact completely innocent and as time progresses the BBC and its presenters will more and more make this claim openly and Dyson will become a willing stooge of the BBC’s enemies in the Tory Party and Bashir will be once again the heroic interviewer with the ‘scoop of the century’.
    Here’s Humphrys yesterday in the Mail proclaiming his and the BBC’s innocence over Iraq…

    ‘Probably the most dangerous was an interview I did with journalist Andrew Gilligan in which he said the Blair government had ‘sexed up’ the infamous dossier claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
    The fallout was devastating. Blair’s spin doctor Alastair Campbell turned all the Government’s firepower on the BBC.
    The inquiry set up by Blair led to the resignation of both chairman Gavyn Davies and director-general Greg Dyke.
    That inquiry came to be seen as a whitewash and all the claims in the infamous dossier were ultimately shown to be false. ‘

    You can take the man out of the BBC but you can’t take the BBC out of the man.

    He goes on to claim the BBC’s enemies are out to get it…as if there is no justification for this…there’s plenty as we know….one reason, ironically, Humphrys unwittingly mentions below claiming the BBC is a bulwark against extremist voices when in fact it is an enabler of those voices, it gives massive, unquestioning and powerful platforms to extremist voices like BLM, Extinction Rebellion, Muslim and Irish terrorists….and now Animal Rebellion which is trying to destroy McDonalds with a blockade…economic terrorism…but not anything that raises an eyebrow at the BBC….Humphrys goes on…

    ‘A group of 128 British authors, actors, editors and filmmakers have just written an open letter warning that ‘political and financial attacks’ threaten its future.
    The licence fee has never been under greater political pressure. And here’s the irony.
    We need an independent, trusted, accountable national broadcaster as never before.
    Trustworthy journalism is being replaced in too many lives by extreme groups who use social media to push their dangerous rubbish on a gullible but growing section of the population.
    In short, we need a BBC we can trust. ‘

    We certainly do need a BBC we can trust…however I think that is a very, very long term project. Just look at the real as opposed to the official reaction to this scandal. It was all 25 years ago…and anyway other news organisations are just as bad…and it was just one bad apple…the BBC is innocent.

    Presenters rush to say that this was 25 years ago and the BBC is a different beast…it’s all fixed now…hmmm…tell that to Lord McAlpine or indeed to James Dyson whom the BBC lied about just the other week and had to apologise for…a highly political lie told during the course of an election. And yeah, 25 years ago…so kind of gives the lie to the BBC’s claim that we now live in a ‘post-truth era’ heralded in by Trump and Brexit…that was the BBC’s biggest, most dangerous, lie ever, the great bright shining lie that had two purposes…one to slander and demonise Trump and Brexit and two, to position, in a very sinister move, the BBC as the only voice you can trust…the final arbiter of ‘Truth’…..hmmm…this BBC?

    The BBC whose senior journalist, Laura Kuenssberg, fabricated a total lie about James Dyson and the Tories during an election?

    The BBC, in contrast to its ‘concerns’ about supposed Tory lobbyists influencing policy, fully supports Marcus Rashford changing Government policy or Greta Thunberg or indeed itself?…the BBC is the biggest lobbyist out there attempting to influence government policies.

    The BBC whose senior journalist on Newsnight again and again uses the programme to make personal attacks on the government but gets away unscathed after a slap on the wrist?

    The BBC that falsely proclaimed a senior Tory was a paedophile?

    The BBC that states that Brexit made Britain a nastier more racist place, the BBC that manufactured a dangerous lie claiming that a Polish man was killed by a racist Brit?

    The BBC that tried to stitch up Tommy Robinson with lies and misinformation?
    The BBC that broadcasts programmes that ‘celebrate’ the death of Brexit voting old people….just in time for a second Brexit referendum?

    The BBC that packed a Panorama programme criticising the Government’s PPE procurement process with hard left, Labour supporting stooges…but forgot to mention that fact?

    The BBC that is the mouthpiece for the extremist, if not verging on terrorist, BLM and Extinction Rebellion?

    The BBC that makes dangerous and false claims that white police officers are deliberately targeting and killing Blacks?

    The BBC that thinks its perfectly OK for people to say ‘Kill Whitey’ or that we must shoot Jewish settlers in the head?

    The BBC that trashed the Sewell Report on race and supposed ‘institutional racism’?

    The BBC that has spent years trashing Trump and Brexit and peddled what they knew were total lies about the Trump dossier and unquestioningly supported Christine Blasey Ford in her attack on Republican Brett Kavanaugh?

    The BBC that is an unquestioning champion of the man-made climate change narrative…the BBC driving public opinion and hence government action….no shock, surprise or scandal as Boris imposes the green revolution upon us with little to no discussion about the radical and extraordinarily far-reaching and expensive policies he is actioning?

    The BBC that drives anti-Semitism with its very, very one-sided reporting on Israel/Palestine? Just listen to any FOOC…yesterdays was a prime example where the recent conflict was Israel’s fault…caused in fact by the existence of Israel…Hamas rockets were merely the Palestinians making it known they don’t accept the Israeli oppression and occupation of their land. All of the BBC’s reporting is along these lines trying to elicit sympathy for the Palestinians whilst casting the Jews as aggressive, murderous occupiers.

    The BBC that spent hundreds of thousands of pounds covering up what the Balen Report had to say about its one-sided reporting of Israeli actions? Openness and transparency?

    The BBC that fully supported and indeed drove the lockdowns and silenced anyone who spoke against it?….Lady Hale, once heroine of the BBC, indeed made guest editor of Today on the back of her trouncing of Boris and Brexit, suddenly became persona non grata as she stated that democracy was under threat and that Parliament had surrendered control to the government allowing it to impose draconian Covid 19 laws unopposed…the BBC didn’t report her words at all.

    The BBC that is anti-Tory, anti-white, anti-Britain, anti-nation state, anti-Establishment?

    The BBC that is basically out to destroy ‘Britain’?

    The BBC that is the most dangerous organisation in Britain today?

    How about that claim that OK, yeah the BBC did wrong but others do the same thing so it’s not so bad eh? This is the BBC that is a public service broadcaster…it is held, and so often justifies its own existence and the licence fee, on the basis that it is so held, to a higher standard producing material that is accurate, unbiased and trustworthy….lol. You can hear the BBC trying to spread the blame and make out its a problem of the whole media landscape and thus any inquiry must take in all those other miscreants out there not just the BBC….forgetting as said that the BBC is held to higher standards..or else the justification for the licence fee vanishes.

    Here we get to the real problem with the BBC…its scoop mentality combined with its left-wing bias to produce a toxic mix that poisons not just political debate but the cultural one, the one that goes to the very essence of this nation…its identity….all wrapped up in immigration, history, Empire, colonisation and nationhood.

    The licence fee should be, and is intended to be, an assurance that the BBC does not have to do ‘scoops’, that it does not have to hit the headlines with eyecatching gotchas obtained by any means necessary as desperation to get those scoops sets in…as with Bashir. That desperation for a scoop undermines the BBC’s integrity and the trust in it. You can see how the BBC was delighted with Bashir’s scoop and was prepared to look the other way when presented with evidence that he got it by devious, underhand, unethical and possibly illegal methods. Here’s Lord Hall praising Bashir to the rooftops for his ‘scoop of the century’…

    ‘‘Dear Martin, you should be very proud of your scoop. It was the interview of the decade – if not of our generation. But equally importantly, you handled it with skill, sensitivity and excellent judgment….You changed the way we report the monarchy. Thanks, Tony.’

    Note that last bit…‘You changed the way we report the monarchy’…that ties into the BBC’s left-wing agenda…..now the Monarchy is now open game….the BBC ready to attack and undermine the Monarchy. Here’s Brendan O’Neil…

    ‘In their fury against Bashir, many in the media are missing the bigger picture. Which is the swirling, curious tensions within the British ruling class at the very end of the 20th century that meant the public broadcaster, the voice of the British establishment, could essentially go to war with the royal family, and with supposedly outdated values, using Diana as its cudgel.
    It was the BBC’s determination to become a key architect of this New Britain that made it so keen to get the Diana scoop and to ensure that it would become part of a broader narrative about our changing nation.’

    The whole idea behind the BBC’s very sinister and dangerous narrative is that there is no such thing as a British identity or culture or history…not one we can be proud of anyway. This is intended to lay the groundwork for a land where there is no national identity, no shared identity and certainly no inherent, inbred native ‘British’ identity..because that would be exclusive….any immigrants must feel their culture and identity is equally of value whatever it may be, however backward, primitive or indeed racist, sexist or ‘apartheid’ it may be….centuries of progress developing human rights, democracy, law and order, freedoms of speech and thought can be trashed and demonised in order to make these people feel at home…as they set up mini-Pakistans or Ghanas or Polands…which makes you wonder why they come here if they really want to be ‘home’.

    Then we get to the ‘one bad apple’ argument…Nicky Campbell and Chiles advocating this early on….Campbell also claiming he was very proud of the BBC as only it would report its own failures as it was doing…no other news organisation would do this. Hmmm…isn’t that the problem? The BBC didn’t report its failures…it hid them and refused to acknowledge them for 25 years….the man who did the hiding becoming Director General.
    Where are the loud denouncements of the BBC as ‘institutionally corrupt’ or ‘Systemically untrustworthy’? Instead we get claims that it’s just one bad apple, you can’t tar everyone at the BBC with the same brush…they’re all good people!

    The Bashir lies have exposed the real truth about the BBC in a stark light…maybe people will start to question the BBC’s reporting and programming now they realise that ‘Auntie’ is not the nice, trustworthy, respectable organisation they were brought up to believe it was….rather a more sinister, dangerous and highly political organisation that shapes its news and programming to quietly and slyly influence our thoughts and behaviour.

    It is the most powerful, influential and yet unacknowledged and unaccountable lobbyist out there and is the most dangerous organisation in Britain today.

    Remove the licence fee…a ‘licence to kill’ in many respects…if you’re Jewish, white or a police officer…the BBC will think and present your murder a ‘necessary murder’ for the cause.


    • Guest Who says:

      Marr, Sopel… a lot of it about.

      Oddly unidirectional.


    • digg says:

      Pugnazious, I entirely agree with your summing up of the BBC. The plain fact is that the BBC see as their prime objective the reshaping of the UK into a commissariat controlled state with the BBC as it’s authentic public face.

      Three factors have prevented them from moving this agenda forward as fast as they would wish.

      Royalty and with it a patriotism which the BBC hate and aim to smash.

      The Christian faith and with it it’s lifestyle values which the BBC hate and aim to smash.

      The Common Man with it’s pride in their Mother Country and British values which the BBC hate and aim to smash.

      If they can achieve these three goals they will have disintegrated society into grievance pods, think BLM, XR, Greens, Islam, LGB and trans, climate activism – a malleable mob who can then be moulded into the amorphous so-called liberal society they want as this would give them absolute power.

      I believe these three factors are behind everything that is at the rotten core and heart of the monster.

      This trend is not merely within the BBC but I believe is a Global endeavour encompassing the EU, UN, WHO, which the BBC has signed up to.

      The USA is also in the early process of being reshaped along these lines. Almost everything that the stooge Biden and his Dems have pushed so far mirror this philosophy.


    • vlad says:

      Pugnazious, thank you for listing, and reminding us of, the BBC’s many transgressions.


  2. Guest Who says:

    A globally trusted purveyor of impartial news tweets.


  3. Old Goat says:

    I note, with disgust, that Classic FM are broadcasting a series on black and ethnic musicians and composers. They must be seriously limited in choice.
    Sounds infinitely racist to me.
    How intense would be the feedback be if they broadcast a series on white composers?


    • taffman says:

      Old Goat
      We already have this organisation?


    • Londoner says:

      Goat: Unfortunately there’s nothing new about this. As someone who loves classical music, and considered BBC Radio3 to be, as was once the case, the ‘finest minority broadcasting station in the world’, I have been painfully aware for a while now that Radio3 presenters’ main aim is not the broadcasting of great music, but finding as many obscure, preferably black , usually ‘African-American’ composers as they can. And if they can find music by a black woman composer they behave as though they’ve hit the jackpot.

      Not only is it racist, but also limiting in its scope for those of us who love music. Classic FM is just jumping on the bandwagon of a woke agenda set by the BBC. No surprise there.


      • vlad says:

        Sadly, the BBC sets the tone and the agenda for all broadcasters, and pollutes the airwaves with their wokery.

        Which is another reason they must be defunded asap.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      I stopped listening to Classic FM after 10 years. Do not listen to the BBC on principle. Scala is a reasonable radio substitute in the UK. But you have access to internet radio (many apps available for smartphones, tablets and main brand TVs), there are hundreds of classical music stations available from across the world. Many are of high quality, both in terms of music as well as sound quality, and many without adverts.

      Remember, liberals have very low expectations of black people and like to patronise them. I am reminded of Samuel Johnson’s comment on women preachers: “Sir, a woman’s preaching is like a dog’s walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.” Liberals think in a similar manner about any black person who can do anything other than kick a ball or make rap ‘music’.


  4. StewGreen says:

    … BTW last time Projectorman was at the Bank of England


  5. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    This week’s scary virus is:

    The triple mutant.

    Yes folks, this is the one that’s going to get us if we don’t do as the government tells us.

    The Indian mutant, so last week.

    Watch this space for next weeks killer variant.


  6. theisland says:


    Senior officers are considering whether to bring a gross misconduct charge against PC Nusheen Jan (Iraqi origin).
    One Met Police officer said: ‘A lot of officers have no patience for it but how can they sack her when officers were taking the knee at BLM protests last year?’ (when they were apparently told by bosses it was down to their ‘discretion’ to do so).

    So in short it comes down to inappropriate people being recruited doesn’t it? This applies across the board.
    I blame HR.


    • Old Goat says:

      Recruitment standards have been falling, nay dropping like a stone, for years. Back in 1977/78, the drive was for more female officers, and they recruited loads, many of whom were just not suitable. But got to achieve the targets, eh? Then as time went by, standards dropped even further – educationally, height-wise, sexual orientation and race/country of origin, plus those who had CRO were allowed in, too. Little wonder that the whole outfit is a bunch of misfits, who are now trained to be public opponents rather than assistants, and little else.


      • taffman says:

        A look at the way they wear their uniforms will tell you all. They are Scruffy.


      • Banania says:

        I watched a You Tube video of the Changing of the Guard the other day. In the foreground, for a lot of it, there were two obese and scruffy policemen waddling about, whilst the superbly trained and uniformed soldiers executed their ceremonies in the distance. The police used to look smart and fit, and wore proper uniforms, with helmets and dark blue jackets with buttons; is there any move to return to the standard of those times? In the vicinity of the Palace, and next to the Queen’s Guard, this was disgraceful.


        • taffman says:

          Nice one Banania!
          Woke Police Commissioners, cops with ‘meeja degrees’ and a Home Sec with false promises .


  7. vlad says:

    Bashirgate enters a new phase as more victims of his grooming and manipulation emerge. In particular Michael Jackson’s family allege dirty dealings and are said to be considering legal action.

    Meanwhile, Taqiya Bashir does himself no favours by fighting back against the Diana allegations, claiming to have only done ‘what she wanted’, and not to have harmed her.

    Stop digging your hole, Martin, you’re toast anyway.

    And so the story rumbles on, further damaging the Corporation.

    Undoubtedly there is real public concern and outrage, but no doubt, too, some parties are weaponising the story against the BBC after years of suppressed anger.

    Who knew Auntie had so many enemies?



  8. Up2snuff says:

    TWoTWeeeee Watch #1 – and only one because I switched off in disgust, it was a load of wee!

    You would think after last week’s escape of the Dyson Report that at the start of a new week the BBC would want to be on their best behaviour, especially on a flagship radio channel. But no. With Jonny Dymond in halting and hesitating mode they did their best diversion plus attack-type thing “Ooh, look over there. A squirrel.”

    With vaccines in the news today, with good news from the scientists & medics that they think the current UK vaccines deal well with the ‘Indian variant (mutation)’ providing good safety and that Lockdown can end on schedule, you would think the BBC news might start with that. But no. The BBC have to head off to Nepal(!) and Africa to demonstrate how short they are of Covid vaccines in that country and in the whole continent of Africa.

    The BBC then attack the UK Government for calling for those in their mid-30s to be vaccinated. No mention that it would make more scientific/medical sense to vaccinate the 21-25 year olds. No. ‘We’ are being selfish by using up vaccines on those who are unlikely to die from a bout of Covid, despite the fact that mid-thirty year olds might have or are more likely to have children.

    Dymond then goes to attack the Government and the whole UK – in reality, the English, because we are paying for it all – for not shipping the vaccines we have now to Nepal and Africa. No mention that it would be pointless doing so with the PfizerBionTech vaccine as it needs to be kept frozen until just before use. In addition, it would be pointless shipping the OxfordA-Z vaccine anywhere that it cannot be kept cool before use.

    No, just a vicious attack on the people of the UK and their Government. The tone of Dymond’s voice was a giveaway on that. I switched off.

    Disgusting, vile, BBC.


    • The WestWyvern says:

      You missed the bestest bit Up2. They wheeled the one-eyed scotch never elected PM Gordon ‘that bigoted woman’ Brown on to tell Doris how to be statesman like and send the China Virus Vaccine to Africa or somewhere like that, where they are now crying out for all that help from the racist whitee.

      You couldn’t make them up, I switched stations at that point before my waste water started to boil.


      • Up2snuff says:

        TWW, I’d jumped ship – well, resorted to peace and quiet and birdsong – by then. I might have been at risk of harm had I heard Broon who wasted £4bn in 2009 (back when a £1bn was worth something) on vaccines for Mexican Swine ‘flu’ that had to be destroyed, if I recall correctly.


    • Banania says:

      It would make no medical sense at all to “vaccinate” 21-25 year olds. It will make even less sense to vaccinate children, which will be the next thing. “The times are evil and the days are urgent.”


  9. taffman says:

    “BBC’s reputation highly damaged by Diana interview report, says Patel”
    “There is no doubt this world-class institution, its reputation has been highly damaged,” she said. “Lessons will have to be learned – there is no question about that.”
    How about learning lessons in keeping promises and getting “Tough” ?


  10. Fedup2 says:

    Wow – I’ve just seen a BBC programme – 15 minutes apparently – called ‘points of view’ . I thought it gives a good insight into the intelligence level of viewers .

    A disembodied female voiceover – and spent a full 2 minutes leading with Princess Diana . . The best line from a member of the ‘public ‘ ( a mr Bashir ) was ‘leave the girl alone ‘….

    After 2 minutes it was 3 minutes on Eastenders “ why can’t it be longer ‘ followed by something about a cooking competition thing the BBC does ….

    … I never got to the end ….

    Interesting that there was no BBC management to say anything about Bashir ….


    • Old Goat says:

      Points of View, hosted by Robert Robinson, used to be fun, in the old days.


    • taffman says:

      Could it be that he has ‘something’ on all of them ?


      • Guest Who says:

        As he in any way related to ‘Champion’ Ash?


      • Up2snuff says:

        There are rumours, taffy, that is why a never-knowingly competent TOADY presenter never-knowingly faced unemployment afer joining the BBC ….


  11. pugnazious says:

    LOL…an inspirational example…a black man who became a billionaire by facing down a murderous dictator…

    ‘A telecoms tycoon whose family fled unrest in Zimbabwe, who took on Robert Mugabe in order to start his businesses, and who is now helping to provide Covid vaccines to Africa, has been named as Britain’s first black billionaire.

    London-based Strive Masiyiwa, 60, has clinched the accolade according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

    However the Zimbabwe-born businessman, who sits on the boards of Netflix and Unilever, has a more pressing goal in mind – attempting get Covid vaccines to Africa.

    His family moved to Zambia, where Mr Masiyiwa attended primary school, before moving to the UK aged 12.

    He attended a private secondary school in Scotland – paid for by his entrepreneur mother – before later earning an engineering degree from the University of Wales.

    For a short time he worked in Cambridge in the computer industry, but later returned to Africa.

    Upon returning to Zimbabwe in 1984, four years after it had gained independence from Britain, Mr Masiyiwa began working in telecoms. He set up his company Econet in 1993.

    In 1998, despite opposition from then Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe – who died in 2019 – he launched a mobile phone network.

    Mugabe refused to give him a license to operate his business. But Mr Masiyiwa took on the controversial leader to the Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe.

    After a five year legal battle, which took him to the brink of bankruptcy, he won and was given the green light to set up the network.

    Today the company, known as Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, is the second-largest by market capitalisation.’

    I wonder if he’d be triggered by a statue of Rhodes or Churchill and be so traumatised he just couldn’t continue with his studies or work?

    Shame the BBC instead of inspiring black people tells them how they are doomed to fail in racist Britain. Not that there aren’t endless examples of British black success…indeed they are always on the BBC telling us how bad Britain is and how they’ve been held back by racism.

    Surprisingly there was no comment about race in an interview with Tony Kofi about his life and how he became a successful musican…


    ….Until he told us how he couldn’t get into one music college because they required him to have a basic level of qualification…but as he learnt by ear he didn’t have any qualifications…he eventually got a scholarship to Berklee in the US…you know, the very, very racist US where Blacks fear to leave their houses in case the police gun them down.

    Jane Garvey immediately made the cultural cringe and blamed ‘white middle class’ values for demanding qualifications….so racist….she was always apologising on Woman’s Hour for being white and middle class.

    Reminiscent of that extraordinarily racist tract that claimed seeking perfection, objectivity, individualism, progress, reaching for goals, writing, a sense of urgency are all purely white people traits and to demand or expect others to have such values is racist.


    The BBC does of course feed Black dangerous lies instead of inspirational tales….lies such as a mob of whites lynched an innocent black man in 1919…

    The truth is totally different from that BBC version…..


  12. Fedup2 says:

    There is much that could be cut and pasted onto this site ‘for the record ‘ this weekend about the BBC . But you know what ? I just can’t be bothered .

    For instance the scumbag who used to be the editor of the Guardian writes a defence piece for the BBC – based on the number of complaints upheld by the ‘independent ‘ OFCOM .

    No mention of ex BBC types resigning from OFCOM a couple of days ago because they know the stink . Nor the number of people at OFCOM with links to the BBC .

    I bet if you dug down you’d find ex BBC staff or relatives or friends from the swamp – all at the BBC/OFCOM Christmas party – all willing to take the money and give the BBC a free pass .

    And yes – I know OFCOM wasn’t around 25 years ago but I bet a lot within OFCOM were ….

    Personally – out of the whole thing – I think the most depressing revelation is that the ‘review ‘ of the BBC taking place by the Government was going to just a ‘dip the oil and change the air filter ‘ job – now it promises to be a bit more
    ‘Robust ‘( my word ) ….
    But they
    (The BBC/Government )calculate that the public will roll its’ eyes – get bored – and forget about this as just another episode …


  13. Old Goat says:

    Not BBC, but I think this is essential viewing.

    Just watched this. Bloody hell.

    I so desperately hope they get somewhere. We are ruled by evil bastards.



  14. Guest Who says:

    Truth in BBC hands might need checking.

    Not by the BBC.


    Like certain judges of late, between facts checked by the BBC and… anyone else, I know which I would favour.


  15. Jack in the Green says:

    Lord Haw Haw. Or William Joyce. Hanged for treason. But, quite honestly, the BBC have done far more damage than that deluded idiot could ever do to the country we live in but no longer are any part of. The demonisation of the indigenous population, the glorification of anti-white hate-speak and the sneering contempt for all of British history will have far more effect than the aforesaid Nazi half-wit. If this loathsome cabal are allowed to continue then one can only assume that the powers that be want it that way. As such, kiss goodbye to your history and the men and women who died trying to preserve at least a semblance of democracy.


    • Jeff says:

      You’re right about Lord Haw-Haw. My mother told me that they looked forward to his broadcasts and would huddle around the wireless taking the mickey and laughing. He was actually good for morale.

      The BBC is much more dangerous. Some people still believe in them. It amazes me. Despite years of lies, manipulation, corruption and cover-ups, some folk find it difficult to see them for what they truly are.
      They’re hard left, poisonous and bullying bigots of the very worst kind.

      The BBC may have been a grand idea nigh on 100 years ago, during the infancy of broadcasting. But it’s had its day. These days it’s overwhelmingly populated by anti British, woke Marxists who promote any organisation that will do us down.

      They decide what is and what isn’t “news”. BLM and XR get a free pass, indeed they’re promoted. The anti-lockdown demonstrations have been completely ignored. These appalling present day parasites are living off the memories of the old BBC. And even worse, they’re living off the licence payers…

      Time for them to go.


      • G.W.F. says:

        Lord Haw Haw, my mum and her friends enjoyed him. One friend would tell how she held a frying pan of bacon at the wireless when he was describing the shortage of meat in Britain.’ Smell that, you silly bugger’, she laughed.


  16. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Do I understand this proportional response being pushed by the bbbc for their boys in Gaza.

    If, on day 1 the terrorists kill 5 Israelis does that mean our msm are happy to allow the Israelis to kill 5 in Gaza.
    6 is too many and 4 means they can carry one over for the next days rocket launching from the schools and hospitals.

    Is this how future wars will be fought?
    Logically, the Country with the most people living in it must win every war.

    Israel is fighting for its very existence, it’s a war (not a ‘spat’ as the bbbc would like to describe it) a few militants against a nuclear power and remember, the object of a war is to defeat the enemy, not to play tit for tat with the numbers.

    Anyway, it’s more or less over for now as their boys have no rockets left and they need a ceasefire to be able to restock so that they can go again when they have the next few thousand rockets delivered to the hospital and school launching sites they like to use.


    • gb123 says:

      I think the Beeb need to get some lessons about war from General Patton. “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his”

      Also from Golda Meir, a labour/socialist BBC.
      “When peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons. Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”


  17. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC keeps on that road to self destruction – now we have a Middle East correspondent with a Twitter line of

    ‘hitler was right ‘

    If we follow the line taken by other public bodies such as plod – the lady in question will carry on regardless – leaving her personal views about Jews at the studio door of course.

    Just keeps giving .


    • Fedup2 says:

      Update – apparently the tweet was done before said Palestinian anti semite joined the BBC . That’s okay then .

      One for the DG ? Or is it a sign of the diversity of views within the BBC ?


      • StewGreen says:

        It’s not just one tweet.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Yes – I’m aware of that – but the tweet I described is going to be difficult to top . Apparently the BBC employee in question has now ‘closed off ‘ her Twitter account so that only chosen followers can see ….
          BBC monitoring seems to have become a lefty outfit along with the rest of the outfit . It’s a shame because it used to be one of the few gems left – a bit like the World Service – which got turned into dross when funding went from the FCO to the licence fee payers ….

          …. Meanwhile GB News is debating reintroducing the UK nations tune that used to be used at the start of R4 broadcasting each day . When that was taken away I knew the BBC was done ….


  18. StewGreen says:

    6:50pm Countryfile campaign special
    Plant Britain Spring Special.

    – just had the vegan celebrity cooks

    Plant Britain is all about encouraging community gardens and planting wildflowers in a two-year initiative to help *combat climate change,*

    help wildlife and pollinators and transform our own wellbeing.
    – presenters help Bristol locals to create a community garden
    – Charlotte Smith visits a project in Glasgow that is blooming.
    – Sean Fletcher is in Northern Ireland with primary school children to find out about their field-to-fork project.
    – Helen Skelton is with a young botanist who is on a mission to save our native wildflowers, while
    – Joe Crowley discovers the secret life hidden in a special meadow in north Wales.
    – The Natural History Museum do some cutting-edge soil and pond DNA forensics,
    – John Craven finds out how to do your bit no matter how small a space you have
    – from a pot on a windowsill to a balcony planter.
    Also, look out for special messages from some well-known faces

    If you do not clap for the NHS/planting it will be noted on your Stasi file


    • StewGreen says:

      They just used the fake line
      ” schoolchildren spend less time outdoors than prisoners”
      2019 BBC’s own debunk

      next bit “How to become a Blue Peter Climate hero”

      Every 8 mins a celeb appears with a 30 second lecture
      Scottish grey female celeb
      “Every thing you plant is good for Climate Change
      .. helping our children’s future ..”

      Amanda Holden
      “We can all to our bit to combat CC”


    • StewGreen says:

      Prog ends
      Announcer comes on
      “And if you’d like to do your bit to combat Climate Change
      then 39 Ways To Save the Planet
      is available on BBC Sounds”

      On Twitter people are mocking the term
      “Environmental Armageddon”
      Countryfile used


  19. Sluff says:

    BBC webshite.
    Front page story headline.
    ‘Lord advocate and solicitor general resign’

    Mmm. Sounds bad. Trouble brewing for Boris.
    What has he done now?

    But when you click to find out………the headline is
    ‘Scotland’s lord advocate and solicitor general resign’

    Which I suggest puts a rather different complexion on things.

    The BBC. Biased as ever. Underhand, surreptitious, deliberate.
    That’s what needs government intervention.


    • Fedup2 says:

      If I recall the Lord Advocate was due to go before the election but there would have been damage to the SNP cause – so I suppose he has been bought off with a gong to delay it 2 weeks . New Years Honours -? Peerage ? Just guessing from the normal practice of any political party …

      Be grateful for anyone north of the border to fill in the detail …. As today I’m more interested in the footy


  20. G.W.F. says:

    Nudge nudge, Vaccines are safe against Indian varient, phew, not scared. Nudge nudge, need to maintain safety precautions, masks, social distancing, just a but scared.

    ”The variant first discovered in India – also known as B.1.617.2 – is responsible for the majority of new cases in parts of England.

    The PHE study found two jabs of either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine give a similar level of protection against symptomatic disease from the Indian variant as they do for the Kent one.”



  21. Guest Who says:

    Luckily, we as a nation have bonded.


  22. Guest Who says:

    Always intrigued what there is to investigate.


  23. StewGreen says:

    7:40pm Antiques Roadshow unhappy black woman hand on hip,
    forced to stand in background
    the other one is a white guy.


  24. StewGreen says:

    9pm BBC4 Afrofuture art

    10pm Afua Hirsch
    “African Renaissance, When Art Meets Power”
    AF explore 3 African countries through their art
    ep1 Ethiopia.


  25. StewGreen says:

    TR is trending
    Nick Lowles “Anti-fascist” head of the HATEY no HOPERs
    ..says that the man who has never had any kind of conviction should have been prevented from attending the support Israel march

    … how anti-fascist is that ?


    • StewGreen says:

      Lefty twitter has loads of tweets asserting that ‘Britain’s biggest fascist was at the pro Jewish rally today’

      …. picture that scene from Mitchell and Webb where the Nazi officers say “are we the baddies ?”


  26. theisland says:


    Thank you Rebel News!


  27. Sluff says:

    And on Call the Midwife, the key narrative is the extra requirements for Asian i.e Indian subcontinental mothers.
    And the sub plot is having segregated ante-natal classes for said Asian mothers so that ‘we can learn about their culture’.

    I was around in 1966 and I don’t ever remember this being a priority in a certain working class mining community I could tell you a lot about.

    In other words it’s the usual BBC multiculti propaganda.
    Which I bet any enquiry into the BBC will manage to miss.


    • Sluff says:

      ‘British stupidity and arrogance’
      These words were uttered by the Doctor on ‘Call the Midwife’ regarding the partition of India in 1947.
      Now it just so happens I have visited the British Raj Summer HQ in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, where there is an interesting presentation on partition as it was the site of many of the talks.. To say the least, the issue was a complex one, and the two state solution was demanded by the Muslim Jinnah. Wavell wanted a single country, but it wasn’t on and he was ousted.

      So this simplistic comment in the script is utterly ludicrous out of context and reveals the BBC for the seditious anti-British cretins that they are.


  28. Philip_2 says:

    BBC is not funny, not even Blue Peter is trustworthy at the BBC, if its presenters are not in Court for molesting its misleading children into its false narrative… Cartoon by MATT showing how to fake Bank Statements…



  29. Philip_2 says:

    Telegraph Letters page: from BBC staff got left behind;
    Letters: How the BBC came adrift from its Reithian founding principles

    SIR – When I joined the BBC in the 1960s, the Reithian principles of public service, probity and equal consideration of all views were drummed into us, along with our ethical responsibilities towards listeners and viewers. It took years to move up the ladder from production assistant to programme editor, but those standards never wavered.

    In the mid-1990s, however, experienced producers such as myself were quietly made redundant: too old and expensive for the new age of youth-focused programming. Talented journalists and directors saw any chance of progression dashed as in-depth documentaries and current affairs programmes disappeared.

    Television journalism became sloppy and partisan. Gone were the days of objective and informed debate. The case of Martin Bashir and Princess Diana, where deliberate deception was involved, is (I hope) rare, but the BBC’s ethical standards have been found wanting for the past two decades. In 2003 there was the “outing” of Dr David Kelly; in 2007 we had the fake Blue Peter competition; in 2008 there was the Russell Brand Show’s “prank” telephone call to Andrew Sachs; and in 2014, there was the live coverage of a police raid on Sir Cliff Richard’s home.

    Most of these cases did not involve deceit, but they show a worrying absence of editorial oversight. I feel less than hopeful about the future of a BBC that I was so proud to be part of.

    Carol Jones

    Quite so. Expect the rot set in with John Birt (then DG) back in the 1980s when the government gave the BBC a massive amount of money to ‘go digital. It was nearly bankrupt then (or claimed it was). It was re-profiling the BBC from right to left and it has stayed there ever since. Staff who may have been ‘Conservative’ in views were removed, retired or not promoted.

    The BBC is not in any way Representative of this nation but a perversion of its staff who worked at The Guardian as Communist agitators employed as staff replacements.


    • G.W.F. says:

      The rot in false news was there in 1980 the BBC adopted its own policy on organ transplants and broadcast a Panorama programme ‘Are the donors really dead?’ with misleading and hopelessly incorrect descriptions of medical conditions which the BBC wrongly described as medically diagnosed ‘braindead’ organ donors.
      Big scare caused many organ donors to withdraw, and cost many lives among potential organ recipients.

      I think Dimblebum chaired a discussion on the programme

      Click to access 1028.full.pdf


  30. Northern Voter says:

    Upcoming diversity shows on your well loved BBC

    Ghandi : Mahatma Ghandi life portrayed on the small screen. Eddy Izzard plays Ghandi, Dawn French as his wife. Lord Louis Mountbatten to be played by Lenny Henry.

    Winston : See Idris Elba play Winston Churchill, Floella Benjamin as his long suffering wife Clemmie.

    Can anyone add to this list?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Northern I think the forthcoming coloured Wife of Henry VIII is gong to take some bearing – especially when she does a Thomas Cromwell Rap …


    • gb123 says:

      How about a mini series based on Woodrow Wilson’s favourite movie, Birth of a Nation. Beebs like Democrats so should be ok. Not sure who would play the grand wizard though.


  31. StewGreen says:

    BBC and labour working together

    #1 Labour have a rule that you have to be a long term Labour member to be eligible to be a candidate
    that was waived for Leadbetter
    to the detriment of other candidates who are long term local members

    Is Labour the party of equal opportunity ?

    #2 I never liked Jox Cox for being a person parachuted into the seat from Islington

    shouldn’t be a big news story it’s been trailed for the last 3 weeks


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ugh – gonna be full on BBC blubbing …. Suppose the husband will get a ‘walk on part’ ….and maybe Labour will fabricate a few ‘hate crimes ‘ to get the win …


      • taffman says:

        Another own goal by Labour.
        Nothing to do with the ordinary working man any more.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      It’s what Jo would have wanted.


    • Sluff says:

      Would that be this Brendan Cox? From of all places, the Guardian on 18 Feb 2018.

      ‘The husband of the murdered MP Jo Cox has resigned from the two charities he set up in her memory after being publicly accused of sexual assault.’


  32. Guest Who says:


    • G.W.F. says:

      Perhaps the UK has a fifth column in the legal profession committed to keeping illegals here


    • Banania says:

      “I remember a time we had a police force that didn’t protect terrorists.”
      I blame those silly hats. Bring back the proper police uniform.


  33. Thoughtful says:

    Sad news that UK BLM organiser and Taking the initiative Party founder Sasha Johnson has been shot in the head and is in intensive care.
    Currently it is unknown who the shooter is, but no one regardless of the political beliefs deserves to be attacked in this way. Worse still if the shooter does turn out to be White then it will be an even sadder story.

    She was a pretty girl, however misguided her ideas were, and I for one hope and pray for her recovery.


    • StewGreen says:

      Of course violence should only be used in self defence
      and guns only to be used against people who are putting your life in immediate danger.

      “Detectives are appealing for information after a woman in her twenties was shot in Peckham.
      Police were called shortly before 3am on Sunday, May 23 to reports of gunshots in Consort Road, SE15.

      The woman is currently in hospital with life-threatening injuries, police said.”

      One Tweet has a WhatsApp msg saying a woman was shot at a party in Peckham


    • richard D says:

      Agree with your sentiments, Thoughtful, but I am reminded, nonetheless, of the glee with which BLM activists greeted the news last year of the lady constable who smashed into a road sign after they had spooked her horse.

      In addition, the behaviour of the political left was all too clear that the death of a political opponent was something to be celebrated when Lady Thatcher’s death was announced.

      I very much doubt there will be any celebrating on the right of the political spectrum at the news of the BLM leader’s shooting, however.

      I did notice, in one of the newspaper articles that ‘the police said detectives from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command (Trident) are leading the investigation.’


  34. Guest Who says:

    Who would have thought that BAME was the new ABC order?


  35. StewGreen says:

    Switches to BBC owned Dave-Channel
    It’s HIGNFY with Jess Phillips


  36. Fedup2 says:

    New Thread time ? Quiet times ?