Start the Week 7 June 2021

Less than a week before the BBC gets some new competition – the first in a very long time . How will it react ? The usual arrogant superiority that comes with guaranteed taxpayers ‘ money ? Or will we see a little less ‘woke ‘? It certainly couldn’t get more woke could it ?

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  1. Fedup2 says:

    Ok – I’m prejudiced – I think some one called ‘Benji Wilson ‘ is coloured . Benji writes a piece in the DT today about the BAFDAs . He wonders whether the BAFDAs signalled that the MSM has now fully ‘changed ‘ – meaning there are more coloured faces on the TV in a indigenously white country .

    Yawn . Benji goes on about coloured folk I have never heard of and hopefully will never see . He mentions in passing – the ‘low viewing figures ‘ but reckons in these days people stream it later . We that’s ok then .

    The most telling thing about this is that the DT doesn’t allow comments .
    Not allowing comments is a sign that the publisher really know that what is putting out will be less than popular with those who pay for the content .

    Funny how quickly we have imported an American race war – courtesy of the BBC , the DT and the rest .


    • JimS says:

      “Funny how quickly we have imported an American race war – courtesy of the BBC , the DT and the rest .”

      I think the ‘race war’ in the UK goes back at least to the 1960s. Around then the word ‘racialist’ was replaced by ‘racist’ as we were swamped by American race experts telling us that we had a problem and that they knew how fix it.

      As ‘our blacks’ were few in number, self-imported, English-speaking and Christian, often with Jamaican passports, it was hard to keep up the comparison with the USA.

      So we developed our own race problem by importing non-English-speaking Muslims who rapidly outbred and displaced the Caribbeans to colonise the UK. After all they, all 40 million of them could never do the job that Pakistan, 200 million, or India, 1,000 million could do!


    • StewGreen says:

      @Fed if Telegraph blocks comments then you can check their Facebook page
      and probably find comments against the woke tone.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Thank you . I just don’t do Facebook – I monitor Twitter and never comment – the cause of this site is strong enough for me to share some of my views .

        In my view you can look at a subject matter on a BBC or Guardian website and ‘know’ that no comments will be allowed .
        I secretly enjoy the hate on the Guardian site though …


  2. tarien says:

    If any of you good folk saw the BBC News last night with a section on the Coventry celebrations-if you did then like me you were no doubt astounded to discover that we have a Black Lady Godiva, Yes a Black Lady Godiva-absolute distortion of our History, following on from the Black Ann Bolyn-what next I wonder. I nearly smashed the TV screen! Are we really considered so very gullable that such events are now accepted as per?


    • Up2snuff says:

      I felt sorry for the people of Coventry who only got only an old car parade, some dancers and the aforementioned Godiva parade for their money as City of Culture 2021 from the start. Oh, I guess the Chief Executive and her fellow directors got something – probably a big fat salary out of it as well.

      But for the people …. nothing that they couldn’t get in any year.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Lady Godiva was one of the very few Anglo-Saxon nobles to survive the ethnic cleansing unleashed by the Normans, following the invasion in 1066. Talking of which, it’s notable how most of the events cited by liberals as examples of Britain’s continuous history of immigration and multi-culturalism – the Romans, the Vikings, the Normans – were military invasions resulting in the large scale slaughter of the local inhabitants. Presumably they see them as wonderful precedents…


      • Garry Lavin says:

        Ha ha. I’ve had that said to me many times.
        After Harold had had tea and scones with the Vikings up north…..he popped down to Hastings for coffee and croissants….to discuss harmony with William.

        And before all that was the harrowing of the north.

        Facts are inconvenient aren’t they. I’ve just done a Richard Starkey.


    • StewGreen says:

      Em there’s nothing wrong with a black woman playing the part of Lady Godiva

      If a black British kid wants to play playing the part of King Arthur in a game or the real King Richard that is a good thing.

      The problem is when media distort by focusing only on BAME


  3. taffman says:

    Before I go , here is an old maxim for Al Beeb, its staff and all the wokees in the country to learn by heart , which will serve them well in their ‘cotton wool world’ ……………….

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones
    But words shall never hurt me.”


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Or the modern woke version backed by Antifa and BLM supporters (and maybe tacitly by the BBC and CNN):

      “I’ll pretend that words hurt me
      And use sticks and stones to break your bones”


  4. vonrecht says:

    Was that the dishonest and manipulative Nick Robinson on Toady, ostensibly discussing a book by Bill Clinton (good), but quickly building a bridge across to the now compulsory virtue signal of denigrating Trump (bad), as well as drawing Putin (bad) into this “harmless” chat about writers and potential writers?
    Or was it just me, having learnt not to trust a single word Nick says, having learnt there is always an ulterior (usually opaque- he hopes) motive?


  5. Fedup2 says:

    Apparently the express has a poll about people likely to use UKNews and not the BBC – seems to be encouraging .

    I’m pondering what the likely short term effect of UKNews will be ?

    I’m quite pessimistic unless it does give British people British news – and I don’t mean Londonistan .

    There will be two big problems –

    1 OFCOM – run by ex BBC employees will be on it like a ton of bricks

    2. There will always be a residue of people who still think the BBC is British and will stick with it out of habit . Also – they don’t look to carefully at its ‘ narrative and just pay for it out of habit or fear .

    On the up side UKNews could really shake the tree and – perhaps – for us – signal the beginning of the end of the BBC by the time of the Charter renewal in 2027.

    Downside – the government is afraid of the BBC


  6. Guest Who says:

    Sorely missed.


  7. Guest Who says:



    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest – thanks for putting it up – it’s a 3 minute 30 second gem of a disabled Jewish queer ( self identified ) having what I think sodomites refer to as a ‘hissy fit ‘ with a classic ‘and now the weather ‘ ending (spoiler alert ) .

      Ha ha


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Let’s have a Twitter Court .
    Plod can go back through every public figures ‘ Twitter output and any comment which could be considered ‘offensive ‘ or ‘racist ‘ can be sent to the Twitter court for adjudication .

    The twitteree can be thrown in a river . If they sink they were innocent and if they are guilty they will float and can be put to death ….

    Start with all the England squad ….


    • richard D says:

      Of course, over the past few days, a highly experienced BBC ‘investigative team’ has been busily sieving through the online accounts of every sportsperson of colour, in the hopes of finding the slightest hint of a derogatory mention of non-POCs or other ‘protected groups’ on any public forum since they were 12 years old…….

      ….. and will be demanding the instant withdrawal of these people from any major sports event until they have debased themselves to their victims, in person, on TV, and possibly serving a ban on their participation in their chosen field for an indeterminate period.

      Then again, maybe not……


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Not BBC but more good news . The French take over the chair of the EU in 2022 and want to replace English with French as the main language – another nail in the EU coffin …


    • Dobyns says:

      Ahhhhh, a new lingua franca – but only in Brussels and Strasbourg

      I wonder if ICAO will follow suit with ATC’s and pilots all over the world


      • Old Goat says:

        I doubt that’ll change, although French ATC often talk to pilots in French, rather than English (which is mandatory). There have been accidents before, because local language has been used, and other pilots listening out haven’t been aware of what’s going on, or of instructions to some aircraft on the same frequency, particularly ground movements. Madness.


      • Fedup2 says:

        It did come as a bit of a shock when flying from a certain airport in spain where ATC insisted on speaking spanish until i got in the way of an incoming ryanair flight – then they went into the formal language of flying -it wasnt French …


        • Scroblene says:

          Bit of a long post and maybe done the rounds, but always worth a re-read!

          Ever wonder what happens when you forget history or are nationally arrogant?

          JFK’S Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, was in France in the early 60’s when DeGaulle decided to pull out of NATO.

          De Gaulle said he wanted all US military out of France as soon as possible.

          Rusk responded “Does that include those who are buried here?”

          You could have heard a pin drop


          There was a conference in France where a number of international engineers were taking part, including French and Americans, shortly after a coffee break, one of the French engineers came back into the room saying sarcastically ‘Have you heard the latest dumb thing Bush has done ‘ He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims — What does he intended to do, bomb them ?

          A Boeing engineer standing nearby replied in a measured tone:

          ‘Our carriers have three hospitals on board that can treat several hundred people; they are nuclear powered and can supply
          emergency electrical power to shore facilities; they have three cafeterias with the capacity to feed 3,000 people three meals a day, they can produce several thousand gallons of fresh water from sea water each day, and they carry a number of helicopters which can be used in transporting victims and injured to and from their flight deck. We have eleven such ships; how many does France have?’

          You could have heard a pin drop.


          A Royal Navy Admiral was attending a naval conference that included Admirals from the U.S. , England , Canada , Australia and the French Navies. At a cocktail reception, he found himself standing with a large group of Officers that included personnel from most of those countries. Everyone was chatting away in English as they sipped their drinks when a French admiral suddenly complained that, whereas Europeans learn many languages, the English learn only English. He then asked, ‘Why is it that we always have to speak English in these conferences rather than speaking French?’

          Without hesitating, the British Admiral replied,

          ‘Maybe it’s because the Brit’s, Americans, Canadians, Aussie’s, and South Africans, arranged it so you wouldn’t have to speak German.’

          You could have heard a pin drop.


          Robert Whiting, an elderly British gentleman of 83, arrived in Paris by plane.

          At French Customs, he took some time to locate his passport in his carry on.

          “You have been to France before, monsieur?” the customs officer asked sarcastically.

          Mr. Whiting admitted that he had been to France previously.

          “Then you should know enough to have your passport ready.”

          The Englishman replied, ‘The last time I was here, I didn’t have to show it..”

          “Impossible — You English always have to show your passports on arrival in France !”

          The English senior gave the Frenchman a long hard look — then he quietly explained,

          ”Well, when I came ashore at Gold Beach on D-Day in 1944, to help liberate this country, I couldn’t find a single Frenchmen to show a passport to.”

          You could have heard a pin drop.



  10. pugnazious says:


    Mexico v USA

    Mass brawl, players pelted by fans, homophobic abuse shouted by the crowd….and total silence from the BBC….and yet Ollie Robinson makes some, allegedly, offensive comments 10 years ago when he was a teenager and he’s hung out to dry, fans boo the taking of the knee and BBC commentators condemn them.

    If the Mexico fans had been chucking bananas instead of bottles and cups, or making monkey chants instead of anti-gay slurs the BBC would make it headline news. [Gays and women are no longer the favoured groups…Blacks and Trans get top billing now in the pecking order].

    Nick Robinson was on his usual fine form this morning as he cheerfully ignored any alleged editorial guidelines on being impartial and non-political.

    Remember when the BBC was once very concerned that Boris was morphing into Adolph Hitler before our very eyes….so much so that both Nick Robinson and Andrew Neil called him a dictator.

    Robinson called the Prime Minister’s social media use a ‘form of propaganda’ and said it was undemocratic to avoid proper scrutiny by journalist…

    ”There is no doubt that all politicians know that they can broadcast directly using social media. Johnson regularly does videos on Facebook and regularly does videos on Twitter…..It ain’t democracy, it is a form of propaganda used by dictators down the ages.”

    Neil claimed something similar as Boris refused to do an interview with him saying how undemocratic it was not to do this interview….except of course Boris had done over 120 interviews…many with the BBC including Marr and Kuenssberg. Hardly dodging scrutiny by the media.

    Then we had lockdown and suddenly the draconian and undemocratic, dictatorial measures imposed by the government were not only greeted with alacrity by the BBC but the BBC was urging the government to impose harsher restrictions….such as closing schools…the costs of which are starting to haunt us now.

    When Lady Hale stated that Parliament had shamefully surrendered its powers and had failed to do its duty to scrutinize what the government was doing the BBC completely ignored her words as she made the notable comment that the measures were ‘draconian’ in nature. The BBC previously of course hung on every word Lady Hale expressed as she battled Boris and Brexit…now not so much.

    The fact that the government continually bypasses Parliament and keeps on imposing draconian measures without accountability goes unchallenged by the BBC….democracy apparently is an inconvenience when it gets in the way of lockdown or climate change legislation.

    However…all change when one of the BBC’s favourite subjects pops up….such as handing out billions of pounds to, ironically, so many foreign dictators…that the BBC approves of….Nick Robinson berating Boris this morning for not allowing Parliament to vote on the reduction in foreign aid….surely, he said, this was not democratic!

    The imposition of draconian and extremely illiberal measures using Covid19 as an excuse without any proper Parliamentary scrutiny is apparently fine…but a temporary reduction in the flow of money to what many consider highly suspect regimes and projects is verging on dictatorship?

    Then we had a very well planned attack on Boris…and a defence of The Woke Brigade.
    Boris’ comment that the suspension of Ollie Robinson may have been a bit too much wasn’t merely an off the cuff remark to a doorstepping journalist asking the question but part of a sinister plot by a ‘populist’ government to attack the ‘woke’ elite…pandering it might be said to the, lol, majority of the country who might agree with him….yeah man…F**K that democracy eh! Suddenly democracy and being accountable to those who voted for you is so Adolf Hitler.

    Robinson made the suggestion that this was just Boris playing politics, that inconvenient democracy again…lol. I thought that was it and we’d move on with that little slur…but no…it was part of a sinister plot by the BBC…a well laid out narrative…there was more as they wheeled in Matthew D’Ancona from Tortoise Media [set up by the BBC’s James Harding of course…the BBC frequently guides us to their portals].

    D’Ancona is a longtime Boris and Brexit hater….

    ‘Let’s be honest about what’s really driving Brexit: bigotry
    Matthew d’Ancona’

    ‘The debate has been largely framed in economic terms. But money isn’t enough to explain this ugly chapter in our history’

    A previous Tortoise article by him….

    ‘The horror, the horror’
    ‘Boris Johnson could be the next prime minister. Matthew d’Ancona thinks that’s a very bad idea’

    Not an honest commentator for the BBC to stand up without revealing, of course, his own prejudices about Boris and Brexit.

    D’Ancona assured us this was all a calculated plan to pander to the majority of voters who may not like the way Ollie Robinson has been treated or footballers taking the knee….it cynically makes sense for Boris to do this.

    D’Ancona tried to bat away and dismiss arguments for this position…er such as democracy?…or that the woke cultural elite had hijacked history and culture and were using it to destroy our society….D’Ancona dismissed this argument as ‘They would say that wouldn’t they’ as if it was unjustified and without any grounds for such a questioning of the wokerati.

    He claimed that there were ‘low-key’ people in No10 who were fantastically powerful and influential who were changing Britain undemocratically……hmmm….no the government was elected by a whacking majority…the fantastically powerful and influential people changing Britain using sinister and undemocratic means are that cultural, woke, elite…the BBC included….in fact this very piece by the Today show is part of that…an attempt to orchestrate a counter-attack on the government effort to rein in these unaccountable and all too powerful elites.

    The BBC trying to portray this as a dictatorial, populist [lol..the irony…isn’t that as voted for by a majority?…as in ‘democratic’] government pushing a bigoted, racist and undemocratic agenda.

    The BBC v The Majority in this country. Odd that they can admit that Boris represents majority feeling and yet without any irony at all call him a dictator….when it suits.

    Guess Chomsky had the BBC in mind as he said…

    ‘The right to lie in the service of power is guarded with considerable vigour and passion.’

    The power of the cultural elite to run, or is that ruin, your life that is.


  11. Tabs says:

    BBC fake breaking news:

    A number of leading media websites are currently not working, including the Guardian, Financial Times, Independent and the New York Times.

    The UK government website – – is also down.

    Affected websites displayed the message: “Error 503 Service Unavailable”.

    Early reports have suggested it could be related to Fastly, a cloud computing provider, which underpins a lot of major websites.

    The Guardian is NOT a major website outside of Broadcasting House so this is fake new.


    • Dobyns says:

      High traffic websites including MSNBC, CNN, HuffingtonPost (the world’s greatest waste of online electrons), and the New York Times were listed as experiencing problems reporting truth and unbiased news by outage tracking website, although several appeared to be unfortunately coming back up.


  12. MarkyMark says:

    The Vision of the Anointed is a devastating critique of the mind-set behind the failed social policies of the past thirty years.

    Thomas Sowell sees what has happened not as a series of isolated mistakes but as a logical consequence of a vision whose defects have led to disasters in education, crime, family disintegration, and other social pathology.

    In this book, “politically correct” theory is repeatedly confronted with facts — and sharp contradictions between the two are explained in terms of a whole set of self-congratulatory assumptions held by political and intellectual elites. These elites — the anointed — often consider themselves “thinking people,” but much of what they call thinking turns out, on examination, to be rhetorical assertion, followed by evasions of mounting evidence against those assertions.

    00:00:00 Preface
    00:03:20 Chapter 1: Flattering Unction
    00:15:14 Chapter 2: The Pattern
    01:04:18 Chapter 3: By The Numbers
    02:14:47 Chapter 4: The Irrelevance of Evidence

    03:41:14 Chapter 5: The Anointed versus the Benighted
    05:06:25 Chapter 6: Crusades of the Anointed
    06:31:09 Chapter 7: The Vocabulary of the Anointed
    07:48:14 Chapter 8: Courting Disaster
    08:35:43 Chapter 9: Optional Reality


  13. MarkyMark says:

    In Saudi Arabia, antisemitism is commonplace. Saudi Arabian media often denounces Jews in books, news articles and with what some describe as antisemitic satire. Saudi Arabian government officials and state religious leaders often promote the idea that Jews are conspiring to take over the entire world; as proof of their claims they publish and frequently cite the fictional work, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as factual.[4][5][6]


  14. MarkyMark says:

    A statue of Mahatma Gandhi, the famed Indian independence leader, has been removed from a university campus in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

    University of Ghana lecturers began a petition for its removal shortly after it was unveiled in 2016 by India’s former President Pranab Mukherjee.

    The petition said Gandhi was “racist” and African heroes should be put first.

    In the wake of the row, Ghana’s government at the time said the statue would be relocated.


  15. s.trubble says:

    The bBC REMAIN team in full flow this morning dangling chilled sausages at Mr Eustace. In fairness he keeps quite chilled himself does Mr Eustace.

    It seems that the EU is wrapping up the chilled sausgaes from the Uk to…err the UK ( N.I) in layers of impenetrable “EuroGuff”.

    I was thinking about trade between the UK and N.I…..surely all that should be offered to the EU is that all goods from within UK/N.I should declare a simple wording….”Not for Re-export to EU countries?

    Thas way they can feel protected from unwanted invasion by the world famous UK Chilled Sausage!

    You can always rely on the biased state organ to make a mountain out of a molehill if it means the UK is made to look unreasonable.
    as opposed to the bBC troughites attacking EU intransigence.


  16. Guest Who says:

    Noticed Springster ‘likes’ every BBC reporter move. Presumably hoping to get in good for the next Napoleonic style career launch.

    That said, the actual difference escapes me.


    • JimS says:

      I think a BBC Reporter copies and pastes from Twitter and a BBC Correspondent gives us the BBC Approved interpretation of the event.


  17. Fedup2 says:



  18. Halifax says:

    Now Im not one for conspiracy theory’s, however.

    If I was part of a religious group bent on the over through of British society and its norms would i see it as an excellent opportunity to inflict damage by not having a vaccination. If you look at the maps of Bolton and Darwen etc, places with high areas of the new DELTA variant they are based around religious centres, so if said centre was telling people not to be vaccinated would it be a form of Biological warfare ????? What better way to get back at the society that supports you educates you and provides for you than to spread the virus ……Just a thought.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “If you use the language rules that your ideological opponent demands that you use, you cede (give up) the territory to them.” – {youtube – Jordan Peterson @6:12}


      • Fedup2 says:

        Totally agree – so I use ‘coloured’ in relation to non whites – and will never mention their Marxist pressure group by name .

        And it’s the Indian variant – not delta


      • StewGreen says:

        @MarkyMark YouTube pushed this video at claiming Jordan Peterson uses appeasement techniques rather than confrontation.
        I’m not sure if that us true
        Jordan seems to very direct and aggressive, which is good
        … I wonder if this video is a bit fake

        OK you can start every conversation with appeasement, but should that be necessary? The people you are talking to are adults
        Is they misread everything you say then maybe they are not worth debating with.

        When the speaker says Jordan uses archetypes
        relating things to common fairy stories
        that is true. And that does work.


  19. MarkyMark says:

    A new scientific study seen exclusively by the BBC indicates that the drug Thalidomide is still causing birth defects in Brazil today. It’s been given to people suffering from leprosy to ease some of their symptoms, and some women have taken it unaware of the risks they run when pregnant.

    Thalidomide was first marketed in the late 1950s as a sedative. It was given to pregnant women to help them overcome morning sickness – but it damaged babies in the womb, restricting the growth of arms and legs.

    About 10,000 Thalidomide babies were born worldwide until the drug was withdrawn in the early 1960s. In most countries the Thalidomide children became Thalidomide adults, now in their 50s, and there were no more Thalidomide babies.


  20. Tabs says:

    BBC reporter tweets that Marianna Spring is brilliant and she tweets that he is brilliant too. Isn’t the BBC just brilliant!


    • MarkyMark says:

      circle jerk
      The act of constantly sharing the same opinion in a forum full of people who are obviously known to have the same opinion as yours, therefor granting you free upvotes to said opinion, while gathering downvotes to anyone that opposes you on the matter


    • Banania says:



  21. BRISSLES says:

    BBC reporting on Bill Clinton’s (with collaboration) new book, and showed him giving a reading.

    I had to look up his age, because he spoke like a chap of 90 ! yet he’s ‘only’ 74 !! I also noticed that the younger Adam Bolton has a bottom lip that’s more associated with old men so his speech is likened to what you’d expect to hear from a 105 year old Lord of the Realm. Lesson to be learned there fellas, take charge of your vocal chords because your voice can put years on you. I notice these things 🙂


  22. pugnazious says:

    Interesting how little interest the shooting of Sasha Johnson has raised at the BBC…once it was clear it wasn’t a white supremacist assassination attempt.

    Where are the endless streams of outraged black people declaiming about racist Britain being unsafe for Black people to walk the streets? Where is the concerned outrage about the proliferation of dangerous gangs in London and other British cities killing all these young blacks?

    Doesn’t seem a lot of concern at BBC Towers….or indeed in the Black community….

    ‘NO witnesses have come forward from party where BLM activist Sasha Johnson was shot ‘in gang crossfire’ – as her mother urges people to speak to the police’

    Imagine, if you can, a white cricketer being exposed for some offensive tweets ten years ago when he was a callow and naive teenager….imagine the outrage and shock, imagine the stream of black voices trooping into BBC studios or zooming in to condemn this cricketer.

    Where were they when Sasha Johnson was shot by a black gang…where were they when so many other black youths were gunned down or stabbed or forced into the gangs to traffic drugs?

    Why is it a few tweets from a white kid is a shocking indictment of racist Britain but a trail of dead black bodies, left by other Blacks, across the cities of Britain passes with so little comment from the same ‘outraged’ Blacks and BBC?

    Why is it left to a black American way way across the Atlantic to notice what is going on here and the irony of the attack on Johnson?


    • The Sage says:

      Has anyone actually read these so-called racist and sexist tweets? Well, from what I have seen these are rather poor attempts at schoolboy humour and nothing more. This is hardly Hitler Youth level stuff.
      The BBC has bigged up these tweets as racist and sexist and without really publishing the content and allowing others to judge for themselves.
      And what kind of person spends their time trawling through a cricketer’s very old tweets on the day he makes his Test debut and then publishes them? Well it seems, the editor of Wisden no less and who, unsurprisingly, was treated like a hero on the Today programme this morning for uncovering these messages. Apparently, he is on the hunt for more errant cricketers amid much BBC applause from Rob Bonnet (I think). At this rate, we will have trouble getting a team together for the next Test!
      If anyone here subscribes to Wisden then I suggest a cancellation would be in order.


  23. MarkyMark says:

    5 Live Drive
    BBC Radio 5 Live, Monday 21 December 2020

    During an item about Covid-19 admissions in Northern Ireland, we said hospitals are “admitting four to five hundred Covid patients a day,” and when challenged we said this was correct because it was the figure given by the Northern Ireland Health Minister to a Covid-19 committee at Stormont.

    In fact the challenge was correct. The Minister, Robin Swann, had told the committee that there were between 400 and 500 Covid patients being treated at that time.



  24. Beltane says:

    Great news for herbivores! ‘Research’ has shown that going vegetarian could cut the risk of severe Covid reaction by as much as 73%.
    That’s amazing, and you get to help save the planet too, so double brilliant. No more farty meat, healthy greens morning, noon and night. What could be better?
    Except, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t India currently the site of the most severe and widespread variant? And aren’t the majority of Indians Hindus? And aren’t Hindus vegetarian?

    Oh well. Could someone find another drawing board, please? Do they make a full-fibre vegan board?


    • pugnazious says:

      Another message that the government’s nudge unit has fed to the media to propagate for their green agenda.


      • MarkyMark says:

        7 dangerous side effects of Vegan diet
        01/8​What is a Vegan diet? …
        02/8​Low energy & weight problems. …
        03/8​​Leaky gut issues. …
        04/8​Hormones disruptions. …
        05/8​Lack of iron. …
        06/8​Risk of vitamin B12 deficiency. …
        07/8​Risk of depression. …
        08/8​Risk of developing an eating disorder.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Vegetarians and vegans are usually advised to take at least 10 mcg per day, or at least 2,000 mcg once per week. However, some doctors still prefer the use of injections. Bottom Line: Many animal foods are high in vitamin B12.23 Apr 2016


    • MarkyMark says:

      Is being vegan bad for health?
      They found that people who eat vegan and vegetarian diets have a lower risk of heart disease, but a higher risk of stroke, possibly partly due to a lack of B12. The researchers found that those who didn’t eat meat had 10 fewer cases of heart disease and three more strokes per 1,000 people compared with the meat-eaters.23 Jan 2020


    • StewGreen says:

      @Beltane Hindus aren’t vegetarian
      a lot if dairy is often eaten
      and chicken, pork, fish, eggs etc.
      but generally far less than in the west
      and a certain portion may be vegetarians but not vegan.


  25. pugnazious says:

    LOL….BBC never misses a chance does it?

    Bill Clinton peddling a new book, how to get stains out of dresses and other handy tips, and the BBC uses it to attack Trump on Today.

    They managed to lever in a clip of Trump urging his followers to make their voices heard and followed it with a clip of shouting from the unscheduled and undocumented tour of the Capitol Building…thus conflating the two and making out Trump urged on ‘insurrection’….or should that be ‘resistance’ as the BBC calls the Brixton Riots now.

    Similarly they played a clip of Putin saying he wanted Trump to win in 2016 and had told his officials to help….now that is Putin playing a media he knows will lap up every such comment….it’s a pure lie designed to fit the BBC’s and CNN’s agenda as Putin full well knows…and the BBC plays along willingly regurgitating his words as fact….colluding with Russia you might say…rightly.

    We know it’s bo**ocks because for one the CIA stated that Putin’s objective was not to get any one person elected but to sow confusion and chaos within the US political system…and he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams as the anti-Trump media and the Democrats chose to legitimise the fake and blatantly dodgy dossier and tried to impeach and unseat the President using it…..US politics and indeed society was torn apart for years by this.

    How is this helping Trump?…..Putin’s intelligence agents give information to Christopher Steele telling him that they have compromising information on Trump and that essentially he is their puppet…they will use it to blackmail him if he becomes President?

    That’s helping Trump? Saying he is in fact a Russian stooge? Odd way of helping him. It in fact says they have nothing on Trump and are solely intent on sowing that chaos and division. Let’s face it if they had it they would have released it by now.

    The only Russian stooges were, and are still, the BBC and its fellow travellers.


  26. Rob in Cheshire says:

    I had the dubious pleasure of listening to Princess Nikki Campbell’s “phone in” on Radio 5 Woke this morning at 9am, on the subject of England fans booing the ancient tradition of the taking of the knee.

    I put “phone in” in inverted commas, because in fact the vast majority of the programme consisted of lectures by various members of the wokerati about how England is a racist country, and the England fans are racists, fully backed up by Princess Nikki in full right on mode.

    What was missing were actual calls by actual people. There were about three if I remember rightly, one from a professional Scouser who used to be racist but has now seen the light. Yeah, really. Anyone who opposes the taking of the knee is a “divvy” apparently. Princess Nikki liked that. It was like listening to Brookside all over again.

    Princess Nikki even managed to get “Thatcher” into it, by equating those who celebrated her death to those who dare to boo the taking of the knee, because obviously these are two equally solemn moments.

    I wondered if it were just possible that Princess Nikki had to pad the programme out because there were not enough calls supporting the pathetic woke fest of a a show? Obviously, there would be no chance of broadcasting any calls from English racists who for some reason resent being told what to think by a bunch of thick millionaires.

    I think Radio 5 Woke just deplatformed 90% of the English people!


    • Scroblene says:

      Most of the callers on R5Dead during the night, are regulars, and mainly boring, pro-BBC types.

      I don’t really mind Colin Murray, or Dotun, but directly they reach for these usual suspects, it’s *click*.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Rob Nicky Campbell’s phonein usually gets a kicking on 5Live’s Facebook page.


  27. StewGreen says:

    The Rail Delivery Group using government cash to promote trains
    Their Twitter advert ticks boxes
    by having Rainbow flag
    and featuring a Muslim family they gave a free trip to


  28. s.trubble says:

    How many of these illegal migrants would get in these dinghies if they knew upon arrival they would immediately face 3 years of National service with a further 2 if they had not faced a hostile situation during that period?


  29. MarkyMark says:

    Coronavirus live news: China approves vaccine for three-year-olds
    Coronavirus live news: China approves vaccine for three-year-olds
    Coronavirus live news: China approves vaccine for three-year-olds
    Coronavirus live news: China approves vaccine for three-year-olds


  30. Dobyns says:

    Wonder if the Woke al beeb isn’t relishing this …

    Disgusting spoiled brats and their craven, cowering, woke professors


  31. Foscari says:

    We are now getting into a kind of McCarthyism involving
    the BLM. Where the only ones allowed to challenge it
    are the black gangs slaughtering their “brothers and sisters.”
    The BBC and very wealthy ex footballers are the
    cheerleaders for this anarchist Marxist organization .
    I expect if these ex footballers were playing for
    England against Germany in 1938 they would of joined
    their teammates in giving the Nazi fascist salute.
    I would like to ask them why are the majority of
    the teams in the Euros NOT going down on their knees
    in subjugation to the BLM cult ? Nearly 100% of us agree
    with the statement that BLACK LIVES MATTER. The very
    minute that don’t . Are black gangs killing each other.


  32. taffman says:

    “Euro 2020: Vaccine passports to be used at Wembley group fixtures”
    The beginning of a police state?


  33. MarkyMark says:

    BBC report on BBC being BBC regards the BBC …

    Gill was one of the most respected artists of the 20th Century. His statue Prospero and Ariel adorns the BBC’s Broadcasting House and the Creation of Adam is in the lobby of the Palais des Nations, now the European HQ of the United Nations in Geneva.

    But MacCarthy’s book revealed that he regularly had sex with two of his daughters, his sisters and even the family dog. These encounters he recorded in his diary.

    Piece of work

    For some of Gill’s fans, even looking at his work became impossible. Most problematically, he was a Catholic convert who created some of the most popular devotional art of his era, such as the Stations of the Cross in Westminster Cathedral, where worshippers pray at each panel depicting the suffering of Jesus.


    • Banania says:

      I posted about this before seeing your own post, so was not aware of the duplication. Do you think Gill’s works ought to be removed? – you don’t say.


  34. Kinell says:

    Why don’t the Government cancel the Overseas Aid budget.

    Any British Taxpayer that disagrees with this policy could easily have their personal tax allowance changed by 1% or 2 % or by whatever amount and then the Govenment could donate that money to Overseas Aid.


    • Doublethinker says:

      My view is that the overseas aid budget should be increased, yes increased, and used to repatriate all illegals and as many of the ‘new Brits’ as can be persuaded to leave this land that they so despise. Those who wish to stay must be prepared to adopt our values and customs. The overseas aid budget can be used to run compulsory ‘how to live alongside British people without offending them’ , compulsory for everyone over 15.


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        Instead of sending them money we should send them boatloads of illegals because we are constantly told that they are a net gain and they more than pay their way.

        Anywhere running out of money! … send a few thousand there and just watch the money come rolling into their treasury.

        It’s what Jo would have wanted.


  35. taffman says:

    Not on Al Beeb yet but I understand that Priti is getting tough ! Yes that’s getting tough with people filming “illegals” landing on our beaches ?
    Why isn’t she getting tough with the threats she has already made against the law breaking invaders ?
    Can anyone confirm this ?

    IMHO she knows that, using language Cameron once used, there is a “swarm of people” coming and wants it concealed and censored .
    We voted for the Tory Government to safeguard the security our borders , instead we got a bunch of Liberals .
    There will be trouble ahead .


    • theisland says:

      The establishment think they can stop the filming through fear and threats because that is how they themselves are ruled (plus the bribery of course).
      They have convinced themselves that the only people concerned about this are thick, ‘far right,’ racist bigots.
      They are wrong, wrong, wrong.

      Here are some of today’s intake.


  36. Kinell says:

    Sorry for the spelling.

    I nearly got it Wright.


  37. popeye says:

    This weekend will see 15 days since the anti-vax million persons’ march. According to the BBC then we are going to see thousands of cases of Covid-19 and hundreds of deaths because they did not wear masks and very few were jabbed. Watch this space


  38. pugnazious says:

    When the trade deals were announced the other day I heard the 5 Live presenter desperately trying to trash them and only portray them in a negative light.

    He just wouldn’t accept that the quick and convenient electronic paperwork was in anyway beneficial.

    He couldn’t accept that lower tariffs were going to work to our benefit…it was all just ‘wishful thinking’ apparently.

    And to cap it all he said the value of the trade deal wasn’t much more than we could have got if we’d stayed in the EU….soooo…one…we don’t have all the baggage that came with the EU such as freedom of movement for all and sundry and two…errrrr….so we have a trade deal that at least equals that which we would have had inside the EU?……..hasn’t the BBC spent years insisting that that would never happen, that life outside the EU would be poorer and very lonely?

    Seems not…and at least we’re vaccinated.

    The BBC campaigned against Brexit year after year after year telling lie after lie after lie….and the biggest lie was that it was all about economics when the real reason for Brexit was about sovereignty…Dominic Cummings nailed it…’Take Back Control’…odd how the BBC steadfastly refused to discuss sovereignty and the movement against further ‘integration’ with, or subjugation by, the EU… was all ‘You’re going to be jobless and in poverty and the world will laugh at you’.

    Guess not so much.


    • Fedup2 says:

      French President bitch slapped whilst ‘doing the line ‘ on a visit . Trying for sympathy votes or a sign that France doesn’t want him anymore ? I’m betting the Twitter feed won’t feature on the France loving BBC


  39. The Mouse says:


    One of the questions you asked – “Why is it a few tweets from a white kid is a shocking indictment of racist Britain but a trail of dead black bodies, left by other Blacks, across the cities of Britain passes with so little comment from the same ‘outraged’ Blacks and BBC?”

    The answer is that the likes of the BBC are a tool of social engineering. We witness daily the under-reporting of child grooming, under-reporting of daily migrant influx, under reporting of all negative incidents associated with recent arrivals into UK, full-on reporting of transgender issues, of misogyny (but not misandry), etc, etc (I could go on for 10 mins). My main message is we can see what they are doing – and the good news is that more and more of my decent neighbours and friends are openly talking about it – and many not paying the license fee for starters.


  40. pugnazious says:


    ‘French President Emmanuel Macron has been slapped in the face on an official visit to the south-east of France.

    The man reportedly shouted “Down with Macron-ism” as he slapped the president, as well as “Montjoie, Saint-Denis” – the battle-cry of the old Kingdom of France, in reference to the banner of King Charlemagne.

    As yet the identity and motive of the man are unclear.’

    Would have thought the motive was fairly clear….though I note there’s no run down of the long list of complaints people have about Macron’s regime….and the BBC takes it all very seriously. If this had been Boris there’d have been much laughter and mockery and a long list of his apparent failures for us to chew on…..if it had been Farage BBC ‘comedians’ would have wished it had been an axe through the head no doubt instead of just a slap.


    • StewGreen says:

      Yes waiting for the Jo brand “joke” about the Macron slap
      something like “Yes he should have slapped him and his children with a bucket of stong acid, ha ha !” etc.


  41. Guest Who says:

    Will Gary Lineker get his own explanatory sign?


  42. Kaiser says:

    the ever entertaining naga was on the radio as I nipped out to B&Q

    when reading out a reply from someone opposing footballers kneeling she made a big song and dance about them being anonymous , no name , anon basically mocking them

    on the way back they were on to carers and nurses and read out in deferential hushed tones a letter from someone who wished to remain anonymous , about how hard his nurse wife is finding things . NO mocking this time I wonder why.


  43. TrickCyclist says:

    BBC London news, 6:30pm.
    Includes reports of two unveilings – a mural of Marcus Rashford MBE at a junior school and a statue of Emily Wilding Davison in Epsom.
    Did they mention the bombs she planted?
    What do you think?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Trick – is the BBC Londonistan news running updates on whether the coloured party girl with a round in her head will pull through or not ? Just wondered because if she kicks on they’ll be putting up a statue ….


      • TrickCyclist says:

        The unfortunate Ms. Johnson? No update as far as I saw, but there were two separate incidents of black men shot in mistaken identity cases, one with the perps jailed, the other still unsolved.
        If a statue of Sasha Johnson is ever deemed necessary, maybe the one of Jen Reid, erected for a single day in Bristol, could be re-purposed. Different hair, same uniform.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Trick – yes – I was thinking that the silence on that front suggests they’ll be switching off the machines in a while -cue the emoting from the BBC of yet another victim of the ‘race war ‘ ( or really silence because coloured folk did one of their own) – normally it’s about ‘dissing ‘ ( whatever that is ) ….


    • StewGreen says:

      The Yesterday Channel Portillo, yesterday was banging on in hushed tones about Emily and the Suffragettes
      without mentioning that they were terrorists who put back universal women’s suffrage.


  44. Fedup2 says:

    A cut and paste from the Spectator about cuts to the foreign give away budget – £71 000 000 to China ?

    In defence of the foreign aid cut
    Mary Dejevsky
    It says something for the persuasive powers of former international development secretary, Andrew Mitchell, that he mustered enough potential votes to inflict defeat on Boris Johnson’s government, if only his amendment had been permitted and a vote had been held.

    Mitchell’s consolation prize, awarded by the Speaker in recognition of the strength of feeling in the Commons, is an emergency debate on what would have been the substance of his amendment: to reinstate foreign aid at 0.7 per cent of GDP from next year, rather than the reduction to 0.5 per cent that was set in the Budget.

    The rift this row has exposed among Conservative MPs could embarrass the Prime Minister as he prepares to host G7 leaders in Cornwall. But how damaging will this first serious rebellion of the Johnson premiership really be?

    Not as damaging, I suggest, as Mitchell and his supporters in politics, the NGO world and sections of the media would like it to be. Just because all former prime ministers, a former lord chancellor, and several dozen great and good Tory MPs happen to agree on something – in this case, the supposed iniquity of the aid cut – does not make them right.

    From a strictly legal point of view, the ‘temporary’ reduction in foreign aid may be questionable without a Commons vote, even though it was effectively passed in the Budget last March. But does a government really not have the discretion to adjust a statutory provision at a time of national belt-tightening that has been necessitated by forces outside its control?

    That is a question that may – like Johnson’s ill-fated attempt to prorogue parliament at the height of the Brexit stalemate – eventually be decided in court. The eight year-old decision to fix the aid budget in law looks even more of a folly now than it did.

    Yes, the UK likes to think of itself as a generous country. And the 0.7 per cent figure, which met a UN target and placed this country among the more generous international aid donors, fed into that self-regard. But enthusiasm for foreign aid has been flagging – around two-thirds of those asked in opinion polls regularly want it cut – and the pandemic could have made it even less popular had it not been trimmed. Politically, the decision – temporary or not – is justifiable.

    Indeed, a victory for Mitchell and his cohorts now would risk the opening of a breach between Parliament and people akin to the gulf over Brexit when Theresa May was prime minister.

    A majority of MPs – with their adequate salaries and pensions – might argue that the UK’s national honour as an aid donor needed to be upheld, that maintaining the aid budget was ‘the right thing to do’. They might also say – as Mitchell argued in response to the Speaker’s decision – that the planned reduction could entail ‘hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths’.

    But good luck in selling that to the country at large. All right, so MPs are considered delegates, rather than representatives, elected to make their own judgements. But should they be so heedless of public opinion, especially at a time of national crisis?

    That said, of course, the aid budget has suffered a double blow, as both GDP – thanks to the pandemic – and the proportion of it allocated to aid have both declined. But opponents of the cuts want it both ways.

    On the one hand, they argue that the reduction – which amounts to around £4bn or so, leaving, according to the Government, £10bn, is huge. On the other, that, compared with the money being shovelled out by the Chancellor in the wake of the pandemic, the sums are tiny, so why make any aid cuts at all?

    To which, looking at it from the perspective of most people, rather than Parliament, I would answer that while some of the cuts may indeed be ill-advised and damaging, others – such as the slashing of the aid budget for China – seem overdue.

    What is more, I find it hard to dredge up a great deal of sympathy for the aid sector. That is, first, because I see the levels of pressing need all around in this country that have been everywhere exacerbated by the pandemic. And second, because, from Andrew Mitchell himself to the heads of mega-charities, such as Oxfam, Save the Children and the rest, the aid advocates are still trying to tug at our heartstrings with all the familiar cliches.

    As always, at times of stress, they put emotion before reason. The themes are chosen to appeal to our current sensitivities. It’s all about ‘the most vulnerable’, about women and children, and girls going to school, and clean water.

    These are all admirable causes, of course. But how many girls will no longer be able to go to school? How many abused women will be deprived of refuges? How many wells will be polluted, dry up or not be dug, all because of cuts in UK aid?

    I am all for girls being educated and everyone having access to clean water. But if governments themselves do not make girls’ education or clean water a priority, how long will the impact of projects mounted by foreigners with foreign funding endure?

    An even more cynical view might be that in at least some of its other foreign endeavours – Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya come to mind – UK policy has effectively thwarted the very aims it is trying to advance with its aid policy, with the loss of many lives.

    Let’s protect emergency and disaster relief at all costs. But I have never felt the same about development aid since the first time I visited a Bond conference, Bond being the UK-based umbrella organisation for NGOs working in the sector.

    Over the nearly 20 years of its existence, Bond has ballooned from a membership of 60 to 400 organisations, big and small. The scale, the money, the power and the interests that are represented at its gatherings are way beyond anything most people would associate with a charitable venture. This is big, big business, with much of the money coming either from self-interested commerce (which is fine, if it does some good) or, directly or indirectly, from rich countries’ governments.

    And there are risks here. One, as shown by the sex exploitation scandals at Oxfam and elsewhere, is that governments can find themselves tainted by association.

    Another is that the aid organisations grow dependent – and fat – on taxpayers’ largesse, with fieldwork with, and for, ‘the most vulnerable’ having to take its place alongside political lobbying and the bureaucracy to support successful grant applications.

    Stop and think for a moment. What have the charities been saying in recent weeks? Where have they turned to in their hour of need?

    Their complaints and their pleas have all been addressed to government. Why have they not instead been making their case to the public and asking us to help make up their cash shortfall?

    That this is not the course they have chosen might testify to a lost connection – and another reason, perhaps, why so many UK voters are less than enamoured with the cause of foreign aid.ENDS

    I don’t know about you – but if we are to give anything to the rest of the world – make it the vaccine – nothing else is more important – according to fools like Brown and Blair –

    Priority for commonwealth countries with the union flag and the rest can go on a list .
    Legislate to do that and Joe public would nod with approval …. After the UK is vaccinated and the borders controlled .. absolutely – right Priti?


  45. Foscari says:

    TrickCyclist- Unless you are ethnic you shouldn’t
    really be watching the Londonistan Programme.
    Riz Lateef , Assad Ahmad and their anarchist
    Marxist editors, sub editors , researchers , reporters
    and presenters are there to produce a programme
    for the majority community of the capitol. We
    indigenous minority are not considered at all.
    It’s the only programme on the BBC in which
    “positive discrimination” is not used.


  46. Northern Voter says:

    Vis a vis Magdalen college removing a portrait of the Queen from the common room, in what currency do they get paid? If it’s sterling, then will they say they don’t want it as it is colonialist? You can’t have it both ways.


    • Banania says:

      It wasn’t the college but the postgraduates in their “middle common room” tucked away in the mediaeval depths where no one but they ventures to go, or even knows the way to. How they furnish their secret cave is of no possible wider significance. (How did this story ever get out?)


  47. Fedup2 says:

    Northern – do I get whiff of some ‘media studies ‘undergrad looking for a Job in the BBC manufacturing a bit of outrage and a bit on Newsnight / Toady .
    I will push the rubber dinghy out further and predict that ( she ) shares a name with one of Mohammed’s’ wives …..


  48. StewGreen says:

    @GuestWho can you confirm Marianna’s bio ?
    “she was formerly an intern at the Guardian, not exactly known for its adherence to the truth as Carole Cadwalladr is about to find out with her Russia hoax nonsense, daddy of course paid for her time there just as he paid for her 20k per annum public school and her brief sojourn working for a Russian media outfit.”

    from a comment


  49. digg says:

    So this is what you get when the nations Media and legal guardians just want to look away for fear of giving racial offence…

    These despicable creatures are emboldened and think they are now untouchable.

    Thanks BBC, Guardian, Independent, ITV, Police, Judiciary, Legal Teams… Hope you can sleep at night.


    • JohnC says:

      In his eyes he has not comitted any crime at all. His religion told him those girls deserved it.
      What is really bugging me at the moment is that when we get angry at Islam for enabling acts like this, the Left call us Islamophobic.
      I don’t have any ‘irrational fear’ of Islam. I don’t have any fear at all. Only disgust at these kind of people it turns out and the Left for trying to protect them.


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