315 Responses to Weekend Thread 9 October 2021

  1. Guest Who says:

    Lest any doubt remain that a BBC cubicle dweller simply represents a £50kpa copy and paste between a press release and broadcast.

    BBC ‘journalistm’ seem a job creation for cretins who failed to get into the public sector any other way.


    • MarkyMark says:

      888 – are you a trans woman?!


    • JimS says:

      “Any strategy that requires the potential women victims to be tagged rather than the violent male perpetrator will fail”.

      “The cause of violence against women is a violent man, not a lone woman.”

      Dear Ms. Smith, Congratulations on the recent birth of your son. Unfortunately DNA tests indicate a 95% probability that he will grow up to be a violent man.

      You may opt for a post natal abortion, or failing that, retain responsibility for your child until he reaches the age of 18, at which time he will be transferred to a Pre-Crime Detention Centre for life.

      Should you be considering getting pregnant in future please consult your GP as certain hormone treatments can now give a high assurance of producing a female child.


  2. taffman says:

    “Channel migrants: Unsuitable facilities used to hold summer arrivals, report says”
    Stick them in an unused cruise liner offshore. They held prisoners in prison ships in Northern Ireland.
    They are criminals after all.
    We are in a very serious situation and we get nothing from this useless government but bluster, promise and even more bluster .
    The millions of pounds they have wasted on trusting the French authorities could have been used to purchase patrol vessels and manned them with our own servicemen to defend our shores.
    Before long all of the EU will dump their illegals upon us as a punishment for daring to become Independent.


    • JimS says:

      Are there no spare LCU Mk. 10s?

      Enough room to carry 120 marines or 360 surgeon/engineer/footballers.

      Pick them up, straight over to France, ramp down, a couple of Alsatians as ‘sheep dogs’, Woof!, ramp up, back home. No probs.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Marianna and BS rushed to Sopes’ bar side?


    • Dover Sentry says:

      The Dems/Left/BBC only approve of laws that suit their common purpose. Democracy never suited them.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Terror plot. Terrorist walk through building in fancy dress.


  4. taffman says:

    “Brexit: EU to make offer to end ‘sausage wars’
    Speaking at the Conservative Party conference, Lord Frost said the Northern Ireland Protocol was “not working and needs to change”.
    He warned that, if the UK and EU fail to reach agreement on the protocol, the UK government may trigger Article 16, thereby suspending part of the agreement. ”
    Don’t waste any more time, trigger Article 16 now .


  5. taffman says:

    “Nadhim Zahawi vows to tackle persistent pupil absences ‘head on. ”
    Yet more promises, promises and promises.


    • Guest Who says:

      Just heard that this latest diversity rosette on a donkey’s behind has muttered something about head people of a color.

      Joins most of the Gov and all shadcab front benches as to be ignored totally.


    • MarkyMark says:

      In August 2014 the Jay report concluded that an estimated 1,400 children, had been sexually abused in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 by predominantly British-Pakistani men (Kurdish and Kosovar men were also involved).


  6. Guest Who says:

    BBC PR gets a press release from Labour Head Office. The automated system turns it into ‘news’.

    Sadly, #CCBGB

    Something to do with cervixes? Beyond that…


    • Guest Who says:

      Speaking of automated systems…


    • JimS says:

      Barbara Castle? Really? Could just as well be Margaret Thatcher!

      I know what is wrong, the mouth!

      Barbara Castle always looked like she was sucking lemons, small and waspish, just right for spitting out small and waspish remarks.


  7. Guest Who says:

    Sadly the expertise of the grieving parent and bbc panel are left until clicking on.



  8. Guest Who says:

    Have to say this has started slow in unsurprising places…


  9. Guest Who says:

    Earlier in the programme the notion of global stilly was brought to our attention in the wonderful world of wind.




  10. Guest Who says:

    When Bonny Met Lammy.

    She been made a Baroness yet?

    Could do Macoroon’s joke inquiry on Frog Plod obeying orders.


    • Guest Who says:

      Seems she told Dave what he wanted to hear.

      Those audience engagements are enough to inspire any ratings producer or election agent.


      • Guest Who says:


      • Guest Who says:

        LBC. Home of those even the BBC cannot justify.


        • JimS says:

          So a white British woman, who could possibly have documented evidence of roots back to late 1700s in the UK, shacks up with a Black Nigerian and produces this lady and the whole of ‘white’ Britain becomes a myth?

          Only in O’Brians’s world.

          She assumes, no doubt egged on by OBbrian, that the Great British, Daily Mail reading, Brexit voting Britons universally dislike her and then uses the ridiculous argument that because they might not have had the time, money or desire to research their history that she is morally superior to them.

          O’Brian is a nasty man isn’t he?


        • dhunter says:

          “Bernardine Evaristo
          Thursday, 7 October
          When Bernardine Evaristo was in her thirties she decided she wanted to win the Booker Prize. After breaking away from her career in theatre, Evaristo eventually became the first Black British person to receive the literary award and was catapulted into the international spotlight with her novel, Girl Woman, Other. But Evaristo’s life began in “curtain twitching” white suburbia where racists routinely smashed in the windows of her family home. Her first non-fiction book, Manifesto is also her memoir – a guide to never giving up.”

          “where racists routinely smashed in the windows of her family home” – wonder where she lived ?


  11. Guest Who says:

    Jen’s loft mirror must be struggling.


  12. Guest Who says:

    That smile Timmeh! has always.

    A million dollar smile. And change.


  13. Guest Who says:

    Most might suspect I have doubts and concerns not just about the BBC but entire MSM.

    If anyone does not share these after this…

    It has it all. The LOT. Todos. A full deck.

    Never in the field of recent reporting has so little summed up so much about so many who are so lacking.


  14. Guest Who says:

    Top use of money.

    Still, Dave and Bonny will be happy.


  15. Guest Who says:

    France tells the bbc things to pass on.


  16. Dover Sentry says:

    Why don’t Muslims apologise for the slavery of millions, both past AND present?

    Where’s BBC Panorama when you need her most?


  17. G says:

    Dr John Campbell on YT often reports objectively on Ivermectin to treat Covid 19. On that topic his last two videos attracted almost 500,000 visits for each video.

    Our Worlds Most Trusted Broadcaster recently published an article on Ivermectin in which an exceedingly ropey report, effectively condemned the drug as being non supported by any evidence. Dr Campbells response highlights the glaring flaws in the BBC authors’ report, the ‘lead’ author of which, turns out to be an undergraduate student at a UK university………………. I laughed, boy did I laugh……….

    Well worth a watch so see how someone knowledgeable in a particular topic, deals with the BBC’s lies.

    BBC’s articles on Climate Change anybody?


  18. Dover Sentry says:

    Our BBC told us that the petrol shortage would be long term and all down to Brexit.

    Has our BBC now dropped the topic?

    Where’s BBC Panorama when you need her most?


  19. Sluff says:

    The BBC are still bigging up the dangers of women walking the streets, in the aftermath of two high profile murders.
    The reporting is sentimentalised, the pressure groups are given plenty of airtime.

    Perish the thought that the BBC might use some actual facts.

    Allow me to quote from ONS statistics.

    The figures for the year to approx. april 2020, show 695 murders in a year of which 73% were male victims.

    As regards people, such as Sarah Everard, being killed by strangers, women were the victims 23 times. Men were the victim over 150 times. Over FIVE times as many. But where are the vigils? Where are the relevant BBC interviews? Where are the demos featured on the news? Where is the transgender lobby on this one?

    Still, we wouldn’t want the facts to get in the way of politically correct, sentimentalised BBC narrative, would we? Men can go hang, it’s the women what matter.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      Exactly, Sluff.

      White males are expendable, deserving of their deaths and don’t count in the eyes of the BBC. Unless of course they are gay or are journalists.


  20. tomo says:

    More grief for the Met

    The relationships between senior officers and the gangsters who operate with impunity in London and other cities really needs looking at.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      All this was driven by the Home Office demanding ‘results’. Forces were given targets. This is what happened. We haven’t seen nothing yet.

      Feminists will drive the police to take the side of any woman who complains against a man about anything, regardless of the evidence.

      Wimmin have noted all this and use it to ’empower’ themselves against men.


  21. taffman says:

    “Lebanon left without power as grid shuts down”
    Don’t tell me , its “because of Brexit” .


    • tomo says:

      Turkey has apparently withdrawn some jet engines on barges….

      see my comment up thread

      There must be some detail here that the Beeboids are still mulling over how to frame …

      Many Lebanese people already depend on private diesel-powered generators for power. These however have become increasingly expensive to run amid the lack of fuel, and cannot cover for the lack of a nationwide power grid.

      People were often receiving just two hours of electricity a day in the country before this latest shutdown.

      – glimpse of your future folks…. (I’d add that the accepted figure for generating your own electricity from a domestic gas fueled is circa 8p/kWh)

      Are there any Lebanese delegates to Glasgow COP26?

      Apparently Boris et al are considering (planning by some accounts) to whack a levy tax (50%?) on gas – if they do there will be trouble.


  22. tomo says:

    and then along comes…..

    Climate Lockdowns: British Medical Journal Study Calls For Meat & Dairy Price Hikes To Fight ‘Climate Change’

    y’all ready?

    I’m confident Mr. Harrabin and the BBC are….


    • JohnC says:

      … and roll on 20 years to the subsequent health crisis where everyone is advised to eat more meat.

      Never, ever let academics near the real world. They can’t cope with it : that’s why they stayed in an educational environment.

      As SAGE have admirably demonstrated. We led the world going out of COVID and now we are in last place.


  23. tomo says:


    If SAGE were playing darts, they’d miss the board and hit the waitress walking past

    As somebody who’s spent a lifetime in science and engineering I am really pissed about this….

    In any sane world they’d be demoted to mopping the floor.


    • JimS says:

      Obviously Covid cases aren’t being reported properly if actual data doesn’t agree with the model!

      I suspect the SAGE model is one of those maths fiddles that produces the right historical result when fed with historical data, i.e. there is no understanding of what is going on.

      Given enough terms in an equation and enough coefficients the ‘model’ can be made to fit any historic data set but is just as likely to right in future as Shakespeare’s Typing Pool Monkeys.


      • JohnC says:

        lol – that’s what most science is. Look what happened then try to explain it as if you knew it all along.


        • JimS says:

          Professor Eric Laithwaite correctly predicted the result of his ‘jumping ring’ experiment. Later he admitted that he thought it wouldn’t jump, he had his ‘scientific’ explanation all ready, but he didn’t know why it would jump, just that no-one would ask if he got it right!

          I have strong memories of my ‘laboratory days’ when I observed, offered an explanation, then someone would say, “But..”, and hardly had they finished and I could do a ‘180 degree’ off the cuff.

          It wasn’t really dishonest, it was a necessary skill, you had hit a dead-end and needed a new research direction. To say that one didn’t have a clue was to admit failure and the good scientist/engineer never fails, they just haven’t found the right solution yet!


  24. Zephir says:

    “When will the virtue-signalling football world speak out on Qatar? Taking the knee, rainbow laces… But next year’s World Cup venue is rife with racism, misogyny – and the persecution of gay men and women, writes KATIE HIND”


    The world of football fell silent yesterday after being challenged to take action against the persecution of gay people and the mistreatment of women in Qatar ahead of the World Cup.

    The inclusive face of football – and the desire of its role models to speak out – was epitomised by England captain Harry Kane wearing a rainbow armband and taking the knee at Wembley during Euro 2020 in June.

    But a string of influential figures so often keen to burnish their credentials by backing the taking of the knee to combat racism or supporting campaigns against homophobia uttered not a word when asked to pledge to speak out against the brutal Middle East nation or to boycott the tournament.

    BBC director-general Tim Davie and ITV chief Carolyn McCall, the heads of Britain’s biggest broadcasters, which have the rights to broadcast games, were also quiet.

    The Football Association said it believed more progress on human rights would be made by working with Qatar.

    Gareth Southgate, who has spoken passionately on social issues during five years as England manager, did not respond when asked if he would criticise Qatar publicly for its treatment of gay people and women.

    The choice of Qatar, with its woeful human rights record, to host next year’s World Cup creates a principle-versus-profit dilemma for presenters, pundits and broadcasters.

    BBC presenter Gary Lineker has a £1.9 million-a-year contract that includes hosting games from World Cup tournaments. He wore a rainbow ribbon in support of gay rights at the World Cup draw in Moscow in 2017 and was among nominees for Football Ally of the Year at this year’s LGBT Awards. He declined to say if he intended to criticise Qatar or boycott the event.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Lineker enhances his brand by his BLM, LGBT stuff but opposing the Qatar World Cup won’t do so, even though there is a great deal on moral grounds to commend doing so , so he will be happy to go along with it. Now if the tournament was held in Hungary he would be foaming with indignation at their supposed abuse of human rights.
      Some historians used to label periods in history as ‘Ages’ , eg the Age of Maritime Expansion , the Age of Reason, the Age of Revolution , today we are living in the Age of Hypocrisy.


  25. Zephir says:

    The land where raped women end up being at fault: Sexual violence victims ‘can easily become the accused’ in Qatar due to government’s extreme view of Islamic law, campaigners warn

    Many cases have emerged of men being taken at their word claiming sex was consensual, leaving the accuser facing charges of having sex outside of marriage. Punishments for the crime of ‘zina’ – any act of illicit intercourse – normally involve a year in prison and, if the woman is Muslim, up to 100 lashes.



  26. taffman says:

    Not Al Beeb, but the French are making noises about not having been paid for preventing illegal immigrants crossing the Channel.
    Did they actually stop any ?


  27. taffman says:

    Six months waiting list for driving licences . Someone needs to get back to work!


    • Scroblene says:

      Taff, Cardiff got a statue of a coloured teacher, so that’s all that matters!

      ps, Is ‘Le Monde’ still going strong? Used to be a fabulous watering hole – I saw Gareth Edwards in there once…


    • tomo says:

      I recall the Eire driving test backlog fiasco in the 1970s?

      Patrick, you’ve had a provisional license for a couple of years, we think you’ve enough experience now – so here’s your full license.


  28. Guest Who says:

    Damp squib reads the room.


  29. Guest Who says:

    BBC Radio 4

    This week’s Radio 4 Appeal is on behalf of the charity The No Accommodation Network (NACCOM), presented by Lord Alf Dubs. The charity provides safe, temporary accommodation to refugees in the UK as well as legal advice and mental health support.

    Mainly lawyers. Lots and lots of lawyers.


  30. Guest Who says:

    He’s in Marbella guys.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      That threat by Insulate Britain sounds like a Criminal Offence. I am certainly offended and in fear. How about it, Panorama? Are you on the case?


    • tomo says:

      If they do try I suspect that they’ll be availing themselves of the NHS


  31. AsISeeIt says:

    If Rudyard Kipling can kick off a classic poem with the word if…

    If you can coin a new crisis, then of course the BBC is going to put your title top of their online press review:

    Nursing crisis sweeps wards as NHS battles to find recruits‘ (Observer)

    Lack of EU staff adding to shortages‘ – you could have knocked me down with a feather.

    The BBC itself meanwhile has to make do with a slightly lame new line on a several day old crisis: ‘Kwarteng defends handling of energy crisis

    The Beeb playing the journalistic version of keepy uppy there with that one.

    The backdrop to our weekend pick and mix crises is the ongoing culture war. Virtue-signalling artistic self-censorship is trumpeted in the Sunday Times: ‘The writer Sebastian Faulks has revealed that, for the first time, he avoided describing the physical appearance of female characters

    The mind boggles. Let’s a have go, pretend for a moment to be a Seb Faulks (himself a fan of Pistache [pis-tash]) and see how that might work:

    Rutherford didn’t ask himself if she was beautiful, he preferred not to notice Kira’s nondescript hair, her undistinguished face, unremarkable figure and that unfathomable, ordinary, featureless way she had about her. Because the physical effect of her presence made the question of description insignificant

    I digress and I pastiche.

    More culture wars in the Sunday Telegraph: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking: you’ve all got to go gender neutral‘ – this is British Airways telling their cabin crew to avoid the traditional courtesies of address and instead: ‘celebrate “diversity and inclusion”

    Here we go. I hope you’re ready for a take off:

    Welcome aboard, gender-neutral individuals with no fixed assigned-at-birth orientation. Speaking of which, BA will now be flying in a generally leftward direction. So I’m afraid we will no longer be serving airports at Le Mans, Manitoba or the Isle of Man. BA is pleased however to announce the opening of a new service to Midway Island. We will be cruising – and there’s nothing wrong with that – at a height of 40,000 feet. But let’s not be in any way restrained by the science on this flight. I certainly didn’t bother to concentrate in my aerodynamics or gravity classes, you’ll be pleased to hear. By the way, I’m your pilot Lesley – but it’s Wednesday, so you can call me Lesley. Our stewards, Trixie and Bubbles, will be helping out in the galley. Do please compliment them on their make up and outfits and they’ll blow you a kiss and if you’re lucky might sing you a quick rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s I am What I am. Do please behave responsibly and respect other passengers. Our stewardesses, Butch and Jack, will be on hand to deal with any air rage.“


    • Fedup2 says:

      Apparently Sunday is ‘mental health day ‘

      But surely if you listen to the BBC news this cannot be good for the snowflake mental health . Obviously for the few sane possessors of common sense the remedy to the BBC news is the off switch – complete omission and the eye roll ….

      We are treated to

      shortages – and fear of shortages
      Increases in the ‘cost of living ‘
      A good one about loss of ‘diversity ‘

      Nothing about reasons for increases in suicide or depression or reductions in the use of BBC propaganda – or what it calls ‘news ‘…
      ……..every time that little notice comes up I read

      ‘Why you can’t trust the BBC ‘…..


      • JimS says:

        I quickly realised when Covid started that the BBC News was a ‘no no’.

        Without the BBC I would either die or I wouldn’t, they made no difference here.

        With the BBC ‘on the hour’ casualty reporting my blood pressure would have been through the roof within the day and my mental health down the pan within the week.


    • Guest Who says:

      “The BBC itself meanwhile has to make do with a slightly lame new line on a several day old crisis:“

      That’s what happens with 20,000 kids handed £5,000,000,000 not to leave the room.

      I follow a US pol called Charlie Kirk. A slightly less frenetic version of that Jewish commentator of wing.

      He does some kind of open air exchange thing. I wish he had more humour, but compared to those on the other side of the table he’s Michael McIntyre. But pretty darn smart, and factually prepped. We get Dawn Butler and Lammy.

      All down to the edit, but a more miserabilist, thick, un self aware collection of sound bite spouters it would be hard to find.

      Unless you are a Vile show booker or QT vetter.

      Hair dye seems a constant factor.


    • pugnazious says:

      AsIseeit….lol…last time the BBC tried this the figures showed the numbers of EU doctors and nurses had actually increased.

      Someone might ask the inconvenient question that with all these staff shortages in so many areas just what are the six million EU citizens who settled here doing….and if so many have left just how many were really here? 6 million ++++

      Butchers, drivers, NHS staff, care staff, agri-workers, service staff……all gone apparently…#duetobrexit….so who’s left and what are they doing…all 6 million of them?

      One thing the BBC never asks is what are the downsides of this immigration….the driving down of wages, the over-crowding of schools, surgeries, housing and the roads….the effects on the environment with more traffic, water use, power demands and the quality of life as this island becomes more and more crowded…as well as the social and cultural effects as immigrants launch culture wars against the indigenous population, their culture and society…..ethnic cleansing in all but name.


      • JimS says:

        Some years ago the BBC did a case study on two Polish people who had moved to the UK.

        Neither of them was a ‘threat’, one worked in a Polish bank, serving Polish people here, and the other worked in a Polish shop, also serving Polish people here!

        No doubt they lived in Polish houses, drove on Polish roads, had children attending Polish schools and from time to time visited Polish doctors, all in the UK.

        Were the BBC too dumb to realise that even this specially selected pair of ‘positive’ Poles didn’t actually benefit the UK?


    • MarkyMark says:

      ‘Lack of EU staff adding to shortages‘ – confusing EU with EUROPE.




    • Up2snuff says:

      AISI, I see two newspapers are claiming to be ‘Sunday Newspaper of the Year’ : the Times and the Mirror. I wonder if it was a joint first place for 2021? Or has one of them been a bit slow to adjust their masthead from last year. I seem to recall the awards are made in October; possibly/probably to garner maximum attention before the AwardsFest season gets really underway.

      Not sure why I’ve been relegated here: something to do with site software.

      Will the word ‘software’ be outlawed soon?

      Jus’ askin’ . . …..


  32. Peter Grimes says:

    As usual, listening to the Sunday Service whilst preparing breakfast. Just about to switch off when I just caught that David Goodhart was to give the philosophical thought for the day. As a pro-immigration thinker/writer who saw the light I was amazed Al Beeb would have him on.

    Still listening, he is that rare reasoned voice on Al Beeb.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sunday ‘religion ‘ show – a prize for guessing the aspect of the RC church the BBC covered – and a clue – God or Jesus didn’t get a mention ….


    • MarkyMark says:

      Tim Pemberton FRSA
      Head of BBC Religion & Ethics, BBC Audio North at BBC
      London, England, United Kingdom500+ connections

      Specialties: Broadcasting, Religion, and Philosophy.
      I enjoy TRAVEL and have learned a lot from visiting the following countries. Germany pre and post-unification. Northern Ireland prior to the Peace Agreement. USA Los Angeles (for work) New York (for pleasure). CARIBBEAN St. Kitts, Nevis, Antigua, Jamaica. (family reasons).
      AFRICA on business – Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa.
      HOLIDAYS – Malaysia. Thailand. Dubai. Cyprus. Tunisia. Spain. Cruises… Transatlantic, Caribbean (3), the Arabian Gulf (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman) and Europe.


      linked inlinked in


  33. pugnazious says:


    ‘Teachers who use term ‘white privilege’ should be reported as extremists says Tory
    ‘Teachers who use the phrase “white privilege” should be disciplined and reported to Prevent as extremists, a Tory MP has claimed.

    Jonathan Gullis made the hardline claim at the Tory conference – where he also said teachers who show support for Labour in the classroom should be sacked.

    The Stoke-on-Trent North MP, a former teacher himself, made the comments at an event hosted by the Conservative Friends of Education.

    The phrase ‘white privilege’ is used to describe unseen advantages for people with white skin, in a society where most other people are of the same ethnic background as them.

    But Mr Gullis claimed: “The term white privilege… is an extremist term, it should be reported to Prevent, because it is an extremist ideology.”

    Mr Gullis continued: “It’s racist to actually suggest everyone who’s white somehow is riddled with privilege.

    “So I hope that will be reported, I hope that will be looked into, and any teacher who’s perpetuated in the classroom ultimately should face a disciplinary hearing at the very least.’

    LOL….maybe he needs to look also at the BBC which is an advocate for this racist narrative….white privilege, white supremacy and white fragility.

    The BBC spreading an extremist ideology…who’d have thought.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      The morning after Trump was elected back in 2016, the Headmistress (can I say that?) at my son’s school told all the staff and pupils during assembly that she would NEVER have voted for Trump.


    • G says:

      Gullis: “Gullis, annoyed at his treatment by the local Conservative party, urged locals to vote for the Labour candidate, Jeff Kenner.[7]”

      Qualifies as a Turncoat.


      But there, the voters in “Stoke on Trent, North” know what to do with him come next election.


      • Peter Grimes says:

        The explanation comes at the bottom of the Wikilie sheet…

        ‘ In March 2020, as part of a mental health awareness campaign run by the Stoke Sentinel, Gullis said that he has suffered with depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts during periods of his life.’

        He is patently a self-declared nutter!!


  34. G says:

    “The UK is one of the world’s most nature-depleted countries – in the bottom 10% globally and last among the G7 group of nations, new data shows.

    It has an average of about half its biodiversity left, far below the global average of 75%, a study has found.”


    Good. But no BBC suggestions. I wonder why.

    Answer? – Bottler needs to withdraw from every treaty / UN pact that confirms the Governments willingness to take every sundry individual who presents him/her self on the borders desirous of sucking on the social teat of the country, including Kent and kick millions back to where they came from.



    • Banania says:

      Repel invasive species, when you have been unwise enough to let them in in the first place.


  35. Guest Who says:

    LBC and Dave need to have a word with their sub editor.


    • MarkyMark says:

      How do we start to decolonize science? @0:10

      “Through the black magic, witchcraft you are able to send a lightning bolt to strike someone, Can you explain that scientifically … ” @0:50 – one of the speakers
      “It’s not true” – audience member
      “I need to address you directly (audience member who says witchcraft does not work). When we started this we agreed on certain house rules. By you doing that (arguing) you are disrespecting that sacredness of this space. I would like you please first to apologise …” – another speaker


    • MarkyMark says:

      Wearing a suite is cultural appropriation – 5c90973c5aee122a911534ee-large.jpg?cache_buster=2de27ede8d5ac0d388a8b764e1888564


    • Guest Who says:

      Or, in Naga’s case, handle things yourself.


  36. Guest Who says:


    In other news, is wearing a steffiscope a sign of looking fabulous?


    • JimS says:

      Proper doctors hook the stethoscope around the neck so they just have to plug the ends into the ears. That method did sterling service for decades.

      American TV doctors sling the stethoscope across the shoulders to look ‘cool’. Idiot doctors copy them and look like idiots.


  37. Dover Sentry says:

    GB News:

    “Imagine living in a world where the BBC just concentrated on making great programmes. No such luck. The Beeb bureaucrats are at it again. The Mail Online are reporting that a BBC training workshop tells managers to keep up their blood sugar levels – because tiredness could lead them to drop their guard and racially profile job candidates.”



  38. pugnazious says:

    ‘Saturday Live’ was packed with bames with Sir Lenny Henry leading the charge.

    It was remarkable as for 10 minutes Henry discussed his life and career and not a word was said about racism…I thought we’d made it through without being lectured and hectored about white guilt and shame when Richard Coles [presumably on cue as per the script] dropped the race bomb and asked about diversity.

    Have to think the BBC realises making every interview and programme a scathing harangue aimed at white people is counter productive and so, being unable to resist not including a harangue, decided to ‘Black Bomb’ the interview with a surprise ambush at the end….like a turd in a swimming pool bobbing up before you.

    Have to laugh really…the BBC keeps on bringing in these highly successful blacks, like architect turned artist Arthur Timothy[and Tom Ilube on Desert Island Discs on Friday], who have reached the highest echelons in British society and yet still tell us how nasty and racist Britain is and warn Blacks how they will never be able to achieve anything whilst the White boot is upon their necks.

    Is the BBC, though, starting to be a bit more measured in its approach to this….has it realised how counter-productive driving wedges between racial goups is? No, of course not…the BBC will continue to whip up the hate and generate anger and despair in the Black ‘community’ about their supposed treatment. The BBC is the flip-side of the BNP coin….just as divisive, just as racist, just as corrosive and dangerous to a peaceful and harmonious society.

    Listen to the extremist race-baiter Nihal on 5 Live…you may have, unfortunately caught part of his programme on Thursday as he talked to footballer Troy Deeney. Now you can pretty well guarantee Nihal will be playing the race card day in day out on his show, pumping out anti-white racism, and Thursday was no different.

    Deeney being black Nihal was sure he was the victim of racist Britain and filled the airwaves with his hectoring accusations against whites. He then received an email…his words were ‘Oh no here we go’.

    Apparently it was an appalling white person [not sure how he knew the person was white] who suggested perhaps the interview would be better if it didn’t, as always, play the race card…cue a rant from the outraged person of colour that is Nihal….how dare a white person tell two people of colour to shut up and to stop talking about race….Whites have no say in this and need to shut up and go away…heard that before on the BBC.

    Nihal must be a big headache for the BBC…..he’s a provocative racist and yet he’s brown and thus can’t be sacked…..perhaps they could send him back to the Asian Network full-time where his schtick might be more appreciated…or not.

    The budding Hitler, of course, was allowed to make a very emotive, personal and racist attack on white people after the death of George Floyd[as was Clara Amfo..who declared she was ‘authentically black’ whilst mixed race people weren’t….hmmm]. Nihal raged against white people demanding that they metaphorically, if not literally, take the knee and recognise their sins…white people are the problem…they must admit their guilt and put aside their lives and submit to atonement by becoming, in essence, the servants, the slaves, of Blacks…as he calls it, their ‘allies’….only there to further Black lives…because, apparently, they matter more.

    Nihal is the problem…he admitted the other day that he deliberately said provocative things to get comments and likes…so he deliberately stokes race hate and division for fun and amusement, to make his show look ‘successful’ and but he also just plain likes provoking white people…he’s a racist who enjoys being racist and has the licence from the BBC to do so.

    What Nihal does, and indeed the BBC itself, by continually driving the ‘racist Britain’ [past and present] narrative is dangerous and highly counter-productive…provoking exactly what it purports to be trying to stop…racism. Not only does it make whites distrust and dislike Blacks more but it also makes Blacks even more racist against Whites whom the BBC blames for all the ills that may befall them….even though as said Blacks are in fact highly successful in this country and there are no barriers to their progress and success….other than, ironically, the BBC’s own narrative that Blacks cannot succeed in a Britain that is institutionally, systemically and demographically racist and intent on oppressing them, keeping them ‘down’.

    The BBC is the most divisive, dystopian and dangerous organisation in Britain.


  39. pugnazious says:

    LOL…trying to put this comment on ‘History Debunked’s’ video about censorship in science by Google…..it’s the blurb from a BBC programme, ironically, telling us perhaps we can’t always trust the science….the comment has been instantly deleted by Youtube several times….


    Everything We Know Is Wrong

    Every day the newspapers carry stories of new scientific findings. There are 15 million scientists worldwide all trying to get their research published. But a disturbing fact appears if you look closely: as time goes by, many scientific findings seem to become less true than we thought. It’s called the “decline effect” – and some findings even dwindle away to zero.

    A highly influential paper by Dr John Ioannidis at Stanford University called “Why most published research findings are false” argues that fewer than half of scientific papers can be believed, and that the hotter a scientific field (with more scientific teams involved), the less likely the research findings are to be true. He even showed that of the 49 most highly cited medical papers, only 34 had been retested and of them 41 per cent had been convincingly shown to be wrong. And yet they were still being cited.

    Again and again, researchers are finding the same things, whether it’s with observational studies, or even the “gold standard” Randomised Controlled Studies, whether it’s medicine or economics. Nobody bothers to try to replicate most studies, and when they do try, the majority of findings don’t stack up. The awkward truth is that, taken as a whole, the scientific literature is full of falsehoods.

    Jolyon Jenkins reports on the factors that lie behind this. How researchers who are obliged for career reasons to produce studies that have “impact”; of small teams who produce headline-grabbing studies that are too statistically underpowered to produce meaningful results; of the way that scientists are under pressure to spin their findings and pretend that things they discovered by chance are what they were looking for in the first place. It’s not exactly fraud, but it’s not completely honest either. And he reports on new initiatives to go through the literature systematically trying to reproduce published findings, and of the bitter and personalised battles that can occur as a result.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Interesting – particularly if such false results are framed into a press release and then picked up by the lying BBC and broadcast to the mugs who still pay for it .

      For instance – the report today about the declining biodiversity of the UK – what nonsense – the third worlders are bringing all sorts of parasites into the country which future generation will be told to look fondly on ….

      It suits the green nazis to pump out such lies in the desperate attempt to get the country the way they want it . Meanwhile – burn that carbon …


    • G says:


      “…..and that the hotter a scientific field (with more scientific teams involved), the less likely the research findings are to be true.”

      How true. He’s got a point, that must surely extend to Global Warming…………..

      Out of the mouths of babes.


  40. pugnazious says:

    God bless the BBC….always giving a voice to the oppressed and subjugated.

    Apparently, according to Mishal Husain, Extinction Rebellion, far from being an extremist eco-terror group, are in fact ‘instruments of democracy’…..much as, according to the BBC’s Mark Easton, islamic extremists are the new Ghandis, Mandelas and Churchills of our times.

    Not sure how a small group of extremists who try to force the government to implement their demands using violence and economic terrorism are in any way democratic.


  41. pugnazious says:

    Watched this video from Russell Brand on Clinton being called a ‘war criminal’ in Belfast. Interested to see how the BBC reported it….

    Only way down at the bottom of the report was any mention made of the protests and even then it was dishonest….no mention of the words ‘war criminal’….and no thought that this was directed at Clinton personally…

    ‘A number of protesters gathered outside the university on Friday morning as Mrs Clinton arrived, chanting “shame on Queen’s”.

    They were protesting against the United States’ foreign policy.’

    Really? US foreign policy and not Clinton’s actions?

    The BBC is always covering for Clinton…female, a democrat…just a shame she’s not black.
    During the election the BBC never admitted, whilst denoucning Trump as a racist fro the same policies, that she had previously advocated a security barrier on the border and that illegal migration had to be stopped.
    When Trump lost in 2020 and declared, rightly but for the wrong reason, that the election had been stolen, the BBC said he was dangerous and a threat to democracy….curiously Clinton, who has spent 4 years shouting about how her Presidency was stolen from her [by the now proven to be non-existent Russian collusion], is not a threat to democracy nor a sore loser.


  42. tomo says:


  43. Jeff says:

    I know others have mentioned this, but I’m going to add my four pennorth to the debate anyway…

    ITV this evening are bringing us The Larkins, based on the popular HE Bates novel, The Darling Buds of May, set in rural in Kent in the 1950s.

    You already know where I’m going with this; Charlie has (somehow) magically trans-racialised and emerged as a black bloke!

    Why can’t they just leave us alone? I might have actually watched this, but it’s already ruined for me. These people are obsessed with shoe-horning ethnic minorities into every part of my culture, history and even bloody fiction.

    I’m supposed to suck it up when I see them messing around with Dickens, the folklore stories of Robin Hood and Merlin …and (rumour has it) even James Bond, but God forbid some pop singer has her hair put in braids or a TV chef cooks a bit of Jerk Chicken. Suddenly there’s all hell to pay about “cultural appropriation.”

    This is both tiresome and predictable and also (I think) just a little sinister.

    I’m going to give The Larkins a miss…
    I’ll be the pub.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m not really an ITV type – but by the sound of it the programme will please the advertisers with all their Woke stuff – as well as the Christmas at DFS commercials …. ( I know they exist but happily avoided ) –
      With the hardship script in the ascendency I suppose the advertisers will have to fight even harder for the woke buck …


    • BRISSLES says:

      Jeff, I rather suspect you won’t be alone in this. I already refuse to watch any programme that has a person of colour shoe horned in for the sake of diversity, particularly when we know our history !


      • Charlie Farley says:

        ITV are as bad as bBBC now , Always used to watch Endeavor…but the new series is so woke with characters of colour shoehorned in at every opportunity , Easy to work out now who’s guilty in every episode…its the racist whitey every time ….never to be watched again ! !
        I’m sure Climate change has wormed its way in as well surprisingly !


      • Banania says:

        I am perfectly certain I never used to have “racist” leanings, but if anything could change that, it would be the relentless propaganda of the BBC telling me what to think. I wonder if many people feel the same.


  44. tomo says:

    Next door to The Windsors?


  45. StewGreen says:

    Yesterday The Times put in a lot of effort into shouting “far-right danger !”
    There was a front page , a double page spread, an editorial
    and this multi-tweet thread

    obviously police/state resources needed to be directed towards preventing future violence
    but i am not sure that articles that seem to be cutNpasted from antifa PR don’t harm proper direction of resources.


  46. MarkyMark says:

    CANCEL YOUR BBC TX TAX to PAY FOR HEATING THIS YEAR – Gary Lineker on £2million backs this new campaign.


  47. Fedup2 says:

    A Mr C Packham – a self appointed beacon of the BBC woke green subject to an ‘arson attack ‘ … and exploiting the publicity to its’ fullest – he must be very ( re) wild ….


    • MarkyMark says:

      One less car on the road is a good thing? According to Chris Packham ….


      Wildlife TV presenter Chris Packham wins four-year battle to stop plans to build 5,200 homes on acres of ancient woodland near his home
      Controversial plans were earmarked near Bishopstoke and Fair Oak, Hampshire
      Eastleigh Borough Council says it will remove the scheme from its Local Plan
      Mr Packham was a fundamental part of the campaign against ‘eco-vandalism’

      PUBLISHED: 10:59, 5 May 2020


    • MarkyMark says:

      Yet he believes in the Suffragets violent campaign for women?


  48. MarkyMark says:

    He accepted everything. The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia. Jones, Aaronson, and Rutherford were guilty of the crimes they were charged with. He had never seen the photograph that disproved their guilt. It had never existed, he had invented it. He remembered remembering contrary things, but those were false memories, products of self-deception. How easy it all was! Only surrender, and everything else followed. It was like swimming against a current that swept you backwards however hard you struggled, and then suddenly deciding to turn round and go with the current instead of opposing it. Nothing had changed except your own attitude: the predestined thing happened in any case. He hardly knew why he had ever rebelled. Everything was easy, except—!

    Anything could be true. The so-called laws of Nature were nonsense. The law of gravity was nonsense. ‘If I wished,’ O’Brien had said, ‘I could float off this floor like a soap bubble.’ Winston worked it out. ‘If he thinks he floats off the floor, and if I simultaneously think I see him do it, then the thing happens.’ Suddenly, like a lump of submerged wreckage breaking the surface of water, the thought burst into his mind: ‘It doesn’t really happen. We imagine it. It is hallucination.’ He pushed the thought under instantly. The fallacy was obvious. It presupposed that somewhere or other, outside oneself, there was a ‘real’ world where ‘real’ things happened. But how could there be such a world? What knowledge have we of anything, save through our own minds? All happenings are in the mind. Whatever happens in all minds, truly happens.

    He had no difficulty in disposing of the fallacy, and he was in no danger of succumbing to it. He realized, nevertheless, that it ought never to have occurred to him. The mind should develop a blind spot whenever a dangerous thought presented itself. The process should be automatic, instinctive. Crimestop, they called it in Newspeak.



  49. MarkyMark says:

    Awkward – “Like all teachers in the state, Mr Outlaw was offered an alternative of weekly testing but said he viewed that as an “unnecessary medical procedure” that was uncomfortable.

    “The way that our soul speaks to us, that little voice that tells us when something is in alignment or not, that voice is telling me that I need to make this particular decision right now.””




  50. MarkyMark says:

    500? From 50,000.

    “More than 500 cases of Covid-19 have been linked to the TRNSMT music festival, new data shows.

    About 50,000 people descended on Glasgow Green for the three-day event last month.

    They had to bring proof of a negative lateral flow test to gain entry.

    Public Health Scotland said 551 who tested positive for the virus reported having been at the festival around the time of their illness when speaking to contact tracers.

    Some 1,645 people were also found to have been close contacts of those who tested positive.

    Public health expert Prof Linda Bauld said it was likely that some of these people were infected at TRNSMT but it was not a “super-spreader” event.”


    “I think it’s certainly possible that some of those cases were infected at TRNSMT but we can’t prove it,” she added.
    “Covid in Scotland: More than 500 cases linked to TRNSMT”
    yet “but we can’t prove it”

    “Covid in Scotland: More than 500 cases linked to TRNSMT”
    yet “but we can’t prove it”


    • Fedup2 says:

      Bagpipes covid threat shock


    • Banania says:

      Those “cases”: were those people ill? Did they recover? What the blazes does it matter? Having had the virus you are better protected than by any so-called vaccination.