Midweek 10 November 2021

For a small Fee – obtained and declared in accordance with the rules I helped write – I am willing to declare this the weekend thread – as part of my public service of course .The BBC sure is enjoying throwing the mud ..

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  1. Dover Sentry says:

    From Order Order –

    “U.S. inflation up 6.2% in October versus a year ago – the highest inflation since 1990. Inflation was up 0.9% in Oct. alone, a much higher increase than 0.4% in Sept. and 0.3% in August. Bloody Brexit…”

    Not mentioned by our BBC. However, if their hated Orange-Man had been in power….


  2. Guest Who says:

    It was always inevitable that the passage of the blockage would take a while, but bearing with it such odious baggage…


  3. Guest Who says:

    A person the bbc still cannot offer enough platforms to.



    • Up2snuff says:

      Guest, Anna Soubry was complaining yesterday that now that she has lost her seat, she cannot get a third (now second) lucrative job. She is having to get by on her House severance pay (generous, iirc) and the pittance she earns as a defence barrister getting sweaty crims off the hook. “Is it ‘cos I is anti-Brexit, pro-Remain?” she whined.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Dear Anna Soubry,

        Can you tell me why people have to “Suck It Up” regards immigration when your party leaders have said the following:

        1978 … “Every country can take some small minorities and in many ways they add to the richness and variety of this country. The moment the minority threatens to become a big one, people get frightened.” – Margaret Thatcher 1978

        2012 … “Two and a half years ago, the coalition governme nt was formed, and we made a clear promise to the British public. After thirteen years of uncontrolled mass immigration, this government would reduce and control immigration.” – Theresa May 2012

        2015 … “Because when immigration is too high (no figure given), when the pace of change is too fast, it’s impossible to build a cohesive society…. And we know that for people in low-paid jobs, wages are forced down even further while some people are forced out of work altogether. … So there is no case, in the national interest, for immigration of the scale we have experienced over the last decade.” – Theresa May 2015

        Yours sincerely

        Video of Anna Soubry saying “Suck it up! Suck it up!” “Anna Soubry vs Caroline Flint on the Norway/EEA option.”


  4. MarkyMark says:

    Parliament bars exempt from 10pm curfew
    The venues are designated ‘workplace canteens’ and not subject to new rules

    Clea Skopeliti
    Monday 28 September 2020


  5. MarkyMark says:



  6. StewGreen says:

    The very day before the Capitol event Prince Harry warned Jack Dorsey
    ‘Your platform is being used to mount an insurrection”

    That makes it sound like it was an inside job
    Harry’s mates were planning to stage something that looked like and insurrection, and that’s how Harry knew about it.

    Bit strange that Harry who has all these deals to SPEAK
    has waited 9 months to SPEAK anything of this.


  7. Guest Who says:

    Fick Ange has been signed off for BBC duty again.


    • MarkyMark says:

      ​Date ​Annual salary
      April 2020 £81,932
      April 2019 £79,468
      April 2018 £77,379
      April 2017 £76,011
      ​April 2016 ​£74,962
      ​May 2015 ​£74,000
      ​April 2014 ​£67,060
      ​April 2013 ​£66,396
      April 2012 £65,738
      April 2011 £65,738
      April 2010​ ​£65,738


    • MarkyMark says:


      . . . .


      Complaint Summary: Follow up UK MP expenses of 2009 – MP paid £65K

      Full Complaint: Dear BBC £3.5 billion paid under threat of prison complaints department,

      Could you revisit the 2009 UK MP expenses again, I would not like to find out that MPs like Tony Blair have ran to the shredder prior to your investigations.

      Here are some details, can you use Journalists who are avoiding the BBC Gary ‘£1.75m’ Lineker Pay Gap and see why an MP on £77K salary tops up their money with a job giving them £65K extra a year.

      Maybe find other MPs on such amazing schemes and why they are getting free tickets to concerts when they have so much cash sloshing around in their MP expenses accounts.

      Chuka Umunna MP, Streatham (tax payer pays him £77K per year) is being paid £65,040 a year Advisory Position at Global Progress (London) Ltd …

      1) Look into what he produces for £65K a year. 2) Look at who owns the company and other players – Tony Blair is linked to it. 3) Find other MPs doing the same. 4) Ensure they are paying taxes on the extra money. 5) Maybe interview them and ask some questions rather than how they feel today? For a head start you can find the details on : THEY WORK FOR YOU https://www.theyworkforyou.com/regmem/?p=24950americanprogress.org https://www.americanprogress.org/about/staff/browne-matt/bio/ COMPANIES HOUSE https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11079851/filing-history Good luck and let me know how you get on.

      p.s. I also see that MPs claim their MP Office BBC TV Licenses Tax on their expenses, thus the UK tax payer has to pay their own TV License and their MP’s TV License. Might want to consider stopping this for the 650 MPs.



  8. Guest Who says:

    Shoot me now.


    • StewGreen says:

      Replies and quote tweets are super-chummy

      @ChrisMasonBBC · tweeted
      Two brilliant broadcasters taking on the Media Show @BBCRadio4
      — good luck @katierazz & @BBCRosAtkins

      It’s more about THEM, than informing us about the real world


    • StewGreen says:

      They didn’t tweet about the actual content of the show
      instead I had to look it up
      R44 4:30pm How ‘British’ is British TV?
      Broadcasters shift more shows out of London, as Amazon and Netflix move in.

      The UK has become a production hub, with giant companies like Amazon and Netflix filming on our shores
      – and driving up the cost of shoots.
      But how easy is it to build up a thriving TV industry in a new part of the country?
      And faced with an influx of US programmes, should the government lay down legal requirements for ‘Britishness’ on TV?

      Guests: Sarah Doole, Chief Executive of Red Production Company (Owned by Canal+ of France)
      (made gay drama It’s a Sin, Far-Right drama : Years and Years, Queer As Folk, Lenny Henry’s Danny, Ridley Road for BBC)
      Tony Wood, Chief Executive of Buccaneer Media; (The Only Way is Essex)
      Sir Phil Redmond (Liverpool)
      Chris Curtis, Editor of Broadcast.


  9. MarkyMark says:

    More Government departments – more bureaucracy…


    • Guest Who says:

      The Let’s Go Brandon, Tottenham team are currently raking in subscriber fees.

      Let’s not spoil it.

      Well, maybe for Lammy.


  10. Guest Who says:

    Another one!

    How many have the bbc got?


    • Guest Who says:

      Boob. Always a good source.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Bob Ward
        Policy and Communications Director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at LSE. But these views are my own.
        Londonlse.ac.uk/granthamJoined April 2011
        3,447 Following


        • Guest Who says:

          Bob found his home.


          • StewGreen says:

            “Bob Ward :Policy and Communications Director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at LSE. But *these views are my own* ”

            His boss Jeremy Grantham just happens to be one of the biggest Green Hedgefund guys around & Ward is his PR man

            “views my own” FFS

            Projection is a libmob characteristic
            If they throw out labels, always ask if those same labels apply to them.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Georgina Rannard
      Climate & Science journalist
      . I wrote a PhD now I write news. Looking for the perfect #بسبوسة Views mine. Liverpool-born.
      Joined February 2014
      4,224 Following


    • G says:


      ‘Any advances on 2.4C, anyone? Surely you can do better than that offer?’


  11. Guest Who says:

    So what she is saying is….


  12. Zephir says:

    It is time for a boycott of all colleges and unis from “slebs” of all kinds, they will not listen anyway

    (And some expulsions)

    Ministers condemn jeering hard-left crowd who intimidated Israel’s UK ambassador at LSE and threatened to ‘smash her car windows’ – forcing security guards to bundle her away amid clashes with police

    Tzipi Hotovely, 42, was bundled into a diplomatic Jaguar by her bodyguards and raced away from protesters
    The diplomat, who was part of a debate at the union, carried flowers while thugs yelled ‘aren’t you ashamed’
    An Instagram handle called LSE Class War called for students to ‘smash her car window’ and ‘storm building’
    Ms Hotovely said that she ‘will not be intimidated’ by a demonstration, adding the event itself was ‘excellent’
    Priti Patel, Nadhim Zahawi and James Cleverly condemned the ‘aggressive and threatening behaviour’ today



    • Zephir says:

      John Cleese ‘blacklists’ HIMSELF from Cambridge Union talk because of ‘woke rules’ after students made ‘Stalinist’ list of banned speakers amid row over art historian’s Hitler impression

      John Cleese, 82, said on Twitter he would not attend the Cambridge Union event
      Comedian was due to talk at Union on Friday about his upcoming documentary
      But a row erupted this week over a ban on art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon
      Mr Graham-Dixon was ‘blacklisted’ after doing an impression of Adolf Hitler
      Cleese impersonated Hitler during a sketch for Monty Python’s Flying Circus


  13. G.W.F. says:

    Small families will save the world. Is this a hint that immigrants should exercise restraint on size of their families?


    • MarkyMark says:

      Baby names: Is Muhammad the most popular?
      By Jennifer Meierhans & Rob England
      BBC News

      Published26 September 2018



    • MarkyMark says:

      China – 3 child policy.

      Three-child policy (Chinese: 三孩政策), whereby a couple can have three children, is a family planning policy in the People’s Republic of China. The policy was announced on 31 May 2021 at a meeting of the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), chaired by CCP General Secretary, Xi Jinping, on population aging.


    • StewGreen says:

      Human being have tamed nature
      and can live in many areas of the Earth where other apes cannot live .
      “Misanthropy is the general hatred, dislike, distrust or contempt of the human species, human behavior or human nature. “


    • digg says:

      Nope…. it’s a demand for white western people to have less children so their countries will have more room for immigrants to move in and control, and thats it!


  14. Zephir says:

    It wrote before the incident: ‘Whoever smashes the Ambassador car window gets pints.’ The account later added: ’18:25: we’re storming in. Let’s make her shake. F*** the old bill.’

    LSE Class War has previously been mocked from trying to ban private school students, eradicate free market economist Friedrich Hayek from the curriculum, no platform speakers and introduce minority quotas for staff at the university.


    • MarkyMark says:

      The LSE–Gaddafi affair was a scandal in the United Kingdom that occurred as a result of relationship that existed between the London School of Economics (LSE) and the Libyan government and its leader Muammar Gaddafi and his son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

      The NGO Gaddafi Foundation pledged to donate £1.5 million over five years to a research centre, LSE Global Governance, of which £300k were paid. In addition, LSE Enterprise established a contract worth £2.2 million to train Libyan officials. In 2008, the LSE granted a PhD degree[1] to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the Libyan leader, for a dissertation. Currently, allegations circulate that Gaddafi’s thesis was ghost-written and/or plagiarised.



  15. Zephir says:

    Revealed: How Camden Council built trans crossing on Tavistock Place in honour of controversial NHS child gender clinic in same London borough… after IGNORING safety concerns about blind, disabled and elderly people

    The crossing in the colours of the trans flag was installed on Monday at Tavistock Place by Camden Council
    It was installed in honour of the controversial Tavistock child gender clinic which is in the same borough
    Planning documents have revealed that the council went ahead with the crossing despite safety concerns
    The Royal National Institute for the Blind said the designs at crossings could cause confusion to the blind


  16. Guest Who says:

    Not news, Jules…. Not news.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Shhhhhhh ….. ‘But how can you control matter?’ he burst out. ‘You don’t even control the climate or the law of gravity. And there are disease, pain, death—’

      O’Brien silenced him by a movement of his hand. ‘We control matter because we control the mind. Reality is inside the skull. You will learn by degrees, Winston. There is nothing that we could not do. Invisibility, levitation — anything. I could float off this floor like a soap bubble if I wish to. I do not wish to, because the Party does not wish it. You must get rid of those nineteenth-century ideas about the laws of Nature. We make the laws of Nature.’

      ‘But you do not! You are not even masters of this planet. What about Eurasia and Eastasia? You have not conquered them yet.’

      ‘Unimportant. We shall conquer them when it suits us. And if we did not, what difference would it make? We can shut them out of existence. Oceania is the world.’

      ‘But the world itself is only a speck of dust. And man is tiny helpless! How long has he been in existence? For millions of years the earth was uninhabited.’

      ‘Nonsense. The earth is as old as we are, no older. How could it be older? Nothing exists except through human consciousness.’



    • Jeff says:

      Let’s imagine someone said something slightly rude about a Pakistani cricketer a couple of decades ago.

      Blimey, the BBC would be blathering on about this at every news bulletin. It would go on for weeks.

      But seeing as this is only an assault on a Jew…


  17. MarkyMark says:


    Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai has “tied the knot” with her partner during an Islamic ceremony in Birmingham.

    Malala, now 24, was 15 when she was targeted by the Taliban in Pakistan for speaking up for the right of girls to be educated.

    LIE “when she was targeted by the Taliban in Pakistan for speaking up for the right of girls to be educated” SHE HAPPENED TO BE ON THE BUS GOING TO SCHOOL, ISLAM COUNTRIES TOOK NO NOTICE AND SAVED BY WEST WHO SHE HATES.


  18. Guest Who says:

    A bubble has a very thin skin.

    And is so easy to pop.


  19. StewGreen says:

    Radio Humberside uses the Africa hashtags again


  20. MarkyMark says:

    Boris “Might as well bomb the islands if the big nations don’t save them”

    a) Save Island.
    b) Bomb Island.

    China to decide.


  21. MarkyMark says:

    Boris LIVE at COP26 – China 3 child policy; China Coal; China Dam alters rotation of Earth; China don’t give a shit; India 50% population no toilet.


  22. StewGreen says:

    The state of this PR account that tweets obsessively against Boris
    obsessively against Brexit
    insists the BBC is a Tory puppet
    and is pro SNP
    .. https://twitter.com/CurrieGoc/status/1458239198306226180


  23. StewGreen says:

    We were never influenced by its POLITICS …. lol


  24. digg says:

    The shamlessly left-wing activist BBC going after sleaze in the Conservative Government has been handed a bit of it’s own medicine by the Daily Express…


    We already pay these greedy stars salaries, so hiding their back-pocket cash is no different to MP’s doing the same…

    Good on you Express, exposing the duplicity of this travesty of a “public service”.

    Goose/Gander etc.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Her BBC Breakfast co-host Dan Walker added more than £15,000 to his £295,000 BBC salary with external engagements.

      Meanwhile, Newsnight anchor Emily Maitlis was paid around £20,000 for three events to compliment her £370,000 salary from the corporation.

      Long-standing news host Huw Edwards also added up to £10,000 to his annual £529,000 paycheck with engagements.

      While none of the stars has done anything wrong – news of the payments came as the Tory Party remains mired in a sleaze scandal.


  25. Jeff says:

    Can anyone else detect a slight difference in how the Poles are dealing with their illegal immigrants and how we attempt to do the job? It’s a tricky one…

    The Poles erect vicious looking barbed wire fences and have thousands of tough looking troops lined along the length, armed to the teeth. So far they’ve only used pepper sprays and tear gas, but they have plenty of backup.

    On the other hand…we collect them, bring them to Britain, put them up in four star hotels, feed them three meals a day and even give them spending money.

    I wonder which will prove to be the greater deterrent?



    • Monty says:

      And as soon as the illegal migrants enter UK waters they dial 999 for a taxi. Mind boggles


      • JohnC says:

        The bit which REALLY bugs me is how they know what they are entitled to and start demanding to be taken to their accomodation as soon as they are ashore.

        Absolute madness.


  26. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news
    Started with 17 minutes of COP26 Climate propaganda
    Included : A bit of Prescott, the Labour MP Diana Johnson speaking

    Then we got 2 mins of something else
    Then another 2 mins about saving CO2 by cycling
    2 women cycling 2 miles to work in Sheffield.
    So 19 mins of Green PR


  27. Guest Who says:

    Time for that famous Sopes ‘analysis’.

    I know a bit about this case.

    When the US msm move in this way….


  28. Guest Who says:

    BBC Science Editor Rebecca Morelle and BBC Climate Editor Justin Rowlatt answer your questions on the COP26 climate summit.


    Bex and Ethical Void swapping airmiles stories is beyond ironic.


  29. digg says:

    Yoof and Con26 seem to have deranged most of the TV channels producers, they appear to be making an enormous push to shelve known presenters and replace them with stubble-faced uni aged nonces to trumpet their woke credentials.

    If they think for a second that this obvious charade will bring hordes of new young viewers they are in cloud cuckoo land.

    The most likely outcome is a rapid increase in jumping ship by their traditional (paying) older viewers.

    It’s almost insulting what they are trying to do.

    GB News could do worse than tempting all the older well known faces to build a powerful channel which truly represents its viewers. It would quickly overtake and crush the current hideously distorted mainstream outfits.

    I’m beginning to wonder if they have secretly recruited Harry as an advisor as it’s such a dire direction they are moving in.

    I think we are now in for the most boring and intensive climate propaganda onslaught which can only end in tears for the lot of them.

    They are even saturating Children in Need with this climate crap now. (A sort of double whammy in their eyes I guess!).

    The sooner they all crash and burn the better.


  30. JohnC says:

    Ahhh, what a touching advertisement I just saw on TV for an over 50’s dating site.

    A very attractive white woman got matched up with a very black man and they walked off smiling into the sunset holding hands.

    The stuff of fairy tales. Or other such fiction.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Doesn’t/wouldn’t happen. Anyone over 50 has grown up with the mindset and stigma of getting involved with someone not of their culture, and not forgetting their families reaction of course.


  31. Guest Who says:

    On FB I noticed a post from the local Green Party that has been up for two days and attracted two people.

    It has linked me to this:

    Residents are being invited to help shape how Herefordshire Council meets the challenges of climate change by taking part in the Herefordshire Citizens’ Climate Assembly.

    The Citizens’ Assembly brings together a representative group of people from across Herefordshire who have been independently selected. The people who attend will learn about issues, discuss them with one another, and then make recommendations about what should happen and how things should change. The assembly will support a range of voices from different walks of life to be heard, to contribute to decision making and in turn contribute to democracy.

    A letter has been sent to 14,400 households in the county inviting them to register their interest in taking part in the Herefordshire Citizens’ Climate Assembly. From those who respond, a minimum of 48 participants will be selected by independent organisation The Sortition Foundation, to ensure that the final group represent the diversity of Herefordshire’s population.

    The Citizens’ Climate Assembly will then meet in January to hear from expert speakers, discuss the issues involved and decide together what steps should be taken. Recommendations from the assembly will be used to influence council policy and spending priorities to help Herefordshire become a zero-carbon nature-rich county by 2030.


    The BBC relevant part is how all the BBC funded, account holding local democracy reporters will throw behind this when very little I read there comes across as anything democratic and more rigged to the heavens.



  32. digg says:

    Last post of today!

    Just imagine how much more confident, successful and optimistic the people of this Nation and its leaders would be if they had the National Broadcaster supporting them over the UK going it’s own way instead of always representing the views of its enemies on the continent!

    Now for my sausage and mash and onion gravy. All made in the UK I am proud to say!


  33. Fedup2 says:

    I’m guessing jeff cocks isn’t gonna do an Owen Paterson and spending more time with his bank balance / peerage ….


  34. Dover Sentry says:

    The most read top-ten news features on BBC News Website. As we can see, nobody reads COP26 Garbage:-

    US teen gunman takes stand in his own defence
    German Covid surge prompts warning of 100,000 deaths
    UK is not a corrupt country, says Johnson
    Cleese blacklists himself from university talk
    Meghan weighed up calling father ‘daddy’
    Woman, 28, arrested after boy dies in dog attack
    Covid-resistant people inspire new vaccine tactic
    Coronavirus: Evening update
    I am keeping my promise – colleague of murdered PC
    Banksy art painted over by Walken on TV show’s set

    Some cause for optimism. It shows that the real public have no interest in headlines of Climate Change hysteria as reported continually by our BBC.

    Worth being a ‘sticky’ ??


  35. Eddy Booth says:

    BBC not shy about pushing their pro vaccination agenda.

    “The state of Saxony has the highest seven-day infection rate in Germany at 459 cases per 100,000 people. The national rate is 232.

    It also has the lowest take-up of vaccine: 57% of the population here have been immunised.

    There are 18 patients on the Covid ward. Just four were vaccinated.”



  36. Northern Voter says:

    OK I’ll put my hand up and admit I don’t reside in the UK. I live in France and voted for Brexit (Something my acquaintances where I live don’t believe is possible). Anyway having jumped through all the hoops put in my way I have managed to get here for a few days. It’s 2 years since I was last here, and Blighty has degenerated into such a sack of sh1t. Coming from Hull, I am well aware of Springbankistan, however here in Portsmouth is the southern version, Frattonroadistan. Every other shop is run by Pakistanis, Hindustanis, Kurdistanis and every other stani one can think of. It’s the new normal!


    • Dover Sentry says:

      Welcome to the new UK. It will get worse.


      • G says:


        And the public will continue non-support for the minor parties preferring by default to vote for one of the two main parties.



    • BRISSLES says:

      NV if I was 30 years younger and know what I do now, I too would have left these shores. We as migrants in other lands at least behave ourselves, because we know European police forces don’t put up with any crap, and I like to think we don’t sponge off our accommodating hosts.


  37. digg says:

    Lets hope that this event heralds the start of demise of the short and hideous reign of the shrilling munsters and idiots in the USA Government.



  38. BRISSLES says:

    Watching the news on any channel is like Groundhog Day. Sleaze / corruption / climate change / blame game .

    I’ve resorted to binge watching Rake on Netflix. The funniest laugh out loud non wokist drama (about a Sydney Barrister) I’ve seen in a very long time. The Australian humour and acting of the lead knocks everything produced by British tv in decades, into a cocked hat. Thoroughly recommend. Be quick, it ends on 30th November.


  39. tomo says:

    YouTube News

    YouTube says the platform wants to curb “creator harassment” by hiding the dislike count. Recently almost all videos published on the White House channel received far more dislikes than likes.

    Joe responds


  40. vlad says:

    Silly old Meghan: she clean forgot that she HAD briefed the authors of her biography after all, via her secretary – contrary to her previous denials.
    Often and in detail.

    “But in new evidence heard on Wednesday, Mr Knauf, the couple’s former communications secretary, said the book was “discussed on a routine basis” and “discussed directly with the duchess multiple times in person and over email”.

    He also discussed planning a meeting with the authors to provide background information and said Meghan had given him briefing points to share with them, including information on how she had “very minimal contact” with her half-siblings during her childhood.

    Mr Knauf’s evidence also included emails with the Duke of Sussex, discussing the proposed meeting with the authors and the need to conceal any involvement by Prince Harry and Meghan.

    The former aide said Prince Harry replied: “I totally agree that we have to be able to say we didn’t have anything to do with it.

    “Equally, you giving the right context and background to them would help get some truths out there.”



  41. Fred Stubber says:

    ‘Calendar’ tonight had a piece about some women who were going to cycle around Sheffield or something to save the planet (I wasn’t really listening at that point). Of course they wheeled in an ‘expert’ (it was, it appeared, some university bod who makes a living from climate scaremongering). We were chastised for using our cars because they emit 200 to 400mg of CO2. Presumably they meant per kilometre. Apparently busses are better because they only emit 200mg per passenger. (The assumption was that a car has a driver but no passengers.)
    Steady on lass! Busses emit 200mg per SEAT, not per person*. By definition service busses have a lot of empty seats on average, because they fill up en route. And that, of course, is if they do fill up. Most busses I see seem to be half empty. This reminds me of the claims made whenever a new wind farm opens: “The farm provides enough electricity to power over 22,000 homes…” Yep, it probably does, when there’s the right amount of wind. Most of the time there isn’t, so the actual output tends to average 20 to 25% of the quoted figure, and sometimes it drops to zero.
    What a pack of half-truths and downright lies the media feeds us.
    *apparently this is calculated on a ‘high’ occupancy rate (just how high no one wants to say!)


  42. Zephir says:

    The new woke nanny state tells us:

    A standard measure defines binge drinking as the consumption of 5 or more drinks in a row for men (4 or more drinks for women) on at least 1 occasion during the past 2 weeks.

    And yet:

    ‘I wasn’t drunk, it was my pills’: Labour MP who ‘needed a wheelchair to get off three-hour flight to Gibraltar for Remembrance event’ says she had ‘less than five’ drinks as Defence Secretary slams her and other ‘boozy’ Commons colleagues for ‘disrespect’

    Labour’s Charlotte Nichols allegedly needed a wheelchair to disembark flight
    SNP’s David Linden and Drew Hendry were ‘rude’ and ‘lairy’ with airport staff
    Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the conduct risked ‘undermining respect’


    James Gray, a Tory MP and chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Armed Forces, told The Times: ‘These three, as I understand it, were in a British Airways lounge in Heathrow and made full use of the facilities.’

    He said that by the time they got to the airport the three MPs were ‘pretty well-oiled’.

    The two SNP men were reportedly ‘lairy’ and ‘rude’ when their coronavirus passes did not work at the airport gates, and it is claimed that military staff needed to intervene to calm them down.

    MoD bosses received reports of the MPs’ conduct from military escorts on board the flight.


  43. Zephir says:

    And the standard SNP response is called “whataboutery” countering an accusation with another

    The SNP said in a statement: ‘These suggestions are inaccurate. Drew Hendry MP and David Linden MP were honoured to be invited to this important event and attended all engagements, including the welcome meeting and dinner shortly after landing.

    ‘Instead of trying to divert attention from the Tory corruption scandal engulfing Westminster, Ben Wallace should be apologising for his role in it, including voting to get Owen Paterson off the hook.’


  44. Zephir says:

    We always suspected this one is a liar, and how many more lies will emerge sooner or later ?

    ‘I’m sorry, I forgot’: Meghan Markle apologises to appeal judges for forgetting that she instructed her PR chief to brief writers behind fawning biography Finding Freedom

    The Duchess of Sussex said she had ‘forgotten’ providing the aide details
    It emerged yesterday she had emailed Jason Knauf a detailed briefing note
    The duchess previously strenuously denied she and Harry fed any information
    Backtracked after intervention by Mr Knauf, who made a statement to the court


    • Fedup2 says:

      Strange that the BBC news doesn’t report her as a liar – or at all – but at one stage she was a ‘symbol ‘….

      .. also – the 3 drunk MPs on a jolly were named in the press but the BBC news refuses to name the female labour MP – who is ….one Charlotte Nichols … …


  45. Guest Who says:

    Bunter did not grope staff did he?


  46. Guest Who says:

    BBC asks a question.

    What does that even mean?


    • G says:


      The day they stopped saying, “thank you” when I held a door open for them is the day I stopped any, “responsibility” for women.


  47. Guest Who says:

    The BBC again has a vision of Gen Z.


  48. dafydd says:


    I am genuinely confused at the lack of fight back by the Tories..

    Why is it the media are solely approaching the Tories over sleaze..??

    Why is it the foul mouthed Angela Rayner can rake in £120k in various donations and no mention. Why is it that Ed Davey can rake in £78k a year and no mention. Why is it that Keir Starker rakes in £ 28k a year and has earned £128k doing legal work since being in Parliament no mention. Why is it that Ian Black ford can rake in £40k a year working for an investment company and employ his son at tax payers expense and no mention, etc etc etc.

    The BBC and other media outlets have yet to approach an MP from another party and scrutinize there conduct.

    Where’ s the impartiality gone, we know it never existed in the BBC but even right wing media won’t approach other MP’s..


  49. tomo says:


    How much time have they had to prepare for a showcase?

    Hydrogen bus has to be towed at COP26

    Sign the petition! (not something I’d ordinarily say)


    • Doublethinker says:

      I reckon that it me three minutes to fill the petrol tank of my car and I can go 600 miles on that full tank. As far as I can see from the electric car manufacturer’s data , which is probably so optimistic as to be nearly a lie, it takes a minimum of 40 minutes to an hour to charge and can go a maximum of 300 miles on a nice flat track.
      So I calculate that the refuelling rate for my car is around 3 miles per second whilst that for an electric car is 0.1 miles a second , 30 times slower.
      I think that there fortunes to be made of setting up burger vans by all electric charging stations.


  50. Guest Who says:

    The Sky eco moppet first came to attention getting excited about ice melting in 12degrees.

    Then gushing about a big wooden Greta doll.